Angry Wealthy Lover

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Lauren sat writing out her list of friends for her 30th birthday party that she had promised herself. She dropped the pen on the table and thought, that’s if any of her friends would turn up, they were getting less and less, her over-bearing lover slowly chased them off with my constant lusting, be it at functions or parties. Ever since she was my secretary at the age of 19 I had been at it and she was one of my victims who fell for it. At 21 she had moved in with me, unknown to her she had become one of my long list of girlfriends.

We had only been living together six months when she caught me having sex with a woman in my limo, but it didn’t stop there, for the next five years I was constantly bed hopping, she knew but turned a blind eye to. The final crunch came when I did not come home one night; she decided that was the last nail in the coffin. Five years on she had moved into the other bedroom and never slept with me again, she found me disgusting and repulsive, I still was the player of rumors.. Her disgust didn’t stop at me, she believed that most men were no different only interested in one thing to get between her leg’s, she felt that men were leering at her because of her gypsy looks, long legs, trim figure and the one thing that didn’t help her situation, her 34inch breasts.

Her closet friend called to see her. Over coffee Lauren told her of her fear about holding this party, her friend didn’t need to be told twice about the wandering hands as she had to fight me off several times. But they were friends and it was time to give Lauren some advice, she told her, “Lauren your a really attractive woman, you should leave the dirty bastard and get yourself a decent man.” Lauren laughed, “As far as I’m concerned all men are dirty bastards, anyway I’m set on my ways now and besides I enjoy the lifestyle and the money.” I returned from a business trip early, as I went upstairs I heard the shower.

I went to Lauren’s bedroom, as she came out of the bathroom in her robe. Lauren gasped ” OH Your Home.” she said. I ordered her to get her robe off. I said I wanted to look at her. Lauren was dismayed. There wasn’t any way she could refuse me. Her only chance was to do what I wanted. The idea of me touching her was too much to think about. She slipped the robe off and draped it over the back of a chair. Trembling, she stood there naked. I snickered. “Oh, yeah!” I looked her over. I said ” I have always loved her tits.” Then I ordered her to turn so I could see her ass. She turned her back to me. She felt my lusting eyes on her body. When at last I told her to face me again, she turned and saw that I had my big long thick cock dangling out of an opening in the front of my pants. I took a hold of my cock with one hand. I smiled at her.

She stared at my big ugly long thick cock. She was mesmerized by it. She watched my fingers as I slowly stroked my cock shaft. “Do you like cock, baby?” Lauren quivered. “I… I don’t know.” I laughed. “Christ, lady, you’ve got a lover, haven’t you? Doesn’t he have a cock?” She was in a helpless daze. When I told her to get down on her knees, she moved like a robot. I came forward. I ordered her to suck my hard cock as I pulled my foreskin back to show her my bulbous cock head. She was nauseated by the site of my hard cock, repelled by my cock flesh. I coaxed her. I pushed my cock against her lips, and after a moment she opened them. My warm cock slid inside her mouth. Warm, long and fat, forcing her jaws open with its bulk. She did her best not to retch. She prayed she would faint, but of course it didn’t happen. I chuckled, as I held half the length of my cock inside her open mouth. “Yeah, that’s good, baby. You look good.”

Then I made her take more cock. My cock meat continued sliding over her tongue. She hated what I was doing to her. Now she had my big cock forced inside her mouth. I pulled at her head and told her to take more. In a moment, my cock-knob was pushing at her throat. She felt like gagging. She was afraid she would choke, but she was also afraid I’d be angry if she gagged, so she held her breath and took it. Then at last I pulled back and she could breathe again. I started fucking her mouth slowly while I talked to her. I told her she had nice lips. I fucked my cock slowly in and out of her open mouth and stroked her head. I seemed almost affectionate. After a while, I started fucking her mouth more forcefully. She prayed I would pull my
cock out of her mouth before I came, but I continued fucking my cock in her mouth until the end. I grunted as he came, ” Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” I held her head in place as I spurted my cum-load over her tongue. She took my hot cum-load down her throat.

This was the first time in her five years, she had done it, and she thought she would die. All that ugly slime sliding down her throat. If she sucked John’s cock, it was always a prelude to fucking. I always came in her pussy. I finally let her pull her face away. I used my fingers on my cock, and another big spurt of cum suddenly shot out and hit her face. I laughed when I saw it. I said now she could think of herself as being baptized again.She groaned,” Uck! Uck!” as she wiped her face with her hand. She got up and sank down again into a nearby chair. I chuckled and started talking about cock sucking. I asked her if she sucked her love’s cock. “You don’t seem too experienced,” I said. “Please . . . I don’t know what you want John”. she said.

I laughed and told her to suck my cock again. I said I wanted her to get my cock hard again. I said she had a pretty mouth. When she made no move
to obey me, I came to her and slapped her face. She started crying. I pulled at her head. I threatened her with more humiliation until she took my cock
in her mouth again. This time, she was sitting in a chair and the strain wasn’t as great. My cock wasn’t completely soft. I brought my hairy balls out and jiggled them against her chin as she sucked my cock. I had big hairy balls, She quivered with disgust when I told her to lick my balls. But she did it. She let my cock fall out of her mouth and she moved her lips to my hairy ball-bag. She licked my balls until I grew tired of it.

I told her to suck my cock again. She continued sucking my cock until I had another hard-on. I taunted her. I said she had the mouth of a cock
sucker. “Nice lips. Next time, you do me with lipstick. You’ll put on a nice red, lipstick for me, huh?” Next time? She trembled as I pulled my cock out of her mouth. I rubbed my cock-knob over her face, the tip of my cock leaving wet streaks on her cheeks. I told her to get on the bed. She did what I wanted, then she watched as I got out of my suit. I took my underwear off. I had a big hairy body. Lots of dark hair around my cock and balls and over my stomach and chest. I lifted my balls in my hand and smiled at her. Lauren had forgotten just how hairy my body was since she slept in a seperate bedroom. “Show me some pussy, baby. Open your legs.”

She moved her thighs apart. She saw the lust in my eyes, and she prayed I would fuck her and then leave. Standing back I admired her form . Stepping forward, I spread her legs wider apart causing her to yelp ” Please don’t ” as she shuddered and tensed in fear. She was whining ” Please! Please ! Stop!” She was right to be afraid, now I was knelling between her legs eyeing her. I leaned forward slowly sliding my hands roughly over her body, I reached up mauling her tits and nipples as she squirmed. With my face close to her exposed pussy. Her pussy lips were plump and soft looking, with no stretch lines or sagginess, and clean shaved. I placed a thumb on each side causing her to cry out ” STOP! STOP!” at the contact and then I roughly pulled her lips apart.

Grabbing her hair I pull her head forward and kiss her brutally. She was going to be raped by her lover, and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Lauren’s eyes sprang open when she felt my hairy thighs brush aganist her open thighs as I positioned myself in front of her shaved cleft. Lauren tried to pull away from that big sweaty hard cock, her eyes were big, she had forgotten just how big my cock was.

Spitting in my hand again, I coat the bulbous head, making sure it was slippery enough to get in. I said “Here it comes” as I lined myself up and then grabbed her hips. Normally I work the head in a bit and then drive in. This time I wasn’t patient. With the head barely touching her lips, I drove my hips forward using all of my might. For a brief moment, like a hundredth of a second, her lips resisted, and then split to allow the long thick rod to enter her slamming through her narrow canal and driving itself at least 6 inches in on the very first thrust. Lauren screams ” OMG! AAAAAAHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH!, she forgot the pain of having my massive cock slamming into her. I wasn’t surprised at all when her whole body jerked in response to the white hot pain of the weapon slicing into her tight young pussy as she emitted a screech ” AAAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAAAHHHHHhhhh!”

Pulling back several inches, I saw lots of blood covering my cock, and dribbling down her thighs. Then I drove forward again, driving my head right up against her cervix. I still had a few inches to go, but that would take a bit of long deep thrusts like a pile driver.Whatever it felt like for her, the feel of her small narrow tight pussy milking my cock sent shivers of excitement through my body as I slammed my cock into her unmercifully. Her cunt resisted each thrust, clamping down in a vain attempt at stopping each subsequent impalement. Tears were pouring down her face as her tight canal was stretched, scrapped and torn by the sustained assault I was inflicting on her. My hips continuing to slam her, each thrust with more force.

Lauren had no choice but to lift her buttocks up and accommodate me, in the hope of easing the pain of my savage thrusting. The continued ramming to the back of her pussy caused a slight relaxtion, and I was able to drive the last few inches in, slapping my balls aganist her firm ass, WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP!. It felt great, having her tight pussy grasping the base of my cock, convulsing from the continued ramming, twitching as her whole body heaved from the sobs and screams ” OMG! AAAAAAAHHHHH! STOP PLEASE! AAAAAAHHHHHhhhh!” Lauren could actually feel the bulbous head of my cock pressing aganist her cervix with each thrust. Lauren groaning helplessly ” OHHHHHhhhhh! AAAAHHHHhhhh!” as I plunged into her with full force relentlessly. I ran my hands over her breasts and played with her nipples, then reached between her legs with one hand and pinched her clit.

I never took my eyes off her the whole time, suddenly I closed my eyes, groaning,”UGH! UGH!UGH! UGH! UGH!AAAAAAHHHHHH!” as my body tensed and squeezed her hips tighter as I thrusted into her one final time. She felt the muscles and veins in my massive cock throbbing and swelling bigger then a volcanic eruption, pumping what seemed like an endless supply of my hot cum filling her sore vagina like burning lava. Lauren lay there motionless, her breathing coming in ragged gasps as I laid on top of her also breathing in ragged gasps. I raise up off of her crawling out from between her spread legs, I grabbed her ankles pulling her off the end of the bed. I turn her over with her back towards me and pushing her forward forcing her to bend over the end of the bed. Lauren begs me ” No more please!”. I spread her legs wide, she could feel my sweaty hard, naked body pressing aganist her now, her buttocks pressed firmly aganist my sweaty hairy thighs. I took hold of her butt cheeks with my hands and spread them apart. Lauren tried to mentally prepare herself , yet another assualt on her pussy, when suddenly, she felt my hard cock rubbing up and down her crack then stopping at her tight pink asshole.

” NO…PLEASE NOT THERE!” she screams out. Lauren trys to fight off the impending invasion by twisting and turning her body, but it was no use. She felt a sudden sharp pain in her ass as I pushed the bulbous head of my cock aganist her puckered hole, then the head of my cock slipped in. Lauren was screaming “OMG! STOP! AAAAAAHHHH!” the sensation was more unpleasant then what she’d been forced to endure. ” Aw ! Baby your so tight !” I groaned. Lauren screamed ” AAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!.” The pain in her asshole was so intense she almost fainted. She tried to push my cock out, but I kept forcing it in further. I reached around and grabbed her breasts for better hold. Finally, her body gave in relaxing, and I shoved the entire length of my shaft into her ass.

With my entire cock buried in her tight virgin ass, the tightness of her ass caused my cock to throb. I pulled back then plunged back into her, I slowly thrust in and out of her. Lauren was screaming again, ” OMG! STOP! NO MORE! AAAAAAHHHHH! OOOOHHHH! AAAAHHHH!,” the pressure was unbearable. My hips pounding aganist her asscheeks, WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP! unmercifully until she felt my cock swelling and increased throbbing as a volcanic explosion occured. She felt my throbbing cock pumping the gushing warm cum into her deepest recesses. Lauren fainted collapsing on the bed, when she finally woke up, every muscle in her body ached. Lauren lay still on the bed, looking around to make sure I was gone. Then she slowly got up looking for her cloths. I appeared at the door startling her, I told her to go take a shower and her cloths will be laid out for her. The limo would be waiting to take her to Dallas and the rest of her things would be sent to her. Cash would be on the bed also, all the credit cards have been cancelled.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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