Anisha and I Ch. 01

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This story is about me and my colleague Anisha. I work in a software firm in India and had changed my company. Initially when I joined the new company I knew no one other than a colleague from my old company. Through the old colleague of mine who had joined about a month before I did I started knowing a few more people in the new organization. Amongst those new people was a pretty face about 5 feet 4 inches in height slender but proportionately endowed at the right places. That was Anisha.

At first look I was pleased to see her twinkling black eyes, shoulder length black her and fair skin with luscious pink lips. The moment I saw her I kept gazing at her lips still shaking hands with her and imagining how it would be to suck on those lovely pink lips.

I later came to know that she knew I was lustily gazing at her and she actually liked it.

We got along immediately after we met. My desk was one desk away from her and it was on my way to the exit door. Being a frequent smoker I used to go out quite often and on my way back would look at her. A lot of times she would look back and smile.

I sometimes used to stop back at her seat to chat a while about work and usual stuff and get back to my work. We slowly started to know each other. We used to go out in a group to have tea in the afternoons and both of were part of the same group.

There was another girl Priya who used to sit right in between me and Anisha and was really fond of me and everyone including me knew that. Unfortunately I didn’t find her attractive but she still would make passes at me and flirt with me.

Slowly as work pressure increased the number of people going out together reduced. Chatting over the organization chat client between me and Anisha increased. Initially we used to only talk about things like work or a new movie, etc. But as we got closer to each other I started passing her compliments on her looks and she would reciprocate.

This chatting started turning flirtatious and I started making open passes to her. I used tell her frankly that I would love to be alone with her to get a little naughty.

Within a few days I and Anisha started going out alone for tea whenever we wanted to speak alone. We sometimes used to take coffee from the vending machine and sit and chat on the couch outside the work area or when we had more time we used to visit the coffee shop near office to sit and talk.

We were soon assigned to the same project and that gave us even more opportunity to be together and more reasons to talk. One particular night just before the delivery of the project we had to stay back late to sort out last minute problems. It was just me and her in the office. When we finally wound up I went over to her desk with my bag on my shoulder and asked to leave.

I sighed and said “what a pity I’m having the opportunity with you all alone but still couldn’t be naughty with you”.

She laughed out and said “better luck next time.”

I – “I’ll wait for that.”

She – “It’s really late would you mind dropping me home”.

She didn’t have a car, I did and I was more than willing to drop her home.

“I wouldn’t want to drop you off. Can I stay back with you tonight” I said jokingly.

She smiled at first and then hit me with her purse in a playful way. We left together; her home wasn’t far off from office. We reached there in about 10 minutes and she said good night before getting down from my car. After she got off she bent down on the window and said “I could be open to your proposition of staying back but I wish my parents weren’t home” and sped off to her door. I kept watching her back until she reached the door, rang the doorbell and turned back to look at me.

I waived at her smiled back and drove to an hour long journey to my home.

As soon as I reached home I saw a text message on my cell from her asking if I had reached safely. I replied with a yes and asked her to go to bed as it was pretty late. I suddenly felt naughty again and asked her what she would have done if her parents weren’t home that night. She replied “shut up and go to bed it’s too late”.

My naughtiness was not so easy to put off to bed. I started flirting with her over text and told her that tonight I wasn’t able to sleep alone and needed some company. She teased me saying that I should call up Priya and she’d be eager to give me company.I was really tired and went to bed without spending too much time in flirting with her.

The next day was another hectic day as this was the day when the big delivery was to be done. Anisha and I didn’t have much time to chat and the day seemed to pass pretty quickly. It was late again and I decided to ask Anisha if she needed a ride. As I guessed yes she did want a ride back home. I dropped her home and this time I said “how I wish you’d invite me to your home when your parents aren’t here.”

Our big piece went in successfully and boss threw a lunch party for the success to me and Anisha. We were allowed to leave after lunch to Escort Bayan take a break after the long nights we’d spent working. The lunch was really good and the boss commented that Anisha and I seem to be really getting along and the work done was fantastic.

After the lunch was over our boss left off in his car. I offered a lift to Anisha once again and she was ready to go with me. When we sat in my car I realized I didn’t have much to do at home that day and being a Friday I could take ample rest over the weekend and I still wanted to do something more on the Friday given that we didn’t have any more work and we had half of the day at our dispense.

I offered Anisha to watch a movie with me which had been in theatres for a couple of weeks but I hadn’t been able to watch due to work. She was reluctant at first but then agreed to watch it on the condition that she would pay for the tickets as she wanted to show her gratefulness on dropping her home every day.

I joked to her saying I accept driving home fees in other forms as well which include, going out to movie with me, date me and kiss etc. She smiled back at me and said you need to pay well to a good looking escort. I teased her all the time about calling me an escort though she meant to say it in not the male prostitute sense.

Well we went to watch the movie it was a romantic flick. Though I’m not much of a romantic flick watcher I was keen on this one as it featured my favorite female actor and the reviews were good. We took the couch seat right at the back which is the most expensive ones. You can pull up a leg rest from the bottom and recline the seat on the back which gives you a feeling of almost lying down.

Both our hands were resting on the arm rest between our seats. A little more than half of the total seats in the theatre were occupied and there was no one in the row we were sitting. The movie was romantic and had a few intimate scenes in it. Our hands were sometimes touching each other while we tried to take popcorn at the same time or even at a small movement or hands on the arm rest.

I was staring at Anisha intermittently while watching the movie. The thoughts about being intimate had crossed my mind since the first intimate kiss between the lead actors and my cock was hard like a rock. I was looking for an opportunity to place it in a little comfortable position but wasn’t getting chance. About an hour of the movie had passed and finally the love making scene came up. The scene was shot in darkness and therefore the movie hall was dark as well. I gathered the courage and placed my hand on Anisha’s hand. I turned back to look at her and she was looking back at me though not really surprised. I lightly squeezed her palm and massaged it. She pulled back her hand and whispered “don’t be naughty”.

The love making scene was still on and the current shot showed the male actors legs between the female thrusting his penis in her pussy and kissing her lips very passionately. This caused my hard on to just continue and I was unable to sit without adjusting. I carefully looked back at Anisha and I could sense her face blushing looking at the on screen love making with me. I was hot as well and could feel my ears burning. I carefully took the opportunity to adjust my cock but she noticed it. She looked at my face and started laughing out loud.

I somehow hid my embarrassment when she whispered in my ear again “looks like you need to RELAX yourself.”

I said nothing. It was very odd for me to get caught adjusting my hard on by a girl. I kept on touching her hand lightly time and again waiting for a response from her side. She retracted her hand another two three times when she let me hold it in the last five minutes of the movie.

The movie was over and the hall lights were turned on to facilitate exit. I looked at her and her face looked flushed. She wasn’t looking directly at me at all. I asked her if she liked the movie or not and the reply was a yes but without looking at me. She picked up her purse and looked at me briefly and stood up signaling that we should leave now. We got in the queue to get out and I was standing right behind her. For some reason the queue wasn’t moving and a lot of people were queued up ahead and behind us.

We slowly got out of the hall and into the lobby that lead outside the movie complex. The rush had increased and I could feel a push from people behind. Anisha was right in front of me and my front was pushed in her back. I was hard again feeling her soft ass near my crotch. She obviously realized this but said nothing. We were now walking really close and I was sure she was enjoying the attention (hard on) now. Pre-cum had started leaking out of my penis and it was painfully erect. I was getting desperate to have some relief. I just wished that I could nail her right there.

We finally got out of the crowded lobby and I asked her if she wanted to have dinner. We chose a posh restaurant as I wanted to give her a treat.

The restaurant was Escort really good and we were offered a table for two. We sat across each other and menu cards were placed on the table for both of us. I started going through the menu to decide my order when I realized her leg hit me. I thought it be an accident and tried to ignore it even though my cock had sprung back to hardness. I felt her leg again this time for a little longer and as soon as I looked her in her eye she pulled her leg back.

The waiter came in and took her order first I watched her as she placed her order. I imagined sucking her luscious pink lips that I wanted ever since I saw her while she was busy placing her order. The waiter had finished taking her order and turned over to me. I was placing my order when I felt her leg again this time rubbing on mine. I looked back at her and she smiled back with a wink. I knew she wanted to be a tease.

I placed my order and the waiter said it would be on the table in the next few minutes. She removed her leg but she was still smiling and looking away from me to her right. I cleared my throat and she turned to look at me. She only looked at me for a moment our eyes meeting but she still didn’t say anything and pretended to be observing the restaurant.

I finally broke the silence and asked her whether she liked the place. She replied saying she found it very romantic. This time she looked into my eye again but again for a few moment and then dropped her gaze on the table. She picked up her cell phone as if she had something important to look into it.

Her face was almost red and I could see she was nervous. She appeared to be fidgeting to overcome her nervousness. I realized that we couldn’t just go on like this. She was suddenly uncomfortable and I had to do something to make her feel alright about it.

I told her that I find the place really romantic and that’s why I got her. I wanted to give her a really romantic atmosphere and I wanted to make this evening special for her. She didn’t have much to say she finally cleared her throat and voiced out a small thank you.

She suddenly asked me how I knew about this place and how many people I’d been here with before that day. Now that was a tricky question there are only a few girls who can accept that their date has brought them to the same place as his earlier dates. But then I saw no point in hiding that. I told her that I’d been with one girl on a date a few months ago.

She was silent again. This discussion wasn’t going very well in terms of how and where I wanted to take it. She was teasing me a few minutes ago and suddenly she was all quite as she didn’t know how I had taken it. It was time for me to express what I felt for her.

I cleared my throat once again but this time she didn’t turn around to look at me. I said in a mischievous tone that some action was missing in the restaurant it had suddenly become dull. She turned around to look at me in surprise not understanding what I wanted to communicate. She was looking at me eye to eye, I had taken my shoe off by now and I touched the palm of her foot using my toe. She jumped a little in surprise and then she smiled back at me. I realized that it was the guilt of being adventitious that had made her so quiet and I brushed my leg once again with hers. She looked at me in the eye once again and this time I winked at her. I pulled my leg back and within a few seconds her leg was poking mine. I took the opportunity and started rubbing the calf of her leg with my foot.

Our game went on for a few seconds when the waiter brought in our food. He served the food in our plates and we ate appreciating the food talking about the movie. We had our desserts and I paid the bill and we got up to leave. I hands brushed against each other and I caught her little finger in mine. She looked up at me and I felt that this was the time I could have easily kissed her. But a lot of people were there in the restaurant and I needed more privacy to kiss her for the first time.

We came out in the parking lot and reached my car. I opened the door on the passenger side and she had to walk past me as there was another car parked next to mine. Her breasts brushed my ribs and this was a point beyond which I could not control. I quickly grabbed her around her waist and pushed her on the car next to mine. My cock was hard again and I’m sure she could feel it through the fabric between us. I kissed her lightly on her lips. I was about to kiss her more intently when she brought in her palm between our lips and told me that she needed more privacy to be more intimate.

I released her and asked her to sit down in the car. I closed the passenger side door and walked towards that driver side. I got in the car and cranked the engine to a start and bent over to her side to kiss her full on the lips. We kissed passionately for a few minutes when I heard some voices outside. I could see a group of people advancing towards the parking lot. I cursed my luck again and decided to find Bayan Escort an empty spot on our way back to her home.

She was quite on our drive back to her home but after a while her palm was resting on mine and squeezing it. I finally found a blind lane which was quite dark and very few people went into it. I knew about it as it had been the place where I had got my earlier girlfriends to fondle with. I had even made out with one of them at 2 AM once. It was only 10 PM right now but I knew for sure that there won’t be any disturbance here.

I switched off all lights and turned the engine off. I turned to look at her and she immediately asked me why were we here. I knew that question was just a formality. I held the back of her neck with my right hand and pulled her face towards mine and started kissing her passionately.

Her skin was warm and she seemed to be really aroused. I kissed her lips and then went on kissing her on her neck slowly moving towards her cleavage. I slipped my hand under her t-shirt and started caressing her around her waist. Her hands found their way into my hair. I took the opportunity and kissed her on her left breast the place where I guess her nipple was.

She pushed me back and I could see her breathing heavily her breast moving up and down with the breathing motion. Her face was red and she pulled my lips to hers. I found the seat recliner with my right hand and warned her that I was about to recline the seat flat. I asked her to get up from the seat and somehow squeezed my way down her to get on the passenger side. I was lying on my back and she put her knees on either side of my thighs. Her crotch was on mine now and she was pressing on my erection with her pussy though both fully covered.

She lay on top of me and started kissing me. I slipped my hand inside her top and started to caress her back. We continued like this for a while and slowly her hips started to move. We were dry humping now and my urge to release was continuously increasing.

I asked her to ease off me and jumped to the rear seat. She followed me and I straightened up the reclined seat. I pulled her top above her breasts and released her bra from behind. They were a marvelous 34C covered in a pink lacy bra. I touched her left nipple lightly and then wetted my finger with my saliva and wetted her nipple with it. Making it slippery and very easy for me to rub it.

Her back arched and she moaned in pleasure. I took her right nipple in my mouth and sucked on it at the same time rubbing her left nipple with my right hand. She had the perfect figure a slim waist proportionate breast and a perfect ass.

I unbuttoned her jeans and slipped my hands inside her panties. The musky smell had spread into the car and I was intoxicated with it. I found her clit with my middle finger and started massaging it. She was entirely enjoying it giving out suppressed moans and biting her lips to control herself. I decided to let her loose her control. I pulled her jeans to her ankles and kissed her pussy over her damp panties.

I run my tongue over it to get the salty yet sweet taste of it. I pulled her maroon lacy panty to one side and licked her juices from her now naked and stubbed pussy. My cock was getting very uncomfortable inside my pants. I unbuttoned my pants and slid those down along with my shorts to free up and reveal my 7 inch cock.

As soon as my cock was in her sight she took it in her hand complimented me for the size and stroked it a few times. I asked her to wait till I was finished with doing her to an orgasm. I got down between her legs again with her head resting on the headrest of the car. I spread her knees enough to push my face between them and kissed her on her pussy lips.

I started to lick her first with my thumb rubbing her clit. Her back was arching as she went on riding waves of pleasure. I spread her pussy lips using two of my fingers and licked a little deep inside her pussy. Her moans were getting loader and quicker. I loved the way her pussy smelled and tasted and just wanted to go on till she came. I was determined to drink all of her juices. She wasn’t going to last too long as it seemed to me. I pushed one and then two fingers inside her pussy and started to thrust her at the same time licking her clit. She announced her orgasm with a loud shriek and obvious body movements. Her hips were pushing her pussy closer to my face and her juices came dripping out which I readily licked upon.

Once she’d calmed down a bit she pulled my face to hers and kissed me so passionately that she was literally sucking my lips. She then pushed me and I was sitting on the seat once again. She smiled and thanked me for the wonderful orgasm she’d just had and was ready to return the favor. I was all ready to accept the payback.

She started kissing my lips once again and took my cock in her left hand and started to stroke it. There was a drop of pre-cum glistening at the tip. She bent down and licked that first getting up with a ‘yumm’ coming out of her lips. She smiled and kissed me and promised to give me the best blow job over. I jokingly asked if she had any experience which she nodded a no at but then she said that she had watched a lot of porn and she thought she had learnt well from those.

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