Anna Ch. 03

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Malcolm found it hard to concentrate on calculus as he slipped in and out of day dreams in class. Each one was a deeper examination of his root desires, and in each one his excursions removed new layers. In the latest dream, he was sitting in the center of the room with his desk on top of another. His teacher was writing the words “Eat my pussy.” over and over on the black board while one hand was reaching between the crack in her ass. He noticed all the girls in his class were circling him and licking their lips in anticipation of what they were going to eat out of pure lust. A hand very delicately removed his cock from its packaging and brought it to a mouth. He looked down and saw Anna smiling as she sucked his dick. Her eyes were wide and glued to his as she sucked with a kind of cautionary expression, as if she had not been granted permission to suck her sons meat.

Then his teacher danced sexily up to him — did a few pirouettes and then smacked him on the head with an eraser.

“Hey!” He said not expecting that.

He picked it up and put it on an outstretched hand.

“Wake up silly.” The voice said.

It belonged to Sally. She closed her fist and dug her knuckles into his thigh. His teacher was fumbling with chalk at the front talking about numbers and mum was on the side trying to catch Malcolm’s attention. He exercised his eyes and rose up from his slumped position, providing a fake cough by bringing his hand to his mouth and made himself look focussed, if at least for a little while.

“You know what you are supposed to do when I throw an eraser at you?” Sally muttered under her breath.

“What?” He asked.

“Rub your head.”

Malcolm pressed his lower mouth out with his tongue and kicked Sally under the table. She was just as playful as Anna, and sometimes just as annoying. Both were female horn dogs though, and needed a good stuffing. But in public, Malcolm was still very much embarrassed to associate himself to her, and did not know why she was just staring at him like a love sick puppy through out the entire session. He had to find a way to control his frisky little pup, let her know there was a time for mum and son games in the privacy of their home.

He offered her one glance to satisfy her, knowing that the sex they had the other night together had changed her. Her sexual body clock was reconfigured by a forbidden act — New illegal software from Malcolm’s sperm had successfully installed and replaced all default settings, and there was no option to uninstall incest once it was experienced.

Her face developed a hue when she realized he was paying to her and she played with her hair. She did that when she was shy or nervous.

When the college bell rang, Malcolm picked up his books and dashed for the exit with Sally tailing along behind him. Anna stood by the door handing out campaign leaflets like someone on a street corner but eager to acknowledge her son on his way out. He managed a half smile as he passed her and then dispersed into the hurried crowds hurtling through the corridor in every direction.

Sally caught up to her boyfriend and slipped an arm between his. She looked like a spitting image of his mother; just a much taller version. In his mind she was a giant Anna, and that thought sent his pulses racing more than he expected. It was promisingly suggestive and he had already considered the fact that whatever cooked up scenario he had in mind was actually a digestible reality. After all, he held the power without having need to have applied much effort. It was the kind of position most men would dream of and that was bursa eve gelen eskort bayan what left him feeling so smug.

“I noticed something …” Sally said gently knocking her hips against his. Malcolm tightened his grip on her arm. ” Oh, here it comes.”

“Hey!” She hissed. “What do you mean by that mister?”

“It’s just that I know what you’re going to say that’s all.” He sniggered.

She fell silent. Sally loved Malcolm with all her heart but hated it when he tried to second guess her. The annoying thing about this was that Malcolm was usually right. His mind was streets ahead and that had been something she chose not to wrestle with, as long as as he used his intelligence more selectively. In other words, to try and be more thoughtful and realise that not everyone was as high and mighty. Sally was however not found wanting in the height department. Had she chosen to wear heels on this day, she would have even towered above her lover.

“I’ll be good. I swear.” He promised kissing the nape of her hand.


“Yeah.” He said “Just this once.” He coughed.

She nudged her elbow into his ribs. He pulled her in and knocked open a door with his right shoulder by leaning in on it. They hurtled recklessly down each flight of stairs and at times he pulled away to take longer strides. They laughed as she tried not to be the last one to the bottom. When he reached the end he turned quickly and brought out his arms. She leaped off the last remaining steps and he caught her in mid air, then she wrapped her legs around him and leaned in to his lips. They kissed on the move. She was quick and gazelle like in her movement, bearing her head into his, and locking imaginary horns together. He wondered who was more playful, but he couldn’t bring himself to choose between them; the midget or the giant.

One thing in Anna’s favor was that she was light and he could hold her off the floor all day long. He feigned injury as Sally started behaving overly frisky in the middle of campus. Sally landed back on to the astro turf and found his arm again.

“You were saying?”

“You know what I was gonna say Malcolm…”

“Bring it to me baby.”

“Ok. So I just noticed that your mum was looking at you all the time, that’s all.”

“Big deal.”

“Did you two have an argument or something?”

“No, we’re cool.”

Malcolm lived about 20 minutes from his academy but preferred to walk than take transport. He used to jump on the bus until he met Sally. She lived about an hour away but was accustomed to walking him home first before taking a bus.

“your mum is this hot munchkin.” She blurted randomly.

“I know.”

“She must get her clothes from the children’s section.”

“Ha, well, some of her tops are. You should tell her.”

“She’d freak.”

“No, she likes it when tall people look down on her.”

‘That sounds kinky. I could spend an entire day dressing her up like a doll.’ Sally cooed.


“Are we on for the movie?” She asked trying to lean him away from the footpath and on to the street. He tensed his muscles and kept her at bay.

“I’ll bring the doll along if you want.”

“To the cinema?”


“I’d like that. People will think she is my daughter.”

“Sure, and if you let her sit on your lap she might even let you feed her.”

Sally gave him a wicked smile and hoped he wasn’t lying. She really had a thing for little people, an innocent obsession with wanting to handle them. For some reason Malcolm had forgotten bursa eskort bayanlar the day Sally met Anna. It was probably why he always took photos of people from his phone. When he was drifting off in class she cycled through the images on it and came across one of a chick with her legs open and her pussy gleaming; only the lower body was in the frame She knew he could have other girls if he wanted and she did feel upset about it and wondered if he wouldn’t mind telling her who else he was fucking.

His neighborhood was quiet and lazy — most of the locals were religious older folk. Out on one lawn, the paster’s wife was watering her plants. She looked up and waved at Malcolm and he waved back and then winked. It was an involuntary reaction but it made Jocelyn move around her lawn with a renewed vigor.

“Here we are.” Sally said arriving at her boyfriends place.

She wanted to come inside and wait for Anna to come home so she could measure her height and pat her head. She always had her eyes on Malcolm’s mum ever since they stood next to each other the first time they met. Sally remembered patting her head telling Malcolm he had quite a cute baby sister but that she looked kind of naughty. She was shocked when Anna hopped on the table, where she just about about stood over Sally and explained very politely that she was his mother. She then dipped a wooden spoon in a pot of heated chocolate syrup and brought it to her mouth; then to Sally’s, and thoughtfully cupped Sally’s chin in case any little drizzles spilled out. It was the strangest introduction Sally ever had. She stood there being fed a spoonful of smooth velvety chocolate while Malcolm had his hands on his hips. He told them they looked like twins and took a snap on his phone.

“What’s up with your memory anyway Malcolm?”

“Dunno. I’m just forget things now and again.”

His brain was full of bubbles that wouldn’t pop. It was possible he could even forget he had intercourse with his mother, which is why he had to keep inducing sexual day dreams. If he could create new memories before the other ones faded away he could keep on top of things. It was a recent problem after he collided with another player in a practice session for a game. A blow to his head knocked him clean out but the doctors said he had no fractures nor any lasting damage. Players were always getting knocks, even though it was an amateur team, the aggressive mentality was no less at that level.

Sally wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. She was always so sweet tasting — her lipstick smudging on his mouth. She was always applying and reapplying the stick to her lips throughout the day and pressing them together. She had lots of colors with different flavors and todays was a sexy banana.

“Mmm. That’s nice.” Malcolm smiled. He looked over her shoulder and across the street.

Jocelyn was pretending to remove tangle-weed from her collection of roses, and as he kept his observation up, her eyes drifted up and towards him. She had to slow down what she was pretending to do so she could concentrate on watching Malcolm kiss Sally. He held Sally by the hips and pivoted her out so he could give Jocelyn a good view of their lips fusing together and melting into each other. but then he reverted back again because he could not see the paster’s wife from his new position.

“Oh baby, I love your mouth.” Sally moaned.


He looked at Jocelyn who had opened a button on her dress. Even if she opened the other two he would not be treated to much flesh. görükle escort bayanlar As a woman with a strong position within the community she still had to keep up appearances and even one unbuttoned dress was seen as risque. she almost didn’t care which led Malcolm to believe she was keen on him. This gave him an instant erection and Sally gasped as she felt his knob through the denim. He reached round and planted his hands on both of her plump ass cheeks. Sally wore no underwear and had the most glorious bum. He squeezed them through the flimsy material and stabbed her mouth with his tongue.

“Oh fuck Malcolm, we should get a room.” She moaned. His grappling technique on her ass was very welcome, very frank and aggressive. He only openly groped her when he was feeling extremely horny. She loved any attention he gave her, even if he chose to be prudish in his physical affections. She wondered if it was wise to be getting it on with him outside his house, with the chance that his mother could appear any second. She was a live wire and moved like lightning. Everything Anna did was done quickly. If any one tried to slow her down you could see the irritation clearly visibly on her face. She even had an angry vein in the middle of her forehead.

She felt her dress getting stuck between her cheeks as he guided her by the hips again to press up against him. She was taller than him and it was Malcolm that had to look up slightly to kiss her. She had a long neck that was mostly free of hair as she kept it tied up in a bun. Only odd whispy strands flicked around at the back, and sometimes when she was on top of him those same strands would tease his skin, making him want to scratch it. She only realized it was problem when he mentioned it. She considered cutting it but then she would have to open her hair out.

“Who do you love more?” she asked.

“Between you and who?”

“You know.” She said taking off her shoes and planting her feet on his. He kissed the underside of her chin and then her throat. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back a little. She could feel the light of the sun through her lids and could see a reddish orange color. though her eyes were closed. She wanted him all to herself and everyone else had to be second.

“Between me and anyone else in your life.”

He was so busy blushing her neck with his onslaught of kisses he could not honestly think. “Mmmm, what baby?”

Sally placed her hands on his head and slowly pulled him out. The sweet kisses that aroused her neck felt like they were drawing blood, because he was sucking on the flesh really hard.

“Baby, tell me?”

“Ok, ask again?”

“Who you wuv more? Me or some other bitch?”

He almost choked and laughed at the same time.

“Well the other bitch as you call is my mum.”

“I know.” Sally lied

Quickly realizing it would have better to admit she was thinking of the other bitch as another girl. Still Malcolm did not mind as his silly face suggested. He playfully bit her chin and told Sally that his mother did that to him a lot.

“Wow, that’s really incestuous.” She told him.

“Yeah I know.”

Sally leaned in and embraced Malcolm and he took a few shuffled steps forward with her entire weight on him.

Jocelyn was still across the street, but now she was bending over by a trash bin. She looked at him and stroked the side of her body very slowly. All her buttons were removed. She stopped when she looked behind and saw her son, John, staring at her from the window. He might have been there for a while. she adjusted her dress and retreated back indoors.

Malcolm wrapped his hand around Sally’s neck and stroked it and squeezed it. He imagined it could do with a leash or spiked collar, same as Anna. Then he could take his dogs out for a walk, one on each side on all fours. They would both wear muzzles and he would stand outside Jocelyn’s house at night and give her a show she wouldn’t forget, and neither would he.

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