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Despite the descriptions and the paintings that had made their way to England, nothing had prepared Annette for her first glimpse of Versailles. Fountains played in the ornamental gardens while ladies with large fans sat on fine stone benches taking the air. The scent of the numerous rose bushes tantalized her nostrils with its perfume and the beautifully shaped bushes had not a leaf out of place.

The gardens were something to behold, however Annette was not there to gaze upon topiary. Versailles was the home of the King of France and his court and Annette eagerly looked forward to being presented, maybe even to find a husband.

Annette allowed her eyes to cast about her once more – there were a few sets of shapely breeches strolling around the gardens – she allowed her gaze to rest upon a particularly pleasing pair for a moment. She glanced upwards to catch a glimpse of his face. He was attractive, in a traditional type of way, certainly one to seek an official introduction to. Or maybe unofficial, Annette didn’t necessarily play by the rules and this was one of the reasons she found herself in France in the first place.

Lady Annette was 19 years of age and had been sent to France by her father. Two young men had decided that they were both worthy of her hand and had taken matters into their own hands. After a botched duel, where both ended up injured, her father, Sir Roger, decided that the best thing to do was to get her out of the way and Annette had begged for France, claiming it would improve her prospects.

‘Father couldn’t know about the rumours’, mused Annette to herself, ‘otherwise he would never have sent me’. In London, the word was the French court was scandalous, talk of dangerous liaisons in dark corners and decadence beyond avarice. Fortunately for Annette, Sir Roger rarely frequented court and relied on his representative and informant, Annette’s older brother, James. Not wanting to be removed from court himself, James only fed his father the more savoury tidbits of information. Annette had begged James not to tell their father about the court of France and asked him only to point out the potential marriage prospects.

And so, here she was. Stepping into the cool stone room from the heat of outside, she was for a moment disorientated and nearly swooned. Her arm was caught by an attractive young man – the same young man who had been the source of her gaze earlier.

“Je m’excuse, Mademoiselle,” a soft, yet strong voice reached her ears.

Seeing she didn’t immediately understand, he spoke in broken English, ‘You were about to fall, I hope I didn’t offend you by touching you thus? Allow me to introduce myself. I am Gabriel Du Pique’

“No,” stammered Annette, ‘Merci beaucoup.” He bowed to her and left.

Over the next few weeks, Annette made many friends and broke a few hearts as the custom required. But she wanted more than boring small talk behind her fan in the company of her chaperone. Two young men in particular had caught her eye – Gabriel Du Pique and his friend Benoit Chattelour. But who to choose?

Gabriel had the typical dark hair and dark eyes of the continental male and had what one would describe as ‘rugged good looks’. türkçe alt yazılı porno Benoit on the other hand, was sandy haired with an angelic face which radiated innocence. Jeanne had warned her that Gabriel had a reputation for breaking young ladies hearts claiming none of them good enough for him – Annette viewed this as her own personal challenge, yet Benoit’s innocence offered a challenge of a different kind. Both, in her eyes, were worth pursuing but even she knew that she would have to choose. The key was to keep them separate and both liaisons going until she had decided which.

Pleased with this solution to her thorny issue, Annette prepared for the evening with care. She had sent a letter to Benoit, suggesting that she would need to take some air during that evening and he was to offer to escort her. The letter more than implied that he would be in receipt of more than just her gratitude.

The ball was, as usual, a decadent affair with men and women whirling around the ballroom. Occasionally the king himself would join in, although more often than not, he watched, keeping a greedy eye on the beautiful young ladies who graced his floor.

After a dance or so, Annette pleaded the need for a breath of air. Her chaperone at once stood, but Annette asked her to sit. “I will be fine, cherie, I will merely step outside the door, take some air and return. Do not trouble yourself.”

Jeanne, her chaperone, heaved a small sigh of relief. She was in pain with her feet and the less walking the better. Besides, she could see the door from her seat.

She waved Annette to the door –”Attention, ma petite, make sure that no-one speaks to you without permission,” and then, satisfied that her duty was done, sank back into her chair.

Waltzing her way over to the door, she at once lost herself in a group of giggling girls to hide herself from Jeanne’s eye. Annette felt not even a mere twinge of guilt at betraying her chaperone, this was the game she had come to France to play – and she was a very good player.

As she had expected, this part of the garden was far from deserted. Several young ladies and gentlemen were ‘taking the air’ with the ever present companion walking a respectable, yet obvious distance behind.

Annette slipped into the shadows of the palace and carefully made her way to the ornamental lake. She brushed through the lavender, allowing the warm scent to cover her and finally reached her destination, a small love seat set in a glade next to the lake. Discreet, yet public, Annette felt this was the perfect place for her little tête-a-tête with Benoit. She felt her heart beating a little harder – she was a little nervous. Unused to this emotion, Annette interpreted it as excitement and gracefully took her seat, the very picture of an English Rose.

Out of the shadows of the trees, stepped a figure. He took Annette’s hand and kissed it gently, murmuring his greeting. ‘Shall we ‘take the air’, my lady?’

Trembling slightly, she held out her hand, which he took in his. He pulled her firmly to his side, making her gasp and pressed his lips to hers. After a moment’s shock, Annette responded to the doeda porno kiss and ran her hand up into the young man’s dark hair. Dark hair? Benoit was blond and in the moonlight, his hair would gleam silver. Annette tried to pull away but the young man was too strong for her.

“A secret rendezvous, my lady? With another man? Tsk, tsk, now that is méchant – how you say – naughty. Well my lady, let me show you how ‘naughty’ you are. Yes?”

Realising that she was completely in his power, Annette had little choice but to nod. His arm was tight across her waist, allowing his other hand to explore her body. He ran his hand up the side of her body and across the top of her chest. Surely, he wouldn’t be so bold as to…. She felt his grip around her waist slightly loosen as he unlaced her corset. His hand slipped easily down the front and cupped her breast. She breathed deeply and felt her bosom rise, he firmly grasped her nipple and tweaked it. Annette let out a gasp, she had never before been treated in such a manner, but she was enjoying it. A small part of her knew that she was being taken advantage of, but she had never experienced such excitement; it was welling up in her body.

Her corset now unlaced, the young man spun Annette round and crushed his lips to hers in a forceful kiss. He backed her onto the love seat and threw up her skirts, revealing her undergarments. Annette could feel herself getting more aroused by the minute. He ran his hand up her leg, finding her most sensitive area. He fondled her between her legs and, finding the space which allowed access to that most private of areas, began to explore with his fingers.

Annette gasped as his fingers entered her. Although she had ‘experience’, it had previously been on her terms and this was most certainly not. However, a wave of pleasure swept through her body as the slightly forceful fingers thrust.

As swiftly as he had begun, Gabriel removed his hand and flipped her skirts down. He placed himself decorously next to her and took her hand, gently but firmly. The fire was in her breast and it heaved wildly, but Gabriel laid his finger on her lips. She could taste her musky juices and she realized quickly that she had to be still and refined.

“Bon Soirée, Madame, Monsieur,” a light voice greeted them. With a jolt, Annette realised that she was still in that spot she had chosen to meet Benoit – and it was indeed the handsome young man she had stalked as her prey. However, she was now at the mercy of Gabriel and she couldn’t – even with her feminine wiles and wit – see a way she could extricate herself from the situation gracefully.

Benoit nodded to Gabriel and taking Annette’s other hand, led her around to a similar chair – this one far more secluded. “It is most unlikely we shall be disturbed here,” the blond gentleman said.

Smiling, he kissed the hand that he held and Annette was strangely unafraid. On the contrary, she could feel the warmth rising in her once more, from her toes up into her hips, and up to her face. He spun her into him and kissed her hard, almost crushing her to him. She responded passionately and he ran his hands down her dress, noting that she was already unlaced. He sat her on the bench and knelt at her feet, whilst Gabriel stood behind. This bemused her, until, with a swift motion he dipped under her dress and parted her legs. Her damp underwear was pulled to one side and she moaned as Benoit’s tongue flicked over her opening. She writhed with pleasure but found herself unable to move too far as Gabriel’s strong arms were wrapped around her body. She moaned deeply, feeling the ecstasy build in her, he flicked over her most sensitive area and she climaxed on his lapping tongue.

“And now my lady, you will pleasure us,” Gabriel’s deep voice murmured into her ear. “For teasing, for flirting, for lying – you must pay.” The pressure on her arms released slightly but she was in no less of a compromising position as she was stood upright in the clearing. He stroked her dress.

“Let us remove this mademoiselle, we would not wish such finery to be spoilt.”

If Annette had any objections in the matter, she was powerless to resist as Gabriel held her arms and manipulated her out of her dress leaving her standing in her bloomers and loosened corset.

Benoit lay his cloak on the floor and indicated her to kneel. She did so as he undid his breeches and allowed his nine inches to spring out. He held her head and guided himself into her mouth. This, she understood. She began to suck gently, rubbing her hand up his shaft, allowing his natural juices to lubricate as she pulsed gently up and down. She was enjoying the gentle rhythm when she found herself being pushed onto all fours. She gasped in reaction and was immediately told to continue what she was doing. What came next didn’t come as a surprise. In this vulnerable position, her bloomers were pulled to her knees, exposing her backside to the air. Her legs were once again parted and this time, a large, thick cock nudged at her entrance. She was so wet by this time that Gabriel slid in without further encouragement. He began to pump, gently at first but then harder and harder forcing her to take Benoit deeper and deeper into her throat. Gabriel was hard and fast and she felt completely used. Benoit twitched as her mouth closed over his cock in reaction and withdrew.

“Your pardon Madamoiselle, but we are – how you say – turntaking.”

Benoit rolled Annette onto her back and mounted her in the more familiar style. What was less familiar were Gabriel’s balls that were dangled in her mouth. “Not so clever now, Mademoiselle?” Gabriel enquired. Her mouth was too full to answer. He removed his ever-tightening balls and replaced them with his cock – she could feel it was at bursting point. Benoit was thrusting hard and he was obviously on the edge of his orgasm.

Gabriel raised a hand. Between them, they moved Annette back onto the bench – just the right height for Benoit to continue and for Gabriel to fuck her mouth. Annette was close once more and was frustrated by the move but trapped by her gentlemen friends. However, she didn’t have to wait long. Both men thrust simultaneously and streams of white hit the back of her throat. She gagged and coughed, dribbling it down herself which Gabriel eagerly licked off. The sight of this made Benoit buck and empty himself in her hot and sticky cunt. As he did so, she came loudly and found her mouth full of Gabriel’s softer cock.

“Shh my lady.” He stood, Benoit having completed, and redressed her. “Next time, we will try something a little different, no?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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