Annette’s Moonlight Beach Adventure

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Anya Olsen

Annette is a lovely woman; everyone who knows her says so. In her mid-fifties, she looks a decade younger. She has beautiful shoulder length hair, which has gradually turned shimmery silver in the past few years. She is 5’5″ tall, and pleasingly curvaceous. Her perky B-cup breasts are two of her many enticing features, along with her long slender legs, piercing green eyes, and beautiful smile. She spends 45 minutes a day in her home gym, so her body is firm.

Annette has worked hard to be the successful professional she is. Unfortunately, her success in matters of work does not extend to her personal life. She is divorced for the second time, due to her lousy taste in men. Now single, she is not totally sexually neglected, thanks to her favorite vibrator, which she affectionately named “Mister Happy.”

She knows there were men who would love to take the place of Mister Happy, but her grueling work schedule and bad prior experiences means that in recent years no man has penetrated her defenses and been intimate with her.

Annette was exhausted from working long hours and decided a few days at the beach would be just the thing to rejuvenate her tired body and mind. She booked a travel package and a few days later was on a plane bound for Maui, Hawaii. As the jet rushed along on the five-hour flight from San Francisco, she relaxed and eventually dozed off in her first-class seat.

While sleeping, Annette drifted into an erotic dream involving her on the beach at sunset, two virile men with bulging packages in their brief swim trunks, and a very pleasant sexual encounter beginning with her on her knees sucking the two men’s cocks, and ending up with her on her hands and knees with a big cock in her pussy and another pushed down her throat.

A message from the flight attendant on the plane’s PA system brought Annette back to consciousness, and she felt confused by the vague memory of something very pleasant that must have happened in her dream. The announcement informed the passengers that the plane would land at the Maui airport in twenty minutes.

When the plane landed, Annette took the tram to the rental car area, picked up a convertible Mustang, and made the forty-minute drive to the resort on the West coast of Maui. While checking in, she noticed a couple of muscular security guys in tight black T-shirts and clingy shorts. The sight of their buff bodies made her feel peculiarly tingly.

Annette reached her room at 11 PM, but was wide awake, and decided to sit on her top-floor private balcony and watch the strong surf pounding the beach in the moonlight. After relaxing for a while, Annette re-entered the hotel room, leaving the sliding balcony door wide open. Annette stripped bare in the moonlight glowing through the open doorway and slipped on a slinky negligee. She laid down on the bed, allowing the sea breeze to softly blow over her thinly clad body.

The breeze gently ruffled her negligee, and soon her nipples became rigid. Annette sighed, and got out of bed. She opened her suitcase and took out Mister Happy. Returning to the bed, she said, “It’s just you and me, fella. Live up to your name!”

Annette pressed the tip of Escort Bayan the vibrator against her clitoris above her shaved pussy and gradually the vibrations brought her to a satisfying orgasm. She twisted her head from side to side, while softly moaning as her orgasm peaked and then subsided. She turned off Mister Happy, placed him on the nightstand, and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Annette awakened at 8AM, and put on her workout outfit, including a clingy top with a shelf bra that minimally supported her firm breasts but did not conceal her perky nipples. She went to the resort’s gym for her daily workout. While she was stretching, she noticed a couple of young men watching her and it was clear they liked what they saw. Annette was proud of her body and smiled when she saw the not-so-subtle horny looks she was getting from the two guys.

Annette returned to her room, took a quick shower, and dressed in a daring purple string bikini she had purchased to help maximize her tan. She slipped on a beach cover-up, ate breakfast in the resort dining area on the veranda overlooking the ocean, then headed to the beach with the intention of simply relaxing, tanning her beautiful body, and taking an occasional dip in the ocean when the sun’s rays became too intense.

Annette spent the day at the beach and noticed there were a number of younger men without female partners swimming in the ocean waves or strolling along the beach. She recalled a welcome sign in the resort lobby related to some sort of business meeting and assumed that accounted for the sausage fest at the beach. At times, young men with particularly large bulges in their tight swim trunks caught her eye. She decided that Mister Happy would be getting a workout later that evening.

After a late dinner, Annette decided it would be relaxing to wade into the ocean waves in the moonlight. She shed her coverup, exposing her tiny bikini. Annette walked out across the empty beach into the ocean, wading until the water deepened to her chest. After a 2′ wave splashed over her head, she gradually moved back to shallower water.

A couple of young men had arrived on the beach, spread beach towels on the sand and were closely observing Annette as she frolicked in the ocean. She was carefully bracing herself against the force of the waves and did not realize that the men were checking out her perky tits, cute ass, and beautiful long legs in the little bikini that barely covered her girl parts.

As Annette slowly waded in the surf, a sudden large wave caught her from behind, and tumbled her headfirst into the water. Once the wave passed, Annette was able to stand back up, and started to move toward the shore. A second large wave overtook her and again she was thrown face-first beneath the wave. She struggled to get back to her feet, but the shifting sand and rough waves pulled her off balance.

Annette was a strong swimmer and wasn’t particularly worried until a third wave tumbled her again, and she banged her head on a small stone on the dark sandy bottom of the ocean a dozen yards from shore. She realized she could be in trouble and began to feel panicky.

Suddenly, Escort Annette felt hands grab her arms from each side and pull her upright in the ocean water. The two young men from the shore had waded in to rescue her after she began tumbling in the rough surf. Annette was dazed, and grateful for the young mens’ help. They gently walked her out of the ocean and helped her sit down on their towels on the sandy beach.

Annette was still groggy after striking her head and only barely heard the young men asking if she was OK. She glanced upward at the two men, and realized they were the same two guys she had noticed watching her that morning in the gym. She also saw that each was wearing a skintight swim brief, and that the men’s cocks were bulging outward in their swimsuits.

Annette managed a weak smile while accepting a small cup from one of the men. He told her to drink up, that the large shot of tequila would help revive her.

She tossed down the tequila, which was her favorite alcoholic beverage, and the cup was quickly refilled with another double shot. One of the young men said, “Bottoms up,” and Annette quickly downed the second drink.

The warm glow of the two double shots of tequila quickly made her feel more relaxed, but not more acutely aware of her surroundings. She managed to thank the two men for saving her, and the three people fell into a discussion of why she was on the beach alone at night.

Annette explained that she was trying to relax from the stress of her high-pressure job. One of the men jokingly said, “There are better ways to relieve stress than nearly drowning in the ocean”.

She weakly smiled and blurted out, “Like what?”

The two men grinned, and one said, “Like sex on the beach.”

She said, “Do you mean the drink?” to which the other young man replied, “No, we mean actual sex on the beach in the moonlight.”

Annette might otherwise have been upset at the blunt comment from the young man, but between the tequila and the bang on the head she had experienced, her reactions were a bit slow. Instead she mumbled, “I haven’t ever had sex on the beach.” The two young men smiled, then each reached down to touch Annette’s breasts.

Annette looked at their hands, and realized that the entire time she had been sitting on the towel recovering from her tumble in the ocean, the two triangles on her bikini top had been askew, with one breast completely out of the cloth, and the other triangle pulled halfway to the side exposing her other nipple and areola. She also realized that due to the sea breeze, her nipples were at their maximum perkiness, and her areolas had crinkled up to quarter-sized diameters.

Annette groggily froze while the two young men fondled her breasts and tweaked her rock-hard nipples. Her pussy began to tingle much more intensely than when Mister Happy was at work. Annette sighed contentedly, and simply allowed the young men to have their way with her breasts.

Soon the men reached down and lifted Annette’s hands to their respective crotches, where she encountered two hard cocks. The heads of the young mens’ cocks soon were poking out of the waistbands of their brief Bayan Escort swimsuits and the men began groaning in reaction to Annette’s dazed stroking of their cocks.

The young man on Annette’s right side pulled his swim trunks down to his knees, and his rock-hard cock sprang out into the moonlight, pointed up at the stars. He moved closer to Annette, and with his hand directed his cock toward Annette’s lips. She opened her mouth, and his cock moved quickly to the back of her tongue. Annette relaxed her throat so the cock could slide on down, creating a huge bulge in her throat.

Annette slowing pulled her head backward until only the mushroom head of the cock was still in her mouth, then slowly sucked the cock all the way back down her throat. The cock’s owner was in heaven. Annette continued the process of repeatedly deepthroating, then nearly expelling the cock from her mouth in a slow, sensual pattern.

Meanwhile the other young man stripped his swim trunks completely off and Annette glimpsed an equally hard cock exposed to the moonlight. The second young man quickly moved behind Annette, and she felt him gently push her forward until she was on her hands and knees, with the cock in her mouth still deep in her throat.

Annette felt fingers gently stroking her petite bare pussy, then firmly pushing inward. There was so much moisture that the finger quickly disappeared into her pussy. Annette let out a moan, which was all the permission the man behind her needed. The finger was removed from her pussy, and a fat cock soon plunged deeply inside her.

The young man behind Annette thrust into her pussy again and again, banging his balls against Annette’s lovely ass. Annette moaned loudly, though the moan was somewhat muffled by the huge cock in her throat. She felt the cock in her mouth become even more rigid and felt the young man’s balls tighten against her chin. In seconds she felt the first of a half dozen pulses of warm cum flowing down her throat into her stomach.

At the same time, the cock pounding her from behind also tensed up, and Annette felt a large load of cum expelled deep into her pussy. Both cocks soon popped out of their respective orifices, and the two young men positioned themselves directly in front of Annette’s upraised face with their cocks dangling and dripping cum. Annette took the two cocks into her hands and alternated between licking and sucking them until both cocks were shiny and clean.

The effect of Annette’s oral ministrations was that the two virile young men’s cocks began to harden again. The two men then switched to the opposite holes from their previous encounters, and the pounding of Annette’s throat and pussy began again with renewed gusto. The intensity of the double fucking caused Annette’s pussy to experience intense pleasure, and Annette exploded into a loud orgasm; or would have but for the cock then spewing cum down her throat, which muffled her moans.

As Annette began to come down from her orgasmic high, the cock in her pussy tightened, and Annette felt a pulsing rush of cum exploding into the deep recesses of her pussy. Annette again began to have another loud orgasm, this time without the mouth obstruction of her first orgasm. The two young men chuckled, and one said, “Better hold down the noise, or the security dudes will be coming to check on the disturbance.”

Annette said, “I’ve seen those guys, so I hope they do.”

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