Another Convert Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

Please let me know what you think of this story. Sadly, it is a work of fiction.

(C) 2000, Henry Wilcox Permission to post this on the internet is granted, provided this notice is left attached.


I came home from work one day to find my girlfriend Emma and a friend of ours called Sarah chatting away in the kitchen. As I walked in, they both looked at me and started giggling. Sarah blushed and couldn’t meet my eyes as I asked “What’s so funny?”

Emma smiled and said “Sarah and I were just discussing your strange fetish”. I wasn’t going to stand for this, so I pointed out that it was Emma’s fetish also. “True enough” she said. Sarah was watching us with a look of curious surprise on her face.

“So you both really do enjoy getting messed up with food, while fully clothed?” she asked.

“Oh yes” Emma and I chorused. I wasn’t quite sure why I was admitting to this – I didn’t feel that I knew Sarah well enough to discuss my sex life with her, but clearly Emma did. I began to wonder what had been going on before I got back. I was about to get an answer.

“Sarah was intrigued by the whole WAMming thing, and although she denied it, I think she wanted to try it” Emma said. Sarah blushed again, and I knew Emma was right. “I thought we might give her an introduction to it” Emma continued.

“What, now?” Sarah asked, clearly shocked.

“Why not?” Emma said. She looked at me and gave me a wink. She’s long known that I enjoy getting wet and messy, and loves it herself. She’d never given me a hint that she wanted someone else to join us, though she knew I’d fantasised about a threesome. I felt myself getting aroused.

“I’m not dressed for it” Sarah protested, backing up a step. She was wearing a fairly tight pair of blue jeans which looked quite expensive and hugged her figure perfectly, a pair of relatively batman seks hikayeleri high-heeled shoes, and a crisp white shirt which was translucent enough to reveal a plain bra that did little to hide her small but perfectly formed bosom.

“You look dressed for it to me” I said.

“But I don’t have a change of clothes” Sarah continued. “And besides, I’ve just had my hair done”. Sure enough, her long blonde hair looked fantastic pulled back into a pony-tail.

“I’ll lend you an outfit to go home in” said Emma “and your hair will wash up fine. Mine always does.” Emma’s long red hair looked great, and always washed up fine because I spent ages shampooing it in the shower. I could see Emma was keen to get on with the sploshing, despite being fairly well-dressed herself. She had on a similarly tight pair of jeans which were making me weak at the knees as they caressed her behind, a pair of sandals and a fitted body which displayed her cleavage to maximum effect. I was already anticipating filling it with some gunge. My arousal was increasing.

“Surely you don’t have anything available to gunge me with” Sarah blurted, and we could see she was clutching at straws.

“We always keep something handy, just in case of emergencies” I said, and opened a cupboard. Inside were cans of tomatoes, cartons of custard, bottles of ketchup, syrup, cooking oil and a whole array of other things. But for now, I pulled out a jar of instant gravy.

“You’re not serious” Sarah said, as I grabbed a giant pan, dumped the jar of gravy granules in and started filling it from the cold tap.

“No, of course not” I said. Sarah visibly relaxed at this.

“We’re going to heat it up first” said Emma, right on cue. Sarah tensed up again.

“But…” she began.

“But you want to get started straight away,” said Emma “I quite understand.” And with that, she opened another cupboard and took out a carton of eggs. I put the gravy on to heat, grabbed a tin of rice pudding and a bottle of maple syrup and started to walk towards the nervous blonde.

“I.. wait…” Sarah muttered, but we could tell her heart wasn’t in it. Emma opened the egg carton and pulled out a large brown egg. Putting the carton down, she cracked the egg and dropped the contents, yolk and all into one of the breast pockets of Sarah’s shirt. She was rewarded with a wonderful squeal.

The yolk didn’t break, but the white of the egg began soaking straight through the fabric of the shirt, but we couldn’t see what Sarah was so upset about. Emma quickly broke another egg into one of Sarah’s jean pockets, and this time the yolk didn’t hold. A damp patch started to spread across the front of the denim, and Sarah slumped in resignation. “I can’t believe I’m doing this” she said.

“Oh, we’ve hardly started” I said, and I opened the top of the maple syrup, put the neck of the bottle into the other front pocket of her jeans and squeezed hard. I could see the fabric bulge as the gloopy, sticky mass forced it’s way in, but there was no other noticeable effect.

“She’s hardly messy” Emma complained and opened a tin of chopped tomatoes.

“Oh no” Sarah moaned. “Where are you going to put that?” Her voice wavered, but I could see the excitement in her eyes. Emma obviously spotted it too, because she pulled out the neck of Sarah’s shirt and tipped the strong smelling red slop straight down inside, and over her breasts. The juice stained the shirt all the way down and soaked through it, plastering it to her boobs and revealing that her nipples were starting to become erect. She was enjoying this more than I thought! “Oh God…” she moaned, and Emma smiled as the chunks of tomato pooled around Sarah’s waist. I reached over and pulled out the front of the waistband of her jeans, allowing the gunge to slide inside the tight jeans. We all watched as a damp stain slowly grew over the front of the denim, joining with the one formed by the egg earlier.

I grabbed the tin of rice pudding, opened the lid and stuck the tips of my fingers inside. I pulled out a little of the lumpy stuff, and looked at Sarah. She was still staring down at her soiled clothing, and I called her name to get her attention. Her eyes opened wide as she saw what I was holding. I gathered up a bit more of the pudding and slid it off my fingers into the jeans pocket where the egg had already gone. “What’s the point of that?” she asked “I’m already gooey over there.”

I took her wrist in my hand, transferring the last of the goo from my hand onto the cuff of her shirt, and pushed her hand into her pocket, getting a small whimper from her for my efforts. Emma grabbed the other wrist, and pushed that hand into the syrup-filled pocket on the other side. Sarah closed her eyes, smiled and moaned as her hands began to stir the gunge around. Emma and I grinned at each other as we realised Sarah was seriously turned on. I still had a nearly full tin of rice pudding, which I held over her head as Emma tried to get her friend’s attention. Finally Sarah came out of her reverie to see that I was holding something over her head and looked up.

Big mistake.

Spotting my cue, I upended the tin, and the gloop hit her right on the forehead – most of it sliding down over her beautifully brushed hair, but a little slipping over her face. She screamed as she realised her hair had been ruined. As the last of the lumps dropped from the tin, she smiled again and her hands in her pockets began to work overtime. I looked over at Emma, as I wasn’t sure what to do next, and she just smiled and nodded towards Sarah. I didn’t need telling twice.


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