Another Mom, Son , Sister Story

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This story is not Chapter 2 of my original story with a similar name. It has been renamed to reflect same theme, different characters.


Picture a typical suburban family in the UK in early June, Saturday afternoon. My father is planting flowers, weeding, working in the back yard about half way down the garden from the house. I am lounging on a patio chair close to the house reading, waiting for a text from my friends telling me what time we are going to meet down the pub. Mom is nearby lying on a lounge chair in a not very revealing bikini trying to get a head start on her tan.

My sister is still at college, she will be home next week.

The English sun in June is not very strong; many sun worshipers put mineral oil on their skin to increase the effect of the sun’s rays, hoping to tan quicker.

A text came in from my buddy; we are meeting in an hour. I need to shit, shower and change. I finished the 3 pages remaining in the chapter I was reading, looked at Mom and started to get up to go inside the house.

Mother had been lying out for over an hour and as far as I could see was not even a little pink, so I told her so.

“Mom you still look pale, I don’t see any colour even on your shoulders”.

‘Really sweetie, I felt my skin getting warm, would you be a sweetheart and put some mineral oil on my shoulders.”

“Sorry no Mom, I’m off to meet my friends.”

“Sweetie, it will only take a minute the mineral oil is in the kitchen.”

“Sorry no Mom, ‘gotta go.”

“Son, you need to help your Mom, you started this conversation,” boomed my father’s voice from 30 feet away.

“I hadn’t lived 19 years with Mom & Dad without knowing when to comply.”

I raced into the house grabbed the bottle of mineral oil off the kitchen table, Mom was lying on her front on a patio lounge chair, chin resting on her hands. I glugged oil onto my hands and slapped it onto Mom’s shoulders, too much, she squeaked as the cool oil hit her skin, oil ran all over her back, down the sides of her body and into her armpits. I massaged it into her shoulders as fast as I could.

“Ohh that’s nice sweetie, please do my back as well. I kept smoothing oil over her skin, onto her lower back above her bikini bottoms; my hands were moving fast, not very carefully but covering as much skin as quickly as I could. Extra oil collected and was redistributed. Then I was done.

“Thank you sweetie, can you do my legs please.” Son of a bitch, I said in my head. I slapped more oil on my hands and rubbed Mom’s upper thighs. Right up to her bikini bottoms, I rubbed hard. I was a little annoyed at being asked to rub more oil when I was ready to leave, caught my finger under the seam pulled the fabric up a little, saw butt check, kept on rubbing down her leg to her feet, this was fast work. As I finished her ankles I went back up to her upper thighs brazen enough to try a little teenage perving. I pushed on her thighs to open her legs, they moved apart a little. I rubbed my hands all over Mom’s thighs down the sides rubbing against and under the bikini. I managed to slide her bikini seam up at least 3 inches to see more butt cheek and I think a little camel toe. I was getting hard, Mom is pretty hot, 42 years old, stays in shape, great legs, smooth skin, I can tell you now she has great tits. I also knew my growing hard on was not going to lead to anything but a wank in the shower.

“Done Mom, gotta go.”

Mom twisted her head, gave me a strange look, peered at my crotch and thanked me.

Dad was walking towards us, Mom leaned back and surreptitiously straightened her bikini bottom, Dad handed me a 20 pound note, said well done and patted me on the back. I had saved him from having to stop yard work to help Mom put on the mineral oil.

Tuesday night is when things started to get weird. We are not a very talkative family, with my sister still at college the 3 of us had quiet dinners often leading to Mom & Dad bickering over minor things while I ate and got the hell away from the table as soon as was reasonable.

Tonight proved to be different.

“Son, your mother tells me you ruined her bikini.” Huh?

“Yes sweetie, I washed the bikini I was wearing Saturday and it has stains.” Huh?

I’m not one of those sons who pick Mom’s used panties out of the laundry hamper and jack off in them, what are they talking about?

“Son, what did you do?”

“All I did was rub mineral oil over Mom’s shoulders, back and legs like she asked.”

“That seems to be the problem, you made a big mess, used too much oil and it soaked into your mother’s bikini.”

“Yes dear, the fabric is ruined; there are discolored areas all over the seams on the top and much more on the bottom.” As Mom spoke she starred at me intensely, she knew I had been perving, touching more than I should but that was all she said. My Dad however would not stop.

“Your mother tells me this swim suit costs two hundred to replace,”

“What!” I interjected.

“How can this be my fault, bursa escort bayanlar you asked me to rub oil on your back?”

“Nevertheless son you made a mess and cost us a lot of money.”

I won’t bore you with the rest of the conversation, you get the gist. My parents were well and truly together in blaming me and apparently enjoying every minute of it. What was weird was the two of them would not let it go. I became the butt of numerous jokes and comments from Mom and Dad all based around the ruined bikini.

And they were not good jokes.

‘Son, would you like to set the table for dinner, oh no better not you’ll stain the table cloth.’

‘Son would you pass the gravy, oh no better not you’ll stain the gravy boat.’

‘Son did you finish your homework, better not you’ll stain the text book.’

Son….you get the idea. It gave them something to agree on, picking on me was good for everyone, my parents were joined together in humor, at my expense.

Don’t get me wrong I was not crying myself to sleep over this; I am a big boy it’s just that it went on day after day, it was annoying.

When my sister returned from college the next weekend, she joined in.

“So bro I hear they will not let you in the clothes stores downtown because you stain everything you touch.” Ha ha. I had not responded to my parents comments during the previous week because messing with me seemed to make them happy however this was my sister;

“Look guys, I am sorry the bikini was stained, I did not know mineral oil was so toxic or the fabric was so cheap (ha ha me) perhaps next time mom should put the mineral oil on before she wears the bikini?” Everyone spoke at once.

“How dare you suggest the fabric…don’t be a smartass son… that’s not a bad idea”

The 3rd comment came from my sister.

“Mom, stain boy might be right, next time you should put on the mineral oil, let it soak in to your skin and dry, then put the bikini on.”

“Well honey, that may be true, does not get away from the fact your brother ruined a perfectly good bikini,” said Mom, still trying to prolong the fun.

“Mom I’m home all this week, let’s go shopping, we’ll get you a sexy new bikini, weather forecast is good for the weekend.” After 18 years of sibling bickering suddenly my sister wasn’t so bad.

“Sounds like a plan ladies, honey you should put on the mineral oil before you put on your bikini, let’s eat,” said Dad, sounding relieved this chapter might be over and ruling on future mineral oil application guidelines.

Saturday; first a miracle, the weather men were correct, sun was bright and sky was blue. Dad was out for the day playing 2 rounds of golf and having drinks with his buddies. Mom, sister and I shared a light lunch, discussed the new swim wear they had both bought during the week, I expressed limited interest in seeing the new bikinis, partly to be polite and because at 19 with a hot Mom and very sexy 20 year old sister my brain was never far from female nudity and sex.

Mom told me I would have to wait until both of them were changed and sun bathing in the garden to see the outfits. Okay.

An hour later dressed in tee shirt and running shorts I was passing my parents room to go outside and sit in the sun when,

“Hey bro, check out our new bikinis.”

“Sweetie no, we’re not dressed,” that was mom. I turned left pushed my parent’s bedroom door open and walked in.

“It’s okay Mom, I am sure nothing stain boy has not seen before.” That was not true. My sister was standing in nearly invisible underwear; her at-least-a-C cup breasts were straining to climb out of her half cup bra, quarter size nipples erect and peaking out. She had on a thong that proved she had shaved everything. My cock jerked alive. Mom was wearing a more ‘sensible’ lacey bra, she also looked great, her much closer to a D cup breasts filled the fabric and the lace let me see her dark, bigger than my sister’s nipples. She was wearing matching panties that showed a neatly trimmed bush and nothing else.

“No honey, you have to leave we are not dressed,” said Mom a little panic in her voice. I could not remember the last time I had seen Mom wearing revealing underwear, oh yeah never.

“Come on Mom, he’ll see the bikini’s soon anyway.” Was my sister being deliberately obtuse? Mom was panicking because she was in her underwear in front of her 19 year old son and I could see stuff. And then I spoke.

“Mom, are you about to sunbathe in the yard?”

‘Yes bro, we were putting on our new bikinis, do you like?” interjected my sister. She held up 6 patches of fabric and strings.

“Wow they look hot.”


“Mom shouldn’t we put on the mineral oil?” I asked.

“Yes, brilliant brother of mine,” my sister seemed a little dramatic.

“No sweetie, not here, not with your brother in the room.”

“Mom, we should do the mineral oil now, like you agreed.”

Sis dodged behind mom grabbed one bayan sarisin escort bursa of the towels on the bed bumped mom to one side and placed the towel on the bed parallel to the sides, bottom of the towel at the bottom of the bed. Mom looked surprised.

“Sweetie your brother can’t put mineral oil on me, I’m his mother and I’m in my underwear.”

“Mom don’t worry, he did it last weekend and you did not mind, our new bikinis are smaller than your underwear. We all agreed this was the correct way to do it to avoid staining the fabric.”

Mom looked confused, my suddenly genius sister was maneuvering mom onto the bed to lie face down on the towel. Sister was looking unbelievably hot, her fantastic breasts were falling out of her half cup bra, her thong was no longer covering anything (dunno why it had moved) her tight hairless pussy lips looked hot and a little damp, her ass was smooth, tanned and very sexy as she leaned over mom pushing her onto the bed.

“Sweetie I am not sure this is a good idea,” began Mom.

“Of course it is, we all agreed last week, mineral oil goes on first.” Sis pointed at mom’s dresser where a huge new bottle of mineral oil sat. I grabbed it walked over to the bed started leaning over the edge.

“No no bro you have to sit astride, get on the bed.” I climbed onto the bed and slid up mom’s legs until I was sitting on her thighs poised to pour mineral oil onto her back.

“I’m not sure this is such a..” began mom again.

“Nonsense, this is what dad wanted and we agreed”, stated my wonderful sister in a tone not designed to be challenged.

I poured oil onto my hands, started rubbing my Mom’s shoulders, the oil flowed, Mom’s skin was smooth and soft.

‘Good job bro, not too much,” contributed my sis. She was standing slightly behind me and a couple of feet away, I could not see her. I was concentrating on oiling up mom and not getting oil anywhere near her bra strap. Sis noticed.

“Mom you are going to have to undo your bra strap, we do not want to get mineral oil on it we have to oil your whole back for the new bikini.”

“Sweetie, I am really not sure this is a good idea, your brother should not…”

“Nonsense, said my bossy sister, you are right mom, stain boy take off your t shirt and use it to ensure you don’t touch mom’s bra.” It felt like my sister was directing one of my sleazier dreams. In a flash my shirt was off, mom had not even moved to remove her bra so I did.

“Eeeee, what are you doing,” rang out from our panicked mother. My oily hands were in my t shirt, I popped the clasp and opened the bra straps to rest on either side of mom on the towel she was lying on.

“Good work bro, throw me the tee and get back to oiling mom,” which I did.

“Kids, I am not sure this is such a good…” repeated mom sounding more controlled but looking back over her shoulder at my sister with glances at me.

“Mom, dad told you to put the oil on first we are helping, you’ll be done much quicker then we can get out in the sun and tan,” said sis.

“I don’t know sweetie, my bra is undone under me,”

“Mom you’re right, bro stop oiling, mom lift up your head and shoulders,” commanded my sister. In a flash she was next to me, using my tee shirt as a glove she grabbed the left bra strap from the bed and pulled, hard.

“Ouch, noooo,” said mom as her bra was literally dragged out from under her by my sister, she lifted her body a little to allow it to slide out I suspect more from pain prevention rather than submission. I did note one of my sister’s tits was out of her bra, resting on the bra completely out, her nipple looked very hard and a little red.

“What the hell…” began mom. Sis was ready.

“Mom we do not want oil running down your sides onto the bra, stain boy cannot afford to pay for underwear and a new bikini.”

“Who said I was paying for the bikini,” I started. I was still rubbing my mom’s sexy back with oil and starting to slide down the sides of her topless body. I felt mom tense as my fingers got close to side boob so I slid my body down her thighs to massage oil into her lower back and to get a better look at her panty covered ass.

“Sweetie, what are you doing?” sister kept up the talk as I moved further down mom’s very sexy legs, I was rubbing oil into the very base of her back above her panties, my cock was rock hard pointing straight up inside my nylon running shorts.

“Mom you need to oil all over, if we are going to tan all over. In fact,” said my sister,

“Your new bikini bottoms are much smaller than those panties, they need to come off.”

“Guunngghh, no way are we taking off my panties with my son…” erupted mom she could not jump up or turn too far around without exposing her breasts which was limiting her outrage, there was nothing on the bed to cover herself with, aside from the towel under us. My sister had apparently moved the other towel away from mom’s reach. Sister interrupted her with more bursa evi olan eskort brilliant solutions to unasked concerns.

“Mom it’s okay, stain boy will use his shorts as a barrier to protect from touching your panties with his oily fingers.” Yes I would. I pulled my shorts down, my cock bounced to attention after the waist band passed. Keeping in contact with mom to prevent her getting up, my shorts were off and I was astride her legs as I used the shorts as an oven glove to pull both sides of mom’s panty waist band down. Mom squealed.

“No, no, that’s not what I meant, sweetie you can’t take off mommy’s panties.” Too late they were off. I was off mom, panties down, ‘slid off her feet and back sitting on mom’s legs faster than a gymnast. I was starring at her very sexy ass, slowing moving my hand over her bottom, the oil allowing me to slide gently across her smooth cheeks.

“It’s okay mom he’s nearly finished,” helped my sister.

Mom was still lying face down on the bed so I slipped back to the edge of the bed and poured oil on both mom’s legs massaging it in as fast as I could. I moved all the way to her feet which I massaged gently getting a small hmmm sound from mom as I squeezed her toes and soles of her feet. I peered to my left to see my sister had 2 of her left hand fingers sliding in and out of her own pussy. Head facing up, eyes closed as she made an hmmm sound as well.

This was getting very hot, my cock already hard and erect strained a little more towards vertical. Mom was naked, sister had removed her thong both her boobs were sitting proudly on her half cup bra and I was naked too. The foot rub seemed to relax mom a little I could see between her ass cheeks and the top of her vagina, I am sure I saw moisture.

“Okay mom roll over so your son can rub in the mineral oil.”

“Are you crazy, honey?” Started mom looking back over her shoulder, I could see she only now realized sis and I and she were naked in her bedroom. She looked horrified and started to get up on all fours, I assume to get the hell away from us.

“No mom, dad said this was the way to go, we have to finish,” stated my sister. This sounded like an order. She pushed on mom’s ass; I swear her thumb touched mom’s pussy as the rest of her hand kinda slid into mom’s ass crack. Mom fell face down onto the bed. Then sis placed one of mom’s legs on top of the other close to the ankles and twisted both legs continuing the movement she had started by crossing them. Mom squealed (louder this time) as her body followed her legs and she turned over 180 degrees. Apparently my little sister had become some sort of Judo, martial arts expert at school.

Mom was now on her back, mouth open, arms out either side, her magnificent breasts still moving from the sudden twist my sister had inflicted on her, nipples hard as pearls, her dark areola’s staring at me.

“Mom lie still, let stain boy finish.” Sis stepped away from the bed, as she turned she whispered very close to my ear, one of her very hard nipples poking into my arm.

“You better hurry, this won’t last.” I was very horny, my cock stood pointing at the ceiling; I grabbed mom’s ankles, pulled them towards me, ‘still lying on the towel she slid easily down the bed. I pulled her ankles apart, her legs followed, her ass was on the edge of the bed, I stepped in to the edge of the bed, grabbed the mineral oil poured it over her chest, shoulders, tummy and upper thighs, flicked the lid closed and started to rub the oil into mom’s tits. My hands, open & flat ran over mom’s breasts her nipples were hard, and grew as I touched them.

“Ooohhh, eeeeeee, hhhmmm,” I was not going to stop, one hand stayed on a breast at all times as the other smoothed oil all over her skin, maybe that was important because mom was making great noises, eyes tightly closed, arms out spread on the bed as I worked.

I turned my head to the left to look at my sister; she was sitting on mom’s dresser, legs wide apart her clean shaven pussy blinking as 3 fingers pumped in and out. Her thumb tweaking her clit on each penetration. Her eyes opened to look directly at mom’s crotch, up to her tits then closed as she threw her head back, her hand speed increasing.

I lowered my body by bending my knees a little to allow my hard cock now pointing straight out from my body to touch mom’s pussy. I placed it directly on her slit and slid back and forth as my hands kept rubbing mineral oil onto skin. I am sure I could feel mom’s labia grabbing at my cock.

Mom’s legs were splayed apart I presumed because my body was standing between them. I realized they were not touching me; mom was holding them apart or at least not trying to close them. I leaned in on mom, both hands massaging her beautiful breasts, she moaned, I worked my crotch to move my cock between her pussy lips. I backed away and pushed my cock lower to the mouth of her vagina, her eyes opened, she starred into my eyes I felt her crotch muscles move then I was in. My hard cock slid down and deep.

There was no gentle in and out inch at a time, mom was very wet and ready I could feel her body sucking me in. She moaned loudly very loudly almost growled as I started to pump in and out. My full length penetrating all the way in as my body banged against her, then back out until her lips were straining to hold on. My cock slid in and out of her hairless pussy.

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