Another Walk in the Park Ch. 03

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Rob came back from the bar. Alan’s hand was resting on my leg. Marty and Wayne talked about going to another bar. We finished our drinks and Rob, Wayne and Marty set off in search of pussy. The night was still young.

Alan and I walked back to the Motel. He held my hand and asked me about my wife. I told him how beautiful she was, how long and slender her legs were. She had large breasts but they were just starting to sag. Her pussy was shaved. I wondered why I was telling him such intimate details but I answered all his questions honestly. He asked about our sex life. We were soon at the Motel.

The guy’s accommodation had two bedrooms connected by a large living area. A big TV sat opposite one of the two large lounges. Alan told me to sit in one of the single lounge chairs. He made me a coffee and went into his bedroom. As he closed the door he looked at me over his shoulder. He smiled seductively.

“I’ll be out in a few minutes” he was almost panting as he told me “from now on call me Alice, please.”

The door closed and I started to flick through some of the pornography lying around the room. The magazines were mostly full of big breasted mature women. I studied a few pages of photos of a large woman in her early forties. She was in a bedroom with three athletic looking jocks. I wondered if the guys had acted out that scenario. I asked my friend in the other room. She replied that they had, they had taken turns fucking her. Apparently, Alan was developing a preference for being a bottom.

A few minutes passed and Alice entered the room.

I looked at her shiny black stilettos and followed the fishnet stockings all the way along those long, muscular legs to the short black leather skirt. Her hips filled the skirt nicely. I studied her flat, bare stomach. My eyes popped gaziantep escort at the sight of her lacy black bra. Her tiny breasts filled the bra and I noticed her nipples, hard and erect, poking through the lace. She had thick red lipstick and a short blonde wig. She had an unlit cigarette in the fingers of one hand. She stood before me, one hand on her hip, the other placing the cigarette between her lips. She was stunning. My cock strained against the confinement of my jeans.

She paraded in front of me as she fixed me a bourbon and coke. At the bar she bent forward slightly, revealing the tops of her stockings and the slim garter that held them tight against her tanned thighs. She took a sip from the glass. She confidently strode toward me; she obviously spent a lot of time in heels. As she handed me the drink I noticed a slight smear of red lipstick on the rim of the glass. I took a sip.

Alice smiled and sat on the lounge across from me. She moved her legs so I could see her panties. She started rubbing her nipples through the lace bra. She sucked on the unlit cigarette. Removing the cigarette from her pouting lips she blew me a kiss. She leaned forward. I looked at her cleavage.

“Tell me,” Alice asked “is there anything that your wife won’t do for you?”

I paused for a few moments, taking in the sight of this beautiful woman. Sadly, my wife was a reluctant cock sucker. She hated getting on her knees before me.

“She won’t get on her knees and she never swallows.” I said as I stared into Alice’s blue eyes.

“Then I will” Alice said as she removed her bra. Two beautiful red nipples pointed straight out at me.

She got on her hands and knees and crawled toward me. The tight leather skirt and blonde wig held my gaze. When she was between giresun escort my legs I reached under her to pinch those nipples. She moaned.

I undid my jeans and Alice pulled them off. She slid my underpants down so my cock was standing free. I watched her lips travel the length of it, smearing lipstick onto it as the pre cum built up on my knob. She licked it clean.

Her blue eyes smiled up at me as she opened her lips. The end of my cock slowly disappeared into her wet mouth. The makeup on her face accentuated her high cheek bones. My cock was all the way inside her mouth. I felt her tongue running along the bottom of my shaft, her warm saliva swirling around my knob. She sucked hard. She gradually pulled her head back along my erection, pausing when her lips encircled the tip. Her hands were cradling my balls as she flicked her tongue around my shaft then started taking the length of it into her mouth again.

Alice repeated that slow sucking for several minutes until I told her that I was about to cum. She took her mouth away from my penis and held the base of it in her left hand. I felt her tongue on my scrotum as she worked her way to my butt. She asked me if my wife ever did put her tongue there. I shook my head. She spread my butt cheeks and I felt her tongue inside me. Her lips were against my flesh as her tongue drove deep inside me.

Alice started stroking my hardon as she tongued my hole. I looked down at her blue eyes and exploded. She held the end of my cock as cum shot onto my stomach. She removed her tongue from my butt and started licking the semen on my stomach. She slowly worked her way up my body until she was sitting in my lap. I kissed her mouth. Our tongues wrestled for a few minutes.

She placed my hand on her silky panties and I felt gümüşhane escort her tiny erection. I pushed two fingers into her. She flipped her erection out of the panties and started stroking herself. I kissed her passionately and shoved my fingers into her hole. She came quickly, shooting a small load onto my arm.

After she got her breath back she suggested that we should head to my Hotel. I was totally spent and she wanted me to fuck her in the morning. It was an offer too good to refuse. She put on a leather jacket as I phoned for a taxi.

Half an hour later we were cuddled up in my Hotel room. We fell asleep with our hands on each other’s genitals.

I awoke late in the morning when I felt her mouth on my cock. I told her to stop. I needed the toilet.

She made coffee while watching me urinate. When I was finished she wiped my cock with a hand towel and rubbed it to full erection. Apart from her stockings she was naked. She asked me if I was missing my wife as she gently led me back to the bed. Her penis was dripping precum.

“Am I missing my wife?” I replied, trying to look puzzled. Alice knelt on the bed and offered me her tight warm hole. It was well lubricated. As I slid my manhood into her I whispered “Fuck no.”

She told me to take out my frustrations out on her butt. As I slammed into her she started telling me what a stud I was, how good my cock was and how much she wanted my seed.

I pumped for all I was worth, plunging into her hot, tight hole. I tried to hold on but I blew in a few minutes, filling her with cum. We collapsed in a sweaty heap and she stroked her erection until she climaxed.

I lay there watching her as she reached for her clothes. She told me that she had to go. She, and the other guys, had to fly home that evening.

We exchanged numbers and I went back to sleep as I heard the click of her heels on the concrete sidewalk.

A few hours later I was startled from my slumber by the phone. It was Dee. She bid me good morning and hoped that I was having a good weekend.

I certainly was.

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