ANR Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: These are fantasies of mine at a real-life adult video store in Dallas named Adult New Releases. The setting, environment and devices described are all real. These stories describe extremely unsafe sex practices which is why I am “living them out” thru these words. In a perfect, disease free world, I would absolutely submit willingly to each and every one of these. Have amazing, mind-blowing sex everyone, just be safe out there.

This particular book store has an arcade right as you walk in, movies and toys to the right and a hallway leading to the left that has preview rooms for couples or individuals that want to pick their own movie to watch. When you walk into the arcade, it is laid out in a square with rooms primarily on the inside of the square. Each room has a leather couch, some are a full size couch and some are love seats. Each room has a big TV to show your selection and another big TV showing quick snippets of other channels so that you can switch to another video right away. What attracted me to this arcade is what is inside of each room. I was completely shocked when I first saw it. Each room has one of 7 different items in the room. They are always located in the inside corner of the room, by the door, next to the couch. They items are one of the following:

* A floor to ceiling slab of wood making a makeshift wall with a glory hole cut out and a stool to sit on (you are still in the same room, but can enjoy the anonymity of the glory hole if you so choose and then if you want more, you don’t have to change rooms). The stools are toilet seats on metal legs so I imagine someone can lay under it and eat your ass or you can partake in scat fetishes.

* A square stage with a stripper pole.

* A massage table but with no head rest.

* A smaller, square, lower to the ground massage table, better for being bent over and fucked.

* A large rig with a harness that you can lay in on your back, be suspended in mid-air at waist height and have your arms and legs strapped in.

* A platform with a large “X” made out of wood with wrist and ankle straps so that you can be tied up and restrained while standing (either face forward or facing back)

* A stockade (for those that don’t know what a stockade is, it’s an old device used to display criminals in the middle of town. It had two pieces of wood with holes for your hands and head that were big enough for your wrists and neck, but too small for you to pull out when the top piece was fastened to the bottom piece.) When in the Stockyard, you face the couch and your ass is facing the wall with the door on it putting you parallel to the back wall of the room. Now that you know about the place, we can move on to each adventure.

Now that you know about the place, we can move on to each adventure.

Chapter 01 — The Massage Table

It was a Friday night, late, almost midnight and I walked into the Adult New Releases video store and then straight into the arcade. I was wearing sandals, jeans and a t-shirt with nothing else. I had a new bottle of poppers, some flavored lube and $30 in ones and fives in my pocket. I walked around the hallway looking at the eager men there. Some Cebeci Escort were there to get head, fuck an ass or be the willing provider of either of the aforementioned.

I saw several guys that I liked, fit, older, probably in their 40’s and as I walked past each of them, I smiled and passed on by, hoping they would follow me. I made my way around and came to one of the two rooms with a massage table and waited outside, standing on the wall across from the door to the room I wanted.

I saw not one, but two of the guys I had smiled at come around the corner and to ensure that they didn’t pass on by without knowing I was interested in hooking up. I stepped across the hall and stepped into the dark room and waited. The first guy slowed at the door and looked in and then entered the room. As he was closing the door, the second guy put his hand on the door and the second guy looked at him and then opened it up and let him in as well.

“Ooooh, a two-fer,” I thought.

The first guy moved towards the money feeder on the wall next to the couch and inserted a few bills and the TV’s fired up, sounds of sex filling their room and drowning out the dance music that was playing throughout the hallways.

They both came over to me and began rubbing on my arms and butt and grabbing my crotch. I reached out with my hands and started caressing their crotches thru their pants. I was delighted to find that they both had good size bulges. They lifted up my shirt and lifted it off my body and ran their hands on my chest, stomach, back and arms. They pinched my nipples and I just kept on stroking their hardening cocks thru their pants.

I pulled away, turned around and kicked off my sandals, reached in and pulled out the flavored lube and the poppers, placing them on top of the TV’s, and then began undoing my jeans and letting them drop to the ground with my naked ass facing towards them.

They stepped up and started caressing my ass and reaching around started stroking my hard cock. I’m only about 6 inches, but it’s a nice cock and formed very well. I don’t have a lot of body fat or body hair and I keep my ass bare.

I moved over to the massage table, moved it away from the wall so that you could walk on either side of it, got on and laid on my stomach, opened up the bottle of poppers and took several strong hits before replacing the cap back on and putting the poppers and lube on the corner of the table next to my head.

I heard the men getting undressed and I just laid there as the warm sensation from the poppers ran thru my body, making it extremely sensitive and increasing my desire for contact. With my eyes closed, I reached down and behind me and started rubbing and squeezing my own ass. The table was waist high level which means that I could lay here and if they wanted, they could feed me their cocks while I lay here and gave them free access to use my body.

With my eyes closed, I didn’t hear them coming, but suddenly, I felt hands on my body, rubbing my legs, cupping my ass and running up and down my back. I could tell one of them me was on my left and the other was on my right. I started moaning as their hands Kolej Escort ran up and down my younger body, feeling on my back, legs and ass. They both kept getting closer and soon both were on my ass, cupping and grabbing it, pulling it aside, exploring the inside of my cheeks where my pucker was. I felt fingers rubbing up against it and then I heard the cap of the lube being opened and the liquid was being poured onto my spread ass. Soon, I felt a finger plunging into my ass and I moaned around it and lifted my ass up to meet it.

They both kept playing with my ass as one of them fucked it hard with one of their fingers and then I felt a second finger go into my ass, stretching out my hole. I felt one of the men, the one on my left, stop groping my ass and shortly later I felt a cock being slapped on my head. I lifted up my head and looked forward at the beautiful hard cock that was presented before me. I tilted my head up and opened my mouth and the man grabbed the back of my head and slid his cock into my mouth while his new friend was continuing with two fingers in my ass and starting to push a third into my ass.

I moaned around the cock as he pumped into my mouth. He wasn’t trying to be nice about it, but instead he was trying to see how much he could get into my mouth and how far he could shove it down my throat. He pumped with hard strokes, grunting as his hard cock filled my mouth and took the straight shot down my throat that was provided to him with my body

laying straight and my head tilted up. He was a little taller so I had to lift my head up a little bit to accommodate him as he used my face and throat.

He reached over and lifted the bottle of poppers up and took some strong hits and then put the bottle down by my nose and held it up to one of my nostrils while holding the other one and I inhaled the glorious fumes and felt the surge of warmth flow thru my body. He switched nostrils and did the same thing and then started pushing back into my mouth and throat with slow, deliberate strokes. I loved the way it felt, my tongue swirling around the head and shaft of his cock as it fucked my mouth.

I felt the other guy get up on the table and straddle my legs on the table. I felt him align his cock with my gaping hole and I pushed my ass up to meet him and encourage him. He pushed down with his weight, plopped the head of his cock into my ass and started pushing into me. I moaned around the cock in my mouth.

These two strangers got into a rhythm and began to fuck me hard from both ends. I laid there, pinned down and used, loving every minute of it. I let these two men use me like the fuck-toy I was, content and excited to be just a set of holes for them to fuck.

The guy in my throat was fucking me really fast and hard and the guy in my ass was content to slowly fuck me deep and hard. After a while, the guy in front said he wanted to fuck my ass. They had me turn around on the table so that now I was sitting up with my legs folded under me with my feet hanging off of the end of the table where my head was. This gave the guy that was fucking my mouth perfect access to my pucker. The guy that was previously fucking Yenimahalle Escort me stood up on the table and had his cock at the perfect height to fuck my mouth. He grabbed my head and just plowed in. This is why I always bring flavored lube with me because I am not too fond of the taste of plain lube. I always clean myself out before coming here so I am not worried about having to clean shit from a cock.

As guy number two was holding onto my head and plowing his cock into my mouth, guy number 1 took his hand and kneaded my ass for a minute. He then rubbed his fingers over my asshole before lightly smacking it a few times. He then lined up his cock and started fucking me. These two guys went at me with no style, they just fucked me hard, deep and fast and I, like a good cum-dump, just sat there taking it.

The guy in my mouth started grunting and pulled out, pointed his cock at my face and told me to open up. He jerked and jerked and jerked while pointing at my open mouth and my extended tongue. He groaned and cum shot from his cock, hitting me in the face and across my tongue. He shot several spurts before sticking it back in my mouth and telling me to clean him off. I did so with gusto, sucking him off, feeling his softening, yet still rigid cock slowly fucking my mouth as I removed all traces of cum from his cock. When he was happy, he pulled his cock

from my mouth and hopped off the table as guy number 1 was fucking me harder. He grunted as well and soon I felt several strong blasts of cum deep inside my ass. He thrust a few more times and then pulled out and pushed me forward. He began eating my ass, licking and sucking his cum from my freshly fucked ass. The feeling was glorious.

The second guy was dressed now and opened the door and left the room, closing the door behind him. The second guy finished eating my ass and slapped it a few times saying, “thanks,” and then started getting dressed.

I readjusted myself on the table, took another strong hit of poppers and lay down on the table on my back. I began to stroke my aching cock and I heard guy number 1 leave. As I was pleasuring myself I realized that there was now someone else in the room. I realized this because I felt a cock being slapped on my forehead. I opened my eyes and saw a younger guy there with a big cock slapping my forehead. I scooted up on the table and let my head hang off and he stuck his cock in my mouth and started fucking me with quick, deep strokes. His glorious cock was plowing into my throat as I was stroking my cock.

After only about a minute or two, he said, “I’m going to cum,” and pulled out and started cumming on my face. The kid must not have cum in awhile because cum exploded out of him, drenching my face. He came so much it almost felt like he was pissing on me. The sensations were so great that I felt my orgasm quickly building up in me and I shot, launching cum all the way to my face, my neck, my chest and then my stomach.

He slapped my face a few times and then put his cock back in his pants and left the room. I lay there for a few moments, coming off the amazing experience that I just had and finally got up, used the toilet paper they provided in the room and cleaned myself off, got dressed and left vowing to myself that I would return the following night to experience one of the other rooms.


I hope you liked it. I have three more chapters coming this week:

ANR – Ch. 02: The Glory Hole Wall

ANR – Ch. 03: The Harness

ANR – Ch. 04: The Stockade

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