Are You Coming Downstairs?

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I was sitting on the couch and heard her coming down the stairs. But when she stepped onto the floor and turned down the hall, I heard something unexpected — instead of her feet padded in slippers, I heard the “clack” of high heels.

I looked up, and was amazed by what I saw.

She leaned in the doorway and smiled at me. She wore 4 inch black heels and her pearl necklace. She was clad in one of my white, pinstriped dress shirts, buttoned halfway up. Loosely knotted in the collar, she wore one of my ties. The shirt hung open at her chest, with the tension of the tie holding the shirt closed across her chest and only revealing a hint of cleavage. The shirt clung to her sides, framing her shapely hips and flaring open at the bottom, revealing a glimpse of black panties underneath.

“I always liked this shirt. What do you think?”

I was breathless. “You look fantastic.”

She flexed her leg forward, tightening her calves. “I get to wear these shoes again, too.”

Looking at her trim, shapely leg stretch out, I stood up and stepped toward her. “Just gorgeous. Sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

She smiled. “Sweetie.”

“I mean it,” and I wrapped my arms around her as we kissed deeply.

I guided her over to the couch and leaned her back. As she sat and reclined into the corner, she lifted one leg and languidly stretched it out, the other remaining on the floor. I put one hand on her knee and the other on her thigh.

I leaned over her, kissed her neck, and then her lips. The kiss lingered, and I moved one hand up to caress her neck. My other hand cupped her chin, then I sat up, running my hands down her shoulder and sides, looking at her body.

I was transfixed — the little hint of chest exposed behind my tie, the fabric pulling taut across her stomach and flaring out where her hips were exposed. I could feel the tension in her legs from the shoes. Her hand held my elbow, she looked up at me.

“I can’t stand it. You look so great that I don’t know where to look first.”

Another smile. “I’m glad you like it so much,” and türbanlı escort she started to unknot the tie.

I stood. “I’ve got to get the camera. I want to save the moment.”

She scrunched up her face. “No …”

“Oh, come on. You look beautiful. You are totally covered. For our own personal use. We’ll delete anything you don’t like. Promise.”


I got the camera and came back to the couch. She was sitting up.

“Alright, why don’t you recline like you were before. Put one leg up. Then your legs will look great.”

I started taking some pictures as she leaned back.

“I don’t know what to do with my hands,” she said, clasping them together in front of her.

“Put one on your leg. Play with the tie,” I suggested.

With that she started to relax and soon she was flirting with the camera, pulling the tie up by her face, running her hand through her hair, and stretching her body out.

“Oh, I like this so much,” I said. “That’s beautiful. Keep going.”

She sat up, put her elbow on her knee and ran her hand through her hair.

“Sexy, oh, so sexy,” I whispered.

The tie was loosened a little, and the shirt was coming open at the top. Meanwhile, the shirt was sliding up her body a little, revealing more of her thigh.

“I can’t believe how great you look. I can hardly stand it,” I said. “Do you feel sexy? You should.”

She smiled. “I do.” And she started unbuttoning the shirt further.

“Wonderful. Open it up. Undo the tie.”

She did, and then she laid back, the shirt open but covering her, the tie falling, undone, down her chest.

“Open the shirt for me.”

She smiled and did, revealing her beautiful breasts. I kept shooting.

“I’m so turned on. You look so great.”

“I am too. Maybe you should come and get me.”

“I’m not done here,” as I kept shooting. “Cup your breasts.”

She placed her hands under her breasts, sliding them up and together. Her thumbs brushed her nipples. Her breathing caught a little, then started istanbul escort to quicken. I knew that sound — she was getting turned on.

“Gorgeous. Keep going. I want some more shots of your whole body,” I said as I stepped away.

She kept brushing her nipples, looking at me, smiling slightly. The shirt had fallen to her sides, the tie laid across her stomach. She swung one of her high heel-clad legs toward me.

“I want you over here.”

I knelt, getting a great shot that highlighted her taut legs and had her hands over her breasts framing her face looking at me.

“Touch between your legs.”

She slid one hand down her belly, over her panties, one finger probing lower. She found her sensitive lips under the fabric, pressed in, and slowly drew upward. I took a final pair of shots and set the camera aside.

The sensation of her finger against the fabric of her panties surged through her, and she closed her eyes, arched her back, and inhaled loudly. I stood still, watching, excited to see the beauty of her stimulating herself. She let out a small, excited whimper. Her finger went up and down against her lips, drawing moisture out of herself, twisting the fabric against her sensitive parts, then her finger drew upward, circling her clitoris. I stood and watched for about 10 seconds, my excitement raging, my desire building.

“Oh … Mmmm … Mmmm …. Baby … come now …” she moaned, leaning back, eyes tightly closed.

I leaned over her, placing my hand between her legs, over her hand which she quickly pulled away. I resumed the pressure on her clitoris, then leaned in and kissed the back of the hand that was covering her left breast. She removed that as well, and I placed my mouth over her firm nipple

“Aaahhh ….” she breathed.

It didn’t take long for the sensations of an orgasm to begin to build up in her. She rocked her hips against my hand, pressed up and pushed her panties down. Once my fingers returned to her now-bare clitoris, she started pressing against me and moaning.

My tongue worked faster tesettürlü escort on her nipple, she bucked against my hand. The orgasm was on her, and she stretched and arched her back, lifting off of the couch.

“Oh….!! There! There!!!!” she squealed, breathing quickly. Her body went taut, her legs began to shake.

I pressed against her, my finger switching to hit her clitoris with the bottom of the finger while the tip pressed inside of her ever so slightly.

She fell back breathing quickly. I pressed two fingers into her, circling quickly, and stood slightly, working at my pants with my other hand.

“Oh yes … Oh yes … get these off,” She said, pulling at my pants and reaching inside, her hand finding me as stiff as I could be. Her insides squeezed against my fingers and her moisture surged against them. She let go of me and grabbed the couch.

“Oh … I’m going to come again …. Ohhhh!!!!!”

And she surged over the edge into another orgasm, squezing against my moving fingers, her moisture increasing. Once she fell back, I removed my fingers and swung my body over her.

“Ready, my beautiful lady?”

“Uh huh … Yeah … Now …”

I slipped inside of her easily, pressing myself deeply in, remaining sitting and pulling one leg up to my shoulder.

“I want to be able to see you.”

“Okay ..” she panted. “That’s fine. Just keep doing that.”

I thrusted against her gently, then more quickly. she kept breathing quickly, her hands moving all over the place … against the couch, in her hair, across her body.

“Oh …. keep going … faster .. ” She wrapped her other leg around me.

I couldn’t stop. Too turned on to go slowly, I began to thrust more and more quickly, pressing into her as she drove my movements with the pressure of her leg.

“Oh, I’m going to finish …” I breathed.

“Ahhh ….” she cried out, both hands holding her face.

I surged over the top into orgasm, pumping against her, bucking quickly. She pulled me tight with her leg, while I held the other one against my shoulder. We held that position until I had given her all I could, then we relaxed.

“That was fantastic,” I said, leaning over her and kissing her deeply.

She nodded and we embraced.

Then she opened her eyes and asked, “How do you think I’d look in your tan cashmere sweater?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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