Art For Art’s Sake

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My buddy Nick wanted to drag me to an art show in town. He said I should get some culture for a change. It wasn’t that I didn’t like art. I just didn’t want to be rubbing elbows with a bunch of snooty people. I finally caved in and Nick and I showed up at this art gallery. The main attraction was some woman named Annette. Nick said I would love her art.

Once we were inside I could see what this artist was all about. There were a few landscapes and still lifes, but most of her paintings were portraits. When I say portraits I mean nudes. The paintings weren’t bad in my opinion, but I thought I had seen better. As I stood looking at this one painting a woman slid up next to me and asked me my opinion of the artist.

“She isn’t too bad,” I told the woman.

Just then another woman appeared and she said, “Annette, your nudes are just wonderful!”

I sort of felt embarrassed telling this Annette her artwork wasn’t ‘too bad.’

“Your right,” Annette said, “I have done better paintings.”

Someone called out for Annette, but before she walked away she pulled a card from her bag she was carrying.

“Call me sometime, I’d like to paint your portrait.”

I took the card and stuffed it into my pants pocket. I then tracked down Nick and told him that I was ready to leave.

“Let’s go have a few beers,” I told him.

Nick and I were seniors in college at the time. I was twenty-two. As we sipped our beer at a local bar I got to thinking about this Annette. She had to be in her early forties even though she could have passed for younger. She had strawberry blonde hair down to her shoulders and I had to admit she was quite attractive. Bycasino It couldn’t hurt to take her up on the offer. Maybe there was a few bucks involved in posing.

A few days had passed and I looked on top of my dresser. There was the card Annette gave me. I looked at it and I pulled out my phone. I called her and she said she was hoping I might call. She asked if I was busy Saturday morning. I told her I was free so we made arrangements to meet then. I drove over to the address she gave me. Annette answered and I went inside. Her studio was this large loft. It had been a factory at one time, but now the building was occupied by the art crowd. When I looked around there were paintings all over the wall and art stacked on the floor.

Annette went over and poured two glasses of wine. She handed me one and after I took a swig she told me to go over to a stool she had by the window and disrobe and sit. I didn’t think I heard her correctly.

“Disrobe?” I asked.

“Yes, you do know I paint mainly nudes Michael?”

What could I say. I could either leave and look like some prude or I could get undressed. I started to strip down and I took everything off as she asked. I sat down on this cushioned stool and Annette began to sketch me. It is not that I am ashamed of my body. I do work out and my cock is around eight inches in length. I got into the position she wanted and I sat there for maybe forty-five minutes. Annette then stopped her drawing and said it was time for a break.

Thank God, my ass was getting sore just sitting in one position all that time. Annette motioned for me to sit on a sofa she had there in her loft. I sat down as she asked Bycasino giriş and then Annette walked over and started to remove her clothes. My eyes started going wide as I watched Annette strip down completely. She did have a hot body. Her bush was the same color as her hair and her breasts were pear shaped.

Annette kneeled down in front of me. She reached out with her hand and took hold of my dick.

“The first time I saw you I knew I had to have you Michael.”

Annette lowered her mouth and she took my dick between her lips. She started to slide up and down my rod as her other hand cupped my ball sacs. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My dick was getting rock hard as Annette bobbed up and down. She was making these slurping sounds as she sucked my cock. It didn’t take long before I was fully erect. When I was finally hard enough for Annette, she pulled her mouth away.

Annette stood up and straddled my legs. She placed her arms around my neck and then she lowered herself to the tip of my cock. All I knew was that I wanted to fuck her. I placed my hands on Annette’s hips and I push her down onto my stiff dick. Annette let out this loud moan as I entered her pussy completely. It only took a few moments before Annette was sliding up and down my thick rod. I managed to thrust up each time she lowered herself.

Annette’s tits were right in my face. I brought my mouth over and I started chewing on a hard nipple. Annette felt so good riding my cock. I could feel her muscles tugging on my pole as she slid up and down.

“Fuck me hard Michael,” Annette screamed out loud.

I thought I had been, but I really pushed my dick Bycasino güncel giriş in all the way. Annette was grinding down hard on my dick as I thrusted up into her belly. I guess we were both in a fuck lust at that moment. I didn’t think I was going to hold out very much longer the way we were fucking. I had no idea if I was suppose to pull out or continue. I fed Annette for a few more minutes and then I let out a moan like some wild boar in heat.

I shot a geyser of my cum into Annette’s tight pussy. I could see that Annette was hot for my sticky load. Her muscles were wrapped tight around me and she was milking my cock of every drop I had in me. Annette was also having orgasms as well. I could feel her pussy gripping me like a small fist. I didn’t stop for anything. I kept bringing my ass up from the sofa and pushing my cock deep within her folds.

Annette was the one to finally slow down. Her body was shaking as she continues to clutch at my cock with her pussy muscles.

“Oh my God, that was fantastic Michael!”

Annette had been one fantastic fuck, that was for sure. Annette kept milking my dick until I went soft. She finally got up from the sofa and walked over to a bathroom just off the studio. She came back wearing a bathrobe and she brought back some towels that I could clean up with.

“I think we are done with our art session today,” she smiled at me.

Annette was right, I felt spent. I don’t think I had anything left in the tank. I cleaned up and dressed as Annette walked me to the door.

“I hope you will drop by again Michael.”

I ended up driving home and I fell onto my bed. I couldn’t get Annette off my mind. I got out of my clothes and just rested there. My cock was chafed from all the fucking we had done that afternoon. Annette was like some middle-aged nymph as far as I was concerned. I knew I hadn’t seen the last of my naked artist, not by a long shot.

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