Ashley and the Eavesdroppings Ch. 02

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A month or two passed, and Ashley and I seemed to be doing great. Our sex life was alive and well, and we were having a lot of fun flirting, and living life the best we could.

Ashley had a lot of hot friends and seemed to have great relationships with them, which meant they talked a lot about their personal lives.

One night Ashley and I were watching TV, it was about dinner time and she decided to start making some spaghetti while I continued to relax. Our house layout has our living room and kitchen right next to one another. It was convenient so she didn’t miss out on a show while she cooked. To set the scene, our couch faced away from the kitchen so it was tough to see our phones if we happened to leave it there. This is exactly what Ashley did by mistake when I saw that a friend had texted her.

I felt the couch vibrate and looked over to Ashley’s phone, and saw her friend had texted her. Now, I typically just ignore whatever conversations she’s having, but this one peaked my interest because I saw the following message:

“Hmm. That’s not a bad idea. I suppose some basic cotton thongs would be a good starting place.”

I looked behind me, and saw Ashley facing away from the couch, tending to the stove. I grabbed her phone and opened up the chat. I found out it was Ashley’s friend Jessica. Jessica had a 12 year old daughter named Hannah. Hannah was a blonde haired, brown eyed girl, not super skinny, but not fat either. She always had gerçek seks hikayeleri tanned skin and hung out with a pretty attractive crowd. My guess would be that she was a pretty popular girl.

I secretly hid Ashley’s phone between my legs and in front of me with a blanket close by to hide it at any sign of her coming back. I scrolled back through the conversation to see how it started.

Jessica started, “So, Hannah asked me if she could get a thong. Ugh, I knew this was eventually going to come up.”

“Oh boy. At least she asked,” Ashley replied in the thread.

“True. I just didn’t think it was going to come up so soon. When did you start wearing thongs?”

Ashley texted back, “When I got to high school I got my first one. I was with a bunch of friends at the mall, we ended up at Victoria’s Secret. I had some briefs in my hand standing at checkout. My friend Molly noticed I didn’t have any thongs and she asked me if I ever tried one. I asked if they were actually comfortable. I remember her eyes lighting up and replied “Oh my gosh! We’re getting you some now!” she said. She pulled me out of line and I ended up picking out a black thong with a little pink dog on it and a white g-string. Sure enough, I ended up liking them.”

“Oh wow 9th grade. I didn’t get my first one until I was a senior. That’s when I had my first serious boyfriend. I wanted to impress him I guess.”

“So what grade do you think Hannah can get a thong?” Ashley asked.

“I don’t know… 9th or 10th? I guess I just didn’t expect her to ask when she’s still in middle school.”

“Yeah, I see what you mean. Do you still wear thongs?” asked Ashley.

Jessica replied “Yeah. Typically when I wear something that could show panty lines. Which is most days (I love leggings!)”

“She wears leggings doesn’t she? I’m sure that’s part of the reason she wants to wear them, monkey see monkey do. Did she give you reasons why?”

“Yeah she gave me a whole list. It’s like she was getting ready to go to war! Lol. Visible panty lines, all her friends are, I wear them, they’re cute, she would make sure not to expose them.”

“Wow, she sure did give you a list… she’s got good points. What if you went shopping with her. Maybe buy her low rise ones that aren’t too sexy. Hopefully that would help keep them a secret and kept slamming down on me. Her hair danced around her neck and shoulders and over her breasts every time she landed on me. It was almost like a lace covered top that revealed different parts of her breasts with each bounce.

After awhile, she turned around in the reverse cowgirl position, and before putting me back inside of her, she reached into her thong collection and grabbed something, but I couldn’t tell what. Then she reached back, stretched her thong strap to the side, revealed her crystal ended anal plug. She must have had one in her underwear drawer. I watched as the plug slowly disappeared inside her. She lowered herself onto me and slipped my cock back inside her. She fucked me really slow for a few minutes as we both enjoyed the moment. I loved watching my cock glide inside her over and over again. She eventually started to speed up and that’s when she revealed another surprise for herself and turned on her vibrator pressing it against her clit. She began to moan and I began to see a little cum around the base of my cock. I grabbed her ass with both of my hands, guiding her up and down. I used my thumb and pressed it against her plug, moving it around to tease her. The view was incredible and I couldn’t take it much longer, and I could tell Ashley was getting close too.

“Mmm fuck! Yes! Yes! Shit!” she screamed, as she kept slamming her body into me.

I encouraged her, “You’re so hot with your anal plug and thong. My cock keeps filling your pussy so deep.”

“Oooo yes!” Ashley shouted, as she began to spasm.

I loved watching her ass shake as orgasms pulsed through her body. I couldn’t hold on any longer and took my cock out of her shooting cum all over her ass. My warm cum covered her anal plug and thong, it was a sight to see.

After we recovered, Ashley was making her way back to the living room when I stopped her and asked, “So what’s your favorite thong?”

“Oh, ha! I didn’t even wear it. I actually knew it all along. It’s my Calvin Klein seamless thong. Super soft. I don’t even feel it during the day, I love it. I just wanted to have some fun with you.” she said as she winked at me and left the room.

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