Ashley’s Bookstore Pt. 04

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As Ashley locked up the bookstore for the night, she saw her husband Stan’s old truck pull up to the curb. The past week had been a whirlwind of fantasies come to life. Ashley climbed into the passenger seat, her black dress rising up her thigh to reveal the full length of her leg. She leaned over and kissed her husband deeply making sure to reach between his legs and give his cock a playful squeeze. Ashley couldn’t help but look her husband over a couple extra times as he put the truck in gear. He was sharply dressed for their date night. His customary flannel and wranglers traded for a black suit and tie. As they drive to hotel Ashley’s hand rubbed across her husband’s thigh gliding across the outline of his thick cock I’m his black pants. “you keep this up how are we supposed to get through dinner?” He said looking at Ashley’s low cut black dress. Her large breast almost spilled out with each breath she took. As they pulled up to valet Ashley gave her husband’s now hard cock a final squeeze before exiting the truck. She excused herself to use the restroom as Stan secured their table. After a short while Ashley joined him with a sly smile across her face. “Didn’t meet any new lady friends while you were gone?” He joked.

“Not yet.” Ashley said, sliding her hand up her husband’s arm. With a playful smile. They ordered drinks and in no time Stan could not think of anything but getting his wife upstairs to their hotel room so he could rip that black little dress to pieces.

Ashley could sense her husband’s intentions and she couldn’t wait any longer to get him upstairs. After the last few days of total satisfaction Ashley had experienced she wanted her husband to get the same treatment.

“Meet me upstairs in ten minutes.” Ashley said as she got up to leave. She bent over and kissed her husband deeply as she rose she let her half exposed breast graze across his chin.

Ashley made her way to the elevator and Çankaya Escort up to the 12th floor suite. She could feel her excitement building as she entered the room. The smell of mixed perfume overtook her as she rounded the entrance corner. The sight before her made her breast ache with need. Laying contrast to each other nude and entangled on the king sized bed were her to playthings. She watched as the thick thighed and massive breasted Bethany worked her fingers in a circular motion over Annie’s clit. The smaller woman squirming under hand kissing Bethany’s neck. Both girls looked up at Ashley as they became aware of her presence. Both with a deep desire in their eyes. Ashley pulling the straps of her dress from her shoulders let her clothing fall around her feet as the two women stared at her breast longingly. She crawled into the bed between the two girls, their hands desperately squeezing at her breast until she came to lay on her back between them. Each girl cupped a breast and began to drink and suck deeply. The instant pleasure sent a shock through Ashley and she couldn’t help but moan loudly as her milk poured down their throats and spilled and ran down their faces. Ashley became aware of something pressing against her leg as she looked down realizing what it was her already soaked pussy almost gushed. Tied in place around Bethany’s wide hips and ample ass was smooth purple silicone strap-on. Ashley now knew what she wanted Stan to witness as he entered the room. Ashley pushed Bethany to her back and climbed on top of the thick girl’s wide pale hips.

She slowly slid the large purple cock into her wet pussy. Annie rose up to kneel In Front of Ashley so she could continue to drink at her breast her own small chest already glimmering from all the milk that had poured down her face. Ashley rode and with each move of her hips she took care to keep pressure on Keçiören Escort Bethany’s clit. The big girl was soon shaking into an orgasm, Moaning with pleasure. Ashley pushed her big firm ass down harder and harder, she led Annie who was unable to break from the mouthful of Ashleys breast till she straddled Bethany’s face. Bethany now thrusted her hips up with each pump she swirled her tongue inside of Annie’s pussy. Now that everyone was getting proper attention Ashley pulled Annie’s face tight to her breast as she slid back and forth on Bethany’s purple cock. Both of Ashleys girls began to moan uncontrollably. Just as Ashley was thinking ten minutes must be up, she heard the door open. Her husband walked into the room and stopped abruptly taking in the view. Ashley looked over her shoulder. As her husband grinned at her with a devious smile. Ashley arched her back so he could get a full view of the purple strap-on filling her soaked pussie and her tight little asshole. “Baby,” she said, taking in a sharp breath as Bethany worked her pussy. “I need my king to fill me up.”

In response Stan pulled off his suit jacket and loosened his ty. He climbed into the bed kneeling behind his wife. Unzipping his pants he pulled out his thick erect cock. Bethany reaching her hands around to cup Ashley’s ass to present Ashley’s tight asshole to her husband. Stan slowly pushed the length of his cock deep into Ashley’s ass.

Ashley collapsed into Annie’s little tits In Front of her, from the extreme pleasure. Her pussy gushed as she squirted onto Bethany’s purple fake cock. Bethany in turn moaned deeply into Annie’s pussy as she came. Stan thrusted deeply over and over prolonging Ashley’s orgasm. Ashley could not believe the pleasure As Bethany and her husband thrusted into her. Annie’s small body shook as she orgasmed astride Bethany’s face. Stan wrapping his hand around Ashley’s Etimesgut Escort chest pulled her back up against his strong body squeezing her breast. Ashley’s tits streamed warm milk down Annie’s slight body trailing down to pool between Bethany’s massive tits. Ashley moaned her husband’s name over and over as he pumped her ass with his wide cock. Annie collapsed to the bed after her second orgasm her skin shimmered in the dim light soaked in Ashley’s milk. Ashley took the opportunity to get her hands firmly grasping Bethany’s large breast. It was more than Bethany could stand and the big girl came again shuddering under Ashley. Stan slowly slipped his big cock from Ashley’s ass pulling his wife to face him and he lifted her from the bed. Stan set Ashleys firm ass down on the cold dresser spreading her legs he thrust his cock into her pussy one arm wrapped around her waist the other cupping her breast as he bit down on her sore nipple. Her milk ran from his mouth down her body as he thrusted. Ashley between orgasms beckoned both women to her. Bethany and Annie came as told. Ashley pointed to the ground and they both knelt before the couple watching as Stan pumped his cock into the women they desired so much.

Ashley felt as her husband quickened his thrust and let out a gruff moan. She reached her hand down grabbing the base of his cock tightly. He looked into her eyes and kissed her deeply. Ashley guided his stiff cock to the faces of her two play things. Reaching down she pulled both girls faces in close. Letting go of Stan’s cock and freeing his cum that spayed out onto the girls faces. Ashley kissed her husband deeply trailing her lips down his body. Then Pulling Bethany’s hair back her cum covered face looking up at Ashley she kissed her, her tongue licking some of her husband’s seed from the woman’s face. Then moving to Annie she took a handful of the girls pink hair pulling her head back. She kissed her cum covered lips. Ashley took her husband’s hand leading him back to the bed. Resting on her husband’s chest she gestured to both of the girls staring at her to come to them. Ashley looked into her husband’s eyes. “this is just the beginning.” She kissed his chest. As both women crawled into the bed. “What does my king want to do next with his queen?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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