Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 12

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Author’s note: This final episode about the partly true/partly fictional adventures of the 20 year-old Singapore virgin Selena is, in my opinion, the most erotically stimulating story I’ve ever written. This series is dedicated to Mia and Meredith in Singapore, without whom there would be no story to tell. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

For more recent readers a reminder that the storyline is based on broad-based events as relayed to me via a third party close friend of the young Asian and embellished fictionally of course where necessary while retaining structure elements of actual events and finally, cross referenced by the actual Selena herself. Enjoy!


So what does it take to finally push a 20 year-old sheltered resident Singapore virgin into the arms and the bed of a 50 year-old foreigner? That’s what wily seducer, French erotic photographer Jacques Pardie keeps asking under his breath as he gradually manoeuvres his quarry, the innocently shy Selena – his employed au pair- closer and closer to real lovemaking.

Desperate to remain a virgin until she finds her own true love she’s dodged and weaved around his artful ways of turning her on, inch by inch getting her into erotic situations hoping her mind will give up the fight and come to him.

For a man it’s the ultimate conquest when a woman willingly submits to intercourse after being seduced into wanting his penis inside her; for a woman it’s the ultimate act of giving of herself, motivated by erotic thoughts in the mind beyond passion. For a young virgin it’s entering the unknown, but an answer too, in feeding the strange hunger she feels below after teasing herself all too often about the power and domination of a well endowed rock hard male penis.

For Jacques, forcing her into submission is not winning the battle of the minds; and in this case that’s what it is. She must want him and come to him and submit her youthful and beautiful Asian body to him in genuine desire to be taken passionately. She must want to feel the lustful friction of his impressive manhood as it thrusts progressively faster into her vagina, the more sensitive sensations coming from just inside when he teases her in short jabs to her g-spot and the ultimate pleasure when she can feel its entire size fully inside her, squeezing its girth up towards her uterus and creating intense pleasure havoc over the highly sensitive nerve endings around the cervix as two compatible sex organs grind together in the absolute act of love.

But so far she’s unashamedly denied him the last vestibule of his male ego, the victory of a much older man successfully seducing a sensual cherub 30 years his junior.

Ironically it’s Jacques’ own lover, the 30 year-old Parisian former glamour model Josette that unwittingly unlocks the door to his young quarry by accusing her of making him cheat behind her back. In a furious rage of jealousy the older woman screams abuse, pushes, punches and kicks the young Asian until they end up in a rip-roaring catfight of immense proportions and leaving both of them bruised and scratched. (Chapter 11)

Jacques arrived back to discover the jealousy-induced emotional carnage, Josette of course blamed the young Asian and Selena told him separately she only defended herself. Sporting a big bruise under her left eye where Josette landed a good one with her clenched fist, Jacques insisted Selena take the following day off until things cool down in the household.

The young Asian dresses in one of her new outfits to try to feel better and gets his driver Jusuf to take her to the Vis-a-Vis French restaurant in Chun Tin Road where she was first met Jacques and Josette. To the naive orphanage-raised Singapore girl that meeting was the first romantic feel moment in her life and she’s gone back there to find solace. She’s can’t forget his very first greeting when he kissed the back of her hand at their table and making her feel like a princess. Then the way he traced his masculine fingers so tenderly along her arm, giving her goose bumps of the like she’s never experienced and a strange, unfamiliar tingle up her spine.

Selena’s emotional and confused as she sits at the very same table sipping on her coffee and swallowing down a croissant wondering what to do next. Her mind’s on him and she’s embarrassed he saw her with bruises from the catfight.

One part of her brain tells her he’s like a father figure to her — the father she never got to know being orphaned as a baby and her wanting to reach out to him for tender love while another part of her brain tells her that he’s already got a lover and she’s intruding on their patch. However, the allure of his masterful manner and his masculine seductive ways entices the inexperienced Singapore girl into feeling she’s caught in a fantasy world unable to escape.

But is it fantasy, she almost asks aloud? Memories of how he’s made her feel important to him flood her mind begging her to believe it’s not just a fantasy between a young woman and a wealthy Kartal Escort older man. Selena feels safe and secure around him with his confident protective ways but to the young Asian the Frenchman is also excitingly unpredictable and it fuels her curiosity. His low soft tone baritone voice and his accent make her want to throw her arms around him and give him the kind of kiss she knows he’s wanted for past weeks.

People start arriving for lunch-time meals and she feels uncomfortable sitting alone wearing sunglasses inside the restaurant so no one notices her swollen eye socket. She pays for her three coffees and steps back into the midday hot sun in her classy silver ankle strap six-inch high heel shoes with two parallel matching silver straps crossing the bare foot style with a huge fake red ruby stone at the centre point making her look elegantly sexy despite her downcast mood.

On her days off Selena always wears some chic clothes to get away from the provocative apparel she wears inside the Barker Road residence in her au pair working hours. Her smart casual high heel shoes are complemented by her black and silver club wear dress –long sleeves made it the choice this day to hide the bite marks and bruises from her struggle with Josette.

She looks elegant in it even in the daytime with its plunging V neckline that’s cut so deep the eye-catching design feature takes the dress to the very edge of her buxom breast’s areolas. Never wearing a bra, she’s careful wearing the rather daring dress because her nipples can be easily exposed by any sudden movement to the side. The restaurant waiter wished she stayed for a fourth or even fifth cup of coffee as he looked down the dress admiring her shapely form. He only spilt the coffee once and had to replace it.

Walking down Chun Tin Road for five minutes Selena’s daydreaming again and wondering if she should ring her new friend Meredith she met at the BioSkin beauty parlour at Raffles shopping centre for someone to talk to. Then she remembers her bruises and scratches could be hard to explain so she decides against that as she carelessly steps off the kerb to cross the road without looking in both directions.

She’s stepped right into the path of a taxi. Bystanders hear a loud screech of brakes and are horrified to see the young Asian’s body lying across the front bonnet of the car, her feet just touching the roadway and her two arms spread wide towards the taxi’s windscreen.

A woman witness screams as people in the nearby vicinity rush to the spot. By a miracle she’s unhurt, the taxi managed to stop just as it reached the point of impact, forcing Selena –facing the car — to topple over on to the bonnet. She’s highly flustered telling everyone she’s all right and eventually the small crowd dissipates and the taxi continues on its way. An unfamiliar voice out of nowhere speaks as she feels a man’s hand grabbing her arm.

“Hey you had a big fright, you need to take it easy; I’ll take you down to the hospital to get you checked out,” the big swarthy-complexioned man drones in her ear and as he swings her about her left breast nipple becomes completely exposed. In her surprise Selena doesn’t notice it but the man does with a gloating look on his face, his mouth curled as though he’s got his own floor show.

Selena looks up at the total stranger, a foreigner in his early forties grinning at her. “You’re lucky my van’s right here in this parking spot, come on, get in.” he orders, grabbing her dress and making her exposed breast pop out further as he pulls the side part towards him.

Selena, still in a state of shock after going within a finger thickness difference of being hit by the taxi, sees another man behind the wheel of the black van grinning at her. The first man steers her towards the open sliding door of the van.

“No, me not sure. Don’t know you,” she protests and starts to resist. “Me okay, not hurt.” She’s now aware her dress is adrift of her firm young buxom breast and tries to straighten up but the man just pulls the dress back further until he gets her left side breast completely out of the classy looking dress.

“Big tits too, we’d better get you checked out,” the man with the European accent says leeringly. “I’m good at medical examinations.”

Selena continues to struggle looking frantically around but unlike a short while ago there’s no one close by. “Let go, let go!” she begs and he grabs her this time by the hair tugging her over further.

“Come on you sexy bitch, tarts like you shouldn’t be walkin’ the street with tits showin’ I’ll take you somewhere more private,” the thuggish aggressor snarls, pulling her closer to the van’s open door.

“No! Me not go,” Selena shouts and tries to break free. The man behind the wheel of the van starts the motor and shouts to his accomplice to hurry as the first man gets Selena struggling to the edge of the van’s open door. She desperately tries to dig her high heels into the last bit of pavement to stop him Tuzla Escort but they just slide from under her and she ends up on her bum. He laughs hoarsely at her fruitless efforts.

“Let me go! Let me go!” she screeches as he bends over and grapples with her body, lifting her up off the ground ready to shove her into the van.

“Ow!” she screams out. “Help me someone! “Stop hurting me, let go!” she screams and bites him hard enough on the wrist to make him let go for a moment. The young Singapore girl throws herself back to the footpath, trying to scramble to her feet after landing on her hands and knees.

The big man curses in a Croatian tongue she doesn’t recognise and grabs her again, dragging her back to where he had her near the open van door. It’s all happening in the space of one minute. The driver revs the engine impatiently.

“You bitch get in and we’ll get you fixed real good,” he shouts, but sensing she could be fighting for her life Selena summons every survival instinct in her body and keeps struggling and screaming.

“Let me go! Let me go! Help! Help!” she shrieks, halfway in the van, halfway out.

“Fuck you, get in,” he yells and brandishes his fist in her face but she spits in his eye just as she sees his arm go up to come down on her for a knockout blow to the side of her head.

She flinches, eyes shut trying to dodge but instead of feeling sudden pain from the blow she hears a loud gurgling noise as another man’s arm grabs her attacker around the throat in a choke hold, forcing the brute to let go of Selena.

“Pick on someone you own size you low scum,” and with an experienced karate chop to the back of the would-be rapist’s neck, her rescuer sends the unconscious assailant face down to the footpath. Selena staggers out of the van’s doorway just in time as the driver suddenly speeds off, leaving his accomplice out cold for police to take away.

Through tear-filled eyes Selena throws her arms around Jacques.

“Oh Jacques it’s you, me can’t believe it, how did you know,” she cries, hugging him as tears rain down her face.

“I went to the restaurant to talk to you but they said you left just a minute or so ago and I didn’t know which way to look. I went in the opposite direction and coming back I heard two people say that young girl was lucky she wasn’t killed by that taxi so I came running this way. You seem to get yourself into so many problems it made me think that’s Selena for sure.

“I could see up ahead a man struggling with a woman in a black dress on the footpath and trying to get her into his van and my heart sunk and my blood boiled all at once. I thought it could be you, knowing you put on a black dress this morning. My God, I got there just in time. If I hadn’t come to the restaurant those men would have drugged you and…I don’t want to talk about it; you’re safe that’s the main thing.”

The shock finally descends on her and Selena breaks down and cries uncontrollably in his arms in the street, the release of fear and joy in mixed emotions. He stands there like a sentinel guarding her as her arms hold him tightly until the crying eases into gentle sobs and she looks tearfully into his eyes. People walk by staring but say nothing assuming it’s a domestic situation.

“Please Jacques, oh please take me somewhere we can be alone. Me want to be with you just now, not go back to Barker Road like this,” she wails.

He comforts her with a gentle but powerful voice so soft in her ear she feels safe in his arms and desperate to return his affection.

Jacques uses his mobile phone to alert police about the incident. He waits 10 minutes for them to arrive and take the Croatian thug away. Police take details from Selena and Jacques and at the end of the drama, the police and the attacker gone, he puts both hands on her shoulders and addresses her like a father to his daughter.

“You are such a creature of beauty, I’ll not let anyone ever harm you again,” he breathes into her ear but he can tell she’s not over her double-edged fright — almost run down by a car and then almost abducted by thugs.

“We’ll go where you can relax and get over this,” he reassures her as walks her back to his Mercedes. Jacques gets in the car and uses the car phone to call the swish Ritz-Carlton Millennia, Singapore hotel in Raffles Place, just 15 minutes drive away. “And make sure there’s your best champagne and fresh strawberries in the bar refrigerator,” he instructs a man he calls Henri, a French national working there as one of the senior managers. “We’ll be there very soon, we’re just down the road.”

“You know they have hand-picked Tibetan rugs in this place, you’ll just love the stunning views too,” he says to get her mind off her ordeal and giving her a pat on her knee. He swings the car about and heads into the central business district. Selena leans her head on his shoulder and takes a deep breath trying to relax so thankful to be with him.

Jacques knows this is Anadolu Yakası Escort his best chance ever to get Selena on side and surround her in absolute luxury and in such a private setting where she can forget the frightening experiences she’s gone through since her epic fight with Josette.

“I’ve texted a message to Josette I won’t be home tonight. I’ve gone looking for you as I think you’ve run away in fright; that will make her know she should feel guilty the way she lashed out at you,” he says with a straight face that she notices seems tense, almost angry.

“Are things bad for me now?” she asks in a weak voice. “My job?”

He looks at her with a frown on his face as if he’s miles away. “What? Lose your job? No I’ll have none of that, you’re too valuable.”

They soon reach their destination, the swish 32-storey hotel with massive size guest rooms and raised feather beds. Selena’s in awe of the sense of luxury that surrounds her. She thought she was living in luxury at Barker Road being a young woman of simple means and background, but the opulence of this hotel stuns her.

Jacques knows by doing this he’s helping himself too, well aware that a woman will be more likely to relax and embrace a sexual attitude if she’s surrounded in such luxury, giving her a sense of something that’s not part of her day to day routine and therefore creating a hidden sense of new adventure in the mind.

She returns to the main living area with a big shrug of her shoulders. “It’s so lovely, everything so big,” she carols. “Me so happy you bring me here.”

He draws her close to him, and gazes into her eyes, his French accent acts like an aphrodisiac to her senses. “Selena you’re bruised but so beautiful, I must hold you.”

He takes her hand and gently feels her fingertips. “Your hands, so small, so tender,” he breathes almost as if he’s whispering to himself.

He runs the back of his hand slowly across the soft unblemished skin of her face with wonderment written in her expression, and cheekily starts to nibble her ear lobes.

“Oh!” she murmurs. “No one’s ever done that.”

He smiles, knowing his quarry is finally in a corral unable to bolt.

“You’re safe now and we’re here together; this is your little paradise for tonight and you’ve nothing to fear, do you understand?” he asks lifting her chin up slightly as their eyes meet. Selena’s showing her growing emotion but she nods affirmatively.

“Josette too bad, me with your man now and big chance making him happy special,” she chimes in her Singlish manner. “You rescue me from Josette and now you rescue me from bad men. You like good father, wish you could be.”

He breaks out in a smile at the absurdity of it and she frowns at him, wondering why he thinks it’s funny. He knows though from previous conversations that she looks up to him as a father figure and can make him the image of the father she never knew.

The Frenchman runs his fingers through her hair again. “Do you know even the smell of your hair, so fresh and shiny, makes me want to do things with you and do things to you,” he says in a voice that seems to caress her inner senses. “When you get close to me I feel your pulse, your heart beating and when look into your eyes I see a fantasy come true.”

Tears fill her eyes again as he holds her close.

“Me want two men — you and you,” she says meaning it. He takes it to mean as a mentor father figure but as a stranger-come lover.

The sound of her gentle, now girlish voice as she looks up to him stirs him deeply and his erection hardens inside his pants. The sound of his voice so deep, so powerful and in charge yet so alluring makes her sensory system come alive after a long absence from lifting her libido and she feels as helpless as a butterfly caught in a collector’s net.

“Selena I want to run my fingers over every inch of your body, so gently you could hardly feel it and do it again from your scalp to your toes until your skin blushes and aches for more.” Their faces draw closer and she can feel her heart beating with anticipation. He senses her melting minute by minute. Surely, he thinks, nothing can go wrong now to spoil what appears to be his greatest prize coming his way.

Their noses touch first and she giggles like a preteen getting a new Barbie doll. But Selena’s a big girl now and shows it as her right hand drops down to his thighs and she presses the flat palm of it against the inside of his groin, nudging a bulky lump. This is her new toy.

She closes her eyes as she moves her mouth close to his, her moist lips partly open. Her left hand clasps around the back of his head as she feels the strength of his arms closing the intimate gap between their thighs so as their lips make contact, she feels the hardness of his erection against her. She whimpers so softly he doesn’t hear it.

Months of pent up desire for each other’s physical contact are finally rewarded as their mouths engage in passionate endearment. Their faces never so close, their lips moving against each other’s, feeling, tasting, enjoying, knowing this is just the start of something different between them. For all his worldly travels as an erotic photographer this is the youngest woman he’ll make love to and at the oldest time of his life.

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