Assumed Father’s Position

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This is not a story that I lived, but rather a story that was told to me by a woman who I will call Denise, for the purpose of anonymity. Denise was a middle aged woman, the kind of woman you would think of as a MILF, if she had been married and had children. She was a professional who exploited her sizable means to travel and partake in adventures that most of us only get to dream about. This story is not so much about adventure as it is about walking outside the norms of society.

It all started when Denise began conversing with a woman who lived in Eastern Europe. Denise was very cautious at first, wary of the scams that help some of the population to make ends meet. Eliska was a single mother who had lost her husband in the war. She was a professional as well, which she found often intimidated the men of her city. She had an only son who lived with her. He was 18 and had just entered the university. She spoke glowingly of the young man. There was something different about the way that she spoke, but Denise couldn’t quite put her finger on it. That is until the night that Eliska confessed her entire love affair with her son. Denise was not shocked. Eliska’s comments and mannerisms now made sense. Denise was not shocked, she was actually intrigued.

Eliska detailed the events that had led up to her satisfying cravings over the past few years. Eliska also talked about the fear that a comment or wrong action may tip off the gossiping bursa suriyeli escort escort locals and thus loosing her reputation, not to mention her son.

Jakob was a precocious boy who adjusted to the loss of his father relatively well. He and his mother learned to depend on one another, which drew them very close. As he grew older, he assumed more and more of his late father’s responsibilities. Perhaps it was inevitable that they would evolve to a sexual relationship. Eliska seemed resigned that Jakob would soon find a girl his age, and that their relationship would change for ever.

The driver left Denise at the gate leading to a long pathway, that eventually led to the house. The long conversations had encouraged Denise, now she hoped that she had not been gullible. Eliska greeted Denise in the traditional Czech fashion, then introduced her to Jakob. Denise could see why Eliska was enamored with the boy, he was tall with curly blond hair, broad shouldered, narrow hipped and a smile that would melt even the coldest heart. He embraced Denise and she could feel that he was also strong as an ox.

Eliska and Jakob were very excited about their guest and showed her to her room. It had been Jakob’s room, but now he shares the bed with is mother.

“Rest? Eat? Bathe?” asked Eliska, “Please make yourself at home.”

“May I hang your clothes for you?” asked Jakob. bursa ucuz escort

All that Denise could think to say was “Perhaps some fresh air would be nice, could you show me your town?”. What she was really thinking was ‘Gawd Eliska, who could blame you!’

Later that evening while taking her, Denise could hear noises coming from the hallway. The whispers and the hushed giggles. She wondered if they were discussing her or if perhaps they were doing a flirtatious dance. She wondered about the mechanics of a mother seducing her son, or visa versa.

She stepped from the tub and dried herself with her towel. Putting on her shear silk robe, she stole from the bathroom, moving down the dimly lit hallway. Peering through the curtains that served as a master bedroom door, she could see mother and son, naked and embracing. He seemed to move and touch her in the way that an older, more experienced man touches a woman; but then he is experienced and his mother has likely taught him well.

Eliska’s lips moved on her son, kissing his neck and shoulders. Denise could see him lie back, anticipate what was coming, as she licked and nibbled on his chest and nipples. He spread his legs when Eliska moved between his knees. Denise caught the first sight of his cock. He had a sizable member and it was surrounded by dark hair at the base.

Eliska began kissing up and down his shaft and running bursa üniversiteli escort her tongue along the whole length. Jakob’s hips rose and fell along with her movements. His dick was ample, but by working at it, Eliska eventually got the whole thing in her mouth. When Eliska pulled her mouth away, Denise could see a string of saliva and precum extend as a string from the head of his glistening cock to her lips. He tongue clipped the string when she extended it once again to the tip of his dick, then she dove back down upon him.

Denise felt the dampness build between her thighs and she was temped to join in, but she didn’t want to interrupt such a tender moment between mother and son. She watched as Eliska cupped his balls, then straddled him lowering herself over his hard member. Denise watched as Jakob’s cock disappeared inside of his mother and while Eliska rocked on top of him, rolling her hips as as she bobbed up and down on top of him. The bed began creaking from her movements up and down on him, so she grasp his chest and started grinding her hips against him. Jakob’s back arching and his gasps for breath signaled his impending explosion. Her son’s hot cum shooting into her vagina triggered her own orgasm. She collapsed on top of him, their mixed juices oozing from her pussy.

Denise stole away to her own room after she watched Eliska roll off of Jakob, mother and son’s juices glistening on his now flaccid penis. Eliska curled up against her naked son, just as Denise let the parted curtains fall together. The last thing that she noticed was the contented smile on their faces.

Denise slept fitfully that night. The images of mother and son as regular lovers kept coming to her mind. She was not shocked, but very intrigued. She wondered, ‘Just how far their hospitality would extend.’

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