At The Foot Of The Stairs

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I lived about 20 miles away from my girlfriend Kim. We have been together for the past three months. It was two weeks ago in the car when Kim and I had full-blown sex. It was a Sunday and Kim and I had driven out into the countryside for the day.

It was about an hour after lunch when I parked down a narrow lane. We began kissing which quickly led to me helping Kim undo my trousers giving her access to my cock. Kim allowed my hand to travel up her skirt. I almost had my fingers in her panties when we were disturbed by a group of people.

It was a few hours later as it was going dark that we parked in a lay-by.

We soon became sexually aroused as the kissing and fondling leading to the loosening of clothing. My fingers quickly unbuttoned Kim’s blouse, I released her front fastening bra to expose her tits. Whilst I was kissing and sucking on Kim’s tits, I felt Kim’s hand rub over my hard cock encased in my trousers.

As I sucked on her nipple my hand crept under her mini skirt, it reached her panties and I paused for a moment to see if she would stop me. As my hand crept into her knickers, Kim said, “Pull my panties off,”

I said, “Let me watch you take them off.”

I watched Kim pull up her skirt and slip her panties off, allowing me to see her glistening almost hairless pussy. I removed my trousers and underwear I felt Kim’s hand grasp my hard cock. My finger ran down the length of her wet pussy. I manoeuvred Kim onto her back. Then opening her legs I placed them on my shoulders.

Kim said, “Ken please be gentle,” as she felt my cock push open her virgin cunt hole. My cock hit her hymen so I let her legs fall to the side and kissed Kim, my hands fondling her tits. I eased my cock back nearly coming out of her tight wet cunt. Then suddenly I thrust my cock fully in causing her hymen to break.

I heard Kim cry out in pain. My cock stretching her cunt walls, her cries of pain turning to moans of joy. My cock felt like it was encased in a tight velvet glove.

It was only when I started thrusting in and out, I heard Kim say “Oh Ken it hurts but I feel so full with your cock inside me.” Within a few minutes Kim had a few small orgasms, then her body shook and trembled as she had a massive orgasm.

“Oh Ken please no more I can’t take it,” she said. I withdrew my cock I felt Kim trembling. I suggested we get out the car and Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort have a little walk and some fresh air.

It was late when we arrived at her house. We sat in the car talking then kissing and I put my hand up her skirt and she opened her legs for me. Kim said, “Ken do you want to put your cock in me again?” I nodded as I undid my trousers Kim lifted her skirt up allowing me to pull her panties off.

I said, “Kim I want to watch my cock entering your pussy.”

I positioned her almost on all fours, making sure I could see her exposed cunt. It took a couple of thrusts before my cock sank fully inside her juice filled tender cunt. Kim had a couple of orgasms before I had to withdraw my cock.

Kim wanked me off; my spunk spurting into her panties. I said, goodnight and watched Kim walk to her front door with no panties on, and sperm filled knickers in her hand.

With working shifts it was agony going a full week without seeing Kim. On the Saturday I picked her up as we were going to visit a castle. It was a warm day and Kim had on a short red mini skirt and a white low cut t-shirt. It was difficult to concentrate on the road with Kim’s hand resting high up my leg and her breast heaving up and down.

We stopped for a pub lunch, and a couple of drinks. We visited the castle, and went down into the dungeons. Then did some shopping in the village. It was mid afternoon when we pulled over at the side of the road. There was nothing but trees on our side of the road, but on the other side was a large bungalow set back from the road.

We had exchanged kisses up till then, and held hands. I said, “Kim should we climb in the back and have some fun”. She laughed and said, “Ken what if were seen from the bungalow?” I never answered, but took Kim into my arms and kissed her gently.

My hand slowly began moving beneath her t-shirt towards her heaving tits. Our kissing became more passionate. I had undone her bra, releasing her tits.

Kim said, “Ken please you’re being naughty,” making us both laugh. We started kissing again, this time my hand went to her knee then slid up her thigh. Kim closed her legs at first trapping my hand, then she opened her legs for me as I kissed her neck and whispered how sexy she looked.

I think Kim wanted sex as much as I did because her hands began to undo my trousers. She soon had my hard cock in her hand, and then suddenly her head dropped down engulfing my cock in her mouth.

It shocked me, never thinking Kim would do such a thing. After a few minutes I warned Kim I would cum in her mouth. Kim released my cock from her mouth. I quickly put my hands up her skirt to pull off her skimpy red panties. It was cramped having sex in the front seat of a car.

I moaned, as my cock head pushed her wet pussy lips open. I didn’t have a condom so I had to be careful not to ejaculate in her. We were both panting and it was Kim who came first.

I felt her juices spray over my cock as it thrust in and out. “Oh no!” I cried out, making a loud grunt before pulling my cock out. My sperm sprayed over Kim’s belly, and her pubic hair.

We were both in the aftermath. We both looked at my strings of sperm patterned over Kim’s belly. Then suddenly a group of bike riders went by, with my cock, and Kim’s pubic hair on view.

I heard comments said, “Give her one,” and “give us a go.”

At first we were shocked then broke into laughter. We cleaned ourselves up and continued home.

We called into the local pub for a couple of drinks. We left the pub to drive to Kim’s house. But Kim had other ideas, she guided me to some rented garages where we parked.

Kim said, “Get out the car and stand facing the streetlight. Don’t turn round ’til I tell you.”

I did what she asked, and heard her say “turn now.” The car door was open wide. There on all fours was Kim, her bare bottom showing, and her panties on the car floor.

Kim said, “Come on big boy my cunt needs filling,” Within seconds I was sunk up to my balls in her soaking wet cunt. With all the excitement, I forgot to pull out, and spurted my load deep in her cunt. Kim was upset but said, “I’ll take the morning after pill.”

On the following Saturday afternoon, I had arrived to early at Kim’s house. Kim hadn’t returned from work. I sat talking to her brother Jim when she arrived about one o clock. We all had a coffee, and Kim went up stairs to have a shower and change.

When she came down my eyes nearly came out their sockets, she had on a low cut turquoise dress that showed her ample sized tits, and she looked incredibly sexy. Her brother Jim said he was going up stairs to have a shower. Once he was out the room, we sat on the sofa kissing.

We were interrupted when the phone rang. The phone was positioned in the hall under the stairs. It was a friend of Kim’s. I tried to put my hand down the front of her dress to fondle her tits.

Changing my mind, I got down on all fours. Then using my head pushed Kim’s legs apart. My head disappearing under her dress, I could smell her strong scent of sex. How Kim managed to keep talking on the phone I don’t know. She jerked slightly as she felt the crotch of her skimpy panties being pulled aside, and my tongue licking her clitoris.

Kim came of the phone her legs wide open and her pussy being licked. I felt her hands pressing the back of my head as she climaxed. I withdrew my head from under her dress, and whispered to Kim, “bend over”. She refused.

We laughed, and we both thought it may be fun to take a chance. Kim bent over and I lifted her dress over her bum revealing her panties. As I began to tug on her panties to pull them down Kim helped me to remove them.

Then turning slowly she bent over. Kim moaned as I ran my fingers from the crack of her bum to her clitoris. As I drew my hand back from between her legs I gave her bottom a gentle slap. Feeling Kim’s body jerk followed by my trousers falling to the ground. I slowly guided my hard cock between her legs. I felt her fingers quickly take my shaft, and place the mushroom head in her warm wet pussy.

“Oh Kim your cunt’s so wet,” I whispered. She moaned as my full length slid deep into her cunt hole. With panic in her voice, Kim said, “hurry up he may come down shortly.” I was thrusting in and out when Kim said, “Stop Ken; shove a finger up my bum.”

I was shocked at such a request and said, “are you sure?” “Oh fuck Ken; shove it in my bum”, she repeated. I poked my finger round the outer lips of her cunt then eased it into her bum. With my finger fully embedded in her bum I thrust even faster. With my cock and finger fucking her Kim had to hold back from screaming. I think she squirted her pussy juice out as my cock pulled out from her burning cunt.

I cried out “I’m cuming,” and pulled out. Kim turned round quickly as I spurted my spunk into her knickers. Within minutes her brother came down the stairs and Kim went into the kitchen then went upstairs to put some fresh knickers on.

Kim told me her brother must have been wanking in the shower. He left his spunk on the flannel.

I wonder sometimes was her brother Jim really in the shower, or was he peeping down on us from upstairs, watching.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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