At the Mall with Tessa Pt. 01

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[Note: This story is protected by copyright, 2017-2019, by the author, and cannot be copied for non-personal use without requesting prior authorisation by e-mailing the author at profile.]


At the sight of Tessa waiting for me at the mall’s gate the arousal that’d been tormenting me all week became even harder to control. Her tight-fitting white minidress was so transparent I could see her braless nipples jutting through. The way it hugged her luscious buttocks made her look completely naked underneath. Her matching white lace-up stiletto sandals and delightfully varnished toenails did everything to magnify the devastating effect she was having on me. My cock felt increasingly constricted inside the tight confines of my jeans as I greeted her:

“Hey Tessa! Good to see you!”

She hugged me and purred:

“Oh Philip! Thanks for coming!”

Her thigh started rubbing against my hardening member as she asked me:

“And for not cumming uh Philip? Have you kept your promise?”

I’d been desperate for relief the whole week but had kept my promise to save it all for her. I replied:

“Oh yes Tessa! I followed all your instructions!”

The sensual rubbing of her naked thigh against the tip of my now throbbing erection was driving my arousal to the next level. As she increased the pressure I couldn’t help my precum from seeping through the thin fabric of my jeans. She purred:

“Oh thanks Philip! So I take it you’re going commando underneath hmm?”

She snuggled her right hand between us and her fingers started playing with my desperate glans causing even more precum to seep through. She soon had me on the very edge of climax but stopped her hug and stepped back at the crucial moment, giggling as she observed the effect she was having on me:

“My! This is really getting you wet Philip! Be careful not to have a little accident uh? Come on! Let’s have a drink over there in that cocktail lounge and chill for a while!”

As she had instructed, the jeans she’d told me to wear were freshly washed and dried. This made them fit even tighter, rubbing over my helpless erection as I followed her into the cocktail lounge. The wetness she’d just caused was making my situation even more embarrassing and I could only hope it would dry before anyone would notice. But the way she rubbed her hips against my throbbing arousal as we ordered drinks from the bar was only making my condition more desperate. We went to sit on a secluded banquette at the back and she sighed:

“Oh my poor feet are so tired! I’d really need a foot massage!”

I foolishly replied:

“Hey! I’m rather good at them Tessa! Would you like one now?”

She purred:

“Oh yes Philip! I would love one!”

She put her feet on my lap, resting the spike of her left heel less than an inch from the bulging head of my thinly covered erection. My cock grew even harder, throbbing as it longed to make contact with her heel. She giggled:

“Wow! This is really making you hot Philip! Have you got a little foot fetish?”

There was no point denying it:

“Well yes Tessa! I have to confess! And your feet look just so gorgeously sexy in those white sandals!”

She purred:

“Hmm! I knew it Philip! I can see you looking at my feet all the time! Just don’t let it get you too Bycasino wet around here uh? That thin fabric really lets everything show through!”

As she said that, she started expertly grazing the spike of her left heel over the underside of my erect glans in a way that had me feel about to helplessly unload the whole week worth of cum that had been accumulating in my balls. Her movement caused the hem of her minidress to ride even higher up her thighs, making me gasp at the sight of her naked pussy. I had to focus all my energy to keep control, almost creaming my jeans as she increased the pressure and asked me:

“Would you like me to make you cum like that Philip?”

I managed to reply:

“You know I’m desperate for relief Tessa! But please not like that! I haven’t got any spare trousers you know?”

She chuckled:

“Oh I know that Philip! White jeans! No underwear! One week worth of pent-up cum! In broad daylight at the mall! That would be so embarrassing! But I can’t take your thingy out and relieve you here in public, can I?”

She removed her heel from its explosive position and continued:

“But for now on to the job Philip! First you’ll need to unlace and take off my sandals!”

As I tried to focus on the delicate task, she told me:

“Reminds me how I got this job the other day! I was wearing these same lace-up sandals along with sheer silk stockings and suspenders to look more the part for the interview. In the waiting room I was alone with a guy who had his interview before mine. I immediately noticed how the thinness of his skinny smart suit trousers was letting the colour of his dark briefs show through! I let him chat me up about how amazing I looked. From the way his bulge was growing as he stared at my feet I was sure he must have had a little foot fetish!”

I’d just finished taking off her left shoe, and she rested her naked sole on my thigh as I started unlacing her right sandal. She continued:

“I told him he looked good too, except the obviousness of his briefs under his trousers wasn’t very fashionable and he’d better take them off! He stammered he had nowhere to put them so I told him I could keep them for him. The fool went to the toilets and came back, handing me his briefs which I swiftly whisked into my bag. As I watched him through my sunglasses I could clearly see his boner showing down the top of his left thigh!”

The gentle rubbing of her sole against my thigh was causing the material of my jeans to rub against my desperate erection. She had me leaking from arousal as she went on:

“When I saw his precum seeping through the fabric from the tip of his boner, I knew he was totally exposed! It was less than 15 minutes until his appointment so I had to plan my time carefully! I complained about my feet and asked him if he would mind giving me a quick foot massage. He eagerly accepted! His little foot fetish was having the better of him! So I had him sit down to my left on the sofa and we soon were in exactly the same position as we are now Philip!”

She moved her naked sole to rest on my helplessly swelling member and continued:

“While taking off my sandals, he kept stealing glances up my short dress, probably wondering if I was as naked as I looked above my suspenders! So I shifted my legs just enough to Bycasino giriş offer him a brief glimpse of my glistening pussy and started slowly rubbing his seemingly desperate boner through his trousers with my left sole!”

She was doing the same to me as she said that, once again driving me dangerously close to the edge. I managed to finish slipping off her right sandal and tried to concentrate on massaging her foot as she went on:

“So he was pretending to massage my right foot as my silk-stockinged left sole slowly swung up and down the length of his boner, as if innocently to the rhythm of the ambient music! I could feel his boner pulsate against my sole as I did this to him so I increased the pressure to start driving him into edging mode. I knew I was getting him close to the brink but he was so entranced by my little game he wasn’t even trying to stop me!”

Her sole started focusing on my nearly bursting glans as she said that, ready to have me explode at the slightest increase of her expert stimulation. I could do nothing to prevent my precum from visibly seeping through the thin material as she continued:

“When I saw how the wetness of his oozing precum had grown to the point of nearly covering his helplessly erect cock-head, I knew he was ready for the next step of my little foot tease! I let my toes slowly rub over his growing wetness until I could feel it seep through the silk of my stockings. I could tell from the throbbing of his cock that he was ready to explode! So I removed my foot from his desperate bulge and asked him to massage it.”

She raised her left foot from its explosive position for me to massage it and rested her right foot on my inner thigh, less than an inch from my helplessly erect glans. She went on:

“As he tried to attend to the task, I rested my other foot on his thigh, my toes nearly touching the tip of his desperate boner! I started tracing little circles there with the pointed tip of my big toenail, making sure it would cause the confining fabric of his trousers to be slowly rubbing over his desperate cock-head!”

She had me in exactly the same precarious situation. My erection felt like it would rip through the thin fabric of my jeans as her toes expertly worked the fabric around my nearly exploding glans. She continued:

“I felt his hands start trembling as my toenails started stroking the underside of his pulsating cock-head through the thin and revealing material!”

My hands were trembling as well as her expert toenails proceeded to work their magic onto my own desperate member. I could feel the build-up of an orgasm as she went on:

“The wetness of his precum started oozing through his thin trousers onto my delicate silk-clad toes as I did this to him. Just like yours now on my naked toes Philip! Be careful uh?”

Her strokes only got more insistent as she continued:

“The rubbing of the silk against the fabric of his trousers was creating short bursts of static electricity that felt like a slight tingle on my toes. I could only imagine the effect this must have had on his nearly erupting member, all amplified by the wetness of the thin fabric! I edged him like that for a while, releasing the pressure every time I felt he was getting too close!”

The expert action of her toenails over the underside Bycasino deneme bonusu of my helpless glans had me feel on the constant brink of climax. She continued:

“About a minute before his interview, my strokes turned even more deliberate, stimulating the spot on the underside of his cock-head that I knew would push him past the edge!”

I knew exactly how the guy must have felt as her toes expertly worked my glans and had me race towards climax. I couldn’t help start panting as I tried to resist the urge to erupt. She giggled:

“Yes! That’s it Philip! He started panting just like you as I did this to him! I could see his hard-on throb ever more wildly inside its tight and revealing confines! So I adjusted the pressure to maximise the effect, right until I knew he was ready to explode!”

I felt I was reaching the point of no return and started worrying about my lack of protection. We were in the middle of the mall and I had no way to hide my condition if she made me cream my jeans. I stopped massaging her foot and grabbed her ankle to try and contain her cum-inducing strokes. She continued:

“When he stopped the massage and tried to grab my foot to stop the stimulation, I knew I had him exactly where I wanted! He’d finally realised how embarrassing it would be for him if I made him cum and I had him right on the brink of doing just that! So I asked him to resume the massage! While his trembling hands tried to proceed with the task, my right foot resumed purposely masturbating him through his revealing trousers! When I felt his desperate boner twitch frantically under the pressure of my toes I knew he’d just lost control! He’d started to ejaculate straight into his smart trousers unable to resist the effect of my little foot job!”

I kept holding her ankle, feeling like the slightest movement of her toes would make me explode. I watched in awe as she started fingering herself under her minidress. She kept observing my throbbing dilemma as she went on:

“I removed my foot at that crucial moment Philip! Leaving him fighting to stop his ongoing climax! But it was too late to hide the damage I’d already caused and too little to offer him any lasting relief! His gooey cum had soaked through his thin trousers down from the tip of his desperate boner but he looked even more aroused than before his little accident! I had to rub my thighs together as I watched the effect of my little foot tease and had a delightful climax at the sight of his predicament!”

She briefly closed her eyes and breathed a deep sigh of pleasure, seemingly enjoying a delicious orgasm as her toes kept holding me on the brink. She continued:

“I feigned to be shocked, going like ‘Oh, you dirty pervert, did you just cum on my toes? You’ve ruined my stockings now!’ All he could do was blush and rush to the toilets! I’d just finished putting my sandals back on when the assistant came to fetch him. I told her he’d had a little accident and he’d miss his interview! I took the interview in his place and I got the job! I still wonder how he managed to walk out after that! Especially as his briefs were still in my bag! I always keep them as a trophy you know? Like with that guy on the dance-floor last week hmm Philip?”

She finally removed her toes from my desperately straining arousal and giggled as she looked at my crotch:

“My! Your jeans are all soaked with precum now Philip! Don’t forget you’re going all commando underneath hmm? You’ll soon be looking like that poor guy if you’re not careful! Now please put my sandals back on and let’s get on with the shopping!”

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