At The Pool_(0)

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At The Pool

Last summer, my life changed due to two things happening. First, I retired and secondly, a 12-year-old boy and his grandfather introduced me to sex, man to man.
It all started in the change room of the local pool. I was into fitness, so I went to the pool four times a week, to swim laps. After a few days, I noticed several other men were always at the pool at the same time every day I was. We got talking and formed a small swim club, just a few older men who liked to stay fit. One of them always brought his grandson with him and the boy always ended up in the changing room after we swam. I was usually the last out of the room and one day, I saw that the boy was still hanging around when everyone else had left.
I had noticed in the past, he seemed quite interested in watching us change, especially when we were toweling off. I started to watch him and the others after that and I saw a few of them were semi hard every time they pulled their trunks off. The boy watched them intently and seemed to be offering himself to them in subtle ways, so I thought. A smile here, a rub there. Just little things but noticeable.
A few days later, the grandfather approached me as we were getting out of the pool. We chatted a bit until he stopped me and looked right at me. I wondered what was this was all about and I stepped back a little from him, not knowing what he was going to do or say.
“I was wondering,” he began, “if you would like to come over with me and my grandson for a coffee today?”
I hadn’t expected this and I knew I had nothing planned for the day other than a few errands so I agreed.
“Good,” he said. “Meet us out front after we change.”
I nodded and we proceeded into the change room. When I entered, I noticed a couple of the other members of the group were smiling at me. The boy was too and I wondered if I was getting into something I would regret later. I changed quickly and found the two of them waiting for me just out in front of the building.
“Come on,” the boy said. “Our motor home is just over there.”
Motor home? I hadn’t noticed it before and I soon found out why as it was parked the furthest away from the building in a corner of the parking lot.
“You don’t need you car,” said the grandfather over his shoulder. “Leave you stuff in your car and come on over and join us.”
I escort bayan did exactly that and knocked on the door to the motor home. The grandfather answered and let me in, offering me a seat. I didn’t see the boy but it didn’t garner my attention, as least, not right then. The grandfather and I talked a bit and finally the boy appeared. My mouth dropped open at the sight of him as he was only in a skimpy pair of shorts that hid nothing. They were old and torn especially around his groin. I wondered as I stared at him if this was a set up of just what was going on.
“Well, what do you think,” the grandfather asked, breaking me out of the stupor I was in.
“I don’t know what you mean,” I stammered.
“What do you think of the boy?” he asked.
I hesitated.
“What am I supposed to think?” I asked.
The grandfather smiled and pulled the boy over to him.
“What do you think about this?” he asked as he ran his hand up and over the boy’s chest. “Doesn’t he look inviting?”
Now I knew what was going on and I looked from one to the other questioningly.
“He’s only a boy,” I said. “What exactly are you asking me?”
He didn’t hesitate at all.
“What I’m asking you is if you would like to have sex with my grandson?”
There is was, out in the open.
“Several of the others have enjoyed his body or have watched the two of us together. Would you like to watch too?”
I didn’t know what to say. Never have I even thought about sex with another male and now I was being offered a young boy as a sex partner or the opportunity to watch him and this grandfather have sex. I really didn’t know what to say.
“Well, why you’re deciding, we’ll start and if you want to join us, please do,” said the grandfather, as he quickly pulled the boy’s shorts off.
I watched his hand go around behind the boy and spread his ass cheeks. Taking a finger, he pushed it up into the boy’s ass hole and started to finger fuck him. The boy closed his eyes and moaned, leaning forward giving his grandfather better access to him. He looked right at me and smiled before lowering his eyes to my crotch. When he did that, my cock gave me away as it started to harden and push against the front of my pants. The boy noticed it right away and reached out to fondle me while his grandfather continued finger fucking him.
The boy didn’t flinch bursa escort bayan as his grandfather put two then three fingers up into him. Moaning softly, he seemed to be pushing back against his grandfather’s fingers that were thrusting quickly in and out of his ass hole. I looked at the grandfather and he was watching the boy fondle me. I caught his eye and he smiled.
“Looks like you’ve made up your mind,” he said. “The boy likes to fondle cocks and balls but he like to suck cocks and balls even more. Why don’t you let him take your pants off and you will enjoy him just as much as I do.”
I couldn’t resist any longer so I lifted my hips off the seat after undoing my pants and let the boy pull my pants and underwear off me, exposing my hard cock. I thought I heard both of them groan a little when they saw my hard cock sticking straight up in the air. The next thing I knew, the boy leaned forward and engulfed my cock in his mouth. He started to suck me as I moaned at the feeling of his hot mouth around my cock.
I leaned back and closed my eyes, enjoying the boy’s actions completely. After a few minutes, I heard a rustling of clothes and opening my eyes. I found the grandfather had removed his clothes and was standing behind the boy, rubbing his hard cock up and down the boy’s crack. Up to now, I had never thought about fucking anyone in the ass but here I was, watching a grandfather and his grandson getting ready to fuck and enjoying what I was seeing.
The grandfather suddenly got onto his knees and spread the boy’s cheeks wide apart. With a sigh, he started to lick up and down the boy’s crack, paying special attention to his hole. I could see his tongue lathering the boy’s hole and finally, entering the boy’s ass. Through the boy’s legs, I could see the grandfather rubbing his hard cock as he continued to tongue the boy’s crack.
After a few minutes, he stood up and moved right up to the boy. Aiming his cock at the boy’s hole, he thrust his hips forward and entered the boy, groaning loudly as he did. The boy, in the meantime, was now bobbing up and down my hard cock as his grandfather started to fuck him. They both seemed to be enjoying the sex and I wondered how long this had been going on since the boy was so young.
“I’m coming,” the grandfather suddenly cried out. “I’m coming in your ass boy.”
He bursa eskort closed his eyes and leaned back, pushing his cock as deep into the boy as he could while he spewed hot come deep up into the boy’s canal. I couldn’t hold out any longer after watching the two of them and I started spurting my hot liquid into the boy’s mouth and down his throat. He swallowed and swallowed as I came like I have never come before. I finished and my softening cock slowly slid out of the boy’s mouth while the grandfather stepped back, letting his cock slide out of the boy’s ass hole.
“God that felt good,” the grandfather said. “There’s only one thing I need now and that’s a hard cock up my ass.”
The boy stood up and immediately went behind his grandfather and pushed him forward at the waist. The motion made the man lean over me and he took my soft cock into his mouth and started to slowly suck me as his grandson fucked him from behind. After a few minutes, I felt my cock starting to respond again so I lifted my hips up and put my legs over the arms of the chair, exposing my balls and ass hole to the grandfather.
He stopped sucking my cock and leaning forward a little more, started to lick the insides of my groin and down towards my ass hole. God, it felt so good, so I turned around and pushed my ass into his face, immediately feeling his tongue pushing against my hole, trying to get inside me. I pushed back against him and felt his tongue slowly enter my ass. The thrusts of his grandson fucking him from behind moved him against me harder and his tongue went further and further inside me with every thrust. I reached around and spread my cheeks open, inviting him to tongue fuck me more and more.
I heard the boy groan loudly as my ass was getting a thorough tongue fucking. The grandfather groaned too as the boy came inside him. When the boy finished, I turned around and forced my cock into the grandfather’s mouth and holding his head, started to fuck his mouth hard. It didn’t take long for me to start to come inside him and I felt him swallowing as I spurted over and over again. When I finished, I was quite exhausted and I told them I needed a rest. They both just grinned at me.
Several minutes later, there was a knock on the door and when the boy opened the door, there stood two of the other swimmers with big grins on their faces. They came in and eyed the three of us, ogling our nakedness. I could see from the bulges in the front of their pants, they were there for the same reason I was. Was this the start of something?

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