At the Villa Ch. 19

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The Villa Ch 19

A hot dirty weekend

After spending a couple of hours making love or better sucking every hole she had not to forget the fucking, Dimitra felt relieved and satisfied. She was happy to leave Sam alone and go back to her family. She knew that Sam was expecting friends, maybe younger and maybe even more exciting. But she never complained. Sam was a kind man and he not only paid her well for the work she does on keeping his apartment impeccably clean and in order, but from time to time he gave her some presents for her kids. She also knew that Sam invite friends and so keeping the apartment impeccably in order was a must. She never complained and she knew that it was not easy to find a gentleman like her employer that was why she never been nosey to find whom he invites or dates.

Together, Sam and Dimitra enjoyed a light lunch and after they relaxed with a glass of wine complimented with a black coffee, he took her back to his bed where they involved themselves in pleasuring each other’s bodies. Sam wanted to make sure that she will not only be well fucked, but that he had satisfied all her strong egos. He was only a little careful to save enough energy for Alexia and her mysterious friends.

Whenever Sam arrives in Athens he found Dimitra cleaning and getting his apartment ready. While going from room to room cleaning she dreams about, if maybe Sam will have enough time to satisfy her egos which usually will be at such high levels. She always loved to visualise in the back of her dirty mind, what Sam had prepared for her. As soon as she leaves her natural habitat and get close to town and Sam’s apartment all the liquids start to flow as the dirty ideas start to hit her dirty brain. It usually starts from the moment the message comes from Sam’s residence on the island, and which she never was invites to visit.

From that very moment her sexual desires start to manipulate her body as blood flow through her body. Between her legs it will starts to leak from the onset she receives the signal that Sam will be arriving in Athens. When it will be convenient she contemplates. Will Sam be accompanied or not. If he is, she would not be happy, but if he arrives alone she would not be happy unless he satisfies all her sexual desires; which seem, that her husband could not rightly accomplish. Sam never complained and always tried to satisfy her wishes, so he fucked her again amid the cries of pleasure and finally to full satisfaction. Most times he ended with quite a sore pussy.

Dimitra always left Sam’s apartment impeccably clean with a lot of different foodstuffs which he or they, depends if he will be alone or accommodating; friends or partners. Therefore she took care of everything; she buys all the necessities plus what Sam orders, so he or they can cook later, not to mention that sometimes, and on Sam’s instructions she pre-prepare some of the dishes before she leaves.

After Dimitra left Sam was preparing for the arrival of the 3A’s to arrive. From the feedback Sam had, they were expected sometime after lunch.

The 3A’s arrived just before two. Sam met them outside the entrance to the underground garage, where he guided them to the right parking spot. Sam always made sure he will not occupy somebody else’s space.

As they alighted from the car, Sam immediately took the opportunity to hug the first one out, who happened to be Alexia. A couple of kisses; one on each cheek, and then he moved his face against hers’, until his lips were very close to her ear. ‘Thanks for coming… I must say they look stunning, emmmm… maybe even ready for the pleasures…?’

‘They are hotter than you think; Sam.’ Alexia whispered back in his ear.

‘So you seem to have primed them well.’

‘I think that if I had described you as I really should; we could have came banging on your door that same night; you remember; when you took advantage of me.’ Alexia exaggerated the situation, rather teasingly.

‘Are you sorry? How many times did you touch yourself that night?’

‘Thanks…’ Alexia gave him a dirty look. ‘Yes I did… it must have been countless times, not only that, but I asked Aliki to come over and sleep with me. The unfortunate thing was; that Alex was out of town.’

Sam did not answer. He heard what he wanted to hear and then he moved away from Alexia and looked at the closest of the three ladies. Without any compliments he put one arm around her neck and the other on her lower back. ‘Hi… thanks for joining us; as you may already know, I’m Sam. What is yours?’ Sam whispered in her ear after he had given her a quick kiss on her lips.

I’m Aliki…’

‘You look stunning.’ He hugged her hard against him while he grabbed her tight ass in his hand and pressed her crotch against his hidden hardness. ‘Do you want to enjoy what you feel, eeemmm?’

‘Couldn’t wait Sam? Please I beg you… don’t let me wait; toooo looong?’ Aliki begged.

‘It’s a personal satisfaction that I let virgins wait… The longer I made them wait; and the longer Ordu Escort I tease them, the wilder they become and the tighter it gets.’ Sam teased.

‘Fuck you Sam. Just fuck me.’

‘Patience please, if you want to enjoy the fuck of your life we have to go very easy. I will make love to you like you never dreamed. After I take your virginity I will make you enjoy something that you will never forget.’

‘Is it the way you are expecting to tear away my barrier?’ Aliki asked.

‘No sweetie; it will be something which will be more rewarding; something which you will always remember; maybe something which you may have dreamt about every night.’ Sam continued teasing as he continued pressing her crotch against his hard cock. While the waiting was getting harder and harder, waiting for the evening dramas to unfold; between Aliki’s legs was getting wetter and wetter while the liquids flowed and the blood was flowing out of her hot red chakra.’

‘Please I beg you Sam; fuck me. Whatever you want to do; it will never deter me from backing out. I’m yours as much as the others are.’ She begged as the longing for his cock was growing and growing. At last; she thought; she may have came across the right person with whom she can share her body, for the first time. Never before she felt she was ready to do so with neither a known person to her neither a stranger. They all seemed to have had a fault; maybe except Sam.

‘Even Alexia?’ Sam asked.

‘Even Alexia, Sam! She has decided…’

Sam pulled away from Aliki with a kiss on her lips, just a light one, so light that even the other two who were watching from a short distance; did not even notice.

The waiting Alexandra seemed to be on fire. He looked into her eyes and then put his arms around her neck. He pressed her against his chest, and while he kissed her on her lips and even sending his tongue crawling into her mouth, before he pushed her into the elevator. As both were locked together, Sam pressed her against the back of the elevator’s interior and with his hands he quickly moved them down and grabbed both of her tight bums while he pressed his hardness, jamming it hard against her crotch. The others followed suit and entered the elevator which took them up the top floor.

Alex had a fantastic body. Her breasts were rather a bit too big for her torso which was rather short while her legs were rather long. At the place where her thighs comes together at the very top, there seemed to be a gap which showed that she did not have so much fat.

By the time the elevator arrived at the top level, Alex’s had already opened his zipper and got her hand in, so she could evaluate what he had hanging between his legs. She grabbed his hard cock with one of her hands and wow she thought; ‘he’s well hanged!’ As she had her hand around his manhood she moved forward and backwards getting that feeling which she was not expecting. It felt getting longer and harder. But with the elevator’s doors opening it was the moment for them to break away from each other. Sam was very conscious and naturally wanted to walk towards his apartment before any of the other tenants will eavesdrop on what was happening in the corridor.

When the door was opened and the guests walked in, followed by Sam into his luxury apartment, they not only enjoyed the views of the sea and the surrounding area, but were also astounded and dumbfounded when they entered the apartment itself and saw the interior; from the combined kitchen-dining room, the bathrooms and the bedrooms, not to forget the spacious sitting room. Even Alexia with all her designing knowledge was dumbfounded. Light and romantic music was activated, just on the touch of a button.

There was a lot of small talk especially about the way the interior was designed. They all loved it, especially Alexia. Alexia and Aliki were running from room to room looking and absorbing the way the whole apartment was designed. The bedrooms, especially the main, was the favourite of all the three ‘A’s, but soon the subject was aimed towards the famous massage Alexia enjoyed at Sam’s hands, a couple of days earlier and which she so much enjoyed, not to mention the wild orgasms that took over her body; and the like of which she had never experienced before.

Being still in the bedroom, Sam very politely… ‘Ladies, I think, that Alexandra and I will need some privacy. If you need coffees, food etc, help yourself in the kitchen. So please, can you…’

As both Alexia and Aliki walked out, they teased Alex, but Sam was very quick to close the door. Within the privacy of his bedroom both of them started pulling off their clothes like there was no tomorrow. Within seconds both were naked looking at each other’s bodies; evaluating the beauty nature had endowed them with. Sam took Alex in his arms and as he massaged her back they started to kiss aggressively. Her hands roamed down toward his hard cock while he again grabbed her bums and pressed her pussy as hard as he could against his anxiously waiting Ordu Escort Bayan cock.

Their tongues moved from one mouth to another as they sucked and licked. Their lips never separated and while Sam kept massaging her ass cheeks, Alex was appraising Sam’s hanging masterpiece. She had it in the palm of her hand as she moved it slowly inwards and outward.

‘Sam, I must say you are well endowed.’ She complimented him as she moved her lips away from his.

‘So you approve with what I had been gifted?’ Sam sort of asked, being very careful not to praise himself beyond what he always believed; that he was never the special one. Sam always believed; that it was not what you have, but how to use it.

While Alex kept her hands busy, they once again became aggressive as they started to hug and kiss while their lips moved all over from lips to lips, tongues, the neck; each other’s earlobes and where ever they could hit. At last Sam moved one hand to her front and attacked her pussy, getting that first feeling of her wetness. Yes, she was not only hot but sexual induced juices can be felt sticking to the sides of her inner thighs.

‘Aaaahhhhh; aaaahhhh Oh Sam… Fuck me, Sam fuck me. So hot I am; so hot I am. I had been waiting too long for this moment; fuck me Sam… Sam sticks it in my pussy.’ Amidst the moaning and crying Sam pushed two fingers into Alex vagina and started to fuck her with them amidst the moaning and the shouting; while with his lips he took one of her already engorged nipples into his mouth. While he was nibbling them one at a time, sometimes even squeezes them between his teeth.

Her cries and moans continued while Both Aliki and Alexia as they walked out teased Alex’s body was trembling. ‘Oh fuck Sam… Fuck Sam, I’m Cumming… Cumming… Cumming.’ Her body trembled as she closed her legs tight, while with one of her hands she tried to push his hand away from her pussy.

He held her tight until her body started to relax, then he turner her towards the bed, asked her to bend her body forward and resting her head on the bed. With his hard cock in his hand he set it against her entrance and after he massaged the head between her pouty lips, jamming it a few times against her clitoris, he fed it so very slowly into her awaiting hot cavity. ‘Waaawwww’. Sam could not believe how tight she was; therefore he enjoyed the way her vaginal tube was stretching, until that moment; when she felt the head pressing against her womb.

He held it there for a few long seconds, feeling the way she was using her natural recourses to cuddle his wand of light while he used his hands to massage her beautiful breasts. They were full, the nipples felt very hard as every now and then he rolled them between the fingers and a few times he squeezed them until she begged him to stop. The pain and the heat between her legs, although enjoyable but at times they were intolerable.

Her vaginal muscles did not stop contacting and in no time her body started to shake and tremble again. Moans and cries persisted as he continued to play with her nipples and licking her neck. She cried harder as she felt my cock moving outwards and then back in as he increased the speed. He fucked her hard for a couple of more minutes until her orgasm built itself into an earthquake. Her body exploded.

‘Fuck me Sam, fuck me… fuck me harder…harder.’ She cried.

It was at that point that he pulled his cock out of her pussy. ‘Fuck Sam; what the hell are you doing. I said fuck me; fuck me.’ She cried like crazy and sure her friends were close behind the door eavesdropping on their friend Alex as she was shouting while being fucked.

But Sam had other ideas. He pulled his prick out of her vagina and lifted her in his arms. Diagonally he laid her down on the bed. He crawled on his knees and as he moved between her legs; with his hands, he opened her as wide as he could. When he looked between those pair of perfectly shaped legs, there were those beautifully shaped vaginal lips which adorned her pubic area. He watched closely, mesmerised with the beauty of nature’s creation as they seemed to separate and close again, automatically. Abundant juices were flowing, streaming slowly down towards her rosebud.

Immediately he opened those perfect shaved lips and examined within the inside, between those dark pink coloured wet walls between the lips, Sam could not resist tasting her flowing juices. The most desired opening; looked as perfect as it could be. The smell of sexual aroma was evident as to what levels the heat between her legs had already reached.

He then for the second time attacked her vagina with his lips but Alex immediately closed her legs tight as another earthquake took over her sexually activated body. She tried to push his head away, but Sam was strong and he jammed his mouth harder, licking and sucking wherever his tongue could hit.

Whenever her clitoris was hit, her body jumped while with sexual pleasures her body jumped. When levels of sexual pleasures became Escort Ordu high she pushed her ass up to get more friction while she cried and shouted.

‘Fuck Sam, fuck me again. Fuck me again and again; yes suck my pussy… suck me harder…harder.’ Alex was as she was lost in the delirium of her bodily pleasures as they activated within her body, she was not sure what she was saying.

Sam never stopped sucking on her desirable pussy, but to light another fire he pushed a finger into her vagina and instantly hit her G-spot. That was the moment when she nearly passed out. She was totally lost in nothing more than being in a different world, a heavenly world where she felt surrounded by that something which she could not describe; was it nirvana; she thought.

Sam feeling like he was part of it took the cue and within a second he turned around, straddling her with one leg on either side of her head; his cock dangling over her mouth, while he continued to suck and lick her pussy. As Alex opened her eyes she was shocked as she encountered that big cock she had handled earlier. It was leaking pre-come as it was looking straight down into her face, with a couple of drops of semen falling off. One of the drops came down straight between her lips with the other; fell on the tip of her nose. The tremors did not last long as she grabbed his manhood and started to expose the hard purple head. Her tongue was very anxious to get more of that cream. Therefore she extended her tongue to save what was flowing from the little oval hole.

As Sam’s tongue continued to enjoy the abundance and the taste of her aromatic flowing juices with his tongue; she was examining every corner of the hard head, before she took it all the way inside her mouth straight in, towards her throat.

She did not gag, but she started to fuck her mouth as she aggressively moved her head backward and forward while enjoying the taste and the pre-come as sucked that hard cock of his. With her free hand Alex started feeling and playing with his nuts. She rolled them around in their sack making sure to pass only pleasures to her mate and no pain.

The heat started to increase; her pussy was becoming a little aggressive as she started to shake it harder against Sam’s mouth. His tongue extended, he was hitting her most sensitive areas while he licked and sucked the juices which were flowing abundantly. She lifted her pussy upwards every time her body became under the spell of another tremor which flowed through her hot body with fire flowing out of her hot sex chakra; but Sam was ready to lift his head and suck her harder, although his jaw started to ache.

Sam, abruptly and nearly unnoticed, he did another turn which put his knees between her open legs. He grabbed his hard member in his right hand and very slowly pushed it all the way into her wet hot vaginal tube, until the head pressed against her womb. Alex was shocked. She was still lost in her present dream. Her body was engulfed into another orgasm.

‘Fuck me Sam; fuck me…fuuuuccckk meee.’ She cried and shouted as Sam held her tight against his body with his cock still deep into her pussy. He knew what she wanted as much as he knew what he had planned for this hot nymph. His mouth shut hers as he pressed it against hers’. His tongue crawled inside her mouth and immediately she started sucking on it she lifted her ass to try to get more of his cock inside her burning volcano. Her vaginal muscles grabbed his member as hard as she could while she lifted her legs, and then crossed them around his bums as she pressed his cock further against her womb.

The feeling was that his cock started to harden while her body started to tremble. Another orgasm was building up stronger than ever. The more aggressive she became the more she cried and the firmer she grabbed his manhood.

As the new orgasm continued to build up Sam pressed his mouth harder against hers while he pulled his cock out until the head was at the entrance of her vagina. A dozen quick strokes at the entrance and she, again exploded. Then as hard as he could he slammed it against her womb, fucking her with short thrusts at the very depth, beating the head against her womb, followed by a few very long thrusts all the way from the entrance to her womb; repeating himself, he started with short thrusts at the entrance and continued in the same form until she tried to fight back. She became hotter and as quick as she could, she pushed his mouth away and started shouting.

‘Sam please stop… stoppp… stoppp… can’t take anymore… stop.’

She begged and begged but Sam was not ready to stop. He continued to fuck her like crazy; using different angles as he guided every stroke intelligently; trying that with every stroke he was hitting her most erogenous zones within the walls of her vagina. He knew that soon she was going to be in the higher heavens.

‘Fuck Sam… stooooppp. Stooooppp.’ She cried and shouted trying to push Sam away. At last he pressed his cock deep against her womb. He held it there while it started to vibrate and getting harder. He knew that, that time he was close, but Alex’s had already passed into the unknown pleasures of the flesh. Her eyes were closed and her body was passing though an incredible pleasurable earthquake.

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