Atlanta Underground Ch. 09

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“Pardon me, Donnie. Don’t let me interrupt what you’re doing to your mother. I’ve got to get the phone. Hello, Kincaid here!… Well, Good Morning lover! I miss you too! How would you feel if we had an engagement party for us tonight? You know, with just the intimate friends and family… I was thinking that we’d have it at the restaurant downstairs. That would be close to the room so we could ‘entertain’ before, during and after the party. … Sure, you can invite your bridesmaids. How many? Two. Fine. So that’ll be about eleven… We need one more to make it an even dozen… Really? Just a minute… Hey, Mom. Catherine says that Connie will be here about noon. Well, sweet thing, that makes it twelve people. Can’t wait to be with you… Bye. Love you, too.”

“Bobby, since you’ve got the phone, would you order breakfast? Just coffee and doughnuts would be great. I don’t think Rose and Donnie slept a wink last night. If Donnie wasn’t sliding his cock into his mama’s juicy pussy, his sweet little mama was sucking on it to make it hard so they could fuck again…”

“Mrs. DePaul is really a beautiful woman and I’d like to fuck her if that’s alright with you, mama?”

“Sure… I guess that’s fair since Donnie had me twice in the middle of the night.”

“Oh, Donnie, may I cut in? I’d like to sample your mother before you wear her out.”

“Be my guest, Bobby. She’s been hinting that she would like to try you on for size…”

“Here, Rose, you can be on top for a while… God, you’re beautiful and TIGHT! All right! Are you okay, Donnie… You’re looking at us kinda funny!”

“I was admiring my Mother’s bottom and wondering if I should join you two.”

“You mean… Rose, I think your son wants to have anal sex with you. How do you feel about that? Have you ever been penetrated there before?”

“shush– shhh– shit, I’m cumming, Bobby, don’t stop— uh– I think we just broke Paw Paw’s record for number of cums in one night. The answer to your question is ‘Yes’ and I’ve been fucked in the ass many times by you know who. He kept saying that he’d wish I’d been a boy. I think he was joking but if you ever meet him, I’d suggest that you don’t turn your back on him…”

“Okay, Donnie, there’s some cream on the night stand. Make sure your mother’s bottom is greased up and let mama lube up that cock you have pointed in our direction. Now, go slow and easy. I’ll be really still until you’re inside. Oh, damn! I can feel you comming in. Wow! Are you okay, Rose?”

“Better than okay! Do me and do me hard! Oh, Donnie, that feels so good! Bobby, don’t cum until Donnie does! — Slam it home, Donnie!…”

“Okay, you three. Smile for the camera. Pretend that you’re having a good time… The title of this picture is ‘A DP for Mrs. DeP!’…”


“That’s breakfast. Pull the sheet over you, Donnie. I’ll get the door.”

“Good Morning, everyone. Oh, hey… Are you really his aunt? Or are you shaggin’ wif’ me?”

“Of course I’m not his aunt… I’m his mother!”

“O Lord! I’m outta here!”


“You know, Mother, I have a funny feeling about Connie showing up. She and Father have been keeping close tabs on our activities… And I think Aunt Helen is in on it, too. She may be the one that switched our room reservation from a double to a king size bed– Just so you and I would be tempted to have sex. Oh well, I guess we’d better keep as much of what’s going Kars Escort on from Connie, if that’s at all possible. If it’s one thing, my sister can read my mind. Of course, that’s not really a problem ’cause all I think about is sex.”

“And talking about sex, Bobby, you sure were loving all last night– It felt as though you were making sure I was really pregnant.”

“When you took Donnie’s mother to bed to do ‘who knows what?’ I got as turned on more than I have ever before. I wanted to watch. I wanted to participate. But, more than anything, I wanted you.”

“Silly boy! I’m available 24 by 7 — You don’t have to say anything, and you don’t have to do anything. Not a thing. Oh, maybe just whistle. You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and… blow.”

“Don’t call me Steve, Slim… You crack me up. Sexy and funny!”

“I hope Catherine appreciates you… She’s getting quite a handful! Is she going to let you make love to me after you’re married?”

“She will and not only that, she will help… She’s already taught Connie how to please a woman. So you’re not losing a son– you’re gaining a sex partner. Do you want to go shopping with me? I’ve got to get a ring for the party tonight.”

“Sure, let’s go. What’s her ring size or did you ask?”

“She said her ring size is the same as her panty size– but, she doesn’t wear panties!”


“Well, hello, Connie! Welcome to Shangri-La! Gimme a hug! mm – mm Nice tongue! mm – mm Nice sisterly kiss… That’ll wake up Mister Happy.”

“I hear that you asked Catherine to marry you. Can you actually marry your first cousin?”

“Probably not but we’ll figure something out. Since the marriage laws have been changing so fast, I think you can legally marry your dog. Maybe I’ll turn gay so we can get married…”

“That’ll never happen. My brother, gay? Not with a hard-on like that after a sister’s kiss!”

“Where can I hide it? Mother is on her way up… she’ll be here in five minutes.”

“I know exactly where to hide it. There’s a place at the ‘Y’ with a room big enough.”

“Well, show me quick! Take those clothes off! I’ll help. Let me skin my sweats… Now, under the cover, lover! Quick!”

“Nahh! None of that ‘Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma’am!’ I want a complete love making session with flowers and music…. Skip the flowers. At least some music. I’d even settle for Bolero!”

“How about Atlanta’s top 40 Moldy Oldy collection– I know, ‘My Girl!'”

“Skip the music… just hum something in my ear while you take my virginity. and tell me that you love me… and that we’ll always be together… and we’ll always make love… uh – Bobby, come to mama… sorry. Come to sissy. Or should I say, ‘Cum in Sissy?’ — ohhh you are so much bigger that I thought you’d be. Fuck me, Bobby! I love my brother fucking me… God, I’ve waited so long for this. I’m cumming already. Fuck me hard, Bobby, I’m cumming. — uh — gaaahd dammmmn! Cum in me! Do me! Do me some more! Make me cum again… and again.”


“Children! What are you doing?! Are you making nice?”

“Actually, I was making Connie. There’s room for you in here. Connie would like to show you what Catherine has taught her. She knows how to do it all.”

“Hi, Mother. Fancy seeing you here. Pardon me if I don’t get up. This big hunk has nailed me to the bed. Would you get naked and slide Kars Escort Bayan into bed with us? I need some motherly loving and I have been dreaming of feasting on those beautiful breasts. And I’ve got lunch for you… A fresh cream pie that Bobby made.”

“Be right there! I’ve got to capture this ‘Kodak moment’… All right! Where do you want me? In the middle? Do both my children need to nurse?…”


“Connie has gone over to Catherine’s to get ready for tonight. Which is just as well. I’ve got to check on the website status and see if we have anything back from that interested party from the Adult Check place. I’ll upload some of those photos that you took today. I’m getting nervous about how this could turn out! If we get home tomorrow night and Dad has changed all the locks– well, that would be curtains for us all.”

“Try to be optimistic, son of mine. Maybe he won’t catch wind of anything wrong. Let’s don’t borrow trouble…”

“Hot Damn!”

“What is it, Bobby?”

“The contact at the Adult Check gateway– the company that sells website access to subscribers– he want’s to invest in our website. He says in his Email that verifiable incest is one of the hottest commodities going on the Internet and our website could be the best one. He goes on to say that first year sales should be somewhere between four hundred thousand and two million dollars. If the numbers are okay with us, he’d like to draw up papers for an advance of half a million for us and ten percent net for him– he’d be our ‘agent’ and handle the financing. Proceeds from subscriptions would be accumulated and paid to us on a monthly basis. He would bank the net and any interest would be paid against his fee. Looks like we stepped into a gold mine! Oh shit! I just thought, this is all in Dad’s name. Dad just won the lottery and I gave him the winning ticket.”

“Maybe you could change ownership before the papers are drawn up.”

“That might work but I think I’ll set it up so that we’re all partners! Yes, that will work. I’ll get right on it. There’s a chance that Dad will overlook the fact that I got his wife pregnant if we make him a lot of money!”


“Come on in everyone! Welcome to Catheriine’s engagement party. Everybody’s here except your father, Catherine.”

“He’s parking the car. But, don’t start without him– he’s so excited! He doesn’t want to miss a thing!”

“Here he is. Welcome, Felix! There are a few things to talk about before we go down to dinner. First, I wish to humbly present to my future wife this engagement ring. She was the first girl that I proposed to and I have never considered marrying anyone else… just my Catherine. -mm- Oh, please don’t cry. The second thing that I have to announce is that I am inviting everyone in this room to become partners in a company called, ‘Kincaid Kabins’ with a ‘K’. We will build a small community that features back to nature living to be located between Nashville and Knoxville. The new company that will exist because of all of us participating will provide us with lots of money. Each one of us could bring in one or two hundred thousand a year. So we all can live in a resort complex and have sex all day and all night with each other. If the two bridesmaids care to join, we’d be more than happy to include you in our intimate family. I understand that Andrea and Alice are twins and follow the rule that incest Escort Kars is best. Now are there questions that can …”

“This means that Jennifer and I can come live with you and your family?”

“Yes, John, everyone in this room: You and Jennifer; Rose and Donnie; Felix and Helen; Mother and Connie and maybe Father; Andrea and Alice; Catherine and me. Quite a group.”

“I have a question, Bobby. Since we’re first cousins, how can we legally get married? And what about John and Jennifer– Or Rose and Donnie.”

“All I can come up with, Catherine, is that you marry John and I’ll marry Jennifer. And Donnie can marry Connie. Or we can all move to a South Sea Island…”

“Wow, a double wedding… triple wedding. I can hardly imagine the honeymoon! What a gang b…”

[knock knock knock]

“Connie, could you see who that is, please?”

“It’s your Father, Bobby!”

“May I come in, Junior?”

“… Dad! Of course. Please, come in! Join the party… This is a surprise!”

“I’d guess that congratulations are in order. So, congratulations! Congratulations on Catherine and you tying the knot. Congratulations on becoming a Father at such a young age with such a beautiful woman as the mother, your mother. And congratulations on be comming a millionaire by having sex with your mother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, friends, strangers, and anything that moves.”

“I’m humbled by your kind words, Sir. You know, it’s a difficult job but somebody has to do it.”

“Let me tell you what happened, Bobby, and then we can continue the celebration. As to setting you and your mother up to spend some quality time– that means so you can have some uninterrupted sex with her– yes, I wanted you to have a chance to fulfill your fantasy because I passed up my chance with my mother and have never, ever stopped kicking myself. Your Aunt Helen helped by ordering up a king size bed– I think she wanted in on the action and from what she tells me, she may be pregnant, also. I received a phone call yesterday afternoon from a very excited agent telling me that my ideas for an incest website and the prototype with photos of my family in intimate poses looked fantastic– should be grossing a million a month within a year. I played along as though I knew what he was talking about and when he offered to fly out to settle the deal, I accepted. So I signed the deal at ten this morning. I’ve got a check for half a million in my pocket thanks to you, Bobby. I’m assuming that you’d like to share your new found wealth with all of your conquests…er, friends and family. I overheard some of your plans for a nudist resort while I was working up the courage to knock and I hope that I’m included. And don’t worry, I’m not about to kill the goose that lays golden eggs…”

“Lord, O Lord, Dad! You scared the shit out of me! I didn’t know what to expect. Thanks for everything… you know how to get the balls rolling. It’s time to party. Help yourself to the punch and we’ll start the dinner downstairs in five minutes. Now listen up. This is an engagement party especially for my intended, Catherine, so this is how we are going to show her our deepest feelings for her: I’ve got a list of tonight’s guests– you all — and each of you in turn will spend fifteen minutes with my fiancée who will be in this king size bed wearing nothing but her engagement ring. So let’s all go have dinner and leave Catherine to get ready. Father, I’m adding you to the list in first place so you might as well stay here. I’ll send up the next in line in fifteen minutes. That would be your daughter, Connie. You might want to stay and watch her and Catherine. I’ve heard that they’re quite good to each other…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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