Aubrey’s Endless Love

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His screams kept replaying in my head and every passing night I got worse. I was so utterly sick my head wouldn’t stop spinning, my feet never felt like they’re touching the ground and my eyes didn’t see anything in a 20/20 vision. I saw everything the way it happened. A black Cadillac of some odd year drove by every other day Jeremy and I played basketball at the local YMCA. I thought nothing of it until recently. The sound of gunpowder exploding out of its barrel will make any man shudder. I remember thinking, “Today is my dying day.” I realize the man is pointing his gun straight to the core of my heart. I closed my eyes, I felt nothing. My heart stops when I recognize the shrieking voice. It’s my son’s. He took the bullet. He wasn’t supposed to! I kneel there huddling over his limp body, his eyes staring into outer space. He looked so dead. My heart only lightened a little bit when I heard sirens. They were coming for him. Now it was a fight between God and the paramedics. Life or death. Two paramedics removed me from Jeremy. I broke down to the point where I could not walk nor breathe. I fell to my knees and rolled to the ground. I cried on the dirty pavement. I was left alone for hours there. I don’t remember anything else. My mind was in a traumatic state.

Days later, I stood by Jeremy’s bed and a doctor was telling me that his brain activity had increased four percent. I registered it but I didn’t react to the news in any way. I stared at his pale face with my blue eyes that were shaded by a thick glaze of emptiness. I jumped when I felt a hand rest on my shoulder. It’s Aubrey, my twenty year old daughter. I tried to face her but I could only look away. She pulled me in for a hug and rested her hand on my chest.

“Daddy, I can’t feel your heart beating.” She whispered.

It took me a while to register what she said, then some more to think of what to say, and I took a deep breath as if I’m gasping for air and managed to say, “Its dead.”

She wrapped her long arms around my neck and stood there holding me close to her while looking at Jeremy. I didn’t know what came over me, but I started choking. I felt like I wasn’t getting air. I held onto Aubrey tighter, thinking that in some magical way, she’d give me air.

“Just let it out daddy.” She stroked my hair.

With that, I buried my face into her coconut scented hair and bawled. I sobbed all over her shirt and when I was okay again, I apologized for making a wet spot on her shirt. She smiled the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen and told me it was nothing. I stared into her green eyes and tried to search them. I found nothing but her love for her old man. Well, I’m not that old. I’m just at thirty-nine, almost to the big four-O. She slid her arm down to touch my back. She faced towards the door and gestured for me to walk with her.

“Daddy, you need air. This is how you’re going to get it.”

“Baby, I can’t leave him.”

“Daddy, you haven’t slept in days. You look like shit on cookie dough.” She smiled again. I loved her smile. It was breathtaking and it eased my heart. Her smile stopped the pain and stopped the tears from coming again and again. I smiled back.

“Okay, just for tonight. I’ll stay home.”

She smiled bigger that time and I realized I needed them. They were my only comfort besides her words. We walked away from his room, away from the hospital and found the car in parking lot 2. I put myself in the passenger seat and told her she had to drive.

“I’m not up for it baby.” I look away. She puts her hand on my shoulder and brushes it. I turn to her and see her staring at me. She leans in and I quietly gasp. “Is she…” Part of me was disappointed because the needy man inside of me wanted her to care for me in a different way. Then the other part was relieved because that would’ve been such an awkward moment. All she did was whisper, “Everything’s gonna be okay daddy.” I looked back out the window and quietly said, “Take me home.” The car ride was silent the entire way except for the soft sound of Counting Crows CD playing in her CD-Deck.

I was home. I walked directly towards the fridge and looked for any type of beer. Anything would’ve worked. I needed to get as wasted as possible. I wanted to feel fucking numb. The fridge door slammed shut and it shocked me. I looked up to see Aubrey’s face and she looked upset.

“Daddy, beer is not the answer. görükle escort bayan I won’t have that in my presence.”

My mind wanted to yell at her for telling me how to run my life. I was upset that she wouldn’t let me feel better. I raised my voice to her, “What do you want me to do Aubrey?!”

“Tell me how you feel daddy. Go sit down on that couch.” She says while pointing to it. “You and I are going to talk about this daddy.”

I looked away again for fear of her seeing my tears starting to form. I didn’t want to talk about anything. I ignored her request and walked away towards the hall. I heard her catching up to me. She surprised me by pinning me to the wall.

“Daddy, you know you can’t do that. Don’t walk away from something that is only going to hit you harder later. Talk to me dad. I’m here for you. I’m all you have and you’re all I have so you and I need to go through this together. Comprendé?”

I couldn’t help but smile. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me. We stood there holding each other for a few minutes. She stroked the back of my neck which gave me a sweet sense of comfort. It’s only seconds later that I realized my cock was twitching. I just hoped she didn’t feel the erection that was slowly forming. I touched the small of her back and caressed it with ease. Then I put my hands on her hips and pulled myself away from her enough so I can see her eyes and her smile. I wanted to kiss her so deeply and so badly. I wanted her to feel my love for her. I wanted to thank her by making sweet love to her. I kept looking at her lips and noticed how beautiful they were. I needed to pull away from this otherwise I’d make some terrible mistake. I forced myself to break lose and then I shook off all the dirty thoughts.

“I’m going to hop into the shower. You said I looked like shit.” I smiled at her and walked away quickly. I blushed wondering if she caught a glimpse of my huge erection. I quickly undressed and fixed the temperature of the water to a degree I enjoyed. I leaned on the shower wall and closed my eyes. Without thinking, I touched my cock and let my mind go to the forbidden place. I thought of her body lying under me, her naked breasts heaving every time she breathed and her pussy teasing my cock. I stroked harder and faster but I knew I couldn’t make myself cum. I needed the release so much but emotions blocked that from happening. I slumped to the shower floor and put my head in my hands. I broke down again and cried. I must’ve sobbed loudly because the door opened and Aubrey came in. She stepped in with all her clothes on and picked me up. It didn’t seem to faze her that she just saw her dad completely naked. She wrapped her arms around my waist and put her head on my chest. She pressed my body against the shower wall with her body weight. I could only return the hug and finish letting the tears run dry. I pushed away from her hug and looked at her body. Her nipples were poking through her soaking wet bra and white shirt. I couldn’t help but feel myself stir.

“Baby, why are you in here?” I looked up at her to see her staring at my cock. I slumped back down and curled up. I felt ashamed. She knelt down to my level and stared into my eyes. To my surprise, she took off her shirt. God her breasts are beautiful. I wanted to suck on them so much. My mouth watered and my eyes kept staring at her.

“Daddy, relax. Every man has a cock, there’s no need to hide yours. Let me massage your body with this soap” I blushed profusely to the word “cock.” She took my feet in her hands and slowly put them around her waist. She turned her torso and reached for the bar of soap. She lathered her hands up and put her hands on my shoulder. They slid down to my chest and she spent a lot of time there and pinched my nipples a few times. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan. She took her hands off my body and lathered them up with more soap and caressed my stomach with it. I kept my eyes closed and my breathing became soft and steady. I felt myself growing every time she placed her hands near it. There was no way of hiding my erection and it embarrassed me. She was torturing me with her innocent acts. She was only trying to take care of me, but my god, I ached for her touch. I let her rub the soap into my hips, my inner thighs down the rest of the way to my legs and then my feet. She told me I needed to stand altıparmak eskort up and face the wall so she could do my back. In my world, I heard “Turn around so I can see your ass.” I stumbled over myself while trying to stand. I felt so weak with her. She had so much power over me. I turned around and knew she was checking at my ass. I looked down at myself and waited for her to make whatever move that was next. Her arm wrapped around and she placed her hand on my lower stomach. I quivered at her soft touch and she ever so slowly massaged the soap into my back. She lowered her hand and paused above my butt. I knew she was scared to touch it but dear god; I needed her to touch it. I let out a moan signaling her how much I wanted her to do this. She still held onto my stomach but I felt her hand go lower and I automatically arched my neck back. She started massaging the soap onto my right ass cheek. I tensed up and she quickly put the soap down. Then she used her bare hands to caress every muscle in my ass. She made my cock twitch in pain, yet in so much pleasure.

“Baby…” I accidentally moaned out. Damn! I didn’t want her to know I was enjoying it that much. She couldn’t see my engorged cock from her angle so she had no idea but my words gave her a clue. She kept touching my ass and caressed my thighs every so often too.

“Baby… stop. Please.” I realized the water was freezing now. I wanted her to continue but it was too cold now that my mind was set on it. She stood up and I turned sideways hoping she wouldn’t see anything. I turned the water off quickly and stepped out grabbing a towel. I tossed her one and said I’d get her fresh clothes. When I walked back into the bathroom, she was wearing her bra and thong. She walked towards me and passed me walking towards my bedroom. I grabbed her hand and spun her around until she was pressed against my body. I leaned in and kissed her with such incredible passion. I placed my hand on her cheek and moaned into her mouth. I kissed her harder and with sloppier kisses. I let my towel drop to the floor and picked her up in my arms. I walked blindly to my bedroom and let her fall onto the bed. I reached under her and snapped her bra off. I tossed it across the room and dived into one of her soft breasts. Her nipples were completely erect and her hands were roaming in my hair while she let out gasps and deep moans. I licked around her nipple and sucked on it. I bit on it gently and used my other hand to rub her other one in my hand. I switched and spent more time on this one. God, she tasted so sweet. Her breasts felt like silk. They were so incredibly soft. Her nipples were a perfect pink.

“God daddy, don’t stop. This feels so nice.” She moaned to me.

“Daddy can’t stop. You tortured me too much for me to willingly stop.” I kissed her mouth again and shoved my tongue down her throat. I explored every inch of her mouth and my hands were starting to roam downwards towards her pussy. I wanted to feel every part of her. Aubrey rolled me over and as I saw her sitting on me, I imagined her body riding my cock. I grabbed her hips and grinding myself into her. I wanted her to know how much I needed her. She adjusted herself lower and put her face so dangerously close to my hard- on. Her hands ran over my stomach and down to my thighs which sent goose bumps over my entire body. She touched my cock and gave it two slow deep strokes. I let out aloud moan. I arched back and thrust my cock closer to her mouth. She kissed it and then gave my tip a lick. She licked some more of the head and spread kisses all over. She placed the head in her mouth and used her tongue to circle around the ring. She flicked her tongue over my slit and then my sensitive spot under the head. I jerked around and moaned to her how it felt. She went down further and sucked harder on my throbbing cock. I couldn’t take this much longer. Her mouth was working magic on me and I couldn’t help but place my hands in her hair. I pushed her down a little more and she let out the first moan I have ever heard from her. She shocked me by putting a finger in my ass. “Mmm, baby that feels amazing. God, I can’t take this much longer Aubrey.” I thrust myself into her as she sucked on my cock harder and faster. She finger fucked my ass and teased my balls with her thumb.

“Daddy’s gonna- a- -a –a cum-m-m. Au-u-u-b-re-e-y, baby! Oh god, nilüfer escort yes! Suck daddy’s cock please. Suck it baby.” She deep-throated my cock and sent me waves over waves of pleasure. “Oh yes, that’s it!” I grabbed her hair and thrust myself for the final time in her mouth. I spurt cum shot after cum shot deep down her slutty throat. My cock throbbed violently in her mouth and the most amazing thing was she kept going. She kept drinking up my cum and sucking the rest out of it. She had me spent. My cock was so sensitive now and she wouldn’t let it go. I had another orgasm but it was not as strong. I came a few more shots into her mouth and she finally let my cock go.

“You like that daddy?” She sat up giving me a dirty smile.

I rolled her over and kissed her hard, tasting my cum from her mouth and the love she had for me. It was all there in that act of taboo, yet it was more of an act of caring to me. I tore off her thong and stared at her pussy. She was clean shaven and I put a finger in her pussy and felt how soaking wet she was. Her pussy was aching to be fucked. She moaned and spread her legs wider. I took my finger out and lowered my mouth to her cunt and gave her clit a lick. She flinched and put her hands in m hair. She played with the hair and pushed my head down.

“Daddy, you know you want to. Daddy, please.” She pleaded.

I lapped from bottom to top of her pussy and then pressed my tongue inside her hole. I wiggled my tongue around and then lapped upwards while pressing harder once I reached her clit. I flicked over it many times and put a finger in. I fucked her pussy with one finger and licked and sucked on her clit. I put in a second finger and heard her moan. She was gently thrusting her pussy into my face and I kept sucking on her sweet clit.

“Daddy… fuck me. Put your huge cock in my pussy daddy. Please daddy. Fuck my pussy.” I looked up at her with my eyes wide open. I adjusted myself directly on top of her and looked into her eyes.

“Are you sure baby?” Suddenly I felt scared. I didn’t want to hurt our trust.

“Daddy, please! Now… daddy, fuck me.” She pulled my head down and kissed my lips with hunger. She bit on my bottom lip and it made me moan. I grabbed my cock and placed it at her entrance while kissing her and thrust forward. She gasped and I slid easily into her pussy. Her pussy was torturing my cock though. I could feel her pussy milking my cock. I started to make slow thrusts and I buried my head in her hair. I thrust into her harder and harder and she kept moaning loudly and then she started talking to me dirty.

“That’s it daddy. Fuck your little girl. Fuck this pussy. God your cock is huge.” It just turned me on ten times more and made me thrust into her faster. I got up on my hands and looked down at myself fucking her pussy. It looked beautiful. She was taking all of me. I threw my neck back and slowed the thrusts. I wanted to make it last. I felt every vein being touched by her pussy walls. She grabbed my ass and squeezed it. I felt myself thicken inside her and I knew I was close. I thrust at a medium pace now and just stared into her face. I saw her eyes closed, her neck rolled back and her mouth slightly open. Her breasts thrust out at me and her stomach kept contracting. She looked beautiful. Oh god, I was going to cum.

“D-a-a-ad-d-d-y wants to cu-u-um baby.” I barely said.

With that she rolled us over and she kept me down. She started riding my cock, forcing herself down all the way and going back up. She kept doing that and with one hand she pinched her breast and rolled it around in her hand. Then she moved her hand down and touched her pussy. She was driving me nuts. I moaned and she responded by moaning too. She rode me harder and her moans got louder. Her gasps were loud and her breaths were very short. Her breasts bounced every time she slammed her pussy down on my cock. I felt my balls rising and the cum flowing through my tube.

“B-a-a-a-a-a-a-b-y-y-y-y-y-y, this is it. O-h-h-h-h, god! Fu-c-c-k.” I felt my cum shoot up into her pussy and she thrust one more time and I saw her orgasm. She screamed out, “Oh god, daddy. It feels so good. Fuck, daddy. Fuck, oh yes. Oh, god.” That turned me on more and I kept cumming side of her. Her orgasm subsided and she fell on top of my stomach. I rolled us over and stayed inside of her.

“Thank you baby. I love you.”

“Oh, you’ll love me more from now on.”

With that, I kissed her softly and I asked her how long she felt that way towards me. “I’ve always loved you, I’ve wanted you since I saw you jack off in here one time. It was late at night. You forgot to shut the door.” I blushed yet smiled. Before I knew it, we fell asleep.

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