Augusta’s Fantasy

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Augusta made her startling confession one night after we had been drinking all night at the Legion.

Augusta was an attractive twenty-year-old workmate of my wife’s and frequent drinking buddy of ours.

The dark hair Portuguese girl was extremely well-endowed with a dynamite body she liked to display under tight-fitting provocative clothes.

She would tease the guys at the Legion getting up to dance, moving suggestively doing her bumps and grinds.

Augusta was engaged to be married to a Portuguese boy that had been pretty well arranged by her parents.

It was three months before her nuptials she blurted out her secret fantasy. Right there at the table in front of my wife she said she fantasized about being raped and treated like a whore by her attacker.

We were amazed by this secret fantasy Augusta was harboring.

Augusta went on to explain she would like her rapist to be someone she knew so she could enjoy the ordeal.

My wife looked at me knowing what I was thinking. Here was an invitation to fuck a pretty, young beauty fifteen years younger than me.

The conversation moved on to other fantasies the girls had but the wheels in my mind had already started turning.

First, where would I rape her? Augusta still lived at home with her parents, not a suitable location to fuck their daughter. Perhaps I could lure her to our place on some pretense?

It was a few days later I made the call.

My wife was out of town visiting her parents for the weekend and I had the house to myself.

I called Augusta and asked her if she would come over to help me doing some laundry.

It was a lame excuse but perhaps Augusta twigged-on to my plan, she said she would be over within the hour.

I went through the motions of gathering up some clothes that needed washing and carried them in the laundry basket to the laundry room.

I was ready.

Augusta’s Mazda pulled into the driveway in less than half-an-hour after I called her. I watched her long, shapely legs appear as she got out of the car.

She was wearing a very short mini-skirt and a low-cut peasant top, so she was dressed to get raped!

I greeted her at the front door and hurriedly whisked her inside before Gaziantep Yabancı Escort the neighbors got a good look.

“So you aren’t very good at bacheloring it?” she smugly smiled.

“Actually I got a raging hard-on I needed your help with.” I grinned.

I do not know if Augusta was expecting her fantasy rape but she did a superb job of appearing shocked.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I need to fuck you.” I explained.

“But what about Vicky?” the dark hair beauty asked almost trembling.

“She won’t know unless you tell her.” I told her.

Grabbing her by her wrist I dragged her to out bedroom and threw her across the bed.

Her skirt was up around her hips and her white panties were showing. Quickly I reached under her skirt grabbing the waistband of her panties and yanked them down uncovering her lustrous Raven-black bush.

The scent of her sex filled my nostrils releasing the endorphins in my body sending me into an irreversible quest to fulfill her fantasy.

Lifting her top I yanked her bra off the free her beautiful alabaster white mounds for my pleasure.

Her tits were stunning, each crowned by a large chocolate nipple. Her aureoles must have measured three inches in diameter and her teats rose half-an-inch as she was obviously in an aroused state.

“Don’t hurt me.” She pleaded.

“Suck my cock slut!” I snarled.

She looked genuinely surprised, I don’t know if sucking cock was on her agenda or not?

I unfastened my trousers and pulled them and my under shorts down to my knees and walked over to the bed.

My fully erect cock waved threateningly inches from her face.

“C’mon, gobble it!” I demanded.

She looked at me with her big beautiful brown eyes and reached out and took me in her hand. Her full red lips opened as she guided my cock into her mouth.

Her mouth felt like heaven, warm and wet surrounding my meat like it was some precious jewel. Her lips sealed around my shaft as she inhaled forming a perfect chamber for me to ejaculate in.

“Suck it whore!” I growled grabbing the back of her head and forcing her to take another couple of inches of cock into her head.

Augusta garbled something unintelligible as I filled my hands with her long hair and started to skull-fuck her.

She acted as if she wanted to resist me as the head of my cock slammed against the back of her mouth but the action of her tongue betrayed her true desire. Her tongue was circling my cock, up and over the head in a frenzy to make me cum.

Her right hand milked the base of my shaft while the left gently cradled my balls.

She did not miss a beat when my jism begin pumping into her mouth.

One spurt, two spurts, still she kept sucking. I knew my sperm would be sliding down her throat on the way to her beautiful belly.

She did not release my cock until my balls had completely drained into her mouth.

August opened her mouth wide and as I removed my cock she stuck her tongue out to show there was none of my cum remaining in her mouth. She licked her glistening lips closing her mouth once more trapping my sperm in her stomach.

“You liked that didn’t you you cocksucking whore?” I sneered at her.

She just smiled demurely.

“Now I am going to fuck you.” I threatened.

“Please don’t, I don’t want to have a baby!” she whimpered.

Was she truly at risk of pregnancy or was it just part of her act?

She laid back on the bed with her legs spread open, and her sweet cunt just begging me to enter.

I stroked my cock a few time while admiring her beautiful tits getting hard enough to invade her most intimate space.

“Oh please don’t!” she pleaded as I covered her body with mine.

She was no virgin, my cock slid into her like a hot knife into butter.

Her cunt felt every bit as good as I had been constantly imagining for the past few days. It fit snugly around my cock like a rubber glove, gripping my swollen cock as the walls of her vagina squeezed me gently. It had been a long time since my cock had been in a pussy so tight.

“O.K. asshole, fuck me!” Augusta snarled.

I was shocked by her out-of-character behavior and slammed my cock fully into her waiting cavity.

I could see in her eyes she enjoyed the sensation of being filled with a strange cock.

He hips began to gyrate pulling my cock in eccentric circles as I begin my in and out rhythm of that ancient mating ritual. The girl was a beautiful fuck!

There was no mistaken, Augusta wanted me to fuck her. I thought of the countless times I had jerked-off thinking about her and all the time she was likely masturbating thinking about what we were doping now.

“That’s it, fuck me you little slut!” I provoked her.

Augusta was right into it, her body moving in performance with my cock as if it were the maestro’s baton. Each time my cock sliding into her hungry hole the walls of her cunt would contract in a desperate attempt to take full advantage of its being there.

“Oh yes, give it to me you bastard!” she cried.

I showed her no mercy, fucking her rough and hard like the little whore she was. My cock slammed into her time and time again, the head kissing her cervix on each thrust.

“Come in me!” she teased.

I did not know if she was using birth control pills but I was going to drench the slut’s ovaries with my sperm.

“Close your eyes and it will b e a boy.” I advised her.

“No, I want to look at your face when you are coming in me.” Augusta smiled.

Her cunt was beginning to spasm and the look in her eyes told me she was about to have her orgasm. Wanting to climax with her I opened the floodgate holding back my seed.

It came in powerful spurts, the potent sperm scalding her fallopian tubes as the greedily sucked up my renegade spermatozoa.

Augusta’s eyes rolled back in her head as she departed for Laa-Laa land. She past out beneath me as her orgasm possessed her body.

She began to tremble and shake like Linda Blair and weird noises emitted from her mouth, the orgasm hit her like a hit of Crack cocaine.

It seemed like an eternity but it was only seconds that my Raven hair beauty was not with me. Slowly her awareness returned to her.

“Oh my God, I have never come like that!” she moaned.

My cock remained soaking in her drenched hole dribbling out residual sperm.

I kissed her and our tongues intertwined in a duel for our hearts.

“How was she?” Vicky said as she entered.

“How was Gussie? I know you fucked her.” My wife smiled.

Apparently the girls had it all planned and knew as soon as my wife was out of the house I would be calling Augusta to come over.

“She’s coming over tonight for a threesome, she must have liked it!” Vicky grinned.

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