Aunt Cathy Pt. 04

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Big Tits

{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

I’d ditched my clothes for some coveralls when I got into the garage. There’s no air conditioning in there and I didn’t feel like sweating up fresh clothes. Getting the old interior light out was proving to be a bitch, I’d had to push the driver’s seat back as far as it would go so I had some place to kneel. The old light finally come loose, and I heard the side door to the garage open. Not even bothering to look I got out to get the new light, I already knew who it was.

“So how go’s the battle lover?” When I looked over, she did it to me again. With the light from the open door behind her, the flowery sun dress vanished, all you could see was the silhouette of a gorgeous woman’s body. And somehow, even with that dress, she’d managed to find high heels, some kind of cork looking sandals that lace’d up to mid-thigh.

Cathy didn’t come stand next to me, she instead went and sat in the driver’s seat of my car. I just thought, ‘Here we go again.’ When I told her I needed to kneel on the seat to work she got that smirk on her face again, “Oh, you need some room huh?” Did she get out of the car? No way. She hiked her dress to the top of her panties, put one leg out the driver’s side door, the other over the center console and was spread wide open. The hard on was starting, she was grinning, but like I’d said, no more backing down.

“Yeah, that’ll work.” When I kneeled on the seat it brought me cock level with her tits. She was looking at my hard on with that grin, so I bluntly asked, “You going to want me to jack off into those panties too? If you do, your pictures will turn out a lot better if were in the same room.”

Cathy’s grin disappeared, she didn’t say anything for a while, she also didn’t close her legs. “Were you lying when you said I had the best boob’s and everything else you’d ever seen?”

“Nope, I meant everything.” She pursed her lips and nodded her head like she’d finally made a decision on something.

“Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve heard anything like that?” She paused. “I didn’t plan on watching you, but when I saw your cock, there was no way I wasn’t going to. Your thick and hard, my personal choice of length too. When you started to use my thigh highs and panties to masturbate.” She cut her self-off, “I have a… fetish that you wouldn’t understand.”

That I almost laughed at. “Yeah? You mean like seven gigs of why you can’t install programs fetish?”

Cathy eyes lit up, smoldering lust. She brought two fingers to her mouth, getting both wet and slid them under her panties fingering herself. “I knew you’d find it,” Her eyes closed, and a pleasure smothered “and this is going to be good,” came from her lips.

Caught off guard does not even come close to what I was feeling, “What are you doing? I mean, I know what you’re doing. What are you up too?”

She stopped her playing and brought her fingers to my lips, “Taste.” There were strands of sticky wetness between her fingers. I didn’t hesitate for a moment. Sucking those fingers into my mouth I started licking like I was between her Kars Escort legs.

With her freehand she started stroking me through my coveralls. She’d switch from the flat of her palm rubbing along me, to her fingernails lightly tracing my shaft. When her fingers pulled from my mouth it was my turn to moan, “Shit Cathy what are you doing to me?” Her hand was between her legs again, this time outside her panties. The lace front pressed deep into her pussy while she massaged circles over and over.

“See anything interesting in my folder?”

“Wh-What?” Verbal comprehension was not a strong point currently, this was really happening. My aunt had pulled me way past third base and I had no idea where we were running to.

Cathy was playing with herself and stroking me to a state of hardness worse than I’d ever been at. Sucking in some air I managed a, “Yeah a few.” She squeezed hard on my cock. “Ok, Ok. The bra fucks were hot, the lady that edged those guys then just let them explode all over her and her clothes, that got me going too.”

My aunt giggled, “Yeah, those bra titty fucks are hot.” She leaned back into her seat and slowly, one by one, undid the buttons to the top of her dress. Reaching inside and pulling her bra confined boobs out, she essentially trapped her dress top open under each boob. Now there was nothing but my coveralls between her bra covered tits and my cock. Looking at me with a fever in her eyes she said, “Let’s make those titty fucks even hotter.”

Leaning forward her thumb and finger yanked my zipper down setting my aching cock free. She used her forearms to push her tits together and let a thick flow of spit spill from her lips and slide down into her cleavage. Her back curved and leaning forward even more she slipped my cock under her bra and between her tits. Both hands were on her knees and using just the bra to hold me in, she started tit fucking me.

Putting my hands on the back of her seat, my hips moved slowly and rhythmically, the feeling of her warm slippery tits on my cock almost hypnotic. Cathy was in no mood for gentleness, “Lover, way to slow and soft. I want you to fuck them hard.” That pushed a button in me, my hips started thrusting so intensely the car started to rock. “That’s it, oh fuck yeah baby that’s it, fuck my tit’s, fuck my tit’s hard, I want that cum all over me.” One hand left her knee, I could feel her fingering herself quick and hard.

“You want to know why I like cum so much lover?”

All I could do was say “Nu-huh.”

“Because it’s so hot and slippery. I love how it slides down my face and drips off my chin to my tit’s. My pussy cums the second I feel it on my panties, and I get so fucking wet when I feel it on my legs through my stockings. Those last two shots you let out that night? I came so hard just thinking how they would have covered me from lips to legs.”

Cathy’s words and the lustfulness behind them were turning me on to the point where I was going crazy. I just couldn’t hold it back anymore, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

My aunt pulled me from her cleavage stroking me with both hands. She’d used her arms Kars Escort Bayan to push her tit’s together again, “Do it baby, decorate my tit’s, cover me with your cum, do it to me.” I didn’t know what I was going to hit with how hard she was jerking me off, but she had me pointed right where she wanted it.

I just started shooting over and over. She aimed the first few spurts right at the top of her cleavage, with her tits pressed so tight together a gooey pool of cum formed. The rest of the jets went across the top of her chest near her neck and ran down over her tits while she moaned and her lips quivered.

When I finally finished her tit’s and bra were covered. Letting go of my cock and pulling her arms away from her boobs, the pool of cum that had been trapped was now free to move. A thick stream of it started to flow between her breasts and started sliding over her belly towards her panties. She leaned back and lustfully said, “My turn.”

I watched her lift the top seam of her panties with her thumbs. That creeping cum stream slithered under her panty line sliding over her clit and pussy lips. Her body started to shake, those smoldering eyes went back in her head, I was starting to freak out, it was like a exorcism. The next thing I knew she gritted her teeth and from inside her throat growled a, “FUCK, YES!”

Her body lifted off the seat, and she squirted what looked like a river before collapsing back down again. Watching that in porn and seeing it for real is way different. She just lay there making small mewing sounds with her eyes closed and breathing heavy. It was like she was in a cocoon, caught between everywhere and nowhere. A soft sparkle glowed on her skin, a dream like smile graced her lips.

She looked more than beautiful. I wanted to kiss her, just her, right now like she was. Her eyelids fluttered open and she pushed herself back up in the seat, “Ok, that was good.”

“WHAT? GOOD!? Man, if that was only good, you’re going to kill me before I even get close to better.” Cathy started laughing, I mumbled “That wasn’t a joke,” and leaned back against the steering wheel, or more precisely the horn. A one second blast startled the hell out of me and I jackrabbited forward flying into Cathy. Of course that just sent her into a fit of hysterics, laughing so hard she had tears on her cheeks.

Things weren’t so funny to me wondering who had heard that and might be heading to the garage right now. I felt her legs wrap around my back and her hands cup my face, “You worry too much lover, come here.” She pulled me down to her lips, those beautiful pink and purple candied lips, put her arms around my neck, and taught me a lesson on how a woman kisses. A long, soft, deep, tongue dancing lesson.

The kiss ended and I pulled back and looked at her, “Is there anything you’re not good at?” Cathy put a finger on her cheek and looked up as if in deep thought.

“Blow jobs, I’m horrible at giving head.” She said It with such a straight face a look of surprise hit my face. That quickly turned into a look of ‘You’re so full of shit’.

“You’re never going to stop Escort Kars teasing me are you?” She just giggled and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

“Nopper’s, now let’s get dressed lover.”

I just had to zip up, but I told Cathy I’d get her a towel, she looked at me like I was a idiot and grabbed her boobs rubbing them together with a wink. Watching her satisfyingly button up her dress I understood there was a lot more to this fetish I was going to have to learn about. We got out of the car and she again put her arms around me to kiss me. “Later baby.”

The light from the door had the same effect on her dress walking out, as it had walking in, leaving just the silhouette of a gorgeous woman’s body moving like a dream. When I realized the only reason I could see her silhouette was because the door had been left open, and that anyone could of walked in unannounced at any time, I gave my forehead a good slap. “Dude you really need to work on your privacy skills.”

I sat back down in my car with a head full of questions. “What now?” was the biggest one. “Was this a onetime thing or were we at some point going to have sex? Would she, or I, start to feel guilty after a few days or hours even? Why had she asked me if I’d seen anything good in her folder? Did she want to recreate even more of those pictures and videos?”

I heard Cathy’s voice come from the garage door in a urgent whisper, “Help me!” My knee collided with the steering wheel when I jumped out and headed toward her voice. There was nothing I could see wrong with her, no blood, she wasn’t holding something like she was in pain. I looked at her a bit panicked, “What? what’s wrong?”

“Your mom wants to go to the city and do some shopping, like right now.”

“Huh? Th-That’s it? Oh my god call the national guard, inform the president. So what?”

She looked at me in disbelief, reached up, and started pushing her boobs together and apart like an accordion. There was a definite squishing sound of my cum still between them. I got it, when mom wants to go it’s now. Not five or ten minutes from now, just now. In other words, she had no time to clean her boobs. “I’ll go get a wet towel, best I can do righ…” Mom’s head appeared in the doorway.

“Are we going or what? Come on times a wasting.”

My aunt cool as can be lifted her cell phone hand, “I’ll be there in two seconds. Your son here wants me to play errand boy, I have no idea what he’s talking about so I’m looking for a picture, then I’ll be there.” Mom just sighed.


Cathy grabbed me with both hands by my coverall collar, pulled me in close, and glared at me. “If my tits get glued together with your cum, you are licking them till they come apart.”

The grin just came on my face, I couldn’t help it, “Is that a threat or a promise?” She growled at me and gave me a quick kiss letting go of my coveralls.

“Don’t you worry,” She grabbed my cock, “This little shopping trip was my idea, and oh believe me, I do have some ideas.” Mom honked her horn, and she was gone.

It wasn’t even noon yet. I’d had the most intense sexual encounter of my life, my car still didn’t have its light, there was a floor mat soaked in a river of squirt, and for the rest of my day, ‘Oh believe me, I do have some ideas,’ would be chomping at my brain.

“Some ideas.” I wondered if I should take insurance out on my penis.

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