Aunt Judith Ch. 04

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continuing the story…

I was now panting as her head bobbed back then right deep down on my cock, taking my whole length inside her as she deep-throated me so skilfully.

“Ah!” I panted, “God you are so good, Aunt, please just take my cum now!”

And with a renewed vigour she bobbed deep down on me, slipping a finger right into my anus as I felt the first spurt of my cum inside her.

“Oh God!” I was panting, “Take me now, now, now, now, Ah! Ahhh! Ahhhhh!” as I felt my cum squirt up into her mouth and down her throat, and saw her swallowing hard to suck me all dry.

“God!” I said again as I began to subside, “I’ve never known a better cock sucker than you, Aunt, that was fabulous!”

She drew back, carefully licking off a few dribbles on the end of my cock, then smiled at me.

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed it, Andrew. I’ve so wanted to have you over all these years, so it has been wonderful for me – like a dream come true. And I’m pleased you gave Norman a mouthful too, because he does like to have a real man once in a while. You’ve been a pleasure to both of us, so have a good sleep, and we’ll see you in the morning!”

And with that she stood up, beamed a “Good night!” at me, then walked out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

I slept a deep sleep that night, drifting off in a mixture of disbelief and arousal: how could my Aunt have been so outrageously sexy – and my Uncle join in too! – and why did I respond so positively to their come-ons? It was all so wrong, yet so fabulous, and my dreams unfolded all through the night.

As I eventually became aware of daylight and noises downstairs, my mind again reprised the activities of yesterday. Was it only one day? Starting off with Aunt Judith posing for me like her photo, and showing off her body with her legs wide apart! Then that first cumming with me and Uncle Norman both wanking into her mouth! It was just unbelievable! Then the way they both wore soft tight sweaters, the kind that just aroused me so much. Had they known about this little fetish already? Or was it their fetish too? Then that wonderful time of Aunt Judith bending over for me to enter her, and Uncle Norman proudly letting me fuck her! Then the shower, then bedtime, it had all been just too amazing.

Then as I turned over, realising I was semi-hard again, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I pretended to be still asleep, and heard the door open. There was some movement at the foot of the bed, then Uncle Norman’s whispered voice:

“I’ve just left you some clean clothes for when your get dressed. Jude thinks you might like to wear a pair of her panties, and there’s a nice cardigan of mine for you too…”

Then there was the sound of the door opening and shutting as Norman slipped out.

Aunt Judith giving me her panties! Whatever next?

I got up on one elbow to look down the bed, where a dusky pink cardigan was neatly folded with some white stretchy panties on top.

I couldn’t see much detail, so got up and reached down to bring them up closer. The sweater was so very soft, in a ribbed pattern, and I couldn’t believe it was Norman’s – it had a little v-neck and I could imaging Judith filling out so well. And then the panties! White cotton, but feeling kind of thick and stretchy, like a control pantie of some kind. I was just stroking them and thinking of Judith’s body being inside them, when the door suddenly opened again.

It was Judith, this time wearing a pale blue twinset, with the v-necked cardigan buttoned up and white pearls as an accessory, with a white cotton skirt that looked so delightfully soft as it clung to her hips. She’d pulled her hair back into a bun, so looked quite the matronly controlling Aunt as she looked towards me.

“Well I glad to see you’re getting up at last!” she smiled, “Norman and I were wondering quite how we should get you up.” and she winked her knowing wink. “And I’m glad to see you are appreciating my panties. They feel so nice don’t they? And the elastane in them means they will fit you very tightly. I’ve got Norm to put all your other clothes in the wash, so when you’re ready you can have a quick breakfast downstairs. Just come down in the cardigan and panties – no need for trousers, especially today!”

I must have looked shocked and puzzled.

“Well you remember, we’re having John and Barbara round? They’ll be here in an hour or so, so there’s no need to change too many times. By the way, how are you this morning – fully roused yet?”

And with a grin and a firm tug, she pulled the duvet back, flinging the clothes down the bed, as she exposed my semi-erect naked body.

“What a gorgeous sight Andrew, I do love a boy who can keep it hard for his Auntie! I’ll just give you a little tickle so you know who’s in charge!”

And she reached her hand over to my belly, stroking straight down to my cock, now rising into her fingers. They felt so fabulous, warm and firm, as they grasped my shaft and pushed down hard, forcing my cock up toward her bursa eskort and swelling my bell end.

“That looks wonderful!” she smiled, stroking her breast with her other hand, as if to brush some fluff away. “And I’d love to have you again right now, but we mustn’t spoil ourselves before the guests arrive. Now I’ll just watch while you dress…”

And she pulled her hand back, leaving my cock still throbbing and my heart beating faster.

“So you want me to wear just that sweater and panties?” I asked, repeating the obvious.

“Yes, and hurry now otherwise there will be no time for breakfast before they get here.”

So slipping out of bed on the opposite side to where Judith was now sitting, I walked to the bottom and picked up the cardigan first, then wished I hadn’t. It felt so weird to be holding her cardigan – it had to be hers, not Norman’s, – and about to put it on.

“Is this really Norman’s cardigan?” I asked. “It looks very girly and I can see you filling it very well Auntie.”

“Well we call it Norm’s because its one of his favorites when he’s dressing up – but of course it’s mine really. Now come on – get dressed for me!”

The wool felt gorgeously soft and sexy as I slipped my right arm down the sleeve. It clung tightly to my arm, almost caressing it as I pulled the cardigan sleeve on. I was facing away from Judith now, as I slipped my left arm into the tight wool tube, my cock arching with the naughty sexiness of dressing in Judith’s clothes – while she was watching! I pulled the cardigan right on, and started buttoning it up, painfully aware that it finished at my waist leaving my lower half totally naked. And it was tight too, as the buttons strained over my chest.

“Time to show off to Auntie!” Judith said in a low commanding voice. “Come on, turn around and let me see you!”

So knowing she would see me – but there again she’d seen me so much already – I turned around to face her, my cock standing rigidly forward.

“Oh that looks quite delightful!” smiled Judith, beaming at me. “And you fill that cardigan so well – what a nice manly body you’ve got! I love that contrast between manly shape with your big proud cock and my girly little cardigan. It always makes me smile seeing a man dressed up for me! And today I’ll have three – all in pink! I’ll be in heaven! Now on with my panties – let’s see if they can control you a little.”

I reached down and picked up the soft white fabric, holding them open to put my left leg through, then my right. Then I started to pull the panties up but they were tight on my legs just beyond my knee.

“I don’t think these will fit very well, Aunt.” I said, looking round, “and I wouldn’t want to over-stretch them.”

“Nonsense!” she replied, both Norman and John have worn them lots and they’re both fatter than you – just you breathe in and pull them right up!”

So I did as she asked, watching my cock getting crushed back by the strong elastic, and pulled the full body of them up towards my waist.

“Well your bottom looks good – now show me the front!” commanded Judith, so I turned around to show her. As I looked I saw a little tell-tale damp mark already on the front, where the outline of my erection was clearly visible.

“Hmm, yes” she smiled to herself, “A little bit of over-keenness already, but what do you expect in a youngster1”

Then it was my turn to smile, given I was 24. “Not so young, I don’t think, Aunt.”

“Well younger than my usual friends, so young it is. You look so sexy as a girly boy that I know Barbara will be all over you in no time! John will be wanting to pinch your bottom too, but we’ll keep him in his place. Now come on, down we go, to see Norm in his party clothes.”

So feeling totally bizarre wearing just my Aunt’s sweater and panties, I followed her gorgeous body downstairs and into the lounge, and couldn’t believe what I saw.

There was Norm sitting in his favorite chair, reading the paper. But he was wearing a pink twinset, with v-necked cardigan, fully buttoned up over a round neck sweater, some pink panties, a suspender belt and pink-tinged stockings, with girly slippers over his feet.

“Morning Andrew!” he smiled, “Did Jude tell you about our dressing up parties?”

“Err, no.” I stammered, aware that he was now looking me up and down, with his eyes resting on my groin.

“Well you look perfect like that, doesn’t he Jude? I’m sure John and Barbara will get on with him really well. Did you want a spot of breakfast? We’ve left the cornflakes and muesli out for you.”

Judith now led me through to the dining room, where the table was set for one.

“Now would you like tea or coffee?” she asked.

“Er, tea would be fine,” I replied, “white with no sugar, thanks Auntie.”

“I do like your politeness, Andrew. It’s one thing we insist on at our parties, that everyone is always very polite to the hostess – that me! – and no-one does anything without my permission. I think you’ll like it, from bursa escort bayan last night’s antics! Now tuck into the cereals, there’s a good boy, and I’ll bring your tea through.

So sitting in my pink cardigan and tight white panties, I poured out some muesli, added some milk and started my weird breakfast.

Judith came back shortly with my tea, and sat opposite, so I nodded my thanks to her.

“No, a nod it not good enough – you need to get into character for our afternoon fun. So it is ‘Thank you Auntie’ if you don’t mind.”

“Thank you Auntie.” I replied, then added, “Could you let me know a bit more about this afternoon please?”

“Well of course!” Aunt Judith smiled back at me. “It all started when we discovered the pleasures of enjoying our bodies with other couples, and we found John and Barbara had very similar likes to our own – they both liked the feel of soft sweaters, and John although he’s a bossy person seemed to get turned on when we girls were in charge. And we’ve found so much since – because it turns out both John and Norman are a bit bisexual, and me and Barbara get turned on together by the power we have over them.”

I’d kept eating through all this, not quite believing the details I was hearing, and was now scraping up the last of my cereal.

“So you can expect an afternoon of entertainment,” she continued, “with you of course the centre of attention!”

“Why me?” I asked innocently.

“Because we’ve all seen and had each other lots over the last few months – but you are new! Plus you’re a good young stud,” she smiled, winking at me, “so I’m wanting to watch you in action – and so are they! Barbara was like a highschool girl when I was talking to her on the phone this morning – wanted to know every detail of last night! Especially the things you did to Norman, because she does link embarrassing John when she can. She’s dressing him in pink too – a round-neck cardigan and black panties, she says. Plus stockings of course – which is the only thing you’re missing. I’ll look you some out in just a moment – let me pop that dish into the dishwasher while you finish your tea.”

And with that she whisked the bowl away, walking so sexily into the kitchen. And that was the dilemma. She was so damn sexy that I could so anything for more of her. Well maybe not anything, but at least get dressed in girl’s clothes if that was what I had to do to have her some more. I just hoped that Barbara was as sexy – I’d never had two mature women at the same time before…

Then Judith came back in again. “Right!” she smiled, “Follow me up to our bedroom for stockings, there’s a good boy!”

So still feeling so bizarre, I walked past Norman in the lounge and followed Judith upstairs to their bedroom. It was bigger than the room I was in, with an en-suite unit in the corner, a big dressing table by the window, and huge line of mirror wardrobes all along the far side of the bed. The decor was rich dark reds, giving quite an exotic feel.

“OK, so you just stand there!” she said, pointing to the end of the bed, “While I find you some things.” and she began rummaging through one of the drawers in the dressing table.

“Here we are!” she said, holding up a white suspender belt. This should do for you! Just stand still with hands on hips and I’ll fasten it on for you. This one does up at the back, with two pretty little suspenders at the front, and two more at the back.”

And she came up to me, draping the lacy cloth around me, then moving behind me to do it up. And it was a tight fit! Then it was done, and she stroked the straps going over my bottom, before coming round to the front. My cock was now pushing again at my panties, and she smiled when she spotted it.

“Oh I’d so like to give you a quicky now, Andrew, but I’ve promised Barbara she can have the first cumming of the day…”

“Well I wouldn’t say anything!” I smiled, “And I’m certainly ready for you Auntie!”

“No!” she butted in. “And this time no means no. Anyway, they’ll be here in a minute or two. So quick put these nylons on for me.” and she reached some crumpled flesh-colored stockings from the drawer.

I pulled them up, feeling so out of place, as she just watched, smiling. “Who would have thought it?” she grinned. “My little nephew getting dressed up in girly clothes in my own bedroom, ready for a party! It’s like a dream come true!”

She came right up close, putting her lips together for a kiss, so I decided to take the moment and grabbed her, pulling her to me, so she could feel my hardness pressing into her belly, and my fingers could stroke the soft wool of her cardigan and skirt, as our lips met in a passionate kiss. We stroked and touched each other, and I knew she was getting aroused, so I cheekily pulled my hand forward over her right breast, feeling the softness and warmth of her flesh under my fingers. Soon I was squeezing her hard nipple and felt the gorgeousness of knowing my Aunt was responding to görükle escort my touches as I fondled her.

Suddenly there was a loud ‘bing-bong’, and we both involuntarily stopped as if we knew we were doing something wrong.

“God they’re here already!” gasped Judith. “I must check my lipstick isn’t smudged!”

From the mirror she shouted downstairs: “Norm, go and let them in honey, we’ll be down in a moment!”

I could hear the opening door, and the sound of their voices, as Uncle Norman welcomed the couple into his house.

And then Aunt Judith was leading the way downstairs, me following a few paces behind, wondering what was about to happen.

I saw Barbara first, slipping her coat off to reveal a wonderfully tight mauve twinset, over her very generously built bust. She was about the same age as Judith, with grey hair cut short and hanging straight beside her face, and cut shorter still up the back. She had a pretty face, and a welcome smile when our eyes made contact.

“Well!” she smiled, looking directly at me, “You must be Andrew! And I’m Barbara, but you can call me Bee as a special treat!”

She walked over towards me, and not knowing quite how to greet this stranger I held out a hand but she came right up to me, grabbed me round the waist, and kissed me on both cheeks.

“What a gorgeous find, Jude, and I can’t believe all the good things you can do, Andrew. Even if only half of what Jude told me is true we’re in for a splendid party! Now let me introduce John.”

And my eyes now moved to the other new face, a man in his mid sixties, with white flowing hair quite long, brushed back over his collar – that is, the collar of a lady’s pink round-necked cardigan. He looked just so bizarre, standing their holding his coat in front of him.

“Norm,” said Judith, regaining a role as mine host, “Please take John’s coat and hang it up for him – and Barbara’s too””

As Norman took the coats away I could see that below the waist John just had on some tight black nylon panties, a matching black suspender belt, and dark stockings.

We were all looking each other up and down in this first flush of introductions. Barbara’s twinset had a round-necked cardigan, with the top button undone and the underlying sweater just visible, and a coordinating darker purple knitted skirt. They certainly lived up to the liking for wool, the both of them.

“Right!” said Judith, when Norman came back, “Time for drinks I think! What’s everybody having? G&T as usual for you two? And Andrew, is it a beer?”

Both John and Barbara nodded, I replied with: “Yes please Auntie!”

“Oooh you have trained him well, Jude,” cut in Barbara. “I do love a nice polite young man. Now when we’ve got these drinks you must tell me more about last night, now I can see the boy!” Norman soon came over with the drinks, and we all stood around like we were mingling at a regular party – except for the men being dressed in women’s clothes, and everyone wearing tight wool sweaters.

“So do tell me again, Jude, how he came into your mouth – how many times? And you had a full sex session with him too? I bet Norm loved watching that, and taking photos!”

“Well as I said,” replied Judith, “he came in my mouth to start with, as I got both the boys to wank off in front of me. It also meant he got to see Norm’s cock, and you know how he likes other people seeing it!”

I couldn’t believe the conversation, with all the graphic intimacies shared with these two friends. But somehow the talk was making my cock twitch, despite everyone else seeming to be looking me up and down as the conversation continued.

“Then my favorite was when Andrew took my doggy style over the sofa – with a condom of course for the first time. We had a really good session, and he got me to orgasm twice! Him cumming in a condom meant Norm could have a taste of him afterwards! Then he went up for a shower, so I followed him and gave him a quickie as the water splashed over us – and obviously Norm loved taking more photos there. He was so close to us that I got Norm to kneel down and open his mouth so he could get Andrew’s hot spunk straight down his throat!”

She smiled over at Norman, who was trying to ensure his cock was comfy as it was clearly trying to grow, listening to all this talk. “No playing, Norm! Let me finish my story!”

John too, I noticed, was trying to discretely make sure his cock had growth room, until Barbara slapped his hand. “Not yet!” she hissed.

“So finally,” continued Judith, “I went to tuck him into bed and kiss him good night, and he had another hard on! So I had to give him a final sucking to say thank you.”

“It sounds fabulous!” smiled Barbara, “But seeing yow two come down stairs together, I hope you’ve haven’t had him again this morning. You did promise me…”

“No!” smiled Judith, putting a hand on her hips. “He was obviously frisky but I saved him for you Bee, like I said I would. Now the drinks are nearly done – so go and get more Norm while we all sit down.”

And she beckoned us to follow, pointing our places to sit.

“You can sit on the sofa, Andrew, and I know Bee will want to sit beside you. John, you can site in Norm’s chair, and he can perch on the arm. I’ll just sit on the middle chair so I can organise things properly!”

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