Aunt Pam and Sarah

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Group Sex

Aunts and their daughters always know how to help.

Thursday came around and it was time for a long weekend. My mom had invited me to visit so I could help her with the Holiday decorations. As always I jumped at the chance because I knew I’d get to see my Aunts and their daughters. I don’t know what it is with our family but oh my god the women are all totally fucking hot.

Aunt Pam is one of the most dirty minded women I think ever to walk the Earth. In fact I’d have to say she might also be the horniest chick since fucking was invented. Anyway I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back up and tell you about how I came to be sitting in the recliner at my mom’s place watching some football.

Decorations had gone well. I’d first cleaned up the front yard and the back yard and had pulled down the boxes from the garage and you know basically kicked ass. The house was looking amazing from outside and I’d put lights up for mom so she’d not have to climb up and do it herself. I was pretty pleased I must say and it was a good time for a break when mom told me the game was on and I should sit back and catch a few sips of hot cider before I went back to work.

There I was doing as mom said. My legs up, the recliner back and the game on. I was in the zone. A ball flying, guys running, I was loving it. Mom rocks and knows I love it from time to time to just sit and watch the world go by. Normally I’m the just do it, guy, the rush from a to b guy. The cider was hot and for the first time in weeks I think I just sat.

“Hey lazy bones,” my aunt Pam said walking into the living room.

Before I could get a word out and before I registered that she was wearing a skin tight soft cotton top and thigh length skirt she literally jumped right into my lap. Pam isn’t heavy but holy shit I was not ready for that. It was a fucking good thing I’d drank better than half of the cider or it would have splashed all over the place. As it was I had some running down my arm as I realized Pam had knocked the air out of me and just about landed her ass exactly on my cock.

My balls ached from the shock wave.

“What are you doing sitting here on your ass while your mother is working in the kitchen?” Pam asked. Her hand moved to goose me while she twisted for a better position causing her ass cheeks to rub without mercy on my lap.

“Pam…” I blurted as her nails dug into my arm pit and she tormented me. “..oh god!”

“She’s making cookies,” Pam said. “Did you know she was making cookies?”

Right then Pam’s daughter cam into the living room and grinned. Sarah had always loved to see one of the guys in the family at the mercy of my aunts. All my mother’s sisters are outgoing and love taking every chance to make us guys just a little uneasy.

“What’re we watching?” Sarah asked plopping down on the couch.

“You’re not watching anything young lady,” Pam said moving again to look at her daughter.

“Sure we are,” Sarah said grabbing the remote. “I see a couple dozen huge guys molesting each other on TV while pretending to play a completely other game entirely.”

I moaned, but it wasn’t because of Sarah’s comment. My aunt Pam in her efforts to twist and turn had put an arm down and her hand was now planted firmly on my cock. She held it while lifting her ass and moving a couple inches to one side before bursa escort bayan resting her soft womanly butt directly upon it. This made me moan even more as her hand was now sandwiched between my now rapidly filling cock and her soft warm totally fuckable ass.

Well, if you’ve never had an aunt who’s ass belongs on the cover of a porn magazine then you might not know exactly what I’m talking about but let me tell you at that particular moment I’d have given anything if she’s only frozen in place for about a year. I’d liked to have had that ass glued to me right there, my cock was swelling so fast I think it shocked her.

Sarah was still talking, who knows what was being said at just that moment but my aunt turned slowly. Her eyes locking on mine as the last of my cock’s growing spurt finished and it began just throbbing like a fucking drum below the thin layer of my cotton pants.

“Want some candy, baby?” aunt Pam asked with this wicked glint in her eye.

My brain was still about twenty miles behind the events and reacting as if she really did mean that she had a piece of candy for me to eat I said yes. Her eyes held me, widening almost imperceptibly. Those lips I think I’d only just realized were full and wet and made for me to kiss parted and stayed open while her hand closed on the throbbing length of my cock.

For the rest of the quarter my aunt squirmed and shifted in my lap while she and I and her daughter watched the game. All the while my cock was hard as iron. She touched it from time to time, stroking or just pressing or with her hands in her own lap she’d rub her ass on it or she’d turn so a thigh pressing between my legs rested just so my balls felt as if they’d burst.

By this time my pants were more than a little wet, I’d been dripping precome for who knows, maybe the whole time and I felt down right sticky.

Without any more warning than when she’d jumped into my lap Pam arched and sprang up and leaped from the recliner. It was fucking amazing that she landed on her feet.

“I’ll go help in the Kitchen,” Pam said striding out. “Give your mom some help, Ken.”

My heart was beating so heard it felt as if the veins in my shoulder and neck would just burst. I fumbled and stood up. Sarah glanced from the game to me and looked like she’d been drugged. Her eyes kind of flowed right out like the’d come off her face and her neck bent so her face jutted forward and her jaw dropped.

“God!” she said.

I looked down and saw that my cock was rock fucking hard and had my pants so totally tented that you could clearly see the outline of the head taught against the fabric.

“Horny much?” Sarah asked.

“It happens,” I said not able to think of anything else.

“Need some help with that or can you work it out on your own?” Sarah asked with her eyes fixed on my cock. “I’d hate to think my mother broke you.”

“No, I…” the words came out before I realized I should take her up on whatever she meant.

“You sure?” she said. “That looks pretty fucking intense to me.”

My tongue, I swear to god just couldn’t move. I stood there looking from my cousin to my tented pants as a gleam of wetness began to bead on the surface of the fabric. I was so ready to come it was going right through the cotton.

“Guys,” Sarah said standing gorukle escort and grabbing my arm. “I swear it is a wonder you even know what that thing is for. Come on, you were working on decorations right? My aunt said you needed some help.”

“Oh,” I said thinking she’d not meant to do anything about my hard on after all. “Um yeah, there’s more in the garage.”

Sarah leaned away from me putting her weight into it as she dragged me out of the living room. My body was like some kind of clay at first but by the time we got to the hallway I was moving right. Even with my cock making my pants feel like they were put on wrong I was doing okay until my mom saw us passing toward the garage and yelled for me to get her some kind of pan. She kept stuff in boxes out there and I guessed it was some big one that didn’t fit in the kitchen.

“Sure, mom,” I said.

Sarah stopped and waited.

“You know the deep black one,” my mom said. Her eyes were on my face but there was a look. Something she had when I was about to be busted royal in years past. “You okay, Ken? The deep black one, you know? Big pot for boiling potato in.”

I nodded, “Yeah.”

Sarah began pulling me again as I noticed my mom’s eyes pan down and lock a second on my tented pants and dampness. I heard her sudden intake of breath as she tried to stop her self from gasping. She’d probably never seen me with my cock like this.

Just then Pam stepped into my mom’s line of sight and started talking and Sarah had me off through the garage doorway.

“Where’s this pot?” Sarah asked. “Is it as big as that cock in your pants?”

“Shit,” I said quietly as I could. “This is fucking embarrassing.”

“Wanting to come?” Sarah asked. “Or do you mean looking for pots?”

“My situation,” I said moving to the boxes where mom had her extra kitchen stuff. “I’ve never been hard in front of my mom before.”

“Oh,” Sarah said. “So it is a normal thing to have a raging hard on in front of your aunts and female cousins?”

I pulled out the large black pot and a lid to go with it. For a moment I just looked at them. “No, I’ve had that happen before but I don’t think you noticed.”

Sarah took the pot and lid from me. “Oh, Ken… Ken, Ken, Ken. We notice, and I’ve never seen it this hard before. Did my mom really do that to you?”

I looked at her realizing she totally knew. She knew her mother had tormented me to the point come was soaking through my pants. “Yes.”

“Wait here,” Sarah said. “Look for more decorations. I’ll come back and help you with that hard on so you can walk normal.”

“Thanks,” I said.

Sarah left. I waited, and waited some more, and finally after a while I doubted she’d come back so I moved to the far side of the garage from the door and pulled my cock out. I really had to get some relief so I started pumping it thinking of Pam’s hot ass on me. It didn’t take long for me to come to the very edge of an orgasm when I heard the door open.

It wasn’t Sarah, it was my another of my aunts. Tina was the short one of her siblings. Her body was so hot and tightly shaped it was like she was still in school but had these huge full tits.

I don’t know if she heard me or just glanced in my direction but her face locked right on where I was peeking bursa merkez escort bayan between shelves and boxes as my hand froze on my throbbing cock.

“Ken,” she said. “Are you in here? Sarah said you needed a hand.”

Too amazed to answer I just held my cock in silence as come seemed to be getting ready to gush from my balls.

Tina walked toward me. Her high heels clicked on the cement floor of the garage. “Are you there, Ken?”

I didn’t think she wanted to find me jacking off and couldn’t fit it back in my pants so I remained quiet thinking of how much I’d love to fuck her and wondering if she had any idea.

“Oh,” she said turning back toward the door. “Here I am talking to myself again.”

The sight of her ass wiggling as she walked was about all I could stand. Even holding my cock was too much stimulation while seeing her from the rear. I felt come trying to rush from my cock but I wanted more, I wanted to be jacking off and moaning loud so I held it.

Aunt Tina stopped at the door turning for one last look around the garage. One hand held the door knob while the other I rubbed across her tits and down to her crotch.

I was about to say something thinking she was just as horny as aunt Pam but she opened the door and stepped out.

In the silence that followed I started jacking hard and gasping. I heard the door open again and Sarah re-entered the garage. Right behind her aunt Pam looked in.

“If you find him,” aunt Pam said. “Call me.”

“I’m right here,” I said but aunt Pam had already pulled the door closed.

Sarah came over and looked at my cum beaded cock head ready to shoot. She smiled and knelt in front of me. “Should I get my mom or do you want to cum in my mouth?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Yes what?” she asked opening her lips and leaning so her mouth was right in front of my cock.

“God!” I moaned jacking my cock hard.

Sarah stuck her tongue out and let it go wide and as flat as it could so the head of my cock with all my jacking motion giggled as it rested on her tongue.

“I’m gunna cum,” I said.

Sarah looked up into my eyes and waited. Her hands took the sides of my hips helping me to hold steady as I felt the eruption begin. A huge rope blew from my cock rippling over her tongue and vanishing into the back of her mouth. Again and again I erupted in huge thick jets of jism until her mouth started to overflow and my come started running over her lower lip at the corners down both sides of her chin.

“Uhhnnnnnn,” Sarah moaned in support. My come gurgled and bubbled from her mouth.

“Fuck,” I said.

She closed her lips on my cock and started rocking onto me. All that come lathered my cock as she kept sucking on and off. A thick white sheen covered it while she played over it with her lips and tongue.

“Stop!” I gasped at the intense blasts of sensation. “Jesus!”

Sarah swallowed the cum and pushed forward swallowing over and over until the softening head of my cock slipped down her throat. Her lips pressed hard to the base of my cock and her tongue licked my balls. Her swallowing milked me and my body shook.

“Oh my god,” I said.

Pulling herself from my cock she stood and winked before walking away.

“Wait,” I said. “Bring my mom this pot.”

Sarah looked over her shoulder, “You want me to carry shit after sucking your cock?”

“Yeah,” I said stuffing my pecker back in my pants.

She wiped the come from her chin and took the pot. With a deliberate move she rubbed my come off inside the pot and walked away. “Fine.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“You owe me,” Sarah said.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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