Auntie Grace

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Brandi Love

When I was a kid I used to go to my aunties place after school on the days mom used to work the afternoon shift. She wasn’t really my auntie but we called her that anyway, her name was Grace.

Grace didn’t have any kids of her own and her husband was in jail. I didn’t know exactly why, the rumor was he’d killed someone.

Grace was in her late forties and still looked good. About 5’5 and maybe a size 12. The years had taken their toll but you could see she would have been smoking hot in her twenties.

The best thing about her was the size of her tits. They were massive and she always used to wear low cut or loose tops so you got a good look at them.

When you’re a kid getting to see a real boob up close is the most exciting thing that could happen. I used to love going to my auntie Grace’s house.

I had a girlfriend when I was eighteen and the hardest part about having a girlfriend at that age is finding somewhere to fuck, it’s almost impossible. Everyone’s watching you like a hawk.

I overheard Grace talking to my mom on the phone one night about how she had somewhere to go the next day. Perfect I can take my girl there to fuck while Grace was out.

We skipped out of school at lunch and were fucking the second we got inside the front door. Literally right in the entrance hall I had her bent over against the wall and was fucking for all I was worth, until I heard the scream.

It was my auntie Grace staring at us and screaming for us to stop it. It turns out she hadn’t gone out and was having a nap in the back room. She heard a noise, came to investigate and found us.

My girl panicked, pulling her panties up in a flash and was out the bursa otele gelen eskort door in no time leaving me standing in the hallway with my pants around my ankles and a boner wanting to burst.

Grace just stared at me, I thought here it comes I’m going to cope it here before she tells mom and I’ll cop it again.

Grace started walking towards me saying “you dirty little boy” over and over again before reaching out with her hand and grabbing my cock. I flinched and to be honest I would have bolted right about then except I was against the wall and couldn’t.

She started jerking my cock slowly, i just stared back at her frozen to the spot. Without saying a word she dropped to her knees in front of me and started sucking my cock.

Man, I was kind of freaked out but she was such a good cock sucker that everything other than her sucking my cock left my head instantly.

I’d had three girls suck my dick before and I thought they were great but they had nothing on Grace.

She expertly moved between licking sucking and jerking. I’d never had anything like it. I was trying to hang on for as long as I could but she wasn’t making it easy. When she swallowed the entire length of my cock and licked my balls at the same time I was done. I shot my load down her throat and she swallowed every last drop.

I thought that was it but she kept sucking. She sucked much harder and faster than before. In a couple of minutes I was ready to come again. She felt me tensing and started jerking me hard until I came, she directed every last drop onto her face.

Oh my god that was the best thing ever. I could bursa eve gelen escort bayan have collapsed and slept for a week, Then suddenly it all came rushing back. Fuck, my auntie had just blown me.

I started to panic having no idea what to do next. She just stood up looked at me, smiled and said “you better get home for dinner” and walked into the other room. I hurriedly pulled my pants up and almost ran out the door.

I was supposed to go to my auntie’s house after school a couple of times over the next two weeks but came up with an excuse not to have to go each time. I was too embarrassed. I’d finally run out of excuses and mom was starting to get a bit suss anyway so I had to go.

I was stressing about it all day at school, there was no way I could face her, what would I say? A plan started forming in my head. I’d invite my best friends Peter and John to come with me. That way I wouldn’t have to be alone with her and there would be no chance she’d want to talk about it with them there.

We got to her place and I let us in hoping she wasn’t standing on the other side of the door. So far so good I thought to myself as we headed towards the lounge room only to be stopped dead in our tracks by what we saw.

Grace was on the couch naked with the biggest dildo I’d ever seen, it still is to this very day. She was fucking herself with it. In between moans and groans she looked up at me and smiled.

She had to have noticed Peter and John standing next to me but you wouldn’t have been able to tell by her reaction. She didn’t bat an eyelid before saying “hello boys come on in and fuck your aunt Grace”. bayan eskort bursa

Watching her work that dildo into her cunt was awesome and got my cock hard in a second. It must have done the same for Peter because he was the first one over there ripping his pants off along the way.

She grabbed his hand and led him up onto the couch so she could suck his cock. John and I hurried over. I dropped to my knees in front of her and took over working the dildo into her pussy. She got John up on the couch as well and she started alternating between there cocks.

I started playing with her clit as I worked the dildo into her. Her moaning got louder and louder, her pussy wetter and wetter. She pushed her hips forward in rhythm with the dildo until she came to a shuddering climax.

I pulled her down onto her hands and knees on the floor and slipped my cock into her pussy and started fucking her as Peter and John waited for their turn as she sucked their cocks.

Grace pushed her hips back hard into me with each thrust. I fucked her harder and harder. She moaned louder and louder. I pulled out before I came with John jumping into position to take his turn. John stopped short of cumming before passing her onto Peter.

We took turns fucking her in any position we could think off. She would have come at least a dozen times.

We even fucked her ass. She told us too when her cunt started to get sore from all the pounding. I’d never fucked a chick in the ass before it felt so much tighter than her pussy it was just incredible. I’ve loved fucking chicks in the ass ever since.

We fucked Grace constantly for about two more years. I’d bring everyone I knew over to fuck her and she gave them all a fuck to remember.

Then one day it stopped, her fucking husband got early parole; the mother fucker and ruined our fun.

I’m twenty eight now and haven’t seen auntie Grace for at least five years but have never forgotten that she turned us into men. I should email her with any luck hubby might have been locked up again, I hope.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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