Ava’s College Wrestler Pt. 06

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Ava (29 yrs.) is a true blonde (40-24-36) who sits naked in a chair looking at her security camera footage. She squirts the lotion onto her palm and sets the bottle down. Both of her hands lather up and she begins rubbing that lotion over her massive tits. The word got out that she “fucks” out-of-town college wrestlers. The local wrestlers had found out where she lives off campus. They’ve been knocking on her door. It’s finals week on the University campus. She decides to choose one last wrestler before moving to her other apartment.

Fischer (19 yrs.) stands at 5’10” and weighs 157 lbs. He finishes running stairs in a near empty gymnasium. He is wearing a heavy university suit. His body sweat had soaked his top. He jogs to the gym locker-room.

He had stripped everything off and is bent over naked in front of his locker. He breathes hard with his hands resting on his knees. The right hand reaches up and wipes the sweat from his short brown hair. Coach Ollie steps over smiling and sits on the bench. Fischer who looks over at him.

Coach asks, “Good workout?”

“Yeah coach. What you smiling for?” Fischer asks.

Coach answers, “Did you go over to Ava’s apartment like the other wrestlers?”

Fischer smiles, but shakes his head, “No, because I hear she’s turning them moldova escort all down. Even a few football players. The word is out all over campus and on social media.”

“It won’t hurt to try. Besides, you broke up with, what’s-her-name right? 6 months ago?” coach asks.

Fischer laughs, “You mean Kim?”

“Yeah, whatever. I hear this Ava has these huge, incredible tits. Why let those out-of-town wrestlers suck on them?” coach laughs.

Fischer stands up and shakes his head, “She might say no coach, like she did all the others. I’m not going to knock on her door, either.”

Coach leans in, “I got her number. Come on, at least try. She won’t fuck old guys like me. She fucks young studs like you.”

Coach hands over a piece of paper. Fischer grabs it and says, “How in hell did you get this?”

“A wrestler from out of town, gave it to me. Don’t ask me why? She’ll make you forget about that Kim” coach says as he stands up and walks away.

Fischer puts the note in his gym bag.

Without them knowing it. Ava had been standing in the side door entrance, listening to everything they said. She had also been staring at Fischer’s tight buttocks and his beautiful, thin frame. He also has a lot of cut muscles over his back escort istanbul and shoulders.

She whispers, “At least you’re not at my door Fischer. Go ahead and call me.”

Her mouth smiles big as she watches him grab a towel, and then stride toward the showers.

It’s Friday night. Fischer sits in his car watching the apartment building where Ava lives. He saw two of his wrestling team-mates leave “angry” from her walkway. He did call her and she told him to stop by late Friday.

He pushes open his door and gets out. His hand slams it shut.

“Shit, it’s been 6 months since I got laid” he says.

The security camera aims down on the walkway leading back to Ava’s apartment. Fischer walks down the steps wearing only his university sweats. He looks back hoping no other athletes see him. He reaches her door and it opens for him.

The ceiling fan turns at medium speed. The center light shines down onto the bed. The naked bodies of Fischer and Ava are in the “Doggy-style” position. She is leaning on her elbows as her blonde hair falls over her face. Her enormous tits press against the top of the bed.

Both of his hands are wrapped around her beautiful hips. His eyes look down at his 6 and ¾-inch cock, which is buried into her blonde pussy.

Fischer bulgar escort is aggressive as he pulls back on her hips forcefully. His own hips push forward as he thrusts into her wet cunt. His flesh slaps against her flesh.


Ava responds, “UHHH.! UH.! UH.! UHHH.! UHHHH.!”

His hands grip harder on those hips.


“UHH.! UH.! UHHH.! UHH.! FUCK.! FUCK.!” Ava screams.

Fischer closes his eyes and drops his mouth open. Her hot pussy feels so good.


Ava yells, “UHH.! UH.! UHHH.! FISCHER.!”

His eyes look back down at his hands. They grip her hips even tighter. He then thrusts long and hard.

Slap… Slap… Slap… Slap!


He pushes in one last time and explodes, “SH-SHIIIIIIT! SHIIIIIII…! SHITTTT! SHIT!”

Fischer falls down above her back and they both breathe hard. He kisses her soft skin.

He whispers, “Was that too rough?”

“No…, it wasn’t” Ava replies as she breathes hard.

He says, “It’s been so fucking long. I’m so fucking lonely.”

His cock pulls out and he leans over to kiss her round buttocks. His hand yanks off the condom as he climbs from the bed. He strides into the bathroom. Ava rolls over onto her back as her tits flop over. He comes back and crawls back onto the bed.

They both look up at the rotating fan.

He asks, “Do I have…, only one night?”

“Yes and you started off pretty good” she answers.

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