Away From Home

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This story is dedicated to my wonderful and loving husband, M. It is also my first submission to Literotica and any and all feedback and criticism you can provide will be gratefully accepted and considered. So please, let me hear from you…

* * *

It’s a long, late evening at the end of a long, late day. You’re too tired to leave the hotel, too wound up to stay in the room. And the big empty bed just makes you think of me.

You sit at the hotel bar, nursing your drink, reading the proposal you have to present in the morning. The late hour means everything is quiet, and you’re too engrossed in your work to notice the stranger that just walked in and seated herself at the bar.

It’s the perfume you notice first. The scent glides silently in your direction and fills your nostrils. You look up and over and see the woman sitting there. She’s beautiful in a non-descript, cookie-cutter sort of way. Honey blonde hair falling just past her shoulders, blue eyes, a pink, pouty mouth. You gaze down at her legs, and smile to yourself as you think how you know I’d love the shoes. Just before you turn back to your work, your eyes meet hers.

You skim through the papers in front of you but you don’t really see anything. Instead, you see, in the back of your mind, something on the face of the woman sharing the bar. What was it? Was it really there? You hear me inside your head, see me beside you. “Look at her,” I tell you. “You know you want to.” You turn your head to glance over again and lock eyes with her once more. You’re caught. You know it, she knows it. You hear me laugh. “Busted. Only one thing to do now,” you hear me say. Then you feel my kiss on your cheek. “Go to her.”

You watch each other for a few seconds. Without breaking the connection, you close the notebook in front of you with an audible snap, announcing that she now has your undivided attention. You pick up your glass and drain its contents. A shot of courage.

You carry your empty glass over to the barstool occupied by the woman. You order another round for you both. Then with that quick, easy smile of yours you casually introduce yourself. She and the bartender are oblivious to my presence. No one can see me or hear me but you. I move to the other side of her, put my face very close to hers as if I’m going to kiss her. The idea of it makes your breath catch. She looks at you with mild curiosity, wonders what you could be thinking. You clear your head of me, knowing I’ll be back.

The two of you continue to chat as strangers might. The time passes…minutes, an hour, then two. Eventually, you’re talking and laughing as if you’ve known each other for years. You look at your watch and take note of the now Sivas Escort very late hour. She watches you, knowing that the moment is upon you both.

She’s also been looking at the ring on your finger, wondering if it’s going to be a problem. You look back at her, then hear me whisper in your ear, “Ask her. She’ll say yes.”

Just as you begin to open your mouth she says, “I have an early flight to catch.” She gingerly touches the ring on your left hand, my ring. “Just between the two of us,” she says with a suggestive tone and expression ” I’d rather not go back to my room alone tonight.”

She’s leaning very close to you now, so close you can feel her breath on your cheek. You feel a slight build-up of heat in your loins at her suggestion. Then you tilt your head and kiss her. Nothing too dramatic, just a taste for you both. But a taste is enough. You feel me beside you again, hear my voice. “Take her,” I say, as you feel my teeth graze your earlobe. “She wants you to fuck her. Give her what she wants.”

You both stand. You guide her out of the bar with your hand on the small of her back. “If only you knew what the feel of your hand does to her,” I say as I walk beside the two of you. You glance in my direction, and have to stifle a laugh at the coy smile I give you. “She’s already getting wet. And she wants you to kiss her again. Desperately wants it.”

You get into the elevator. The doors close and you draw her to you with the hand that’s still resting on her back. The other tangles in the hair at the back of her head as you bring your mouth to hers. You gently part her lips with your tongue, and hers mingles with yours in a dance that leaves her breathless.

When you break the kiss her eyes are still closed, so you slide your hand down her arm and withdraw the key card from her hand, taking note of the room number on the paper sleeve. Her eyes open as the elevator doors do, and she lets out the breath she’s been unconsciously holding. You smile at her, placing your hand at her back again, guiding her down the hall.

The light on the lock turns green and you push the door open, ushering her inside as you’re right behind her. You stop just inside the door. She walks a few feet away from you, drops her handbag and jacket on the table near the window, and turns to face you.

She never takes her eyes off of you as she starts to undress. She removes her clothes for you, so slowly it’s agonizing. You can’t take your eyes away as inch after inch of smooth, tan skin is ever so slowly revealed to you.

Then she’s in front of you, only inches away and she reaches down and takes both your hands in hers, pulls you further into the room. She stands Sivas Escort Bayan very close to you. You can feel her breasts, her hard nipples, brushing your chest through your shirt. You circle her waist with your hands, hold her back from you to drink all of her in one more time.

Then you pull her to you and kiss her, more aggressively this time as your desire for her has grown. Her mouth, her tongue, her body all feel foreign to you. She’s not me. It catches you off guard.

You think of pulling away, of leaving. She must sense it because she deepens the kiss, presses her body more completely to yours, urging you to stay. You feel my breath on the back of your neck, my lips brushing softly against you, my fingers run through the hair at the back of your head, “Don’t worry my darling,” you hear me say. “I’ll be here with you always. Take her.”

Never taking your mouth from hers, you guide her to the bed, lay her down softly. Your hands begin to explore the terrain of her body, taking in all the subtle nuances and curves. You make mental notes of the places that make her sigh, that make her back arch, that make her fingers dig a little deeper into your flesh, promising yourself that you’ll come back to all of them.

You tear yourself away from her to stand and quickly undress. You want to feel her naked body against you. Out of the corner of your eye you see me, sitting in the chair on the other side of the room. I’m watching your interlude intently. Your earlier apprehension flashes across your face again, but is gone and forgotten with the sly smile and wink I give you.

You claim her mouth again, savoring the taste of her, and the vibration of her lips as she moans when your fingers begin to tease her nipples. They’re hard as stone and begging to be sucked. You kiss your way down to the first, leaving a fiery trail along her neck and collarbone where your lips have grazed her flesh. You take the tight, hard, nub into your mouth, holding it between your teeth, teasing it mercilessly with the very tip of your tongue. Her back arches, she groans. Then you take more of her breast into your mouth as your hand comes over to give the other the attention it craves.

But you can’t stay away from her mouth. You come back to it, your kiss deep and rough this time, and you feel her surrender to it. Your hand releases her breast and glides down her stomach, her hips, her thigh. Your mouth slides down and feasts on her neck as your hand then slides back up her thigh to cup her tight buttocks. You squeeze and kneed her perfect flesh, until your fingers come back around, seeking the wet heat between her thighs.

You glance over to find me still in the chair, Escort Sivas naked now, my hands on my own body where yours are on hers. You slide your fingers into her dripping wet hole, watching my fingers enter my own pussy at the same time. You feel the ache in your cock as you hear both of us moan.

Your fingers probe inside her, seeking out the soft spot you know is there, wanting to intensify her pleasure. There’s no doubt when you find it. Her body tenses, her inner walls cling to your fingers like a thousand little suction cups. Your thumb finds her clit and you play her body, inside and out, until she climaxes with a primal scream.

You kiss and caress your way down her body, stopping at those places you’ve learned she loves for you to touch. You hear me whisper in your ear, “Taste her. I want to see your tongue fucking her.” You look up, find my face incredibly close to yours. I’ve straddled her face, my own wet cunt just inches above, but she takes no notice. The site makes your already rigid cock jump.

You tease her at first, flicking your tongue over her sex until her hands come to the back of your head and she presses your face into her. Your tongue finds its mark and twists and swirls its way into her depths. Her hips roll into your face as her cries become louder and more forceful. You replace your finger with her tongue and suck her clit into your mouth, teasing it until she’s thrashing wildly, her second orgasm now eminent. “She tastes incredible doesn’t she?” you hear me say, just as her juices flood your mouth.

You can’t wait any longer to be inside her. You come back to her mouth and let her savor her own flavor as both your tongues swirl together once again. You enter her ever so slowly, as her legs come up to wrap around your waist, allowing you to plunge even deeper. Your face buries in her neck and hair. Your strokes are slow and deep at first. You feel her fingers stroking lightly on your back, and then feel them digging and scraping your skin as your tempo increases and her desire grows. You pull out completely, run your cock along her clit. She groans and shudders.

“She’s close now, so very close,” you hear me say. You look up. I’m lying next to her on the bed. You see me caressing her breast, flicking the nipple with my tongue. “Cum with her.” It was all you needed. You plunge back into her, pounding her body like a jackhammer. You feel her muscles tighten around you and know she’s on the brink as your own orgasm finally overcomes you. You cum together, her legs squeezing you tightly, her cunt milking your shaft.

When you return home you take me immediately to our bed, and we recreate your night with her. You whisper to me of how she felt, of what you did to her, of having me with you, of the things I said to you. We cum together, my legs squeezing you tightly my cunt milking your shaft. You sleep soundly in my arms, so very glad to be home.

I look forward to the next time you’re out of town.

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