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She had never seen an ocean such a perfect shade of azure. The sky was blue with no hint of cloud to be seen anywhere, the heat of the sun bore down on them. They had swum around the headland and now stood at a golden sandy cove, perfectly isolated – their haven. He took her hand and gently led her back into the warmth of the ocean, the water swirled around their legs teasing their thighs with its gentle caress. They faced each other and he placed a finger beneath her chin and tipped her face towards him. He leaned lower and kissed her on the lips, his tongue tasting the salt from the ocean.

A rivulet of water ran down her neck, and between her cleavage. He traced his fingers along its trail, allowing the back of his hand to rub across her covered nipple. A shiver ran down her spine at his touch, and he slid the straps from her bathing costume down her arms. Her breasts came into view, the large brown nipples crinkly and hard with the effects of the tide during their swim. A drop of sea water perched on the end of each nipple, and he lowered his head, his tongue lapping her erect buds. He slid the costume lower so the whole of her breasts were now uncovered. His hand cupped her and he held her to his lips, sucking gently, taking more of her breast into his mouth. She closed her eyes, and concentrated on the sensations he evoked in her, and the warmth of the sun on her skin. His other hand moved to her bare nipple, and he held it between finger and thumb, rubbing, teasing, and exciting her.

She mecidiyeköy escort moved her hands to his shorts, and pulled them down beneath the water. He gasped as his cock became naked to the surf. The contact of the sea on his balls, swirling around, having an immediate effect. Her hands dipped beneath the water, and she gripped around his hardness, and began to manipulate his cock, in the way she knew he loved. A groan escaped from his lips and he sucked harder on her nipple, tugging it into his mouth, his teeth raking across the sensitive tip. He pulled her costume down further, sliding it across her hips, her smooth skin now exposed. His hand dropped lower, and he cupped her mound, her legs parted instinctively at his touch, and she felt his finger slide across her clit. His fingers moved to her lips, and he held her open. She could feel the erotic movement of the water against her, and breathed deeply, afraid she would cum. His fingers gently stroked her pussy, and he slid one finger deep inside her. She rubbed herself against his hand – her hand still surrounding his cock, his foreskin now fully retracted. She knew he would be giving himself totally to the feel of the water surrounding his sensitive glans, now fully exposed.

They stood like this for several minutes, enjoying the pleasure the other was giving. She wondered if they were alone or perhaps if someone should chance along and witness their lovemaking. They waded towards the beach, stopping at a spot where maslak escort the water just lapped around their feet. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers entangled in his hair, and pulled him to her lips, as he slid his hands around her waist, and succumbed to her hungry kiss. He could feel her urgency as her tongue probed into his mouth. His cock was sandwiched firmly between them. He could feel the smoothness of her stomach against his rigid member, and pushed himself into her, her softness engulfing him.

He lay down on the wet sand at the point where the waves teased the beach, stretching out to his full length. His legs were slightly apart and the current eased against his balls. She straddled him, her knees in the water, and positioned herself above his cock. She held him firmly in her hand, and rubbed his exposed glans along the length of her salty cunt. He groaned deeply and shielded his eyes from the burning sun. She sank lower and allowed just the tip of his cock to enter her. Then smiling, she pulled away and rubbed him across her slit once more. Her head was tilted back and her wet hair hung down across her breasts. She positioned him at the entrance to her pussy, and slowly took his length inside her. Her warm, deep, channel enveloping him. He moved his hands to her waist and held her tight not allowing any movement, just the throbbing of his cock inside her cunt to excite them. She began to rock her body on him, a forwards and backwards motion, his cock bending inside merter escort her. With each forward shift, she could feel her clit rubbing against his cock, and her lust was building to a crescendo. He moved his hand to her pussy and stretched her lips wide, his thumb positioned over her clit, applying pressure with each motion her body made.

He watched the expression on her face, and gave himself to her completely. He knew he would soon explode inside her, as he writhed with total abandon on the wet sand. She began to ride up and down on him; her cunt lips wrapped around him, every wet sound fuelling their lust. With each downward thrust she ground into his body. He felt like she was swallowing him with her pussy, every part of him disappearing into her warm, red hole. His fingers found her nipples, and he pulled and tugged. She was so close to cumming, and his fingers on her breasts tipped her over the edge, she screamed out as the delicious tingle coursed through her, every nerve ending crying out for more. She forced herself down on his cock, and he ejaculated inside her. He felt the warm water against his balls as he emptied himself into her. His whole body now stretched and rigid with the force of the spasm that surged through him.

She fell forward onto his chest, and his hand stroked her hair, both totally satisfied and exhausted. They lay like this until he softened inside her, and his cum drizzled out of her, covering his balls with his sticky fluid. She sat on the beach beside him, and gently scooped handfuls of sea water over his balls, washing away the last vestige of their sex. They kissed deeply, and then retrieved their swim wear from the edge of the beach, before heading back the way they had come. Another day for you and me in paradise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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