Babs Gives Our Business Partners

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Last Christmas Babs offered to deliver some Christmas presents to two of our commissioning editors. Since I retired she and I have enjoyed some freelance writing work for several magazine publishers.

As a little thank you I had purchased a few 6 bottle cases of good champagne for two of the local commissioning editors and Babs offered to deliver them

I had always known that Robert, one of my old golfing friends, had the hots for her for several years. She pooh pooed the idea saying he had always been a perfect gentleman and had never made any sort of move on her even after when his wife died a few years ago. She said she was looking forward to seeing his new bachelor pad which was supposed to have a great view over the Clyde. She added in any case he must be mid 70s and probably past it.

I suggested that if she was so sure about him why not wear a short skirt and go braless — it at least would brighten his day.

I was a little disappointed that she came down wearing tight leather trousers and a tight cashmere sweater. To be fair the trousers left little to the imagination emphasising her ripe mature thighs and pussy mound (and big box) and clinging tightly round her big jutting high riding buttocks. And the soft material of her sweater clung beautifully round her unbraed heavy breasts leaving her nipples prominently displayed.

She smiled and said “I hope this is sexy enough to give Robert a little thrill and not give Jack too many ideas — he certainly isn’t passed it and has made it very clear he would like to get into my knickers.”

She left at c 10.00am telling me she should be back about 2.00 if Robert didn’t seduce her!


I was a little surprised when Tom told me that Robert had the hots for me for several years as he had always been a perfect gentleman. I would not have been adverse to wearing a short skirt when delivering his Christmas present but I certainly was not on favour of wearing one to deliver Jack’s. Robert must be mid 70s and had shown no interest while Jack was early thirties, quite a player with the ladies, and had groped me on several occasions. He had made it clear he was very interested in my mature body. As I am now 56 it was flattering that this very handsome guy made it clear he fancied my 40c 26 42 figure but I wasn’t prepared to be just another notch on his bedpost.

Anyway I think Tom was quite happy with my compromise.

When I reached Robert’s new apartment he very quickly took the champagne from me and said I should have called him and he would have brought it up. After putting it down, he very gently embraced me quite chastely pecking me on the cheek. But as he helped me off with my short leather jacket he looked at my unbraed boobs, and did say I looked fantastic.

I have to say I was able to return the compliment as he looked fit and well which he said was due to spending more time on the golf course.

He brought me through to his lounge and sat me down on a comfortable chair while he made me a coffee. I did notice his eyes going to my unbraed breasts and when he sat opposite me to my crotch.

He poured me more coffee and he suggested I have a festive ‘eggnog.’ When I said I didn’t want anything to strong as I was driving he said it was an old family festive recipe.

It was delicious although when he got up to show me the view of the Clyde from his balcony I could feel the effects of the alcohol especially when the cold air hit me. The cold air also had an effect on my nipples which I felt harden and I noted that Robert had noticed too. He gently leaned down and kissed me on the lips and murmured that I looked simply fantastic. When I didn’t pull away I felt him gently cup my left breast and knead my erect nipple.

When I didn’t respond he stood back and apologised saying that he hoped he hadn’t made me feel uncomfortable but he had always fancied me and he could not resist kissing and fondling me as I looked simply sensational.

To ease the tension I said that the view would make anyone romantic and I would love to enjoy it a bit more while he brought me another coffee. He brought me a glass of wine and as I took a sip I felt him come up behind me and cup both breasts. As he nuzzled my neck and groped me, he murmured ” You are simply the most beautiful and desirable woman I have ever met. You have it all facially beautiful, the most perfect breasts, great thighs and one of the best rears I have seen on any woman.”

I realised he did like my rear as I could feel what appeared a decent erection against it!

As I said to Tom “What could I do when he turned me round and started kiss and fondle me in earnest?”

I was lost when his hand closed on my crotch — I have a very prominent public mound and pussy lips — and he murmured “I have always fancied Yeşilköy escort cocking that big box!”

Running my hand down to his crotch I felt what appeared to be a fairly large erection and cupping his balls I suggested that if he wanted to fuck me we should take it into the bedroom which also had a fantastic view of the Clyde.

As he stripped I was quite impressed with his build for an old guy and even more impressed with his long, thick and erect cock — it was about 7″ long ( similar Tom’s) and from the look and feel of its rigidity he certainly didn’t seem to be past it!

It even appeared to grow when I stripped off and he saw that I was wearing a black g-string.

He very gently laid me on the bed and although he was obviously aroused gently mounted me while he fondled my breasts and rear.

I love cock and particularly ‘strange cock’ and as I responded he rode me harder until firstly I climaxed and then with a moan I felt him come off.

As we lay cuddling he went into raptures how long he had imagined the opportunity to make love to me as in his opinion I had the perfect body plus I was bright and intelligent as well.

I told him he had been a great lover and as I reached down to fondle his balls and penis I felt him harden slightly in my hand.

I murmured ” that feels as if it could be ready again.” And as he thrust gently against my hand I felt him harden a bit again.

To be frank I fancied a bit more cock, and so I eased myself down the bed and took his hardening cock in my mouth and after gently licking and sucking it, it was back to nearly its full hardness. Looking up at him I murmured ” Do you want me to take you off in my mouth or do you want to mount me again?”

He murmured that my mouth was wonderful ‘like velvet’ but for many years he had lusted after my rear and he thought he had never seen it look better — both in the leather trousers and without them in the g-string!

I said ” Well we shouldn’t waste that good erection and it will be rather erotic to be taken with me looking over the Clyde!”

Easing off I bent over the bed with my rear in the air and boobs dangling waited to be mounted. After running his hands over my hips he gently parted them and mounted me. By this time and obviously turned on by my big mature buttocks he rode me quite hard and with the vigour of a younger man. I knew he was near climax when he started to grab my dangling breasts and I suggested that while it was really good since he had lusted after my ass he might like to give it to me up the ass.

“That would be wonderful I have wanted that ass for so long.”

Dismounting he parted my hips and tongued my anus before gently inserting one then two fingers into me. I suggested he get some KY jelly and as he lumbered off to the bathroom and I watched him come back with a heavy erection I thought Tom was right- this guy does have the hots for me!

He gently smeared some on his cock and as I bent over again I felt him gently lubricate my anus before I felt him start to enter the head of his cock. As I eased back I felt the head of his cock pass my sphincter and the full length of him enter my bowels. He was very gentle until I murmured “That feels really good.” And thrust my rear further up to be ridden.

He really then did bugger me rather roughly until I felt him tense and he was soon ejaculating deep in my bowels. As we both fell forward on the bed with him still embedded in me I felt him harden again and he started to ride my anus again this time a lot more gently and I was able to play with my clit a bit until I had an anal and vaginal climax followed by his.

Sated we had a quick shower during which he enjoyed soaping my most intimate parts before we relaxed over a coffee and he suggested we might do it again.

I said I was pleasantly surprised he was so virile and he smiled and admitted that Tom had called him to advise that he had told me Robert fancied me and suggested I dress sexy and he might get lucky. Tom had suggested he take a Viagra and make sure he had some KY jelly as I liked a lot of cock.

I smiled and said ” Well you can tell Tom, I enjoyed myself so much that next time I’m going to wear a very short skirt and stockings and suspenders!”


After Babs left I had called Robert to expect her looking very sexy. I told him that I had informed her that he had always fancied her and while I couldn’t persuade her to wear a miniskirt and stockings I was pleasantly surprised she had gone braless and in very tight leather trousers.

I suggested that he might be in with a chance and to make sure he took some Viagra as she was a lady that liked a bit of cock — everywhere!

After she left his apartment he called to say that she had said to tell me the Yeşilyurt escort bayan next time she was visiting it would be in a miniskirt and stockings.

He went on to say she was not only stunning but every bit in good in bed as he had thought and I had told him. He couldn’t believe how good her big heavy breasts were ( 40c), and how she could give head and take cock in her big prominent pussy box and her big jutting ass ( 42″).

He said if it was Ok with me he would love to take her out for a night sometime. I said it was up to her.


I left Robert’s on a bit of a high. Although he was a bit older than I like he was quite fanciable, a real gentleman, he had a lovely apartment and he gave us a lot of work and he had suggested we meet up soon as he wanted to give us a lot more work!

I probably had a little too much to drink but the shower freshened me up and I drove carefully over to Jacks — a smart townhouse.

I have to admit he did look very handsome in smart sweater and slacks and after carrying the champagne in he enveloped me in a bear hug before holding me at arms length and saying ” I keep forgetting how sexy you are — those tits are to die for and that ass screams pure sex. When are you ever going to let me get into your knickers?”

I smiled at his persistence and said ” I can’t understand why you would want to get into my knickers when you have such a choice of fabulous young girls including models.”

Standing back he grinned and said I’ll give you several reasons: “1.Firstly you are truly classy and beautiful 2. You have great heavy mature breasts and nipples which you are not afraid to show off by going braless like you are today. 3. You have great ripe thighs and shapely legs — I’ve seen you in short skirts and they are brilliant. 4. Just seeing you in those tight trousers shows of your mons Venus — you must know it promises a really big box to take cock. 5. You have one of the best rears I have seen on any woman — high riding but yet voluptuous. 6. I really fancy you and would really love to take you to bed — you are simply built for sex and I know you would enjoy going to bed with me.”

I Said ” That’s very flattering but I would just be another ‘notch post’ on your bed.”

He smiled and said ‘That would be up to you. I have plenty of work lined up for you and while I would settle for a one off, it could be fun to mix business and pleasure longer term so long as Tom would be happy with it.”

“It’s tempting because as you know you are very attractive and I do find younger guys attractive — get me a G&T and I’ll think about it.”

Two G&Ts later we were both naked and I was in his bedroom deep throating his fabulously long hard cock while he groped my tits. He had a fantastic toned body and it was quite a turn on to hear this guy who had slept with models pay me compliments, albeit graphic, about my mature body. And the size and hardness of his cock demonstrated that he meant them.

He then murmured I want to ‘tit fuck you’ and as I held up my breasts he fucked me hard between them before having me lie on my back with my thighs spread he mounted me. He genuinely appeared to have fancied me for some time because he didn’t last too long but recovered very quickly to get me on all fours to take me from behind.

He was very graphic about my ass saying he had wanted it from the first time he saw me and slapping me hard he grated ” And that includes giving you it up the ass.”

When I said ‘Of course you can it, if you lube up!’ He reached into the bedroom cabinet to get the lube. As he started to lube me he said “Boody hell you’re wet there have you had your ass taken to day?”

When I murmured “Yes”. He muttered ” Well I’m certainly going to give you plenty more cock in it.”

When I smiled and murmured ” That sounds good!” He rather roughly mounted me and stallioned me hard. He had a big cock, certainly 8″ plus, and thrust it deep into my bowels and although I was lubricated from Robert’s spunk I was glad when he came off for the first time.

However he obviously had really desired my rear because he sodomised me twice more without dismounting.

After he washed he took me quite hard in my mouth before being sated and declaring me to be ‘one of the best fucks he had ever had.’

He suggested I stay and we go out for a meal before another session.

To be frank I would have loved to but my rear was slightly sore after all the traffic it had received and I did quite fancy this guy and thought if going out on a date with him I would like to dress to really impress. So I said I would call him and we might manage something the next week.

As he kissed me goodbye he fondled my boobs promising me he would ride them again the next time and Escort Zeytinburnu putting his hand between my thighs he took a handful of my mons and declared it was the ‘best Christmas box he had ever had!


When Babs came home about 5.00, I was keen to know how she had got on as she had been away most of the day. I was obviously aware that she had shagged Robert but there was a fair lapse of time between that and getting home so I suspected that Jack too may have enjoyed her mature body.

She suggested I open a bottle of wine while she showered and she would share her ‘adventures’ and she had some really good news for us as she had to see both guys about a lot more assignments. She smiled when I said ” Did the champagne do the trick or was it your ass?”

When she came down she was wearing a scarlet silk robe with her hair all fluffed out and she looked very pretty. I couldn’t help getting an erection when I thought about her probably taking two cocks today. I kissed her as I handed her a glass of wine and as her robe spilled open a bit I reached inside to pull out one of her big heavy soft tits. I was a little bit shocked to see her rubbed a bit between her tits and marks on her breasts and when she saw me looking she said that Jack had got a little carried away and was a bit rough when he groped and tit fucked her.

She said she had actually enjoyed both sessions and both guys had invited her out for a meal to discuss more projects for us. She smiled and said ” I hope you don’t mind me mixing a little business and pleasure. In fact as I know you and Robert and you have been friends for many years, and I can’t help thinking you both rather set me up today. I had thought of inviting him here for a meal instead of going out with him. I can wear something to really sexy to get the both of you going and we really can mix business with a lot of fun.”

I thought that might be a good idea and suggested the sooner the better.

When I asked about Jack she said he definitely was up for a proper date and overnight with her and he had dangled a lot of projects in front of her. He had been a bit rough but probably because he had apparently wanted her for so long. He was very attractive and she would find it fun to go out with him and he potentially had a lot of work for us.

I said it was up to her if she could handle it and suggested we take our wine to bed. When she took off the robe I was a little surprised to see her thighs and butt cheeks were marked and once again Jack had been the perpetrator.

He had obviously also been a bit rough while sodomising her as her ass was still gaping a bit and she was slightly tender when I buggered her. I always love ‘re-taking’ her after she has been taken by someone else and as I stallioned her between her big creamy hips it was quite a turn-on to think my spunk was mixing with that of her two other lovers.

The next morning she was still a bit sore but I was still very randy at the thought of her fucking two of our commissioning publishers and made love to her again when I took her breakfast in bed. We agreed that we should ‘strike when the iron was hot’ or rather these guys were hot for her so I agreed to call Robert to set up an overnight while she set up a date with Jack.


Further to Babs suggestion to invite Robert for a meal and more to discuss commissioned work we had a great night. Babs looked spectacular with heavier than normal make up, totally sheer top and short tight skirt with stockings and suspenders. With Robert having a great night and his first experience of dping a woman he and I have become even better golfing buddies and he regularly stays over with us and us with him for more extended sessions with Babs. Most weekends, unless Bas is out with Jack, we golf on Saturday and we enjoy Bas on Saturday night into Sunday. We are now also his no 1 writers with some very exciting international trips promised post Covid restrictions.

Babs has never been happier having fun and good sex with two older guys and having a virile young lover she has all the cock she craves plus a bit of travel with Jack. Upside for Robert and me is that although she has always been a bit of an exhibitionist Jack loves to ‘show her off’ in public and really encouraged her to wear clothing to show off her assets.


Giving the two guys access to my ‘Christmas Box’ set up a fantastically exciting chain of events where we almost have a lot more work than we can handle. Tom, Robert and I have become a very tight threesome for work, golf, going out and bed. And Jack and I meet regularly for business and great and sometimes more extreme sex. I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist and Jack loves the fact that I am prepared to wear what he wants — invariably clothes to show off my breasts, thighs and rear and even my pussy! It really turns him on for me to wear even sheerer tops in public which leave nothing to the imagination, bum skimming short skirts with stockings and sometimes even flash my g string or pussy to his friends. And I have never had it so good with three guys to service me regularly.

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