Back To Black

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Disclaimer: This story contains adult content and must not be viewed if you are not 18 years of age or older. The story features a theme of interracial sex between a Hotwife, and her black lover. If you find this theme offensive please read no further.

My wife and I have been married now for eight years. We both were married before and have children from our previous marriages. Ann is a very pretty tall blonde with green eyes and a great body. During sex, we always use the rhythm method or I pull out, and so far it has worked well. She doesn’t like the pill because of the side effects. She loves to jog, keeps herself in good physical shape and has a great figure 38-28-36. Her tits are 38C with silver dollar sized pinkish nipples and when they get hard, the headlights come on, if you know what I mean. She has a belly button ring that really looks sexy when she shows it off and our sex life is great. I could not ask for a more loving partner.

While we were dating my wife said that she didn’t want any secrets and so she confessed that after high school, she dated several black guys. That was years ago and it didn’t bother me. As with many couples, we have our fantasies while we are making love. One particular fantasy is for her to be taken by a black stud, and to get royally fucked. She gets very aroused and always comes bucking and shaking in just a few minutes. I mentioned that I would love to see her get fucked by a black cock but she always said no; she does not want anything to come between us.

I told her that on the contrary, it would be very sensual and that it would give me great pleasure to watch her get satisfied. After months of coaxing, she finally agreed to try it, but made it clear that it was for me, not her. We began looking in magazines and on the net, and after a few false starts, found a guy that we thought would be perfect. He lived in the next town over; in the same town where my wife commutes to work. We called him and arranged for me to meet him alone for a drink. I wanted to see if he would be right for her. His name is Edward and we hit it off immediately. I told her that he was good looking, 6’2″ tall, had a very good body and was very confident–he was perfect—his ebony skin and her milky white body would make a great combination.

We invited Edward to drop by one Friday night when the kids were gone for the weekend. Ann was dressed in a florya escort short white skirt and a blouse that showed a lot of cleavage and stopped just above the waste. She looked sexy, and her long tanned legs looked like they went on forever. Her outfit revealed her beautiful white skin and her smooth stomach with its belly button ring. Edward arrived at 8:30 and I invited him to relax in the living room. After introductions, we sat down and my wife scurried into the kitchen to get us all a drink. She was drinking some wine and gave us two Bud Longnecks as we toasted to a great evening. Edward sat on the sofa, my wife sat in the love seat on his right and I sat in the living room chair on his left. We enjoyed the conversation and hit it off really well. Edward was very comfortable, relaxed and sat reclining with his legs splayed open. Ann really enjoyed flirting with both of us and in the undivided attention she was getting.

Edward remarked how pretty she looked and motioned for her to come over to him. She looked at me for approval and I said, this is your night, enjoy! She seductively crawled over to him, raised up between his legs and unbuttoned his shirt. She slipped her arms under his shirt and rubbed his chest as he drew her close to kiss her neck and lips. Their tongues pushed in and out, and he began to squeeze her tits and ass as he pulled her close. She reached for his belt and in one continuous motion had his huge black cock on display while he unbuttoned her blouse and began fondling and licking her tits. His cock was very large with a large purple head and very thick. She commented on how gorgeous it looked and began stroking, sucking and kissing his cock. She tried to take him deep into her mouth and gagged at first; but soon she was sucking him like a pro. He reached over her backside and pulled her ass away from me as if to say, you can’t see me while I finger fuck your wife–he had a perfect angle on her pussy.

He reached under her skirt pulled her thong panties to the side and began to lightly finger her clit. He applied a circular motion and then pushed two fingers inside her pussy. He brought out his wet fingers and offered her a taste. She sensually sucked and licked his fingers clean; then she returned to his beautiful cock. He fingered her relentlessly and she was so wet that it glistened down her leg—he was driving her crazy cihangir escort and she moaned in ecstasy. After about three minutes, she had a huge climax bucking forward and back. She fell into his arms panting and moaning.

She regained her composure and focused on getting him off. He pulled out of her mouth and laid her over the sofa to fuck her doggie style. She looked over at me and asked for my hand. I squeezed her as if to say it’s OK and she squeezed back. He pounded in her until he was ready to cum. He pulled out and shoved his dick back in her mouth as she sucked him to climax. He pushed her head down as he came and she swallowed all of it except for a few drops that leaked down her chin.

After they recovered, she excused herself to get a quick shower to clean up. We heard the shower stop and Edward motioned that he was going to sneak in on her, I followed. She was dressed in a pink nightie with tufts of feathers that covered her nipples and clit. She was looking in the mirror while brushing her blonde hair. He reached up behind her to play with her tits and she turned her head back to French kiss him. He kissed her back neck and shoulders until it was clear that she wanted him again.

He pulled the string panties aside and pushed the huge head of his dick into her lovely wet pussy from behind. She bent forward over the sink and grimaced in pain. He was pushing in deep and bottomed out against her cervix. He pushed harder and it seemed like her cervix opened giving him direct access to her womb. Her pain turned to pure joy and she began to push back and forth. He stroked her long and down hard directly on her g-spot. She was moaning loudly and within a few minutes she came bucking in a huge climax; her head laid on the vanity and he continued to stroke her before taking her to the bed. He gently laid her on her back and began eating her. His tongue was working her clit and his fingers were pushing in her pussy. He made circles on her clit with his tongue and sucked it for even greater sensation. His fingers were going in and out, and she loved it. She must have come three times before she pushed him away saying she couldn’t take it anymore. She rested for a few minutes and then asked me if I needed relief.

She wanted me to fuck her ass from under her while Edward fucked her pussy missionary style. I got into position under her mecidiyeköy escort and pushed my dick into her pussy to lube us and then I pushed into her tight ass. I pressed the head in first but I did not want to hurt her so I hesitated. “Don’t stop!” she yelled. We’ve done it before and the worst is getting the head in. I pushed harder while she dug her nails into the mattress until I penetrated into her ass up as far as possible. We began pumping rhythmically and she was in pure lust. I have great staying power but I could hardly resist her tight ass. Edward mounted her from the front and I could feel his dick as he rubbed the inside of her pussy walls and I rubbed inside her ass. This action caused me to cum immediately. “Squirt my ass! she yelled, so I can feel your hot cum shooting in me.”

I came as she begged while Edward continued to fuck her pussy–she was coming. She moaned loudly and said, “There is nothing like the feel of a hard dick in my pussy fucking away. There is nothing like having a big black cock!” He said he was going to come and she said, “give it to me lover, fill my pussy up with your cum, don’t pull out.”

He came in her and they collapsed on the bed in each others arms. I could feel his come running down between her pussy and onto my balls.

I rolled out from under to go clean up as they kissed and lay together in each others arms. When I returned they were asleep holding each other closely. I crawled into bed and made like I was sleeping too. Within an hour, they were at it again. I glanced over to see him mount her, and she sighed as he entered. I felt the bed move in rhythm as he grinded his pelvic into hers. She was moaning softly and within minutes her breathing quickened and she shuttered to another screaming orgasm. He continued stroking her and she came again violently. They came together and I heard him grunt as he shot his load in her again. The rocking stopped and after a bit she put on her robe and walked Edward to the door. After a few minutes of talking, she kissed him goodnight.

She returned to bed, and I rolled over wanting to fuck her too. She was tired and not really into it, but stroked me anyway. Her pussy was sloppy wet and after a few hard strokes, I shot my load deep inside her cunt. We rolled over, and in a matter of minutes fell asleep, totally exhausted. In the morning we had a great breakfast and hardly mentioned the evening.

Since that time, my wife has complained that her breasts are very sensitive and tender. Recently, we found out that she is pregnant. We don’t know who the father is but we have decided to keep it none-the-less. I often wondered if she still sees Edward on the side but we have never talked about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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