Backseat Betrayal

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This is a true story, details on events maybe slightly vague from memory. Names have been changed for protection of those involved.

I wrote this to get a hot sexual encounter on paper after having it in my head for the past ten years, hope you like it.

Edited some mistakes from before and added a few more details.


It was a warm, yet foggy April morning. John had woken up next to his girlfriend Rachael, he had a bit of extra time that morning as she was giving him a lift into college that day. The two had been fighting over something petty, which with hindsight should never have been an argument. The pair enjoyed a warm naked cuddle in the morning as they wanted to repair relations with one another.

Yet… the night before he had been texting his ex, Laura. She was trying to lure him into a sexual encounter. Enticing him with the thought of her shaved pussy, something she was always proud of and knew John loved it too. He couldn’t help himself but think about that smooth snatch, despite wanting to maintain his relationship with Rachael, he had always said she was the love of his life.

John and Rachael eventually and reluctantly got dressed to get their days underway, during the car ride the pair discussed where they stood and eventually decided they would give things another try.

As John exited the car he kissed Rachael. “Thanks for the lift hun, I love you, I’ll text you later,” said John.

“Sounds good, I’ll be busy with mum today, but I’ll text back when I can. See you later.” Rachael replied.

John would head towards the college building and would recieve a text from Laura saying she wanted to see John later that day at the college, in a little room no one rarely ever goes in. Suggesting the prospect of touching her shaven pussy she so eloquently described to him the night before.

John was torn, he had undying love for Rachael and wanted to make that relationship work, he saw a future with her. (Perhaps even still to this day he still harbours some love for her). But the lure of lust with his ex still filled his head. Torn between two women, the idea of such a thing created a shroud of confusion which led to the upcoming events.

It was near lunchtime, Laura had suggested a time to meet and John agreed as he had a free period at that moment.

The pair went into the near-abandoned room at separate times to avoid getting seen.

Laura asked how John was, despite the fact she had no real intention of knowing such a thing. She eventually she pulled him closer, wanting him to embrace her and touch her pussy.

Eventually John couldn’t resist any longer, he put his arms around Laura, she pulled him in closer and the pair locked lips, hard. His hands moving all over her body, lifting his hands under her jacket and bra, fondling her large soft breasts. Her hands wandered more south of his waist and teasing his ever-growing cock from the outside of his jeans.

John felt it was wrong but couldn’t resist, a woman was touching him and teasing him, but eventually he let his inhibitions go.

Laura asked: “So… you wanna touch me?”

“Yea, you teased me about it all too much,” John said.

“Do it.” she replied.

John unbuttoned her jeans, and moved his hand downwards, his fingers met her underwear and dived beneath the cloth to find nothing but smooth skin, it was almost like she had waxed. Not a single hair on her mound whatsoever.

His hand moved down further and he discovered what was an ocean of moisture from her pussy as he placed a finger kırgız escort in her slit and across her clit, the feeling sent John crazy, could he really be doing this after making up with Rachael the night before?

Yet, the feeling of Laura’s soaked pussy, which also smelt fantastic on his fingers sent shockwaves through John’s mind, lust versus love, a wet pussy which he had entered numerous times before lured once more.

John touched Laura’s clit, rubbing it slowly, feeling more of her natural juices fall on his digits as the pair locked lips and tongues once again.

The moment was then spoiled by a smattering of voices outside. John retracted his hand from her now sodden snatch. He checked the time on his phone and realised he should get back to his classmates in the library before the next class.

John’s cock was left hard and his boxers filled with the pre-cum which continued to leak from his foreskin.

“I want you, as soon as possible,” she said.

“I’m not sure that’s a great idea, I probably shouldn’t have done this,” John replied.

“Making things up with Rachael are you?” Laura taunted.

“Yeah,” said John.

“Fair enough, I’ll text you later,” replied Laura.

The pair went their separate ways and back to their classes.

Later that day, Laura teased John once again, sending him messages that she enjoyed him touching her pussy that afternoon and it had sent her pussy into overdrive. After a few back and forth messages about the forbidden events earlier in the day, she suggested they go out in her car and fuck.

John was once again torn by his love for Rachael and lust of having a fresh pussy to dive into, it clouded his judgement and the man foolishly agreed to meeting Laura.

It was well into the night now, around 10 o’clock, She was going to meet him at the end of the road, she was there on time and he went to go meet her. The pair drove around, looking for a dark place to park the car and get in the back to fuck, as she didn’t know the area like he did. The pair made small talk in the front seat during the journey.

John still felt torn, but the moment to back out he felt had already passed.

Eventually they found a place, the streetlights didn’t go that far back on this street and it meant there was little light which would illuminate her car, despite the fact it was bright yellow.

The pair got out the car, moved the seats forward and then got in the back of the car.

Laura leaned in to kiss John and the pair began to lock lips, their hands groping each other. Even if John still felt hints of hesitation due to his clouded judgement.

He unzipped her hoodie, revealing a t-shirt, but what was more noticeable was the fact she had not put on a bra for the occasion, she knew just how to tease him as she knew he loved to fondle her breasts during their previous times between the sheets.

She laid down across the back seats and he then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off with her underwear, her knickers showing a clear patch of wetness, perhaps from previous events of the day with John, maybe even her own masturbation session on top of that, he did not know. But what he did know is that the sweet scent of her pussy wafted into his nostrils and he was then under her spell once more.

John glided his hands across her smooth, shaven legs, meeting her crotch as it had earlier in the day. She didn’t like being fingered too much, but he did so briefly. Sliding his fingers into her soaked pussy, but she said with a eskort istanbul small moan “You know I don’t like that too much, I want your amazing tongue on it instead.” Laura said.

John kissed her, moved downwards and sucked both nipples, he knew she loved that, but the one thing they both loved was licking pussy.

He moved downward still and began to lap his tongue against the tide of natural vaginal lubricant her cunt was producing, she must have been so turned on right now, as was he. His tongue moved to her clit and she instantly moaned with pleasure, Laura always begged for her clit to be licked, it was her favourite act.

After several minutes of amazing pussy licking, it was his turn to be touched. She may not have always liked giving blowjobs at the time, but it seemed as if tonight there was no boundaries. John moved away from between her legs and sat up on the back seat. She pulled down his jeans and boxers to reveal his rock hard cock, soaked in pre-cum. Unsurprising given how hot, yet forbidden this encounter was proving to be.

Laura grabbed the shaft of his member and then moved closer to wrap her lips around his foreskin, sucking up what pre-cum there was. She then opened her mouth and put his cock in her mouth fully, slowly moving up and down, giving John what was the best dick-sucking of his life, despite Rachael sucking him off that morning.

It felt like an age, but Laura continued to pleasure John, with one handing hold his leg to steady herself in the backseat of her car while the other was helping rub his cock up and down while she sucked.

It soon stopped and she said “I want you inside of me”.

John went into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, inside was a condom which he then proceeded to put on. Laura was never on any protection, so it was a must. If he was gonna fuck this girl, no way could he risk getting any of his little guys getting inside her.

Once the condom was on, she laid down on the backseat like before when he licked her pussy and spread her legs, she wanted to get fucked by John once again, Laura and John hadn’t had sex in over year since their relationship had ended, but she didn’t care about his situation. Just wanted his dick and she was about to get it.

John positioned himself at the precipice of her opening, the tip of his penis was touching her labia, he then pushing against her lips and easily slid inside her sodden cunt, she moaned hard as his cock filled her pussy. He began to thrust slowly and her moans made John feel amazing, knowing he was pleasuring a girl, it was what he lived for at the time.

He sped things up a little bit, then lifted up her t-shirt to reveal her breasts, nipples were rock hard, it always happened when she was turned on and he loved it. As he continued to thrust inside her, he leaned over to suck her hard nipples, she let out more moans as she was clearly enjoying herself, getting what was hers at the expense of her ex.

As he continued to push his cock inside of her, he said: “You’re turn to go on top.”

“Alright then, might be difficult in here, but we’ll give it a go” Laura replied.

John pulled his dick out of her sodden cunt and as she sat up, she checked her seats to see if she had spilled any of her juices, she found some but looked as if she didn’t care.

John sat up so Laura could move across and mount him, she spread her legs across his and sat on his thighs, then thrust her tongue in his mouth. After a couple minutes of fierce lip-locking, she then lifted herself up and grabbed his cock genç escort to steady it as she lowered her sodden snatch onto his member, you could see her eyes fill with pleasure as his cock filled her sodden, forbidden hole once again.

This time, it was her responsibility to thrust, she wrapped her arms around him and began to bounce on his cock. Better than she ever had before, both of them could sense it. Despite having lost their virginities to each other the previous year, this was their hottest time they had ever spent fucking, even better than the four times in twelve hours when they first popped their cherries to each other.

Even if you discounted the crime of John’s treachery against Rachael.

Laura and John continued fucking in the back seat, occasionally pausing as they saw headlights in the distance.

Due to the tight confines of the car (a 2008 Fiat Punto never did have much room). It was time for Laura to lay back down, John checked to see if the condom had faltered in anyway, thankfully it was intact.

Laura lay there and spread her legs once more across the backseat and made the come hither motion with her finger, she wanted more of his cock in her cunt.

John put his cock back inside of her and got back to thrusting once again. But this time she wanted it harder and faster, practically begging him to fuck her pussy like he had never done before.

She said: “I want you to fuck me, make me cum.”

So, at her behest he began to pound her pussy, thrusting his cock deeper inside of her than he had ever done before, her toyed with her nipples and kissed her neck, anything to help her cum.

He lifted her legs further back into the air so he could thrust deeper inside her, his cock was consumed by her cunt now and their forbidden encounter was nearing its climax.

John began to pound her pussy, Laura became more and more vocal with her pleasurable moans due to the intense pleasure she was getting out of it, just as she had intended.

He looked at her as he reached peak thrust mode and moments later, he could feel the impending orgasm surge through his cock. Ropes of cum began to fill up the protective rubber, whilst he could feel her pussy become even more warm and moist as she squirted over his cock, even if it was a small amount.

He pulled out of her snatch and removed the condom, trying to squeeze as much cum from the shaft of his cock as possible. He tied it in a knot and set it aside.

The pair sat down for a moment and discussed their forbidden trice.

“That was pretty amazing, you’ve gotten better since the last time, Rachael’s vagina better than mine?” she said. “What will you tell her about tonight?”

John replied: “I’m not comparing your pussies, but that blowjob was intense and I didn’t know you could squirt… I’ll have to come up with something to tell her.”

John bent down in the rear foot well to pick up his clothes and found his phone which revealed a few missed calls and texts from Rachael. It was at that moment he knew the guilt had washed over him, he had realised that he had just had fucked a different woman than the one he loved.

Less than 24 hours from having deep, meaningful sex with Rachael the night before.

Laura her been able to put her clothes back on and moved to the driver’s seat and readjusted it. John had done the same and collected the condom which was filled with his cum. He threw it in the nearest hedge, away from anyone ever finding it and got in the car.

As Laura drove John back to his house, the guilt began to burn inside him as to what he had done… he could never forgive himself for what he done, despite the fact he had probably had one of the best times of his sex life in the back seat.

To this day, he regrets doing what he did. But, we all know you can’t change the past.

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