Baiting the Trap

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Being divorced and nearing forty, well, let’s just say that my sex life is on life-support. No, I’m attractive, trim, nice boobs, narrow waist, pretty face, good legs, wavy ash blond hair, blue-gray eyes, pretty nice.

But, the men, well, many are taken and, no, I don’t want to be the cause of a marriage break-up, some woman did that to me, I just can’t do it to someone else. There just seems to be more women around than men and there are also a lot of younger women for the men of every age to fool around with.

I should know. I have an eighteen-year old daughter, Jill, who gets hit on by men all the time.

Well, she should, actually, she’s quite a looker. Same general specs as me, just with twenty years less on the odometer. Trust me, put us together and you’d go for Jill first. Yes, you would. And, really, I wouldn’t blame you.

But, that doesn’t help me much, does it?

Jill is just out of high school, starts college in the fall and, one day, she came in the kitchen and said, “I just met a guy that’s new to the condo and he’s pretty nice.”

“Well, dear, you’re of age, have fun.”

“No, well, sure, but what I really meant was that he’s a lot closer to your age. Someone you ought to meet.”

“So, he’s around forty? But you know he’s going to want you in bed before he would ever want me.”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about that, Mom. You’ve always looked out after me as I grew up, maybe it’s time for me to pay you back a little? I did look on his mailbox and it’s just his name, no woman.”

“Like take him hostage by gunpoint and make him have sex with me?”

“Exactly. No, I really meant that maybe I could fix it so he’d be interested in you.”

“Pimping your mother, are you?”

“Hey, not a bad idea, Mom,” and we both laughed at that one.

“Well, he’s pretty nice and nice-looking, I’ll think about it,” she said and I promptly forgot about it.

About a week later, Jill came in from the pool and said, “His name is Steve Moore and he’s interested for sure.”

“Are you talking about the new guy in the complex, what you were talking about last week?”

“Exactly. Go out and look by the pool. He’s over by the shade, if you go around the recycle bins, you can see him really well.”

So, I did and I must say, he was a very nice looking man which I reported back to Jill.

“Well, want me to lure him in for us both to have? I wouldn’t mind having sex with him, he’s nice. Would be the oldest guy I’ve been with but he looks like it’s more experience than age.”

“Are you proposing that we both have sex with him together, in the same room?”

“Well, I don’t know why not. I’ll bet any man would love it. Sure, I’d do it. You’d see your daughter in action,” she said with a grin.

“Seems I have a kinky daughter.”

“Seems like you do. Wonder where I get it from?”

“Well, maybe from a mother who’s seriously thinking about taking you up on your idea. I’m sure not getting any action otherwise.”

“Well, you saw him. He’s nice. I’ll bet he could take care of us both.”

“You really mean doing a threesome, you and I and him?”

“Why not? What else do you have for prospects?”

“Good point.”

“We could both get bikinis on and try to lure him up here?”

“Well, şişli escort he’d jump at you, Jill, that’s for sure.”

“Oh, come on, he’d jump at us both.”

“Well, he is male,” and we both snickered.

“I don’t know, it just seems contrived.”

“I’ll bet he’s got a nice, hard cock, Mom.”

“You’re trying to tempt me, aren’t you?”


Well, she was and it was working.

“Okay, what do we do?”

“Well, I’m probably a little more forward than you, Mom, why not leave it to me. We’ll just both go out to the pool and I’ll invite him back to our place and then bring him over for you to meet, then we’ll all go have a good time together. What say?”

“I say, okay,” with a big grin and a small knot in my stomach and a large tingle in my pussy.

So we changed into our skimpiest bikinis and went out poolside. I got situated in a shady area and Jill went over to talk with her new friend.

I was watching when I saw her point in my direction as he looked, then waved at me. Waving back, I thought, well, maybe I’m gonna have a bit of fun after all. And with my daughter right in the same room. Something I’d never even thought about before.

Then, Jill and the man got up and started heading my way.

“Mom, this is Steve Moore, my mom, Barb Ritter.”

This started a bit of back and forth between us, then Jill said, “I asked Steve if he would like to come up so we could all get to know each other better and he said he’d like that.”

“Yes, especially the way Jill put it, I’m very interested in knowing the two of you much, much better,” he said smiling with a huge bulge in his trunks. She must have left little to doubt.

“Sure, Steve, Mom and I have the rest of the afternoon, actually, you could even stay for dinner, I’m sure we can entertain you,” Jill said to him with a bright, sunny grin.

“Well, I’d love to be entertained this afternoon by you two lovely ladies, I’m ready if you are,” and we gathered up our few things and were soon inside the cool apartment.

Steve sat down on the sofa as Jill said, “Well, we’ve told you our names, Steve, would you like to know more about us?” Jill asked.

“Love to.”

“Well, you know already we’re mother and daughter, you can see that we’re both similar-looking and here’s how we even resemble each other more,” and Jill untiled her top, then the bottom and tossed them on a chair. “Mom?”

I took that as my clue to join her and soon had my bikini off as well.

“You two are stunning. I know I’m gonna love this. Oh, so hot, both of you.”

“You can join us,” Jill asked and Steve stood up and pulled his trunks down as we watched a very nice cock spring up and point right at us.

“Oh, very nice, Steve. I think we’ve all hit the jackpot. May I?” I asked as I reached for his hard cock.

He nodded and Jill and I both stepped closer as I wrapped my fingers around him and wiped my thumb across the moisture shining on the tip.

I knelt down and took his handsome cock into my mouth as a welcome to our lives and Jill took one of his hands and led it to her breasts.

“Oh, I’m not going to last long with both of you,” he said, his breath quickening.

I raised up and told him, “Well, I think kağıthane escort I’ll save your first cum but I promise you a rain check on that suck. It’s something I love doing and I already love sucking you, Steve. But, let’s put that nice cum somewhere nice, shall we?” and I took hold of his cock and pulled him down the hall to my bedroom and threw off the covers.

I had him lay down, then got up over him, took him in hand and slowly lowered myself onto him, then began rocking back and forth.

“Oh, am I glad I met you two wonderful, beautiful women.”

“I think you should get to know Jill better, hon, why don’t you let Steve lick you? We’re here to have fun, right?”

My daughter got up and squatted down over Steve’s face and began circling him with her wet pussy rubbing all around on his mouth.

We were getting some nice moans now as he tried thrusting up into me as I raised up off him and held myself up from his hips. This was looking like a porn flick but it sure was fun. And it was thrilling to see my daughter getting her own sexual pleasure right in front of me, she was all I had hoped for, beautiful, confident, sexy, yes, Steve was going to get a lot of this mother-daughter team.

Then, as I pushed down on him and twisted back and forth rubbing him deep up inside me, he let out a couple of groans, pushed his hips up and I felt the warm gush deep inside, he gave me his cum and now, I was happy. Well, almost, I kept fucking him, rubbing my clit as I did and was soon overcome by my own wonderful orgasm.

Steve’s hands were up holding Jill’s labia open and he tongued up inside her as she rubbed her boobs and pinched her nipples. Then I watched as she erupted in a blinding orgasm of her own. It was so wonderful to watch my own daughter experience such divine pleasure, it almost got me off again.

“Oh, Mom, wait until Steve does you like that. Oh, we’ve found us a good one, Mom.”

“I think I’ve found the best pair of women in my whole life,” Steve said as I lay next to him, playing with his cock which was semi-hard.

“Here, Mom, let me play with that, I want it next,” Jill asked.

“Now, ladies, please don’t fight over me, I’m willing to share,” he said with a grin and we all lay together in my bed, Steve in the middle, our hands all over him, did he look happy.

We were all kissing and playing with our newly-found lover and he was having fun with us as well, four boobs and two pussies, well, he was happy.

It was just fun like that until Jill got up and started sucking him, then pulled up off him, swung herself over him and pushed his cock right up into her as I watched.

“Mmm, what have I ever done to deserve such a gift of you two. Oh, I sure hope this lasts, like the rest of my life.”

“Seems like we all agree that this was the right thing to do, Steve, Mom seems happy and, well, right now, with that nice big cock of your’s up inside me, well, I’m lovin’ it,” said Jill, rocking back and forth as Steve played with her breasts.

I just was happy laying there on my side watching my daughter pleasure a man. One that had just pleasured me. Soon, we’ll both be walking around with his cum up inside us. How nice. She was so sexy, it was unbelievable. I was amazed and taksim escort rather proud at her skill in lovemaking. She was amazingly confident as I watched her moving up and down, her flawless body, just a wonder to observe.

Steve had one hand on my breasts, his other on Jill’s as she continued to fuck him. Frankly, just watching this was driving me into a sexual frenzy, all I wanted to do was fuck, fuck, fuck.

Before long, my daughter had the most beautiful orgasm, yes, it was beautiful for a mother to watch; her beloved daughter enraptured in sexual bliss, it felt like it was my orgasm as well. I was rubbing myself pretty hard when she climaxed and then, shortly after, our new lover spewed deep in her his love offering for her to sleep on.

We all cuddled, Steve’s cock never without a hand on it, Steve keeping himself busy with two women who were relishing every minute of his company in their beds.

“Do you think you can spent the night with us?” Jill asked.

“All I’ve got at my place is a bed with neither of you in it. Does that answer that question?”

We agreed that it did and finally did let him go to sleep about three in the morning.

I woke up first, it was almost nine and reached down to fondle Steve’s cock. It was about half-hard and I had him hard and awake in no time. I pulled the sheet back and got up over him and slid my lips down over him and started sucking.

“Mmm, Mom, you’re having fun already. I’ll just watch,” said my daughter as I suck Steve’s delicious cock. Oh, he was a true find. I owe it all to Jill.

Once he started to moan, I figured that Jill and I had better place for his cum than my mouth so I backed up off him and offered Jill his nice, hard cock. She swung a leg up over him as he held his cock up for her to lower onto as I moved up to offer him a breast to suck as I rubbed his chest and abdomen.

He reached his hand over toward my pussy and I scooted a bit and spread open for him as he started rubbing my wetness. Oh, I had gone from no sex to lots of sex in just hours, how wonderful.

I was just loving watching my sexy, young daughter being a woman, oh, what a woman. I can see how any man alive would want her if they could see what I’m seeing. She’s so focussed on fucking Steve, giving herself to him, any man would desire her.

Steve had two fingers in me and his thumb was caressing my clit, sending shivers across me as he started to groan. I knew that Jill was about to be filled with his cum as I lay there and watched.

He began to push up over and over, then let out a long, low groan as he cummed and cummed while Jill never slowed down, she just kept fucking him until she launched her own climax and fell over him trembling and shaking in ecstasy.

“Oh, Steve, that was the best. Mmm,” she purred.

“I just hope you two never move away. If you do, I’ll move with you.” We all laughed at that, Jill still on top with his cock remaining where she wanted it, I’m sure.

As it turned out, Steve spend many nights in my bed with some side trips to see Jill, she sometimes joined us and sometimes I slept at Steve’s in his bed. The upshot was that Jill and I and Steve fucked until she went away to college, Steve and I have moved in together and are now setting wedding plans and Jill has a new boyfriend in college, a teaching assistant who she’s moving in with next term. She’s said he’s pretty adventurous about sex and she may advance the notion of a foursome for us all. What a daughter I have, she’s such a treasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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