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There was a delivery call from the radio room to my courier receiver and I was to deliver a bed base to a rough neighbourhood near the city. After I picked it up, I drove the van to the address. I noticed an old Harley Davidson shovelhead bike manual lying on the front seat of a utility parked in the front driveway of the house where the delivery was to be made. There were welding tools through the open doors of the garage.

I was always more interested in the bikes than their riders, but being a biker my-self, there was always something to talk to other owners about. Harley Davidsons and other copycat cruisers were not my type of motorbike. I thought they were a great choice if you have a need to ride slowly and to park your bike conspicuously where it could be admired for its styling. I always preferred bikes with a bit more versatility like road trail bikes with a very soft spot in my heart for go fast bikes. The smaller, the faster, the better I liked them.

I rattled the knocker on the front door of the house. The door was opened by an attractive woman aged in her late 30s.


‘Hi I’m Harvey and I’ve got a bed base to deliver.’

‘Good. I’m Anne. Come in and I’ll show where to put it.’

She was gorgeous and had a great body and wore a checked blue and green loose top that hid the shape of her round breasts. She wore tight jeans and had bare feet.

‘Come in’.

She showed me where the base was to be assembled.

‘Do you want me to remove the old one and replace it for you or would your partner prefer to do all that?’

‘He would prefer to but it won’t happen today. He will be here in about half an hour with his mates and then we’re going back out to a hotel somewhere’.

‘Would he object if it was already done?’

‘He might not even notice. Can you assemble it while I freshen up a bit?

I removed the mattress from the old bed and dismantled the base and put all the parts with a small box of hexagon drive bolts and eight brackets out in the back yard.

I brought in the new one and began to assemble it while Anne went to the en-suite bathroom and showered.

After a few minutes, I had assembled all the brackets to the upright legs, attached the castor wheels and moved it into position where the old bed had been. I began to move the heavy mattress Yozgat Escort into position. As I took its weight to lower it to the bed base, my leg was in an awkward position and I twisted my ankle.

I sat on the bed holding my ankle when Anne walked back into the bedroom. She returned from the shower wearing a towelling robe gaping open a little showing a perfect cleavage. She was towelling her hair dry and her beautiful tits were jiggling up and down as she entered the bedroom.

She said, ‘What’s wrong?’

‘I twisted my left ankle. It will be better in a minute. A bit of pain, that’s all.’

‘Let me have a look at that.’ She sat beside me on the bed and lightly touched my ankle, and rotated my foot. ‘Does that hurt?’ she asked.

She produced a beach towel from a cupboard and spread it on the bed and said ‘Lie back and raise your leg. I think I can treat it for you. I’m a trained physiotherapist.’

She gently removed my boot and sock and tested my ankle for movement.

‘There might be some swelling but the amount of pain is the best symptom at the beginning. How bad is it?’

‘I think I can walk on it,’ I replied

‘How does this feel?’ she said rubbing my ankle.


I noticed her reflection in the mirrors on the door of the built in wardrobe, and as she bent forward to treat my ankle, her short robe revealed the swell of her buttocks at the top of her legs. I could feel the first stirrings of arousal as I tried to relax and let her ease the pain in my leg.

She worked on my ankle for a few minutes and then removed my other boot and sock, and began a more relaxing massage on my right foot.

Having my feet touched lightly has always been a turn on for me, but she was probably just giving equal treatment for both feet. I could feel my prick begin to swell all the same. She moved her hands up my leg and her soft touch was pure sensuality. When her hands moved above my knees, I thought there might be something else on her mind. I heard myself murmuring as her fingers started having a marked effect on my swelling prick.

I couldn’t believe my luck, although if her partner were to wander in at this moment there would have been awkward questions to answer. Her hands kept exploring and then she had her fingertips under my shorts. My Yozgat Escort Bayan cock was quickly hardening. She remover her left hand, and felt for the shape of my stiff member. She loosened my belt and pulled my shorts down and my penis was straining against the stretch fabric of my underpants.

‘I think this could use some treatment as well,’ she said. ‘It seems to be swollen. I could massage it for you.’

She continued and began lightly rubbing my hardening cock as a wet stain spread at the tip. She stretched the waist-band over my penis and lowered my undies. Then holding my penis at the base with her right hand, she very lightly screwed the end with her left, bringing me closer to my climax. Her hands were like sensual exquisite stimulation.

I told her ‘I’m getting close to a climax.’

She stopped and held it still at the base watching it pulsing in time with my thundering heart beat. She bent it lightly towards her face and diligently licked it around the head like a multi-flavoured ice-cream. She had many moves in her box of tricks to stimulation me, and seemed to want to demonstrate as many of them as time and imagination would allow.

As she climbed onto the bed and straddled me, her robe opened and one tit had revealed itself as she positioned her face over my urgent cock. She had her knees on either side of my face and I was given a salacious close-up of her magnificent arse, and a cunt dripping with all the juices of her arousal. I wanted to lick everything that was inviting me to but I chose not to distract her from her work. I played with her feet instead while she treated herself to my demanding prick.

She changed her position five or six times, stimulating my straining cock to even more new heights of sensuous response.

She turned around and took me in her mouth again and was very lightly licking the underside of my penis which is the maximum turn-on for me. I was edging perilously close to erupting from my balls, right up through my straining cock. As if that wasn’t enough, in the mirror, I could see her pretty little cunt between her splayed legs. I knew I had to get my swollen prick into that and soon. The thought must have occurred to both of us at the same time.

She reversed her position and with her hands and knees straddling me, she leant Escort Yozgat down and kissed me softly while she gently held my throbbing prick in her hand.

Just then, I heard the rumble of two motorbikes in the distance and they were getting louder as they approached the house.

She resumed lightly screwing the head, barely touching it. She began slowly ploughing it between the wet lips of her dewy slit. She seemed to be trying to get maximum pleasure from the light touch of the tip of my throbbing cock along the opening of her wet cunt.

Her face was next to mine as she quickly swivelled her hips like a go-go dancer. Her wet hair was shaking lightly across her face and she smelt delicious, like body wash and shampoo. The bikes were getting louder. They seemed to be right outside the bedroom window.

She impaled herself with the first two inches of my feverishly throbbing member and tensed the muscles around the opening of her vagina, then relaxed her muscles, then tensed them again, and again. I was already so turned on that I finally lost any further control I had. I was caught between fear of getting caught and over powering arousal.

As the muscles tensed in my stomach, arse, the top of my legs, behind my knees under my arms, and my face began to flush, I lost all control. I held her hard against me, and quickly ejaculated feverishly into her body. I plunged the full eight inches into her slavering cunt for the last five or six copious squirts of semen. She squealed with a very loud and high-pitched ‘OOOOOOOHHHhh’ just as the painfully loud unmuffled engine noises outside her bedroom window were silenced.

When I pushed her off me, her hips was still rutting. She came to her senses and we both quickly dressed.

Three very mean looking dudes stood round talking as Anne helped me carefully put my left boot on. I left her in the house and departed limping through the front door.

The man standing next to the shovelhead eyed me suspiciously and barked, ‘Who the fuck are you?’

I replied, ‘Courier. I just dropped off a bed base. Delivery’s included with in the price.’

‘Is that right?’ he said with a thick measure of menace in his voice. ‘Well now that you’ve delivered it, why don’t you climb into your pissant little van and fuck off.’

‘Good suggestion. That’s what I had in mind. Tell you what I’ll do. I think I’ll just climb into my pissant little van and fuck off. Be nice to your mother.’

I drove away laughing, yelling out loud, ‘And I just fucked the arse off your very sexy girlfriend.’ But I wasn’t really sure who fucked whom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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