Bath Time

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The workday is over and you and your new wife have just finished taking your daily cross country skiing trip at the local park. Life is good. The two of you returned home from your honeymoon just days ago and have gotten back into the swing of normal life again. The euphoria of the honeymoon has faded, but the two of you are together now.

You return home from skiing with a sweaty chill and decide to take a bath together. She starts the water as you undress and then undress her. You admire her long thin legs, small but supple breasts, and always-refreshingly beautiful face. She is as tall as you and has shoulder length, straight, blonde hair.

You help her into the tub and then join her, sitting between her legs, with your legs over hers and her between them. The bubbles, steamy water, and scent of bath soap wash away the winter chill. The two of you relax and lay back, just staring at each other, smiling, happy, and content.

Your wife grabs the razor she had set by the tub and you lean forward to her. She kisses you on the mouth, and runs her hand through your hair. She grabs the bottle of shaving cream and fills her hand up with a large clump of it, and applies it to your face. Carefully she starts to shave your face until it is completely smooth and hair-free, just as you like it.

After cleaning off the rest of the shaving cream she scoots forward and the both of you lean forward to each other, and she puts her soft warm cheek against your smooth cheek. The two of you hold each other, eyes closed, her breasts pressing against your chest. You can feel her every breath as she anal escort exhales on your shoulder. You massage her back and neck and enjoy the moment. Very subtly, slowly, you are becoming aroused. Your cock is pressing against her leg. She smiles at you.

You both scoot back and your wife lifts one of her legs out of the water and sets her foot on the edge of tub. You grab the razor and the cream. Gently you pick up her foot and set it on your shoulder. You’ve always admired her legs, so long, smooth, wonderful. It was her legs that got your attention when you first saw her. Things only got better from there.

With firm hands and perfect pressure, you massage her entire leg. Then you lather up her leg with shaving cream, and being shaving one leg, being extremely careful not to blemish her perfect legs. Then the second leg, massaging, then shaving. You check your work when finished, admiring it, and then getting a smile from your wife of her approval.

You kiss her and help her out so she is sitting on the edge of the tub. She is facing you, legs spread, you are sitting between them. You lather up her pussy, making sure you have even covered the folds of her labia. She moans as you unintentionally stimulate her sensitive sexual areas. Her breathing has slowed a bit, deeper though, her eyes are closed. You smile and continue working, shaving clean her pubic hair, revealing a cute, and wonderful pussy, which you love looking at, and pleasuring. You rinse her off when done, and make sure you have completely remove all the hair.

When you finish she joins bayan escort istanbul you in the tub again, this time she sits between your legs with her back to you, leaning back into you. You put your arms around her and the two of you just relax in the warm water. You start massaging her breasts and nipples, and kissing her neck. You can feel she is totally relaxed and absorbing the pleasure you provide. One of your hands wanders between her legs, gently massaging her inner thighs, never touching her pussy.

Her back is against your chest, and you can feel her sharp intakes of breath as you have her aroused. Her breasts lifting and falling with each deep breath. Your hand wanders to her pussy, just brushing against the labia, never penetrating at all. One finger pushes in, just slightly, working the slit, up and down. You press your palm against her clit at the same time, slowing rubbing it in a circle. She is yours now, completely engulfed in pleasure. You continue to work your finger, then two, then three, into her pussy, teasing her. Your cock is completely hardened now, pressing against her back.

You remove your hand from her pussy now, and just sit while she recovers, holding her in your arms. Finally she leans forward and lifts herself up out of the tub a bit. You feel her hand around your cock, startling you a bit. She chuckles and strokes it a few times. She sits back down now, this time you can feel your cock against her pussy, she rests on your hips as she lowers herself onto you. Your cock fills her slit, she moans softly, cooing to you, and you join her with şişli escort a moan as well. She just sits, having completely taken you into her. Her tight pussy massaging your pulsating cock. You put your arms around her again and hold her tight. She loves sitting like this, and you are starting to love it too. She adjusts herself on your cock, somehow getting one last bit of it inside.

Slowly, very very slowly, she starts to raise up off your cock, then lower back down, up, down…over and over. You can’t stand how slow she goes, but you love it at the same time. She is so sexy, so erotic, so in control. Her pace never picks up surprisingly, as she rides you through her first orgasm. You start to buck your hips against her, trying to go faster, but she whispers for you to be still. She keeps her pace, and you start to feel an orgasm building in your testicles. Slow…she keeps riding…so slow. Your cock starts to tense up, swelling even more with the coming orgasm, and she feels it. She stops, waiting for you to calm down.

Then she starts again, this time a bit faster, until you are near cumming. Then again she stops. Once you calm again, she starts again, this time much faster. Water splashes out onto the floor of the bathroom, but your lustful fury of hip grinding continues, growing in momentum with each thrust. Your hips bucking like crazy, hers doing the same. You feel her tighten up on your cock, another orgasm washing over her. Your own orgasm flashes over you, and you ejaculate into her, moaning as it hits. She is moaning too, cumming with you.

You both sit there, you holding her again, breathing hard. She kisses your cheek and you do the same to her, whispering into her ear that you love her. She smiles and says the same back. As you both calm down you notice the water is cooling off. Time to wash up. Time to get on with things until another bath begins.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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