Bathhouse Virgin

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It has been a few weeks since my last sexual experience, school was going fine and living with Brian was going great. I was enjoying exploring my attraction to men. I had read about the bathhouse scene in gay magazines that Brian had let me read. I was thinking a lot about the stories I read about bathhouses. My curiosity for the bathhouse scene was growing day by day.

So during Reading Week, I thought that I would go check one out. I got to the bathhouse and just walked right in before anyone could see me go in. I opened the door and entered the front of the building. It was early on a Friday night. I learned later that it was good to come early. There was a guy sitting at the check in counter in front of me. I looked at the board behind the counter that listed the prices. They had lockers, rooms, deluxe rooms, and specialty rooms. I asked the clerk about the rooms and decided on the deluxe room. I paid for my room then he buzzed the entrance door open. I went inside the clerk handed me a towel, a key, and some condoms.

I made my way around the corner and was meant with doors that had numbers on them to go with which room you were in if you got a room and not a locker. I continue down the hallway around another corner coming face to face with the shower room. Continuing down the hallway until coming to where my room was which was close to the porn room which I thought was just great because I love watching porn and playing with my cock.

I opened the door with the key provided. Inside there was a small bed with a sheet and pillow on it and also a small end table. There also was a small 13 inch color TV mounted on the wall because this Çankaya Escort was a deluxe room and I can’t get enough of porn videos.

I entered and closed the door. I removed all my clothes and hung them within the locker provided within the room also putting my shoes and socks in the locker too. The room was warm but the cement floor was cool on my feet. I laid down on the bed and turned on the TV. There were six channels of gay porn to choose from. I started watching this young blond guy getting fucked by a leather stud. I decided to lay back and relax. Thirty minutes after I was feeling more relaxed in this new environment. I was also getting horny watching these fuck films. I decided then to go look around. I got up and wrapped the skimpy towel around me, wrapped the key around my arm and headed out of the room.

I was feeling nervous, but good to finally be inside. I immediately noticed that everyone was walking around in no more than a towel. A few guys just carried their towel, leaving their cock and balls to display freely. I noticed several guys sitting on benches checking me out throughout the hallways. I passed several guys dressed only in small towels. I also noticed several rooms had the door open. Inside the rooms most guys were lying on the beds naked. Some were stroking their cocks others were laying face down fingering their assholes.

I walked around and checked out the place. I felt kind of strange dressed in nothing but a towel. All of the rooms seemed to be filled now. I went to the hot tub, hung up my towel, and got in. There were seven guys already in there. I Keçiören Escort sat down next to a big hairy bear stud. Soon he reached over and started playing with my dick. My cock got erect fast. He then started fondling my balls. He leaned over and asked if wanted to go with him. I told him thanks, but I just got there and wanted to check things out some more. I got out of the tub with my seven inches dripping and hard. I wrapped the towel around me and headed out to see some more.

As I walked past an opened room, I looked in and saw a small brown haired guy getting fucked by a large stocky man. His cock was at least 9 inches long. There were also two other men standing in the room jerking off as they watched. I watched as one exploded cum all over the side of small guy getting fucked. I could not believe how much more open the sex was here then at the gay theatre. I then went to the large TV room. The room had a big TV and several floor pads around the room. One guy was getting a blowjob from another guy. The guy giving the blowjob was getting his ass fingered by another guy. A few more guys were playing with their cocks. I thought I died and went to heaven.

I then went into a room that was rather dark. After my eyes adjusted I realized I was in a giant glory hole room. This was different from most glory holes though. It just had holes in a wall that surrounded the room. It was open for anyone to join in on the action. There were at least twelve guys in the room. I find my way to the upper level were several guys were gathered in a bunch. They all stood naked. I removed my towel, flung Etimesgut Escort it over my shoulder, and moved to the middle of the group. Almost immediately I felt hands on my ass, cock, and balls. My cock was hard again. I began to feel the cock on the guy in front of me.

His cock swelled in my hand, and I began to jerk him off. Soon I felt someone shoot a load of hot cum across my legs. It was just dark enough that I couldn’t make out who did it. My own cock was now dripping. I then felt someone’s warm mouth take my hot cock. The mouth belonged to a small looking guy that looked not much older than eighteen. I then felt a cock pressing against my ass. I looked back and told him he could fuck my ass cheeks but not my ass. He looked disappointed but placed his hard seven inch cock along my cheeks and slid it back and forth.

Another guy, who was jacking off, started to roll my balls in his hand. I soon felt my balls start to ache and knew I would be coming soon. I tensed my back and exploded down into the kid’s mouth. It was one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had. The guy I was jacking off then exploded all over my stomach. The stud that was rubbing my ass cheeks with his cock exploded up my back and it dripped down my ass. I had come all over my body.

I made my way back to the room. I decided not to shower. I dressed and went home. When I got home I still had the wet cum stuck all over my ass, stomach, legs, feet and cock. I was horny again just thinking about it. I called a sex phone line and jacked off with a guy talking about fucking me. I sprayed another load on my stomach. I went to sleep that night drenched in cum. I woke in the morning feeling very satisfied with the smell of cum everywhere. I could not wait until my next trip to the baths.

Told Brian about my experience at the bathhouse and he started to tell me stories about what goes on in the washrooms at the university. My curiosity was growing again and I just know that I had to check this on for myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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