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It was a typical Saturday afternoon. My parents were out of the house and my brother was with a friend, I knew everyone was going to be gone so I planed on crossdressing all day. I started going to my sisters old room where she left the clothes she didn’t bring to college. I took her black mini skirt, a white tank top, a pair of matching cheetah print thong and 34C bra. I took them to my room and put them one then put on my usually heavy make up, blush, eyeliner, mascara and dark red lipstick.

After I was looking vary slutty and could pass for a very convincing teenage girl, I went down stairs to get the fun stuff. Usually I grab my parent’s life like dildo and my step mom’s vibrator to use on myself but lately I have wanted to do something more adventurous. I walked out of their room with the toys and some of their lube when my dog Baxter came up to me wondering who was this new person in his house.
“Baxter go lay down.” I said trying to get the dog to listen to me. I was puzzled at first because he wasn’t listening to me but I soon realized it was because he could not recognize me while I was dressed up. I started talking to him in a feminine voice and petting his back.
“Hey there boy, I’m Jessie,” I said. Baxter always getting hyperactive when he meets new people, then he started sniffing the toys I was still holding. Then he got excited; he jumped up, sniffing, and whining at me.
“Hey what’s wrong? Calm down.” I said concerned. It was then Baxter laid down on his back wanting to get his stomach rubbed.
“Awh, you just want some attention.” I said rubbing his tummy.
I had a few hours before anyone got home so I wasn’t in a rush to get out of my living room floor while crossdressed but then I noticed something else. I saw a little pick rocket sticking out of Baxter.

Baxter had gotten hard from me petting him. I stared at his little boner for what felt like forever, I always wanted the chance to suck a dick but was never brave enough to meet someone or go somewhere, but this is the perfect chance except it was a dog cock. However, beggars can’t be choosers, but it was probably gross and weird, but dog cocks topkapı escort get huge, but its wrong, but it feels so right. I moved my hand lower while petting Baxter until it was at the base of his little boner.
“Hey buddy, don’t worry this will feel good.” I said in a soothing voice. I slowly gripped his penis with my index finger and thumb and began to pump slowly. It was hot and hard like a rock and felt different than a regular penis but still ok. After just a minute of this I noticed that it was growing fast, it was already 6 inches! Now was my chance to go back but I didn’t. I slowly lowered my head and took my dog’s cock into my mouth. I did not expect it to be that amazing but it was. I was the best feeling of my life, as if my mouth was sucking on a nice warm fireplace. Baster started moaning in pleasure.
“Gah! You like that boy? I bet you do! You’re going to love this.” I said in a dog tone. I bobbed my head at a much faster rate now taking it all in, witch was 7 ½ inches and growing.

I started to taste precum and it was like melted sugar, it was so good. After a half an hour of me drooling, spitting, licking, and mostly suck my dog’s cock it was almost a full foot long. I could believe I had not done this such a long time ago! While I was still trying to take all of this 12 inch cock, Baxter jumped up all of a sudden.
“What’s wrong Baxter we were having a good time?” I said offend that he would let me suck him. Baxter kept sniffing and jumping up on me. I did not get it at first but then I realized, he wanted to mount me. I sucked a dog cock and drank its cum, I might as well let him fuck me too. First, I took off my top, and then I pulled up my mini skirt and Baxter immediately started stiffening and going wild.

“Just a second boy!” I said. I then pulled over my thong to reveal my asshole and applied a little bit of lube to help ease the pain. I should have added a ton more in retrospect. I then got down on all fours and Baxter jumper up on me mounting his bitch. Baxter humped the air for a while and then jabbed his one footer where a virginal would be but he didn’t know aksaray escort that he needed to aim for my ass. I helped guide him in by positioning myself more evenly when suddenly.
“OHHH SHHIITTT FUCK!” I screamed in pain as Baxter rammed 8 inches in my virgin hole. I was unprepared how fast digs could fuck, he just kept ramming and ramming at 8 to 9 inches a second. I was in too much pain/pleasure to keep track. After a minute, he finally fucked all 12 inches into me, his bitch, and kept up the speed. I was starting to feel his cock actually getting thick at the based and wonder how it could get bigger.

He fuck me forever and I wanted it to be that way. I lost track of the time but after what must have been 2 hours, a large bulge in his monster was forced into me. It hurt but not too much. I thought for a second about dog mating I read once and realized what he just did. Baxter knotted me. The bulge was going to grow to 10 times its size and erupt a fountain of cum from his tip. And once your knotted you have to let him finish. Period.
“No Baxter what did you do!” I said. It had been three and a half hours since my family left the house they will be home within the next hour. And they will see me crossdressed getting fuck by a dog! I How long was it before he would cum. I had came 6 or 7 times by now but he had precum hours ago. I felt the knot grow and grow until I was no longer enjoying it, it hurt like nothing else. Slap slap slap slap! That’s the only sound in the house for hours. I had tears coming down my eyes ruining my make up. I begged him to stop but he just kept going like a machine. After another hour of getting my asshole, destroyed Baxter’s knot was the size of a baseball.

“They were going to be home any minute! What do I do?” I yelled. I started to feel more precum come out and hoped it would be over soon. Then I heard it. The garage door opening. No this cannot be happening! I heard the footsteps coming up the door. Then he opened the door and walked in.
“Hey I’m ho-” my dad said but stopped mid sentence. He stared at me, looking at the disgusting sight before him. nişantaşı escort After what felt like an eternity, he finally said something.
“What is this?” he said in a quiet voice.
“I.I..I jus-” I tried to say but could find the words. During all of this, Baxter was still going away on me.
“Are you the one who has been stealing Shelby’s clothes?” he asked
“Yes” I said. Then my father noticed the sex toys on the coffee table.
“And you’re the one who has been using the sex toys?” he asked
“Yes” I answered. My dad walked towards me until he was looking down on me. He pulled up a chair in front of me. I was scared he was actually going to kill me. He then unbuckled his pants, pulled them off with his underwear, and sat down.
“Suck it!” he demanded. I looked down and his fully erect cock and could not believe what he was doing. I was starting to feel a lot more precum coming out of Baxter’s cock now. I took my dad’s 7-inch cock and began to give him the best blowjob of my life. I was now being rammed by the family dog and giving my Dad head, this had to be the best day of my life. Dad put his hand on my head to help me take in more with each bob.
“Ohhh you’re so good at this sweetie” he said. Baxter started shaking and i felt his cock erupt in cum.
“Mmmmm!” i said with my mouth full of my dad. I start to cum onto the floor under me in the greatest orgasms of my life. My father start face fucking my mouth until he shot his load in my mouth and over my face.
“Oh my god that was amazing. Now swallow up my cum and leave it on your face.” He said. I swallowed my would be sibling and felt Baxter finally stop cumming. He finally unmounted me with ease and walked over to his dog bed to nap. My asshole felt so sore i could imagine sitting without pain for a few weeks.
‘Now, clean up the mess Baxter made on the ground.“ dad ordered. I saw the their was a puddle of doggy cum that formed when Baxter overflowed my asshole. I got down and started slurping up all the delicious juices until I swallowed it all. I got back on my knees.
“So, what do we do now.” i asked.
“You clean all of this up and put back those toys. Be prepared i might ask you to dress up for me now and you’ll do whatever it is. Got it?” Dad said.
“Yes” i replied. I put back on the clothes and put the toys away. When i got to my room, i locked the door and collapsed on my bed and slept for hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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