Beach House Vacation Ch. 01

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My family rented a beach house for the summer in a cozy little beach community. It was set back in a section of town that was nice and quiet as it was not directly on the beach and not on the main drag. My sister Lori and her friend Michelle were allowed to have the house for the week after my sister graduated high school. My sister and her friend, being a year younger than me and only 18 were not allowed to be there by themselves, as per my parents and as for extra reassurance, for the first 3 days, my parents were there to make sure we were settled in and set up.

We all went down on Friday morning loaded up in 2 cars, my parent’s car and mine. I drove in one car and the girls and my parents in the other. After the 4 hour ride we arrived at the house and began with the task of unpacking the cars. The house was a 3 bedroom house with one bathroom but also an outside shower. It was a small but modest house that had all the standard amenities like TV, modern kitchen and more. It wasn’t much but it was going to be ours for the week.

My parents were in the one bedroom, I took a bedroom and my sister and her friend took the remaining room and all of us were quickly working to unpack and get settled. It took the ladies no time at all to do their part because shortly after arriving, they were changed into their bathing suits and ready to go to the beach. Lori and Michelle came out in their bathing suits and shorts and flaunted their goods when out of view and earshot of my parents. My sister isn’t all that well built. She is just an average looking young woman but according to my friends she is “do-able”. Maybe it is because she is my sister that I don’t see the attractiveness in Lori but Michelle on the other hand is very cute, has a great body and has always been one hell of a flirt with me. Michelle came out wearing a modest one piece place suit that really highlighted the curves of her body. I found myself really checking her out, maybe more than I should have.

Michelle and I have sort of history. We have kissed and gone out a few times but never much more. We have a maintained a pretty good friendship too and we have openly discussed on a few occasions the few sexual experiences we have both had, mostly because we like to tease each other. I can remember one night I was on the phone with her and the conversation turned to sex and she was explaining in great detail her encounter with a guy she was dating. They had gone out to dinner and a movie and while in the movie theater parking lot they started making out heavily. Michelle went on to explain that things went so far as her taking out his dick and jerking him off right there in the front seat of the car until he came in her hand and then she let him finger her. It was so hot to hear her give every juicy detail that I jerked off. Here was this very cute and sexy lady telling me about how she gave a hand job to a guy and then let him finger her. It was enough to get me off and I don’t think she ever knew how much that story impacted me.

I was bringing in the coolers out of the car that was packed with food and drinks for the week as Michelle brushed past me saying quietly, “How do I look?” She had a flirtatious look in her eye that caused me to miss a step and stumble a little with the cooler still in my hands. I regained my footing and turned again to see Michelle giving a little giggle. I put the cooler down and unpacked it putting the stuff in the refrigerator. When I returned outdoors, Michelle and my sister was now no longer anywhere to be found.

My father and I finished carrying the things from the cars and into the house and shortly after, my parents went into town to buy a few more things that were needed leaving me, Lori and Michelle who returned from exploring the little neighborhood all alone. With nothing more to do we decided to head to the beach. I quickly changed and drove us all down to the beach to enjoy what was left of the day. I spent the few hours we were at the beach watching Michelle and Lori lay Zonguldak Escort around and get a tan, play in the surf and have fun. I could not help but watch Michelle’s tits bounce in her suit as she ran in and out of the water or how the cool water made her nipples stiff under her suit. I couldn’t help but to look between her parted legs as she lay on her stomach and her suit outlining her ass and a little bit of her pussy. I swear that she was trying to put a show on for me. I could feel my dick harden and before I embarrassed myself in front of everyone by walking around with a tent in my suit I headed into the water to cool down before driving the three of us back to the house.

We arrived back at the house with my parents still out. My sister Lori got into the shower first. I was waiting patiently out on the deck still covered in sand and salt and feeling downright gross when I remembered the outdoor shower. I ran back into the house to quickly grab some shampoo and soap and a towel and went back outside to the shower, started it up and got in. There is something exhilarating about getting a shower outdoors. I know that no one can really see you but it still adds that little bit of excitement that you are naked outdoors. I entered the stall and stripped out of my suit and started the shower.

Right after I had rinsed the soap out of my hair I heard a knock on the door of the shower. I opened it up and before I could react, Michelle pulled the door out of my hands and got in. I was shocked. Here I was naked with Michelle still in her suit. I held my hands down over my self trying my best to cover up.

“What are you doing?” I asked astonishingly.

“I need to take a shower. Lori is in the other one and I heard that there was one out here and I thought this would work,” she answered.

“You can’t be here. If my parents come home and find us in here they will have us all home by tonight.”

Michelle giggled and turned her back towards me and told me to hurry up. With my eye on her I quickly soaped up and tried to hurry. Seeing her there in her bathing suit, every curve of her body accentuated by the suit, well, I couldn’t help but get a little aroused and it didn’t help that she pulled her straps down off her shoulder too. As I was finishing up I heard my mom call out. Shit! They were home! Quickly Michelle jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around me so that only one set of feet, my feet, could be seen under the shower stall. I grabbed on to her to hold her up.

There was a knock on the door from my mom. “Tom? Are you in there?”

“Yeah, I am. I am almost done,” I answered back. Michelle began to kiss my neck. This was not helping me at all.

“When you are done I will need you to help your father with the grill.” And with that I could hear her walk away.

Michelle still stayed up in my arms with me holding her just to be sure the coast was clear and she used the opportunity to move her body up and down. I could feel my cock, which was very hard, rubbing her ass through the material of her bathing suit and she was enjoying how it was teasing me while my mom was out there.

With her arms and legs still wrapped around me she leaned back looking at me with a devilish grin and her suit barely covering her breasts. “I guess you should hurry up now, you dad is waiting for you” she said wickedly.

“You’re enjoying every minute of this. You almost got us caught,” I snapped back.

She unwrapped her legs from around my waist and slowly slid herself down the front of my body and along the length of my cock forcing it to point straight down in an awkward position but she was enjoying how it was trying to press up against her. We looked into each others eyes for a long minute before she told me I better wash up before someone comes back again wondering why I am still in the shower and with that she turned her back to me again. I quickly finished up and moved past her to get out of the shower. I wrapped my towel around Zonguldak Escort Bayan my waist but my hard on was still trying to escape from under the towel. I held the door of the shower open for a moment looked over my shoulder and called to her “Tease!” and headed to the house.

I walked in through the back door and into the kitchen and started to quickly make my way to my room. My mom and sister were in the kitchen starting dinner. “Why is the water still running?” my mom asked.

“Michelle was waiting to get in when I was getting out.”

My mom seemed satisfied with my answer and my sister just gave me a knowing glare. I think that she might know what was going on but was not about to speak up about it in front of our mom. If she did, she knows that we would all be out of there quick.

The rest of the evening was uneventful. We all enjoyed dinner and after, I sat out on the deck, my sister and her friend went to their room, my dad watched the TV and my mom was reading. It wasn’t long before we all went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and headed to the kitchen to find that my father was already awake and reading the paper out on the deck. Michelle was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal and my sister was in the other room watching TV. Everyone else was asleep still. I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat at the table across from Michelle. She was dressed in a tank top and satin shorts and that was about all I could see from where she was sitting. As I dug into my cereal Michelle spoke. “So I hear that you are single now. Your sister and I were talking last night and she was saying that she hopes you don’t pick up some beach bimbo down here because she will be so embarrassed.”

I snickered a little. I found it funny that my sister was worried about me casually hooking up with some beach bimbo. Suddenly, I felt Michelle’s foot touching my thigh. It startled me and I jumped a little. Michelle giggled quietly. She moved her foot back up my thigh and closer to my crotch. I sternly whispered to her to stop but she kept going. Her toes had found my balls and she gently used her foot to massage them. Again, I sternly warned her to stop and she whispered back, “You know you don’t really mean that.”

Her past 24 hours of teasing me was taking a toll on me but I was not about to do anything while my parents were around. She finished with her foot on my crotch, got up and walked around the table and ran her fingers through my hair. She bent down and put her lips by my ear and whispered, “You are in for a long week.”

I finished up my cereal and went to watch TV with my sister. She was in one of the recliner chairs and I sat down on the sofa. The house was cool because of the air conditioner running. I pulled a throw blanket over me to keep warm. Shortly after I sat down Michelle joined me on the sofa. She pulled the blanket over her taking what covering I had off of me. I pulled back and we ended up in a tug-of-war over the blankets until my sister yelled at us. “Fine we’ll share,” Michelle barked at my sister. So snuggling up next to me she sat there, next to me, under the blanket. She was sitting cross legged under the blanket with her leg touching mine. I was feeling tortured and I think, no, I know, Michelle was loving it.

I reached under the blanket to adjust my shorts and Michelle grabbed my hand. I glanced over at my sister who was not paying attention to us. She took my hand and placed it between her legs and used my hand to rub over her shorts. She continued to rub with my hand and I could feel the front of her shorts begin to get moist. Again I looked over at my sister and she was oblivious to our antics. Michelle got bolder and pulled her shorts and panties aside and moved my hand back to her pussy. I could feel that she was bare and very wet. I rubbed her pussy some more and then slid a finger into her. God she was so wet. I slipped a second finger in her and began to fuck her with my fingers. Escort Zonguldak Her hand was on my thigh and digging her nails into it. Again, I looked to my sister who was not paying attention to us and check to see that my dad was fully engrossed on the morning paper outside on the deck. Michelle and I were in our own little world.

I looked over at Michelle. She looked back at me with a smile and then threw her head back. I could feel her hips move up letting me slip my fingers in deeper. She was almost there. That was until my mom entered the kitchen. I snapped my hand up and out of Michelle and moved myself slightly away from her. I heard Michelle give a disappointed moan. I waited a few moments and tried to think of anything but what just happened so that my erection would go down enough I could get up. I finally got up and went to the bathroom where I jerked off hard and fast. I slipped my finger into my mouth and sucked Michelle’s juices off of them as I stroked furiously before cumming hard.

I returned to my room and changed for the beach and waited on the deck for the girls. The girls returned from getting changed and I tried not to look at Michelle but we all made our way to my car and tumbled in for the short ride to the beach. Lori and Michelle talked the whole way to the beach about nothing and I just ignored them. While not much happened on the beach, I couldn’t help but to watch Michelle. What happened this morning was farther we have ever gone before. We took it to the next level. We moved from playful flirting to what, second or third base? How far was she willing to go with me? Or was this all just a game with her?

After the day at the beach we drove home. Michelle kept her distance from me getting a shower indoors this time. Even after dinner, she spent time with my sister and left me alone. Not even a playful flirtatious look in my direction. Was she having second thoughts? Regretting what happened on the sofa this morning? Pissed that she didn’t cum? Why are women so damn confusing?

I went to bed that night and fell asleep quickly. One of my last thoughts was that my parents were leaving tomorrow and then we would be on our own for the rest of the week. A short time later I woke up to find that Michelle was getting into bed with me.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

“Trying to repay you for this morning” she replied.

“What do you mean? My parents are still here and if they find you in here we’ll all be going home.”

“Thrilling isn’t it?” She curled up next to me and draped her leg over my legs. She was lying on her side and running her hand over my bare chest. Her leg began to slide up and down over my crotch. I could feel my dick begin to stir in my boxer briefs. I reached over to feel her breast and she moved my hand away. “No way! This is about you tonight.”

She reached her hand under the waistband of my underwear and began to stroke me. Her small soft hand gently took my semi hard member and began to move up and down along the length. Her hand was constricted in its movement so she hiked down my briefs and pulled the blanket down off of me too exposing all of me. I could now see her hand in the dim light of the room jerking me off. My god it was feeling so good. Her hand worked my dick good. She leaned in and kissed my neck. I let out a low moan and she shushed me warning me that I had to keep quiet. I was getting close and I let her know. She then stopped and told me that she should stop since I didn’t finish her off this morning. Before I could protest she increased her speed on my cock and went all out on making me cum. I could feel my orgasm building and then it hit me. My body stiffened and my cock started to explode. The first few blasts from my dick landed on my chest and the rest trickled down my cock and onto her hand. She left her hand in place until I started to soften then let go of me. I whispered thank you to her as she ran her fingertips up to my chest where my cum still laid and made a small little circle in it and then put her fingertip into her mouth, sucked my cum from the tip of it and then gave me a kiss on my cheek. She then got up and quietly made her way back to her room. I waited a few moments and then made my way to the bathroom to clean up. I slept so soundly once I got back into bed.

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