Beachfront Caresses

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It was 5am on day 5 of a business “vacation” in Destin, Florida. I was sitting there with hot rollers in my hair looking over my meeting notes for the day. I had go the airport in Pensacola to meet some old fart from France and cut a really good deal on machine parts. I was already tired, sick of travel and didn’t want spend all day sucking up to some snooty Frenchman who probably smelled of too much cologne. I had a bad attitude and it was getting worse.

As I began removing my hot rollers, I realized I was grumbling under my breath. I yanked the brush through my hair, frustrated with myself for accepting an assignment like this. I felt like throwing an absolute fit but instead simply let out a growl.

“You need to get a grip, ” I said into the mirror, pointing at myself with the brush. I knew if I didn’t give myself an attitude adjustment before I got to the airport then the chances of blowing the deal were very high.

Dressing, I decided to go with a pink lace panty and bra set and thin white silk blouse under my suit jacket. I completed the outfit with some nice 4″ high black sandals that made the most of my painted toenails. It didn’t do anything to hide the tiredness in my eyes of course, and I knew it would be wasted on the stinky old Frenchman, but if I was going to have to spend all day with him at least I could try to feel sexy on the inside.

By 7am I was in the lobby. The concierge smiled at me appreciatively — a much needed boost for my tired ego. The driver, an older man, met me at the concierge desk and led me to the car. He had me at the airport in Pensacola by 10, in plenty of time to meet the Frenchman. I made my way to the gate and waited only a few minutes until the plane arrived. As the passengers entered the terminal, I stood off to the side with my stupid little sign emblazoned with his company’s name.

As I watched for my stodgy old Frenchmen to emerge I noticed one of the handsomest men I have ever encountered walk through the gate. He smiled right at me, turned my way and walked straight toward me. This delicious man looked to be in his mid 30’s, well over 6 foot tall, well built, dark eyes and a head of thick wavy black hair peeking out from under a cowboy hat.

“You must be Ryanna.” He said as he held out his hand. His accent was clearly Texan. I met his hand with a firm professional handshake and looked him right in the eye, using my corporate façade to cover the fact I’ve been knocked off my feet in more ways than one. I felt a swoon coming on and thought to myself that the day is definitely looking up!

“I’m Michael Davis.” he grinned. “I apologize for not being what you expected. Jon Laraquette had an emergency and they sent me instead.”

I tried not to stutter. “Welcome to Florida, Michael. ”

As we began to walk toward baggage claim I asked him how the flight was. The normal question one would ask a stranger in an effort to break the ice. He told me about turbulence over the Atlantic and ending up 2 hours in Goose Bay, Canada. His description made the place sound like little more than an airstrip and a jet fuel station.

The sound of his Texas drawl was soothing and warm. I quickly became disgusted with myself for allowing my mind to wander off into thoughts of what it might be like to have him whispering in my ear, my bare breasts against his chest, or the feel of his thick brown mustache on my skin. Rarely do I feel such an instant attraction to a man, but when I do it tends to both heighten my physical senses and dull my business sense.

We came to a single doorway that led from the gate area to the baggage claim area and he placed a gentlemanly hand at the small of back for just a moment to guide me through ahead of him – a warm hand, soft, kind. The tingling in the curve of my spine at his slightest touch took my attention for several seconds and caused me to clear my throat in an effort to keep my mental balance.

It took a few minutes for the luggage to start arriving and several more for his bag to arrive. Our small talk was polite. He told me about 2 children sitting in the row with him and how he entertained them with various travel games while their appreciative mother took a short nap. The entire time he talked, all I could think about is how beautiful his face was, how soothing his warm voice was and oddly enough, how on earth did this gorgeous Texan end up working in Toulouse, France.

“Stop it!” I thought to myself. “This is a business meeting not high school.” It was a waste of time, of course. I was losing the battle and I knew it. I wanted him. Everything about him, from his large hands to his twinkling eyes, appealed to me. This meeting was too important to the business to allow myself the disadvantage of getting all giggly and lusty eyed over this Texan. This was a $40 Million deal. This was “take no prisoners” negotiating and I was hired to be a pit bull not a prom queen. Quite frankly, I’m rather good at being a tough, almost emotionless negotiator. I have never sex hikayeleri let attraction get in the way of a deal.

His luggage collected, we began to make our way to the car. The driver took his bags and Michael opened the rear door and guided me into the car ahead of him. As soon as I was seated I reached down to remove my laptop from my carryall, preparing to begin the negotiations during our two and a half hour drive. But Michael reached over and gently closed my laptop.

“We have 2 days for business,” he said. “Let’s just get to know each other a little on the drive.” His hand lingered a moment atop the laptop, which was, in fact, on my lap. Not long enough to be construed as a pass, but definitely on the personal side.

I smiled, put my laptop away, leaned back in the corner of the seat and crossed my legs, getting comfortable. As I did so, my sandal came partly off and dangled from my toes for a moment. Michael grinned again and slid my shoe back onto my foot and brushed my ankle just for the slightest moment. A thought washed over my brain, a fantasy, of him caressing his way upward inside my skirt – fantasy of only seconds envisioning us having sex on the leather seats of the limo all the way to Destin. I blinked it off, subconsciously tugged downward at my skirt and forced myself to pay attention to what Michael was saying.

Eventually the subject of conversation changed from his flight to my trip to Florida. Anywhere is an improvement over Cleveland, Ohio in mid January and I said as much. As the drive continued we talked about our jobs, our upbringing, and yes, even how a big strong Texan ended up in Toulouse, France. We talked and giggled as if we had known each other all our lives and I realized I had an intellectual attraction to this man as well as physical.

Before I knew it we were back in Destin and Michael was standing outside the car door offering his hand, which I accepted. I couldn’t help but notice how his big hand engulfed mine. I couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to have his enormous hands covering my body. Clearly, I was in big trouble if I couldn’t keep my attention on business. He collected his luggage from the driver and we made our way into the resort. By now it was after 3pm and we decided to meet at 6 in the lounge and then have dinner.

I spent the time in my room, going over some notes and charts. Running the numbers one more time. My thoughts kept drifting to Michael’s face and wonderment at how his lips would feel on my own. It was quite a struggle to shake it off and get back to the numbers and I was only successful for a short time before the fantasies would come back to me.

I quickly realized I was getting much too sensual to keep my mind on business and decided a break to relieve the sexual tension was probably a good idea. I closed my eyes and pictured him caressing my body as I moved my hands over my soft silk blouse. I cupped a breast in each hand and squeezed them just so before unbuttoning my blouse.

My nipples were waiting for me as I slipped the cups of my bra down to reveal them, bright pink, engorged, rock hard and super sensitive. I pinched them both at the same time several times, sending a shiver of pure pleasure over my body and decided a nipple orgasm would be fun.

I twisted in the desk chair slightly to reach my suitcase, pulled out a small vibrator only 3″ long. I turned back around in the chair, hiked up my skirt to my waist and lifted my legs up over each arm of the chair so that my middle was spread wide open. I looked at myself in the closet mirror across the room. My braless breasts with their huge nipples were now covered by the thin white blouse and desperately trying to poke their way out. The sight of my pink satin and lace panties brought my attention to my groin. I turned on the little vibrator and tucked it just under my panties, nestled in the folds of my labia. The soft vibration tingled my entire smooth slit, from my clitoris, over the opening to my center and down over the sensitive pink flesh between holes.

I let the vibrator do its work and turned my attention to my nipples. Closing my eyes, I envisioned Michael’s hands and lips on my breasts. I lay my head back on the chair and arched my back slightly to push my breasts up in the air. I played with them in my hands, caressing, kneading the soft mounds of flesh. My nipples, oh so sensitive, responded as I pinched and pulled and twisted at them just right to achieve the desired effect.

It only took minutes for my breath to quicken and involuntary moans of pleasure to escape my lips. As the waves of orgasm washed over me my mind centered on the desire of Michael’s body covering mine. The orgasm surprised me in its strength, convulsing my entire body as it continued in wave upon wave.

Just as the intense orgasm began to subside I increased the nipple molestation and pushed myself to a second, smaller orgasm that quickly faded. I slipped the vibrator out of my now very moist panties porno hikayeleri and turned it off. I moved my legs down off the chair’s arms and I sat for several minutes with my head back, enjoying the glow following such an intense release.

After a short time I straightened myself up and went back to my work, though still tingly from masturbating. I was able to concentrate a little better now, but thoughts of Michael still invaded my brain. I finally decided fighting the urge was just useless. I needed to seduce Michael at the same time I was conquering him on business. Perhaps, if all went well, we would celebrate our deal over a night of lovemaking.

Around 5pm I touched up my makeup, fooled around with my hair a little, changed my jewelry. I decided to drop the suit and go with just the white blouse and a buttery yellow skirt that hugged my curves. I finished the look with silver sandals, hoping to bring Michael’s attention back to my body. I routinely use my looks as just that little extra advantage in a tough negotiation but tonight I wanted to go beyond that to seduction.

Michael was waiting for me in the lounge. He was nursing something amber and warm looking. He stood up as soon as he saw me and held my chair for me. As he moved to his own chair his hand brushed my shoulder sending a tingle through me. The minute I was close to him that very comfortable sensual feeling set every nerve in my body on alert.

I chided myself and determined to control myself and hold the business advantage at least until the deal was done. To succeed at this level a woman has to be hard, in total control of every word, every nuance. I tried to remind myself that I had to control the flirtation as part of the game but I couldn’t let it get beyond my business façade just yet.

I ordered a glass of wine and we talked a few minutes about the hotel and whether or not he had everything he needed in his room. Our server let us know our table was ready in the dining room and as I pushed my chair back Michael quickly moved to hold my chair.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

His own smile was warm and kind. He offered his elbow and I slid my hand under his forearm to be escorted to our table. His warmth and gentle kindness was like a soothing fuzzy blanket, but I could feel the strength of hard muscle under the fabric of his jacket. For just an instant I envisioned turning so this strong muscular arms embraced me, but I quickly shoved it out of my mind.

Michael seated me at the table and we continued our easy conversation there. Chatting about simple things — the ambiance of the room, the quality of the wine, the talent of the violinist playing in a corner of the room. As the meal progressed we moved to more personal topics with equal ease — our hopes in the near and distant future. Mine mostly centered on my career. His were mostly centered on his desire to have his own family.

Throughout the meal I kept looking for an opportunity to turn to business but the timing was just not right. He was in no mood for tough negotiations and clearly wanted only to enjoy the meal and the conversation. We lingered long after our plates were taken away and the dining room began to empty. Finally the conversation wound down but neither of us really wanted to go to our rooms. He had mentioned earlier that it had been years since he had his toes in the sand so we decided to wander out to the beach.

We stopped at one of the benches behind the resort, where the property gave way to open beach, and removed our shoes. Though it was after dark the sand was still warm. He offered his arm to guide me through the deep expanse of soft sand that eventually gave way to the place along the water compacted by the tides.

The surf felt wonderful on my feet. Finally after days of being here I had an opportunity to just walk peacefully along the water. It was a perfect night. The ocean breeze was on the calmer side, as was the surf. The moon, reflecting out in front of us, hung low out over the water. The water was still warm, even for January. The air was a little cool and cut right through my thin silk blouse, making my nipples harden. I was grateful for the dim light of moon and distant resort lights.

We walked down the beach. Speaking some but mostly just breathing in the salt air in quiet. It was a comfortable quiet. Eventually we reached the pier and I realized we had walked nearly 4 miles. As I tilted my watch toward the moonlight to check the time, Michael said, “Why don’t we go over to that lounge patio and sit for a few minutes before we head back.” I agreed. As we neared the light of the bar, I caught Michael noticing the protrusion of hard nipples inside my thin blouse and smiling to himself, unaware that I had noticed.

We didn’t sit long. A couple of local beers and soon we were back out on the surf. As we passed under the pier, Michael reached out and took my hand. I had been careful to give him no indication of my desire for him, and given the professional seks hikayeleri nature of this meeting it was a very bold gesture. I didn’t pull away. On the contrary, I decided to let it play itself out since the attraction was clearly mutual.

We wandered along the beach, holding hands some, letting go, and holding hands more. Now and again we stopped to just stand in awe of nature’s beauty and then moved on. As before there was some chatter but mostly a comfortable quiet. On one of my stops to stand still and watch a freighter off in the distance, a shiver came over me from the cool breeze.

I heard Michael’s voice coming from just behind me. “Are you cold?” Before I could answer he slipped his arms around my shoulders from behind and gently held me back against his warm body. I instinctively melted against him and laid my head back against his chest. All pretense of professionalism was gone. The only thing I knew was the moment was perfect, as if the creator himself had brought us both to this time and place. It was right. Any “wrongness” that might have been part of our situation never entered my thoughts. I was just completely and totally in the moment.

After quite a few minutes I pulled forward ever so slightly and we again held hands and worked our way a little farther up the beach. We passed our resort, without discussion, both of us preferring to prolong the moment. Our resort was at the end of the commercial area and we entered a quiet, more natural residential area of the beachfront. Without the lights coming from the resorts, we soon found ourselves bathed only in moonlight. The stars come out brighter and the night was even more beautiful. I stopped to face the ocean and enjoy the quickly cooling salt breeze on my face.

Michael stood behind me, wrapping his arms around me and holding me to his warmth. This time I leaned back into him and closed my eyes. Never before had I been so completely comfortable with a man before. He was not my conquest, nor was I his. I realized my breathing had changed to match his. I melted into him as his arms tightened around me slightly. I could feel the slight movement of his firm arms and chest against me. He was solid and soft.

He brought a hand up and gently cupped my chin and left cheek in a gentle but demanding way. “Look at me Ryanna” he said huskily as he tilted my head back against his chest.

I opened my eyes and met his, the moonlight glimmering in his face. He ran a thumb over my bottom lip and I opened my mouth slightly. He bent over me from behind and kissed me softly, tenderly. His go-tee tickled my tender face and his lips prodded my own open farther. The kiss deepened as we tasted and explored.

He moved his hands to fondle my breasts from outside my silky blouse for just a moment before beginning to unbutton it. As our lips danced against one another with more confidence, I pulled my blouse out of my skirt and finished unbuttoning it. At the same time his hands smoothly opened the front closure of my thin bra. His caresses were unhurried, lingering.

The ocean air and the feel of his soft but demanding hands on my bare body caused me to groan softly into his mouth. He turned me to face him without breaking our kiss and ran his hands up behind my blouse to caress my bare back and down over my skirt to cup my behind in his hands.

I was slowly unbuttoning his shirt, enjoying the reveal of his pecs and upper belly as each open button allowed the moonlight to shimmer on his skin. As I pulled his shirt open and up out of his pants he straightened up, breaking our lingering kiss and allowed me explore his firm fuzzy chest, back, shoulders and throat with my face and hands. His warmth and man smell filled me as I pressed my body into his. It was soft, slow, calm.

After a few minutes he put his hands on my shoulders and backed up just an inch. “There’s a swing over there,” he said. “Shall we?” I turned my head to look and saw that it was one of those padded swings with the fabric roof over it.

I nodded and we walked arm in arm the short distance to it. We stood in front of it, watching each other disrobe. Taking in the shadows and curves of each other’s body in the moonlight. We stood there, 3 feet apart, in front of the moon, the surf, the creator and one another, taking in the visual pleasure of each other.

We took our time. Savoring every glint of moonlight on curve, every shadow on muscle. For quite a few minutes we stood there taking each other in. Finally I took half a step forward and ran my hand over his muscular belly.

“Michael” I whispered.

He reached out and took my protruding nipple gently between his fingers before spreading his large hands out over my breast. We stood there, a foot apart, watching our hands explore each other’s body. I worked my way down over his hardening manhood and cupped his scrotum in my hand lightly. His eyes closed and he held onto my shoulders as I ran my hand up and down gently and slowly over his shaft. His buttocks tightened as I continued to watch him. The movement of my hand on him brought him to full arousal and he allowed me to fondle him for quite a few minutes. Now and then he would open his eyes and look down to watch me stroke him softly.

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