Beauty and the Geek Ch. 14

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PART 1 – Trust


“You’re moving out?” Miley fretted, standing in Stacy’s bedroom.

“My parents think it’s a good idea.” Stacy replied, transferring clothes from her closet to the bed where an open suitcase lay open. “I agree with them.”

“But you can’t just move out.” Miley complained. “This is our place!”

“It’s your apartment, Miley. Your dad pays the rent after all.” Stacy folded some jeans, trying to keep busy. She didn’t want to move out, but didn’t want to appear upset in front of Miley either; if that happened, they would just end up on the bed in tears together. “Look honey, I’m going to have lots of doctor’s appointments, a special diet, I won’t be able to drink, and in about six months I’ll be waddling around like a penguin. I need the support of my parents if I’m going to make this pregnancy work.”

Miley let out a defeated breath. “You’re right.” she lamented.

“It’s not like we won’t be best friends anymore.” Stacy added. “And my parent’s place is barely twenty minutes away.”

“I know.” Miley whined, sitting on the edge of Stacy’s bed. “But I’ve grown used to you being here. Let’s face it Stace, you’ve always been the level-head of this outfit. I freak out about every little thing and you bring me back to Earth.”

Stacy smiled at that. “You’re just going to have to learn to get along without me.”

“So how’d your parents take it when you told them?” Miley asked, changing the subject.

“Oh my god, they totally freaked.” Stacy said, cleaning out a dresser drawer. “My mom looked ready to kill me and my dad looked ready to kill Brian. But we all had a long talk and they started coming to grips with the reality of it.”

“Brian was there when you told them?” Miley asked, incredulous.

“Yeah.” Stacy smiled. “He was so sweet. He insisted on being there.”

“He’s in love with you, you know.” Miley said, reaching to help. She began folding some of Stacy’s shirts on the bed.

“Yeah.” Stacy agreed, knowingly. “I think he’s going to make a really great father. I still don’t know if it will work between he and I, but maybe.”

Miley giggled suddenly at her own thoughts.

“What?” Stacy prodded.

“Just think, if someone had told us a year and a half ago that I’d be engaged to Charlie and you’d be pregnant with Brian’s baby…”

Stacy laughed. “Oh I know, right? They were such geeks.”

“They still are.” Miley said dryly. “They’re over at Charlie’s right now, working on that comic book of theirs.”

Stacy shook her head fondly. “Some things never change, I guess.”


“Dude, Captain Darkness can’t wear a hat!” Brian exclaimed. “He’d look like a total dork punching out Major Asskicker with a damned hat on his head.”

“He’s a pulp hero.” Charlie explained, sitting at his bedroom desk. “Like those heroes from the ’30s. Everyone wore a hat back then; I think there was a law.”

“You’ve lost it dude.” Brian noted, sitting on Charlie’s bed and sketching on a drawing board in his lap.

“Just try drawing him with a black fedora.” Charlie urged. “Like something Indiana Jones would wear. It’ll look cool with his black mask and cloak.”

Brian scowled, but began scribbling with his pencil.

Charlie turned back to his computer and started typing, plotting the first issue of he and Brian’s comic. “So how are things going with Stacy?”

“Good actually, though I’m pretty sure her parents want to have me assassinated.”

Charlie laughed. “Famous people are assassinated. Your death would only be a murder.”

“Whatever.” Brian said, concentrating on what he was drawing. “My point is they were pretty pissed when Stacy and I told them about her being pregnant. But Stacy’s been cool; she’s really let me in.”

“That’s awesome. Have you told your parents yet?”

“No, but… holy shit.”

Charlie looked over his shoulder towards the bed.

“You were right dude.” Brian sounded surprised. “He looks totally cool with a fedora. Kind of like The Spirit.”

Charlie grinned. “I told you.”


“I think that’s all the small stuff.” Stacy looked around her room, standing amidst a stack of boxes. “My dad will come tomorrow with his truck and get the big stuff.”

“I’m going to miss you.” Miley pouted.

“Oh honey, I’m going to miss you too.” Stacy moved to hug Miley. “But we’ll still see each other all the time.”

“I know.” Miley squeezed her best friend, eyes welling up.

“C’mon, enough with the depressing stuff.” Stacy wiped a tear off her cheek. Moving out was hard enough and she didn’t need a tear-fest to make even more difficult. “How has it been going with you and Charlie? Any trouble in paradise?”

“Charlie and I are great. We had a minor hiccup when his mom found out about our engagement, but once she got over the initial shock I think she’s been more excited about it than me.”

Stacy walked out of her bedroom, Miley in tow, and plopped down on their living room couch. “What about Charlie’s dad?”

“He was fine with it.” Miley escort şişli sat as well, reaching for the TV remote. “Olivia was the critical sell; Charlie’s dad just kind of goes with her flow.”

“Like father like son.” Stacy chuckled.

“What do you mean?” Miley flicked on the TV, turning the volume down. She didn’t really care what was on.

“Come on Miley. You know you have Charlie totally wrapped around your finger.”

“I do not!” Miley argued.

“As if!” Stacy laughed. “Honey, that boy would jump off a cliff if you asked him to. He’d do anything for you. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a complete sweetheart about it.”

Miley blushed out a small grin, curling into a corner of the couch. “I suppose you’re right, but I’d never take advantage of him. We’re not playing games, he and I; ever since he came home from Brown we’ve been really serious about each other.”

“I know.” Stacy smirked. “That’s pretty obvious by the ring on your finger.”

Miley splayed out her hand, fondly looking at her engagement ring.

“Still, must be nice in the bedroom.” Stacy remarked. “I bet he does any kinky thing you want him to.”

“Stacy!” Miley giggled.

“What? I’m just saying.”

Miley bit her lower lip, hiding a grin. She thought about Stacy’s words as she turned to watch the TV.


The following day after getting off work Charlie couldn’t drive to Miley’s apartment fast enough. He was thankful his mom had given him her old car recently, sensing Miley was in a sexy mood after getting a text from her. The bus would have taken far too long!

The text read:

Buzzing the apartment from the foyer, Charlie heard Miley’s voice over the intercom “Come on up baby, the door is open.” The foyer door clicked as Miley unlocked it remotely and Charlie entered the building. He walked up one flight of stairs and down the hall to find Miley’s apartment door unlocked.

“Miley?” Charlie called, closing the door behind him. Looking around, he couldn’t help but to notice the apartment was in disarray. “Miley, what’s going on?”

“In here baby!” came Miley’s voice from down the short hallway.

As Charlie passed Stacy’s bedroom he saw that it was empty. “Miley? What happened, where’s Stacy?”

Turning into Miley’s room, Charlie froze.

Sheer black stockings ran up Miley’s sexy long legs, attached to garter straps that decorated her slender hips. Miley’s panties were black and also sheer, matching the skimpy bra that barely contained her small B-cup breasts. Dark ringlets of hair fell to her shoulders, like shimmering springs, and her face was lightly painted with ‘fuck-me’ red lipstick, alluring eye shadow, and a touch of glitter.

“Stacy moved home.” Miley said, sauntering towards Charlie in her spiked black heels. “I have the place all to myself, and I’ve been feeling so lonely.”

Charlie had to concentrate just to swallow, his eyes absorbing the luscious vision approaching him. Miley lifted a hand and began lightly trailing her finger along the ‘S’ symbol of Charlie’s Superman tee shirt, teasing his chest.

“I could really use some company.” Miley spoke in her most innocent tone, creating a false pout. “Do you want to keep me company?”

Charlie nodded slowly, hypnotized by the sight in front of him.

“Take your clothes off.” Miley said as she turned and walked to the other side of the room, giving Charlie a view of her panty-clad ass.

Charlie peeled his tee shirt off quickly, kicking his sneakers off, watching Miley open a dresser drawer. “You look so sexy baby.”

Miley beamed cutely. “Do you want to touch me?”

Charlie hopped on one foot as he pulled a pant leg off. “I can’t wait to touch you.”

Removing two long scarves from her drawer Miley asked, “Can I tie you up first?”

Charlie froze for the second time, standing naked. His eyes widened towards the lacy scarves in Miley’s hand.

“You would do anything for me, wouldn’t you Charlie?” Miley asked sweetly, countering Charlie’s hesitation. She had remembered what Stacy said the night previous.

“Yeah, of course.”

“And you trust me,” Miley played with the scarves in her hands. “Right?”

“With my life.” Charlie replied.

“Then lay on the bed.”

Charlie nodded, finding himself agreeable to anything Miley said. “Yeah, okay.” He moved to the bed, rolling to lie on his back, though his eyes didn’t leave Miley for a moment.

Miley leaned to take one of Charlie’s wrists and tie it to the post on the bed’s headboard. She made sure it was nice and tight before sauntering to the other side and securing his other wrist. Charlie could only watch, his cock already hard as he stared at Miley’s erotic, lingerie-clad body.

“There we are.” Miley sat on the edge of the bed beside Charlie. She rubbed his hairless chest teasingly with a light fingertip.

“So, um, what are you going to do with me?” Charlie asked, a little excited by being bound. He tested the scarves and found his wrists to be tied securely; he wouldn’t be able to pull escort beşiktaş himself free easily.

Miley unsnapped her garter straps. “I’m going to start by taking my pleasure from you.” She stood and wriggled her lacy panties off. She made sure Charlie got an eyeful of her hairless mound and slid a seductive finger between her pussy lips.

Charlie’s erection jumped before slapping back down against his pelvis.

Miley smiled. “Your dick wants me, but it’s going to have to wait. It’s your mouth I’m interested in.” She crawled onto the bed and moved to kneel so that a knee was on either side of Charlie’s head. Charlie could only stare straight up at the view as Miley grabbed the top edge of the headboard and slowly lowered her sex to Charlie’s face. “Eat me out.” Miley started to rub her pussy lips against Charlie’s mouth.

Charlie mumbled an affirmative but his reply was muffled by the press of Miley’s sex. His wrists tugged against the bonds with the urge to touch Miley, to hold her while his tongue began to work within her slit, but Charlie found his hands held fast.

“Mmm.” Miley purred like a kitten. “Oh yeah, lick my pussy baby.” She smoothed her hands over the underside of Charlie’s spread arms, dragging her painted fingernails along his skin. Goosebumps rose on Charlie’s arms. “I want to cum on your face.”

Charlie lapped with long strokes of his tongue until Miley’s sex was dripping its honey right into his mouth. She tasted sweet and his nostrils flared; Charlie had to breathe through his nasal passage, which drew the scent of her in and intoxicated him.

“That feels so good.” Miley moaned, slipping her fingers into Charlie’s brown hair. She pulled on his head and guided his lips to her clit, squealing in pleasure as Charlie began sucking. “Yeah, oh yeah… suck on my clitty baby.”

Charlie’s eyes traveled up Miley’s body, watching the way she writhed on top of him. Her little tummy wrinkled and he could see the underside of her breasts through Miley’s sheer bra. He wanted to put his hands on her, to feel her warm skin, and yanked against the scarves.

Miley started humping herself against Charlie’s mouth, rolling her hips. Her fingers tightened in his hair, holding Charlie’s face in place. “Suck me, suck my cunt Charlie!”

Sucking his lips over Miley’s clit, Charlie flicked his tongue back and forth over her button. He knew Miley was close when the inside of her thighs began to quiver against either side of his head.

“Oh fuck!” Miley’s head snapped back, her curly tendrils bouncing. The orgasm flowed through Miley’s entire body, an intense tingling that consumed her body. It started by curling her stocking-clad toes, moved up to explode between her legs, and seemed to flow out through her hardening nipples.

“Shit,” Miley exhaled, sitting back on Charlie’s chest and letting go of his hair, leaving his face glistening with her juice. “That felt incredible!”

Charlie licked his lips of Miley’s flavor.

“Are you going to untie me now?”

Miley giggled at Charlie and his shiny cheeks. “Why would I do that?”

“I want to touch you…”

Miley rubbed a finger tip along the center of her sternum and down her flat tummy. “You want to put your hands on me?”

Charlie nodded, tugging his wrists again.

“Do you want to touch my sexy body, Charlie?”

Charlie stared at Miley, trying to pull his hands through the knots of the scarves, nodding again.

“Do you want to tear my stockings and smooth your hands along my thighs, or rip my bra and grab my little tits?”

Charlie found himself unable to free his wrists. “Yes! Please Miley.”

“Poor baby.” Miley leaned forward and gave Charlie a long and wet kiss, tasting her fluids on his lips. “I think I want to play with your body first.” She swung a leg around and moved to kneel beside Charlie.

Charlie quit tugging against his bonds, curious what Miley was up to.

She reached out with delicate painted fingers, lifting Charlie’s erection from where it lay against his stomach. She giggled at the pool of pre-cum that had gathered near his belly button, swirling her finger in it and stretching a strand of the sticky fluid between his skin and the tip of her finger. Tasting it, Miley smiled teasingly.

“Your cock is so big, Charlie.” Miley near-whispered. “I remember when I first saw it. Even though it was limp I knew in a second that I wanted it.”

“I remember.” Charlie said, watching her lift his erect shaft. “In the school bathroom.”

Miley nodded and grinned, rubbing her thumb along the ridge of Charlie’s circumcised crown. “Now I get to play with this monstrous thing for the rest of our lives. I’m going to take such good care of it Charlie. I’m going to caress it and make sure I empty all of its built-up sperm on a regular basis.”

Charlie shifted on the bed in arousal.

“Will you promise to stick it in me whenever I want?” Miley asked, rubbing the length of his shaft with agonizingly slow strokes.

“Yes, of course baby.” Charlie’s voice escort beyoğlu was heavy with need. “You know I will.”

“I bet you want to stick it in me right now.” Miley tilted her head, regarding Charlie’s erection as she slowly masturbated him. She made sure she never reached a pace where he could possibly orgasm. “You want to shove it in my tight pussy and feel my warmth surround your cock?”

“Miley please.” Charlie half whimpered, “Faster…”

Kneeling over, Miley kissed the tip of Charlie’s penis, then suckled on the head of it for a few moments. “I can feel how hard you’re getting Charlie. I can feel your desire through your cock. You want to rip your hands free and claim me, don’t you? You can’t wait to take me into your arms and violate me with this huge thing of yours.”

Charlie pulled against the headboard once, violently. “I want you… I want you so bad.”

Miley crawled off the bed, staring into Charlie’s eyes. She dipped a finger between her legs and through her slit, getting it moist with her fluids. She reached out and rubbed her scent beneath Charlie’s nostrils. Then she turned and began walking towards the door, wriggling her naked ass seductively.

Charlie’s muscles tensed; he was drunk with lust. Amazingly, the scarves held, it was the wooden headboard that broke at one post with a sharp snap. Charlie’s hand slipped free, which allowed him to untie the knot holding his other limb. Miley turned around, her breath excited, and backed away slowly. Off the bed in a flash, Charlie was on her. He took Miley, who squealed in surprise, and spun her around to face the bedroom wall.

“Charlie!” Miley planted her palms against the wall, arching her body as Charlie forced her legs apart. “Charlie, be gent… uhn!!!”

His cock plunged up and into Miley and Charlie curled his hands around her body, ripping her bra off and throwing it to the floor. He began humping against Miley’s backside, his hands squeezing and kneading Miley’s stomach and breasts.

Miley was gasping at the violent intrusion. “Oh my god… take me Charlie… use me…” She could feel his hot breath at the back of her neck. She struggled to keep her arms straight against the wall, fearful Charlie would fuck her right through it.

Losing all sense of himself, Charlie became a vessel of lust, pumping and rutting his hips against Miley’s backside. He gripped her breasts, one in each hand, pulling and squeezing them as he fucked his entire length deeply into her sex.

Miley sensed his need; it was obvious. She pushed backwards, working to take Charlie’s whole cock. Her mouth hung open from the sensation of what she imagined was Charlie penetrating her womb. Miley wanted to satisfy his lustful needs, to feel the potent strength of Charlie’s sexual urges, because it was all for her. Charlie was her man, she sensed his cravings as though the feelings were her own, and nothing was more exhilarating than knowing it was she and she alone that he wanted so badly.

“Use my body…” Miley’s voice shook from the power of Charlie’s thrusts. “Fuck your love into me. Fuck it into me Charlie… fuck your seed into my cunt!”

Gasping out a cry, Charlie froze and clung to Miley’s body. His hips jerked as his orgasm flowed out of him and into Miley’s insides. His erection pulsed and heaved within her, spilling its contents in a continuous stream. His torso was sweaty against Miley’s back, and her own tanned body had a sheen of perspiration.

“That’s it baby.” Miley cooed encouragingly, trying to keep her body rigid against Charlie’s bucking hips. “Give me all your cum. You fucked me so good.”

Charlie’s breath was labored as he laid his head between Miley’s shoulder blades, kissing her sweaty skin. “God damn.”

Miley could only giggle, still leaning against the wall. “You fucked the shit out of me.”

“I couldn’t help it.” Charlie backed away, his length slowly unsheathing itself from the grip of Miley’s sex.

Miley turned around, leaning back against the wall, pushing strands of matted curls off her sweaty forehead. She could feel a dollop of Charlie’s semen drip from her slit and run down the inside of one thigh to stain her sheer stocking.

Charlie stared at her body, catching his breath. Miley had never looked sexier to him than at that moment. “I’m sorry…”

“For what?” Miley wondered, amused. “I loved it. It felt great.”

Shaking his head, Charlie said “No, I mean for your bed.”

Miley glanced over at the broken headboard and let out an exhausted laugh. “Baby, it was totally worth it.”

PART 2 – The return of old faces


Miley leaned against the front corner at the local print shop, wearing over-sized sunglasses and snapping a piece of sugar-free gum. She was clad in a short pink skirt that flared slightly at the hips and bared the length of her tanned legs. Her white tank top displayed enough cleavage that she noticed the clerk staring at her chest as the pimply-faced teenager helped Brian.

“Print it on your

gloss.” Brian was instructing, “And bind them on the left edge with three staples. Like a comic book. Hey, are you even listening to me?”

“Huh?” the clerk blinked away from Miley and looked at Brian. “Oh, yes.

gloss. It should just be a few minutes sir.”

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