Becca Takes A Large Deposit Ch.01

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“Sorry dear,” said Mrs Christian, “you know my hearing is not the best these days, can you say that again?”

“Sure thing,” replied Rebecca as she leaned even further across the counter to bring her mouth nearer to the dear old lady she was trying to help. “What I said was; charges only get applied to your account if you overdraw on your funds. You will receive an account charge of 6.50 and then you will also be charged debit interest on whatever the negative balance is. Do you understand?”

“Oh yes, yes, dear, I’m deaf, not senile. Well I think I’m not senile. Do you think you know if you’re senile?” The old lady rambled on. Rebecca smiled; she had been working at this branch of the bank for three years now and just loved dealing with the sweet old ladies that came to the enquiries counter. “Well,” she said, “I’m sure that you are not going senile at all Mrs Christian, for one, you’re just not old enough.” The old lady smiled at her.

Sitting behind her, was her co-worker Connor. He also manned the enquiries counter and between them both, they could usually cover off most of the problems that customers came up with. There was one problem however that Connor could not deal with, and he was looking at it right now. Before him Rebecca Vaaing stood leaning over the counter talking to a customer. Her beautifully rounded bum was encased in a slightly shorter than regulation skirt which much to his pleasure and chagrin had ridden high on her thighs leaving very little to his imagination; but more than enough to keep him titilated. Her long legs just seemed to go on forever punctuated at one end by black stilettos and at the other he could only fantasise about. But he was sure a pert firm pear of a bum was under that skirt and panties. “I wonder if she’s wearing any,” he thought. One question however that always had him guessing, was did she wear tights or stockings; a question which had now been answered. With the skirt having ridden so high, her stocking tops were on full display; indeed just visible above was the alabaster of her thighs. The black lace filigree of the stocking tops he found to bea complete distraction. The hold-ups squeezing on her toned thighs, a giveaway sign that had had him guessing since she had started at the bank. He knew her ample 34c breasts would be pressed hard against the counter, the thought made him visualise himself pushing up behind her, as his weapon entered Rebecca’s delicious folds as her long black hair fell down over her back like black gold, making him want to grasp it and pull her harder onto him.

Rebecca looked over her shoulder at him, rolling her eyes and smiling, they had developed many private signals over the years for customers, but he had never been able to give her the most important signal escort şişli of all; that he wanted her. That he wanted her this minute. That his body responded; as it was right now, to her curves, her smell, her sexy voice, the gloss of her hair and those rose-bud lips. Her crystal blue-green eyes, seemed to say so much more than her words; but what if he was just reading too much into that? He did not want to ruin his friendship with her. That would be devastating.

As Rebecca continued to talk to the customer he looked down at himself. Proud of his toned muscular body and more so of his prized possession; he was at the moment more than a little disappointed that he could not control his desire, a desire that was right now ruining the cut of his trousers. He had taken some photos of his friend before but had never been able to get such a revealing or intimate shot as this. Although it made him feel like a perv, he could just not resist the temptation and took out his phone to run off a few shots as Rebecca shifted her weight from one leg to the other. Content that he had a few good pictures he set it to video and recorded the delightful scene in front of him. He could imagine holding onto those luscious feminine hips, or better still, kneeling behind her and teasing her as she tried to deal with a customer. Pulling aside her panties to dip in a finger, “no…… stop, you will never get him under control if you continue to think like that!” He thought.

“Now then dear,” said Mrs Christian, “I have a letter from the Bank that I need you to explain to me please.”

“Of course Mrs Christian, just show me what is confusing you.” As the old dear rummaged through her bag she continued to talk, “I know it’s in here somewhere. Oh dear, perhaps I am going senile after all?” Rebecca leaned across the counter even more to try and look into the ladies bag. In doing so she gave Connor more than he could have wished for, this close to Christmas, an early Christmas present. Before him Rebecca had pulled herself across the counter further, one of her legs outstretched before him with just the toe of her shoe on the ground. The other she had raised behind her. Her legs were poetry; encasing them in the sheer black nylon material of the stockings only enhanced their perfection in his eyes, but it was the flame red of her panties that had him almost coming. The surprise of what he saw made him gasp. The silken material tightly moulded to her most intimate parts; sinking deeply into her moist valley. The white milkiness of her upper thighs called out to Connor, making him rub his hand across the hardness at his crotch. His other hand shook as he took a few more photos, before he lost his composure altogether and dropped the phone onto his desk. besiktas escort Rebecca looked back at him and smiled, mouthing “are you ok?” He just smiled back nodding. “God, get a grip” he thought.

Rebecca finally dealt with Mrs Christian and walked back over to Connor. At the back of their desk was a wooden panel, which offered them some degree of privacy from customer scrutiny. The panel extended to about Connor’s stomach in height and Rebecca crossing her arms leant upon it. The move, he thought, could only be one of design, because it had the effect of presenting her breasts to Connor in such a way that would make any push-up bra manufacturer proud. “I can tell you were enjoying that,” she said. “Weren’t you?”

“Miss V,” he said using one of his pet names for her, “at one point there, I was going to give you a helping hand, but then I thought, you had it covered, though to be fair, just barely covered!” Both of their conversations were full of double meaning, neither knowing which the other truly meant. Connor struggled to keep his eyes off the well-rounded orbs in front of him, and looked up into her crystalline jade eyes, “ok Becca next time I see you in that predicament, I will come over and give you what you want, how’s that?”

“Uh huh, make sure you do.” Rebecca squirmed behind the wooden panel. Thinking on his words and their possible meaning or better still what she wanted them to mean really did not help. She was glad that the wall separated her from him. Every time he spoke those pet names he had for her, it caused the same reaction. It made her insides churn and created a burning sensation that spread to her loins and had her juices flowing. Indeed if he were to see her knickers right now, he would probably see a wet patch beginning to develop in line with her arousal. For his point, Connor was also grateful she stayed that side of the desk, because his manhood was not under control at all, and at the moment was making him very uncomfortable.

Looking at her breasts again quickly, he could see a slight flush developing and wondered if he had been too forward with his words, embarrassing Becca. He decided to back off a bit. “Anyway,” he said, “got another customer, would you mind?” He was in no position to stand up just now; his rampant cock seemed to be calling out to Becca of its own accord.

As Becca turned her back to deal with the customer, Connor quickly undid his zip and stuffed his hand in to grasp hold of his cock. He adjusted its position in his boxers so that it did not feel so uncomfortable, and he hoped it was not as visible. He decided not to check the pictures out on his phone until later, as he wanted to try and get this monster of his under control and anyway, Rebecca might catch escort taksim him at it. By the time she returned he was hard at work concentrating on some of the personal loan applications he had in front of him. He barely looked up as she sat beside him, her thigh appearing to accidentally make contact with his under the desk. He didn’t respond, he couldn’t, for fear of making a move based on wrong assumptions.

Becca was disappointed that they could not continue their conversation. She didn’t know whether to tell him that she was well aware of what she had been showing him, or that she could see in the banking hall mirror opposite, that he had been taking pictures of her little “display”? She hoped desperately that he felt the same way about her as she did about him, but as time went by and he made no move on her, she was beginning to wonder if she appealed to him at all. Of course, she could always take this to another level? Looking sideways at his crotch, it did appear that there was a larger than normal bulge there. After all she should know, having studied it whenever she could. Perhaps he did actually find her attractive?

Looking at the clock, it was nearly closing time and right on queue their assistant manager came by. “OK guys,” she said, “time to lock up. Connor would you do the honours on the doors and then help Rebecca lock up the safes downstairs and prepare the night safe too. I have to rush off so can you take a set of keys each and I’ll see you in the morning.” Mrs Wainstrom was a 35 year old trained accountant that had worked for the bank since leaving school. She was a fair minded individual that could be harsh when needed. She dressed properly at all times as dictated by the decorum of the bank, even with her underlying degree of sophistication, there was a certain sexuality about her that Becca had picked up on ages ago. Her hair was always tied back and perfectly presented. Her nails always professionally prepared. From Becca’s point of view, she seemed to favour Connor. Always smiling at him and holding his emerald green eyes when in conversation. Becca also noted that she touched his arm a lot, whether it was her familiar way or whether she just plain fancied him, Becca wasn’t sure. It did look like she had a possible rival there though?

As Connor went out into the banking hall to shut up, Becca signalled him that she would meet him downstairs at the vaults, and nipped off to the bathrooms. Inside she carefully applied fresh lip-stick and made sure that her hair was combed and in place, then with a wicked smile on her face, she ran her hands up under her skirt and with a little wiggle, removed her panties; not at all surprised at how wet they had become with her vaginal juices. She put them in her bag. She then bent down and pulled on her stockings, running her hands from calf to thigh, finally pulling on the stocking tops to make sure they were fully tight on her legs. Pulling down her skirt, she presented herself to the mirror and was pleased with what she saw.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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