Becky’s Sexy Mum

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There are 2 other stories before this one about Becky, and my obsession with female panties.

I had fucked 18-year-old Becky one Saturday Morning. I had exhausted her and made her have orgasms she never thought possible. I knew she would be back for more.

I am a dirty old man who should know better, but I still need to feel my rod in wet warm holes.

I was in the pub about 2 weeks after fucking Becky. I was sitting in a corner having a bottle of brown ale and reading a paper; I was looking at the horse racing and deciding which horses to put a bet on, there was one called Old Man’s Dream, a filly that sounded interesting. All of a sudden, I was aware of somebody standing in front of me and a female voice said, “Are you Eric Red?”

“Yes,” I replied “why?”

I looked up, standing in front of me was a vision of sexiness, a mature female about 40 years old, with cleavage showing a pair of delightful breasts; her smile was infectious and inviting, she was wearing a red low-cut jumper a black short skirt an inch above her knee, stockings and black high heels. I wondered what her panties were like. Her eyes were brown and her hair dark to her shoulders.

“You know my daughter Becky, don’t you Eric?” she smiled.

Oh, fuck I thought Becky has told her mum about our Saturday morning.

“You were supposed to go into town together weren’t you, but she came to your house, instead didn’t she Eric?”

“Yyess”, I stuttered, thinking oh I’m in trouble, for fucking a young Mardin Escort girl, the color draining from my face.

She moved and sat by the side of me, her skirt raising showing shapely legs, she looked straight into my eyes, and said

“You fucked my little girl didn’t you and shot your sperm in to her; what are you going to do if she gets pregnant?”

Speechless I just looked at her.

“It’s a good job I gave her a morning after pill isn’t it, and next time be more careful you dirty fucking old man”, she smiled and continued.

“She said you have a big cock just as my friend Doreen told me. I want to check it out for myself.” She moved my newspaper so it concealed my crouch and put her hand over it, she took hold of my limp man hood. It started to grow at her touch.

“Hmmm it is big even when it’s not aroused”, she gasped panting as her own arousal started, and showed in her face.

She pulled her skirt higher so I could see her panties, “I’m wearing black lacey ones today Eric.” I looked at her thighs and wanted them around my waist, my shaft was growing rapidly, as she wiggled them off and put them under my nose to smell.

“You want me now don’t you dirty Eric? I want you. Follow me out and meet me in the passage at the back of the pub.”

Maria got up patted my thigh and went out of the front door, I followed hearing the click, click of her high heels.

At the back of the pub was a passage about 3 ft. wide between the pub and another building, Mardin Escort Bayan it led to the back of some houses, and was very rarely used. I noticed cigarette ends and a few condoms on the floor.

She was leaning against the wall waiting for me her legs apart. I took control and grabbed her neck and placed my mouth over hers, kissing her, while one of my hands caressed her tits, she dropped her hand to my crouch and rubbed my shaft, making it fully erect.

She moaned as I squeezed a nipple, and my other hand started to pull her skirt up, higher until I could finger her cunt. One of my thick rough fingers went in her wet wide cunt hole; she was wider than Becky. I took her clit between my finger and thumb, while she unzipped me and put her hand inside my pants. I was now at my full 10 inches as she put her hand around it and pulled it out.

“Oh, Christ almighty, it’s the biggest ever” she moaned as she spread her legs wide and put the head against her cunt lips. I loved the feeling as she pushed her hips down so that my cock could enter her very wet warm cunt. I pushed in hard so it raised her off her feet and felt her spasm, then out to the tip and rammed it in as far as it would go touching her cervix. She screamed as I rammed her cunt like an express train in and out and pistoning deeper each time, pushing her against the wall; her now bare ass rubbing against it. My god she was one of the sexiest females I had ever fucked. She was saying all sorts of dirty words, Escort Mardin and gasping for breath as I thrust in to her making her want more, she encouraged me

“Come on you dirty old fucker, fill me with your spunk. That’s it. deeper fucker, fill me.”

“Yes, YES that’s it… don’t STOP. I love your big cock inside me, you’re the best fuck ever.”

“I love your fucking big cock in me.”



Then all of a sudden, she gasped moaned and almost collapsed as I felt a warm liquid pour over my cock. I kept fucking her but her legs gave way and she fell to the ground. My cock hanging out dripping with her juice.

She was shaking and trembling as I picked her up her eyes glazed, she smiled and said “It’s true, oh my god I believe her now, that’s the best cock ever and oh you can fuck like nobody I know.” She bent down and licked my cock clean, showing me her firm rounded ass.

“I have to go now Eric, but I want you again and again. Can I come around to your place, on Saturday morning?”

“Of course, about 10 am will be fine,” I replied. Maria straightened her skirt, wiggled her delightful hips, and walked with head held high and a big smile on her face, back to the road her high heels clicking on the pavement.

I was still erect, I tucked my manhood back into my pants, zipped up, and walked out of the passage to walk home, on the way I popped into the Bookies and put a £10 to win bet on “Old Man’s Dream.”

I was still hard when I got back home, so i went to my bedroom undressed and wrapped Maria’s Black lacey panties around my cock, I masturbated to an orgasm and filled them with my spunk, looking forward to Saturday morning.

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