Becoming More than a Mother

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.

Disclaimer: Although the main theme of the story is the relationship between mother and son which is why it is in the incest category. It does however have other themes within it which will not be to everybody’s tastes, notably group sex, non-consensual sex and drunk/drugged sex. Please do not read this story if these themes offend you.


“What the hell!” I exclaimed, wondering what was happening. I rubbed my eyes and tried to get my brain into gear. Why was light streaming through my bedroom window when surely it was still the middle of the night?

My eyes slowly began to focus and I recognised the shapely figure of Helen, my mother, at the window opening the curtains. She looked incredibly sexy dressed in a long white T-shirt, which hung loosely over her voluptuous body and reached down to mid-thigh.

“Morning sleepyhead. Time for the birthday boy to rise and shine.”

Now usually I took ages to wake up properly, frequently needing to hit the snooze button of the alarm clock a couple of times, but today I was wide awake the instant I heard my mother’s voice, and felt a nervous anticipation of what might be about to happen. I still didn’t really believe it but was my dream just about to come true?

“It’s a big day for you today,” she said smiling, her hips swaying slightly as she walked towards me. “I suppose you haven’t changed your mind and you still want your special birthday present? I mean you’ve been asking for it now for so long.”

“Yes please mom. I can’t think of a better way to start the day.” I said, returning her smile.

“Well I hope you enjoy it,” she said, her sparkling eyes gazing down at me, “Happy twenty-first birthday darling.”

She bent forward and gave me a gentle motherly kiss on the cheek, then another, and another, as if she was teasing me. Seconds later she kissed me again, but this time it felt different, much more sexual and definitely not the motherly type any more. Her lips crushed down on mine and I felt her tongue press deep into my mouth. Her breath had a lovely peppermint taste to it.

Every nerve in my body was tingling as if a bolt of electricity had passed through me, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Here was my gorgeous mother giving me a wonderful deep French kiss on my birthday. What more could a young man want?

Our mouths remained locked together and I ran my hands through her hair as we continued to make out. One minute she was so deep in my mouth it felt like she was trying to push her tongue down my throat, and then the next my own tongue had been sucked into her mouth.

I was getting more and more aroused and, putting an arm around her waist, gently pulled her down on top of me.

“Whoa there Chris,” she said breaking our kiss. “Remember I am your mother.”

“Sorry mom,” I replied, “I just couldn’t resist.” However I noticed she hadn’t made any attempt to move away and our deep open-mouthed kissing session quickly resumed.

After a few minutes I plucked up enough courage to begin to softly caress her curvaceous body. My hand roamed gently up her back, from her hip right up to her neck and then back down to her hip again. There was still no reaction from her so I got a little more daring, allowing my hand to feel her lovely firm ass and then move up to a full round breast, cupping and squeezing her lovely soft flesh. I had just started to knead her breast little more forcibly when, much to my dismay, she pulled away and stood up.

“I-I think we’ve gone far enough darling,” she said a little flustered, as she wiped the saliva from her mouth and lips, “I hope you enjoyed your present.”

“You bet mom,” I replied, “it was the best birthday present you could have given me.”

“Okay, I’m going to have a shower now and then I’m off into town to do a bit of shopping. I’ll probably be back around lunchtime. Do you want anything?”

“Well, I think I could just about manage another kiss.” I said cheekily.

“Now, now! Don’t get greedy Chris!” she smiled teasingly, and with that she left closing the door behind her.

I was grinning like the cat who got the cream, as for the last twenty minutes or so I had been passionately kissing my gorgeous mother and had also managed to explore her magnificent body. Life was good. There was only one problem, my erect prick was sticking up against the sheet like a tent pole. While I attended to that problem I remembered back to the first time I had thought about my mother in a sexual way.

It was exactly three years ago on my eighteenth birthday. It was a hot summer evening and I was lounging around in the back garden with a few friends when I heard my mother’s car pull up in the driveway.

“Quick! Hide the beer.” I said, “Remember it’s supposed to be soft drinks only.”

A few minutes later she appeared at the back door dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans and a tight bursa otele gelen escort fitting sleeveless pink top.

“Hi Donny. Hi Kevin. Hi Steve. Are you all having a nice time? Can I get anyone a drink?”

“Yes please mom, four Cokes please.” I replied.

“Okay guys, back in a minute.” she said and then disappeared back inside.

“Wow Chris, your mom is looking really fit today.” said Donny.

“Too right!” Kevin agreed, “She’s definitely a MILF! I wished my mom looked like that, she’s smoking hot!”

“With her stunning body your mom could be a pornstar,” Steve said before quickly correcting himself as he noticed my scowl, “Er well I mean she could be a Playboy centrefold for sure.”

“Cut it out guys, that’s my mom you’re talking about.” Before I had a chance to say anything else she returned with the drinks. As she approached I noticed that their eyes never left her luscious body.

“Here you go,” she said, handing a can to each of us in turn. “I’d love to stay and chat, but I’m going to have to leave you guys to it as I’ve got some work to do. Have fun!”

My friends’ gaze returned to her body, checking her ass out as she walked back to the kitchen. Just as she reached the door she glanced back and said, winking at us, “Oh and by the way, don’t drink too much!”


Then the comments started up again.

“What a hot body your mom has. I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed it before. I’d do anything get a feel of those tits.”

“Forget her tits, I’d love to have those long legs wrapped around me as I screwed her senseless.”

“God yes, I’d bang her so hard she wouldn’t be able to walk for a week!”

“Well if it was me I wouldn’t want her to walk for a week. I’d be fucking her all the time, day and night.”

I realised the lewd comments were fuelled by all the alcohol they were drinking, but it didn’t stop me getting angry with my friends. “Okay you bastards, that’s enough. Just shut the fuck up.”

With that things settled down and the rest of the evening passed uneventfully.

In bed that night I thought back to what Donny, Kevin and Steve had said. I was still annoyed at them for speaking like that about my mother, but at the same time in some perverse way I felt quite proud they found her so attractive that they wanted to fuck her, even though she was a woman over twenty years their senior.

I slowly began to look at my mother in a different way, gradually realising that my friends were right, she was hot. I had plenty of opportunity to watch her as we lived alone together since my father was killed in a car crash last year. Thankfully he had been a bit of a financial wizard and the insurance pay out set my mother up for life, which meant she didn’t have to go out to work and with me at the local university we spent a lot of time together around the house.

A daily run combined with twice a week gym workouts meant she kept herself in great shape with hardly any sign of any surplus fat on her fantastic body. She was about five feet seven tall, with full firm breasts, not overly large, but generous nevertheless, a nice flat stomach, wide hips, and long well-toned legs. She was a natural brunette but had recently dyed her shoulder length hair strawberry blonde, although you could still see her dark roots in places. She had lovely brown eyes, soft pouting lips, and her skin was still beautifully smooth with hardly any signs of ageing. Indeed, although she had just turned forty she could still easily pass for someone many years younger.

During the last year I found myself becoming more and more infatuated with my gorgeous mother, taking every opportunity to check out her magnificent body. I’m just amazed that she didn’t catch me staring at her. Eventually just watching her wasn’t enough and I started to initiate physical contact between us, as much as I dared, just subtle little things. For instance I hugged her more often, loving the feel of her fabulous breasts pressed against me, and if she was washing dishes in the kitchen I would stand next to her and put an arm around her waist as we talked. I started giving her a peck on the cheek every time I came home, something I never used to do.

Eventually two months ago it had got to the stage when I started fantasising about how it would feel to fuck my beautiful mother. I tried to imagine what it would be like to kiss her passionately, or to run my hands all over her shapely body, or maybe even the ultimate and actually bury my cock inside her. Although deep down I knew that she would never ever let me have sex with her, I wondered whether I could persuade her to do something else, maybe give me a nice long French kiss.

I knew that my mother loved me deeply and we had become very close since my father died. She totally spoilt me and as an only child I got pretty much everything I wanted. I decided to use that to try and convince her to give me the kiss as a special birthday present. So about six bursa eve gelen eskort weeks ago my mother and I were sitting down at the kitchen table and we started chatting.

“Chris, have you decided what you want for your birthday yet?”

“Not really mom, I can’t really think of anything.”

“Come on, there must be something. It’s your twenty-first birthday, I’ve got to give you a special present.”

“Well, maybe there is one thing.” I paused for a second and then continued. “Er… No it doesn’t matter, it’s nothing.”

“Tell me. What does my darling son want?”

“Okay, what I want… what I want more than anything else is a kiss.”

“A kiss?” she laughed. “You can get one of those any time, I mean what special something do you want?”

“But a kiss would be special. I’m going to become an adult, so I want a proper adult kiss from my lovely mother.”

“You don’t want a kiss from your old mom. Be serious, what you really want?”

“I don’t want anything else mom, just a nice adult kiss from you to celebrate my special day.”

“Well that’s out of the question. Have a think and let me know what else you’d like.”

With that it went quiet, but now I had planted the idea in her mind. At least a dozen times during the next month she repeated the question, and each time I replied that the only thing I wanted was a kiss from my mom. When she still said no I pretended to sulk and told her if she didn’t want to give me a kiss not to bother getting me anything. Then a week ago she walked into the lounge while I was watching TV.

“Chris, are you watching anything special?” she said sitting down in the chair opposite me. “I’ve got something important to say to you.”

I turned the TV off wondering what I’d done wrong. “What’s up mom?”

“Your birthday present. I hate to see you so unhappy, so if a kiss is really the only thing you want, then okay, you win, I’ll give you a kiss.”

I jumped up. Had I just heard right? “You’re going to give me a kiss, a proper adult kiss?”

“Yes Chris, a proper adult kiss.”

Yes! Yes! Yes! I was really going to get a kiss from my gorgeous mother. I ran over, pulled her up off the chair and gave her a big hug.

“Wow, thanks mom. You don’t know how happy you’ve made me. It’s going to be the best birthday present I’ve ever had.”

This last week it seemed that time was moving in slow motion and I began to think that my birthday was never going to arrive. But finally the big day was here and earlier this morning I had received my special present. My mom and I had made out together for around twenty minutes. I had tasted her peppermint breath as her tongue explored my mouth. My hands had roamed all over her fabulous body and I had even managed a quick feel of her firm ass and full round breasts. It was better than I could ever have imagined.

The trouble was that now I’d received my special present there was nothing left to look forward to. I began to wonder whether I could get my mom give me any more birthday treats when she returned home. I decided to play it by ear and see what happened.

She got back soon after midday, laden with a load of shopping bags.

“Here, let me help with those.” I said to her as I helped her carry them into the kitchen.

As soon as she put them down, I walked over to her and gave her a hug, but then, instead of pulling away, I held her around the waist and slowly lowered my face down towards hers.

“What do you think you’re doing Chris? You have to stop str….Mmmph.”

I cut her off in mid-sentence as I pressed my mouth against hers, my tongue trying to force its way into her mouth. I pulled her in close and felt her breasts against my chest. For a split second I thought I felt her lips part but I may have imagined it as she quickly pulled away.

“Stop that at once Chris,” she scolded me, “you had your present earlier. No more!”

“Sorry mom, I couldn’t resist, it felt so good earlier. Please, it’s still my birthday. Surely we can have a bit more fun together?” I said softly, putting on the saddest expression I could manage. I think she began feel a little sorry for me.

“Cheer up darling, your twenty-first birthday is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. I hate to see you upset so if it makes you happy I don’t suppose a few more kisses would hurt. But you must promise me not to push things any further and then tomorrow we go back to normal and pretend it never happened. Have we a deal?”

It had worked! I was shaking with excitement as I replied. “Deal mom. You don’t know how happy that makes me feel.”

I pulled her back towards me and slipped my arms round her waist again. Her hands rested on my shoulders as we began a deep open-mouthed kiss. We made out for about ten minutes and although I was severely tempted I kept my promise not to try anything else.

We kissed on a couple of more occasions that afternoon. The first bayan escort bursa time she was in the kitchen washing up some dishes. I moved up beside her, put a hand around her waist, and began nuzzling her neck. She turned round to face me and we began another French kissing session, again lasting about ten minutes. On the second occasion she had just come out the bathroom after taking a shower. She was wearing a white flannel robe, held together by a sash tied round her waist, and her hair was still wet. She looked gorgeous as I pinned her up against the wall and began kissing her passionately. It took all my willpower not to reach down, undo the sash and open her robe, but somehow I managed it. This time we only made out for about five minutes as I was getting so aroused I had to go and cool off.

I began to think about what we could do that evening, something different to our kissing sessions, but also something that my mom was likely to agree to. Then it came to me. Why not invite her out on a sort of date? A film and maybe a nice meal afterwards? What could be wrong with that?

“No. Definitely not.” she said after I broached the idea to her. “I can’t go out on a date with my own son. What if anybody recognised us?”

“Well, we wouldn’t be doing anything wrong.” I replied. “For one thing you don’t look old enough to be my mom, and if you’re worried about any of your friends seeing us out together, we can go to that Multiplex over the other side of town. Come on, it will round off a perfect birthday for me.”

She thought for a few seconds before eventually agreeing. “Okay, but you better be on your best behaviour.”

“Scout’s honour!” I promised, smiling back at her.

The cinema was about a twenty minute drive away so we agreed to leave at 7 p.m. I was just checking that I’d got my keys and wallet when my mother walked down the stairs.

“Wow! You look stunning!” I gasped, as I took in her beauty. She was wearing a black leather jacket over a white woollen sweater, a short black skirt which ended mid-thigh, and black fishnet stockings rounded off by a pair of black high-heeled shoes.

“You like what you see?” she smiled seductively and gave me a little twirl. “Your old mom doesn’t scrub up too bad does she?”

In answer I slipped my hands under her jacket, pulled her to me, and gave her another deep passion filled kiss.

It was over all too briefly as she pulled away and said flirtingly, “I’ll take that as a yes then?

With that we left for the cinema. On the way there I was told in no uncertain terms to be on my best behaviour so it was a quite uneventful couple of hours. I put my arm around her shoulder but she immediately held my hand to stop it wandering any further. She did twist in her seat slightly and leaned into me so we spent the film with her back pressed against my chest. That was nice.

By the time we left the cinema and got back to the car it had just gone 9.30 p.m. and my plan to move on somewhere else was in trouble. It was not really how I wanted the evening to end but I couldn’t think how to extend our ‘date’ any longer. It was too late for any of the local restaurants and I knew that mom would never consider going to a nightclub with me, so it looked like it was straight back home. After driving for a few minutes we had to take a detour when our route home was blocked due to roadworks. The detour took us into a part of the town which I didn’t know very well. We turned a corner and I noticed a nice looking bar on the right-hand side, ivy climbing up the walls and hanging baskets over the door and windows. Then an idea hit me and I pulled into a parking space about hundred yards down the road.

“What have we stopped here for?” my mother asked quizzically.

“Well I know it’s not ideal,” I replied,” but I thought it would be nice to go into a bar and actually buy a drink legally for the first time. I’d love to try my shiny new Age Verification card on my birthday. What do you think?”

“Well okay then, as long as we don’t stay too long. And remember Chris you’re driving, so one drink only for you!”

“Oh I think I can live with that!” I replied, happy that we were staying together a little longer.

We walked back to the bar and went in. It was fairly quiet with only around half a dozen customers inside. A man was at the bar chatting to the Barman, another man was standing up playing the fruit machine, and there were also two couples sitting down at tables. We found a nice table in an alcove at the far end of the bar and my mom took her leather jacket off as I went to get the drinks. I ordered a beer and a Pinot Noir and sure enough the Barman asked for some ID. I took great delight in showing my card.

“Congratulations.” he said smiling at me, “I wish I could remember back to when I was twenty-one. Have a nice evening with your lovely friend.”

I walked back to our table with the drinks and we started chatting. It was nice to be seen out with a beautiful woman, and even if she was my mother nobody else in the bar knew that. We had another drink, then another, I had switched to Diet Coke but my mom stayed with the Pinot Noir. At about 10.45 p.m. the Barman came over to us and asked us if we wanted one for the road as he was closing in a few minutes. He said that as it was my birthday the drinks would be on the house. We decided to take him up on his kind offer.

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