Bed Buddies

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Irving and Dene’ met over the web and were in monogamous relationships. They only planned to be friends. But one weekend they took a trip out of town and things began to get too hot to handle.

They checked into a grand hotel near the waterside (separate rooms), unpacked and met downstairs for a stroll on the boardwalk. They held hands and laughed at each other’s jokes as they walked. People observed the couple and assumed they were a couple.

They seemed to walk forever and night was approaching. Finally they tired and sat down on a bench near the water. There was a full moon and the lights at the town across from them cast a brilliance on the flowing water. It was a romantic setting. Irving sat closer to Dene’ and felt the heat of her body. Dene’ noticed that she was beginning to feel a sexual attraction to Irving but tried to calm herself. Suddenly Irving pulled her close and kissed her deeply. She tried to resist but escort bayan ataköy the heat in her body wouldn’t allow it. She returned his kiss and that began a night of passion.

They groped each other openly and forgot that others were watching. When they finally caught their breaths, they both knew that this was it. There was a sexual attraction and they would not deny it. Hugging, they walked back to the hotel.

In the elevator, Irving pulled Dene’ close as he unbuttoned her shirt. Her nipples stuck out the same as his penis did. She touched his penis and he began to slowly suck on her nipples. She wanted him so badly and he wanted her. As the elevator approached their floor they quickly scrambled off.

The couple went into Irving’s room and ripped each others clothing off. Sex was the only thing on their minds at this point. Their better halves back home was a thing of the past at least for now. escort bayan fatih Dene’ knelt between Irving’s legs and gently grasped his huge bulging penis. She licked the tip and took it fully into her mouth (all eight inches) of muscle and steel. Irving closed his eyes and enjoyed this suck. He came and spurted his love juices down her throat. But he regained his hardness just as quickly as he had come. He pulled out of her mouth and put Dene’ across his lap. He shoved his hard cock up her pussy. Dene’ groaned loudly and rode him hard. He rammed his hard dick in and out and she held on for dear life. She never wanted this to end. She gave him back as he gave to her. They rode each other for almost an hour. Multiple orgasms later, they were both sated and fell onto the bed. Irving lost himself in the moment and thought of nothing else. Dene’ had never had such great sex before. It was indescribable. Content, escort bayan şişli they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Irving awoke first. He looked at the sexual beauty next to him and was aroused again. He spread her legs in her sleep and began to lick her pussy. Dene’ opened her eyes and held his head closer as his tongue searched her hidden garden of love. He sucked her clit softly and then rough. She loved it for she didn’t get this at home — not like this at all. She pulled his head closer and he began to tongue fuck her. She loved it and moaned and groaned louder and louder. As he felt she was about to reach a climax, he stopped but she begged him, “More, more.” He went in for the kill then and pulled up and down on her clit hard and long. She bucked against his mouth and screamed, “Oh my Gooooooooood. Her love juices flowed all over his lips. He licked and drank to both their delights.

When the couple finally came back to their senses, they knew that this couldn’t continue and Dene’ went to her bedroom. She showered and pretended this had not happened. Irving showered but knew that it would happen again and again. He had that much faith in the power of his dick!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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