Bee Girl and Knicker Boy Ch. 01

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The chunky bracelets on her wrist jangled against each other as her hands pressed down on the bed, taking her full body weight and the force of my thrusts. The bracelets were alternately yellow and black and matched her bobbed hair which was black and decorated with yellow clips and bobbles. She wore knee length stripey black and yellow socks and her black lace knickers were pulled down, giving me access to her pussy. She felt tight and wet all along the shaft of my cock and I gripped the pale flesh of her small, pert bum as I shoved my penis, still impossibly getting harder, into her over and over again. Her breasts, still encased in her black lace bra, shook with the impact. This was not how I had imagined it.

Lying on my bed at home I had fantasised about my first day at University, stroking my penis as I had imagined discovering a busty, beautiful girl living down the corridor of my hall of residence. I had wrapped my hand around my cock as I imagined her swanning into my room and stripping off to seduce me, and I had come hard as I thought about rampantly fucking her, her screams causing our flatmates to knock on the door and enquire whether everything was alright. I had certainly not expected that I would actually have one of my new flatmates bent over my bed just over an hour after moving in. Of course had I been confronted on my arrival at University with a bevy of improbably sexy, large-breasted porn star types all desperate for my cock I would probably have been suspicious and shy and hidden in my room until it was all over. So, it was a good job that things hadn’t turned out like that.

I had been placed on a mixed sex corridor with six rooms in it and my parents and I had heaved bags and boxes up a succession of staircases. It was only after I had moved all my stuff up to my room that I realised another of my new flatmates had already got here. As my parents and I inspected the kitchen we heard the door open again and a quiet, “hello.” I turned around to find a girl dressed as what can only be described as, ‘bee-like’ – she wore a long, figure-hugging black and yellow striped jumper and a black skirt and knee-length black and yellow socks. She was cute but I tried to hold back on thinking like that as I returned her greeting and smiled what I hoped was warming rather than scary, as I walked towards her. Unsure of whether I should shake her hand or hug her or what I paused for a moment and was taken completely by surprise when she leaned forward and landed a light kiss on the cheek.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Becky,” she said as I blushed furiously.

“Thomas,” I said in reply.

“Most of my friends call me Bee.”

“Oh. Um, most of mine call me Thomas.”

“Well, I’m glad someone else has turned up anyway, I was getting lonely. I’ll go carry on unpacking and let you explore the place.”

“OK, see you later.”

“See you later.”

She turned and left the kitchen and for the next half an hour or so my parents and I explored the halls and the rest of the University before they left, leaving me with plenty of unpacking to do. I had heard no one else arriving and so when I heard a knock at my door I knew it was Becky.

“Come in,” I shouted and she gingerly stepped into my room as though she was worried that I would be offended by her presence in my room. I certainly wasn’t, I was nervously looking forward to getting to know my new flatmates and some company whilst I unpacked my things was very welcome.

“Hello Becky.”

“You can call me Bee you know, I mean, if you want. Becky seems too formal.”

“OK. Well, you can come in and sit down if you like B…ee,” I stumbled and she smiled.

She came in, got onto my bed and sat with her legs straight out in front of her. Leaning back a little on her hands I took a split second to look at the way her breasts pressed against the tight jumper she was wearing. They certainly weren’t huge but they were a nice size, a nice handful I guessed. I was sure she had seen me looking her boobs over and so I turned away and continued to pack my clothes away in the wardrobe. There ensued a silence, neither of us quite knowing what to say to a stranger.

“I suppose you’re wondering why escort bayan ataköy I’m dressed like a bee, aren’t you?” she broke the silence.

“Well, I don’t-“

“It’s ok, you’re probably thinking I’m a right weirdo.”

“That may be what I’m thinking but really I’m just pleased that I have moved in with at least one interesting person. Anyway, everyone has strange habits, I have a few weird ones myself.”

“Like dressing like a bee?”

“No, not like dressing like a bee.”

“What then?” she was up on her knees now, looking expectantly up at me.

“I… I like,” I felt unnerved by this question, vulnerable, and wasn’t sure whether to tell her but something, the thrill of the new University life perhaps, something made me carry on: “I like to wear girl’s knickers.”

“Really?” she stared at me with her mouth wide open. “Can I see?”

This question took me off guard and for one insane split second my mind flipped back to my fantasies. This can be the only explanation for what I did next for within seconds I had pulled down my trousers and Bee was left staring open mouthed at my crotch encased in a tight pair of black lacy knickers, my penis slightly hard and clearly visible through the straining fabric. She continued to stare open mouthed, colour flushing to her cheeks. I knew then that something was wrong.

“I.. I meant, um, I didn’t mean the ones that you were wearing.”

I blushed furiously but still I did not pull my trousers up, somehow too afraid to move. My penis grew stiffer whilst Bee’s eyes remained fixed to it. It was like there was a third person in the room. Neither myself or Bee seemed confident enough to make another move but my cock continued growing and throbbing steadily. I began to wonder what Bee was thinking – Was she watching with horror and planning the best way to escape? Or was watching my hardening cock turning her on? Soon my cock had grown to a fully erect state and announced its presence to the world by poking out of the left leg of its lacy confinement. I had been lucky to be wearing these knickers, other ones I own would not have been accomodating for even this long.

“I can’t believe you wear girl’s knickers.” Bee finally broke the silence and I noticed now that a grin had broken across her face.

“Not all the time.”

“Don’t they get uncomfortable? I mean there’s nowhere for…”

“Yeah, well, that can cause problems,” I explained, glancing down at my exposed cock.

“They’re nice knickers though, I’ve got some quite similar.”

“Oh…” my mind created an image of Bee in these knickers.

“Today I’ve got different ones on though, want to see?”

“Um, ok,” I said instead of YES!

With that she unzipped her skirt and slid it down her legs revealing her smooth, well-shaped thighs and a tiny pair of knickers that just covered her pussy. I had seen them in Marks and Spencer last time I went knicker shopping but they were a bit out of my price range. She took hold of the bottom of her jumper and I thought she was just going to lift it out of the way so I could see her knickers clearly yet instead she took me completely by surprise and pulled it up and over her head in one smooth motion. This turned my attention from her crotch and up to her chest where her breasts were encased in a black lace bra decorated with gold and white stitching. Her breasts were, as I had thought, not huge but beautifully shaped.

“And this is the bra that goes with it,” she told me as though she were showing me a set of new stationery.

“Mmm, it’s nice,” I offered, unsure of what else to say.

The onus was clearly on me to make a move now but instead of giving her the impression that I wanted to get into her knickers I was behaving more like I was some kind of knicker connoisseur. I took a second to review the situation – I had been at university for five minutes and already my sexy new flatmate, all pale skin and cute bobbed hair, was standing in gorgeous underwear just a few feet away from me and my stiff dick had already made an appearance.

I took a step towards Bee and moved my hand to touch her knickers. She didn’t flinch and soon my hand felt the lace bayrampasa escort of her knickers and her pert bum. My first thought was how lace suited her so much better than it did myself. My second thought was to worry what I should do next. Bee stood still as a statue. The next thing I knew I had knelt down and was now tracing my fingers along the neat embroidery on the crotch of her knickers. Possibly she still thought I was more interested in her knickers than her but I was relieved to hear her gasp and shudder as my fingers explored further between her legs and found that the tiny piece of material that ran there was already drenched in Bee’s juices.

“Take them off.”

I did what I was told and pulled them down her thighs. This revealed a small triangle of dark hair leading down to her pussy which I could see was already soaking wet. My face was practically in it already and so the only logical thing to do was to lean further in and apply my tongue to her swollen clit. Bee gasped louder than before and I felt her hands placed on my head. She pushed me further down and I realised that this was the first time she had touched me since greeting me in the kitchen with a peck on the cheek. I went crazy with my tongue, tapping it quickly against her clit and brought my fingers up and began to run them up and down her slit, feeling her get wetter and wetter all the time and her juices begin to dribble down my chin. With my spare hand I reached into my own knickers and took hold of my dick, unable to resist the urge to stroke myself as I lapped at her cunt. I could hear louder and louder gasps from above and they were getting more frequent so I took my fingers away for a second before sliding two of them straight up her wet hole. Bee’s body bucked and as I continued to lash my tongue back and forth I heard her moan and wondered if she was going to fall over as she now seemed unsteady on her feet.

I pulled my face away from her pussy and stood up. Bee’s eyes bore a very clear message and as her hands moved to my knickers and pulled them down without touching my throbbing cock, she delivered her request: “Fuck me.”

I didn’t need to be told twice and my cock certainly didn’t need any further stimulation as I told her to turn around and bend over in a voice that surprised even me with its authoritative tone. Bee smiled deliciously and turned away from my stiff cock and, with her knickers still around her knees pushed her bum into the air and placed her hands on the bed. I took a moment to enjoy the sight of her pale, pert behind and the sight of her pink, soaking wet pussy but I could not take too long as my raging hard-on was instructing me that there was only one place it wanted to be now. I was so turned on that when I pushed at the opening to her hole with the tip of my cock I felt like I could have come straight away. I pushed further in though, sliding in easily as she was so well lubricated. I’m sure both our minds were racing at this point – this was a strange way to make friends. Still, awkward as the preamble to this moment had been now I was in this position there was no need to think too hard about what to do.

The chunky bracelets on her wrist jangled against each other as her hands pressed down on the bed, taking her full body weight and the force of my thrusts. She felt tight and wet all along the shaft of my cock and I gripped the pale flesh of her small, pert bum as I shoved my penis, still impossibly getting harder, into her over and over again. Her breasts, still encased in her black lace bra, shook with the impact. I could feel the walls of her pussy getting tighter all along the length of my cock as I pounded her over and over, eliciting small howls of pleasure which she tried to stop. This just made me fuck her harder and I could feel my balls tightening and the come in my veins getting ready to spurt up into her.

I paused, my cock halfway into her.

“Don’t stop,” she insisted breathily.

“I don’t want to but… wait,” I thought I had heard movement in the corridor.

“Wait for what? Fuck me,” she tensed her pussy even tighter as if to encourage me.

“Wait…” we stayed in the exact same position in complete escort bayan avcılar silence until that was broken by the sound of someone coming down the corridor and cooing hellos.

“Shit,” I said. “I need to lock my door,” and I pulled out of her, my cock emerging rock hard and covered in Bee’s juices.

I waddled over to the door, my cock throbbing too hard to be able to walk properly and, as quietly as I could, turned the lock on my door. I turned back round and found that Bee had got onto my bed and was busily fingering her clit.

“Come back over here and fuck me,” she ordered in a whisper.

“What if someone overhears us?” I asked with a smile, teasing her now. As I watched her frantically playing with herself I could not resist taking my cock in my hand and stroking myself. If I didn’t want to be back inside her so much I could have orgasmed just from watching her.

“I don’t give a fuck,” she told me tersely, “come back over here… and stick that thing in me NOW.” That final word she did not whisper but delivered in a loud, demanding tone that I could in no way resist.

In seconds I was on the bed and between her legs. My cock slipped back into her pussy easily and I began ramming her even harder than before. This position was better – I could see her silently gasping with every thrust and the way her eyes glazed over with pleasure. Bee carried on fingering her clit as I fucked her, making her pussy get tighter and tighter. This was making me get bigger and harder and I could feel that I was on the verge of coming, there was no way I could hold back for much longer.

“I’m going to… come soon,” I told her.

“No, don’t. Fuck me more,” she pleaded.

“I can’t,” I told her, slowing my thrusts.

“Don’t come inside me,” she instructed, “you can come in my mouth.”

Those words alone could have pushed me over the edge but I somehow managed to hold off and I pulled my desperate penis from her pussy. As soon as I did this Bee’s fingers went into overdrive on her clit. She was shaking now, her eyes closed, concentrating on her oncoming orgasm. With one hand I stroked my cock and with the other pushed two fingers back into her hole and began fucking her with them instead.

“Yes, yes, oh,” she moaned.

“You going to come too?”

“Yeah, carry on… fucking me,” my fingers didn’t stop, hers got even faster.

“Come around my fingers,” I told her.

Seconds later she did just that, her pussy tightening around them and her body shaking. She threw her head back and I could see her climax ripping through her. Throughout this I had a firm hold of my cock and seeing the effects of her orgasm triggered my own. I pulled my fingers from her cunt and moved quickly to position my cock near her mouth.

“Going to come,” was all I could manage.

She opened her mouth, her body still shaking as she enjoyed waves of pleasure from her pussy. The first spurt of my come hit her lips and ran down her chin but the rest went straight into her waiting mouth and she swallowed the sperm with hungry gulps. My cock finally stopped and she licked her lips and smiled up at me.


“Mmm?” I asked, settling down beside her so that we were now lying side by side, looking up at the ceiling. It was the first time I had lay down on my new bed.

“That was nice.”

“The come?”

“The fuck. The come wasn’t bad. The fuck was definitely good.”

“This wasn’t how I thought University was going to be.”

“I certainly didn’t expect to have boys showing me their lacy knickers straight away,” she teased.

“Hey…” I didn’t have a comeback.

“I guess we’d better get up and meet some other new flatmates then…” she sighed.

“I guess.”

“I’d better hope that we’re not living with some hot floozy who’ll steal you away from me.”

We got up off the bed and pulled our clothes back on. I could feel Bee’s eyes on me as I pulled my knickers back on, my sleeping penis now snugly fitting into them. Soon Bee once more was dressed like a bee and no one would have been able to see my secret. We went to the door to leave and as we did I placed a hand on Bees side and she turned back around to me.

I leaned in and kissed her for the first time, a long, deep kiss, our tongues exploring each others mouths. I could still taste my come on her lips and I’m sure she could probably taste herself on mine. Thirty seconds later we broke the kiss and left to meet our new flatmates.

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