Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 03

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I had often looked for panties just like the ones I had found as a teenager in mother’s dresser drawer. But nothing just like them seemed to be made these days. I had even looked at vintage panty sites on eBay without any luck. So to see this pair, so similar, so alike, so silky, sooo…of course I wanted to put them on. I was in a bit of a quandary at the moment, however. My ankles were locked into gynecological stirrups, I had an enema tube filling my bowels, my hands were bound to the side of the table, and I knew that my fate was entirely in Nurse Pyre’s hands, at least for now.

“We’re just about done with your cleaning and exam, Tom,” Nurse Pyre told him, “Then apparently it will be up to me to administer your punishment. Remind me, Tom, why are you to be punished?”

“I must be punished for ejaculating without permission, Nurse Pyre.” I said quietly.

“That’s right, Tom, and I believe it was something about your first time wearing these very panties that cost you that control, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, Ma’am. It was.”

“Well, Tom, I am going to unbuckle your wrists and your ankles, and I am going to remove the enema nozzle. I want you to lay silently as long as you can endure the rumbling in your bowels, then you may hop off the table and empty yourself in the toilet through that door. Once that’s done come back in here and I will begin your punishment.”

By now I was quite exhausted. After all, my day had started quite early, and I hadn’t had anything to eat since grabbing a quick breakfast sandwich at the airport. I wanted to be done with this embarrassing medical exam and cleaning and endure whatever punishment was to be dealt me. And, I couldn’t get the Mommy panties out of my mind.

After vacating my bowels on a long stint on the porcelain throne, and a symphony of embarrassing sounds that I was sure Nurse Pyre could hear, I finally sheepishly made my way back to the exam room, red-faced but relieved. There I found Nurse Pyre sitting on a stool fiddling with a laptop. She remained sans her nurse uniform dress, and my eyes were immediately drawn to her amply-filled bra cups. She was still wearing the garter belt, hose, and white pumps; but she had made one addition to her wardrobe. She now was wearing the Mommy panties, or at least what turned out to be one of multiple duplicate pairs. She patted a stool next to her and I sat next to her, naked other than the arousal monitor that remained around my balls and flaccid penis. She reached over and adjusted it slightly, “Okay, now I am getting a good reading,” and I could see a graph on the laptop screen.

“Are you familiar with what some call tease and denial, Tom,” Nurse Pyre asked me as she placed one hand on her crotch and the other on her chest, giving both areas a delicate rub.

“Yes, Nurse Pyre, I have read about it on the internet,” I replied.

“Well Tom, Ms. Panington is going to try to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. She wants to continue to increase your staying power, and she wants you to be punished for ejaculating so selfishly. So, what she has asked me to do is what we call the “prolonged Şerifali Escort arousal” punishment. She wants you aroused for four hours, and there will be no release during or after that four hours. I will be stimulating you and Ms. Panington will be able to access the monitoring program from her office at any time.” She stopped talking and reached for a syringe that lay on the counter next to her. Without a word, she injected me on my inner thigh. “This will keep you erect, Tom. Ever hear those ads about an ‘erection lasting longer than four hours?’ Well, you’re going to have one,” she explained with more than a hint of sarcasm, “Too bad it still will be tiny, and so useless.”

Within seconds my penis began to engorge, and Nurse Pyre instructed me to stand up. “Let me take a look at you. All clean inside and out. All shaved. And look at how your little wee-wee is standing at attention. Does your wee-wee like my tits?”

“Yes, Ma’am. It does.” And she took me in her hand and rubbed my cock against the lace of her bra while she kept an eye on the laptop screen. “Whoa. Very nice response. I must be careful if you are to last for four hours. I wonder what would happen if your little wee-wee touched my tits with no bra to hide them. Would you like to see them, Tom?” she laughed.

I was twitching uncontrollably. “Yes, Nurse Pyre, I would be honored to have you take off your bra.”

“First back up on the table, Tom,” she instructed me. Then before she elevated my legs back to the stirrups she produced another pair of the white nylon lace-edged panties and slowly slipped them over my legs and up over my buttocks and my twitching penis.

“Oh, Nurse Pyre, Ooohhhh. I am about to cum. These panties feel so wonderful.” I yelled as the fabric of the panties first touched my erect cock.

Without hesitation, she slapped me soundly across the face, “Do not cum, pantyboy, or you will long regret it,” Nurse Pyre barked in a no-nonsense tone that startled me out of my panty-crazed delirium. “This is just the beginning, and ejaculation is not an option, not today.”

She brusquely grabbed first one leg, then the other, and secured them back in the stirrups. Then my wrists were shackled to the side of the exam table. “You will control that pathetic selfish wee-wee,” she demanded. With that, she took off her bra revealing her large and firm breasts. She stood over me with her nipples just inches from my face. “You may look if they arouse you so, but a man such as you would never be allowed to touch,” she laughed.

Nurse Pyre left the exam room for a moment and returned wheeling a large machine that she plugged into a wall outlet. She then connected the laptop, and entered some keystrokes. Next she uncoiled a long tube from the device. Attached to the tube was a stainless steel cylinder, open on one end with what appeared to be black latex inside of it. I thought it looked strangely alike a milking device that might be used on a dairy farm, and it began to dawn on me that this would be used for my sustained arousal. Nurse Pyre took a tube of some sort of lube which she injected liberally into İstanbul Escort the tube, then she leaned over the table, breasts swinging freely just inches from my face, pulled down my panties, and placed the contraption over my erect three-plus inch penis.

Without a word, she flipped a switch on the machine, and I felt an unbelievable pulsing and sucking sensation on my cock. “Ooooh. Nurse Pyre. Ooooh. Thank you. Ooooh.” As suddenly as it had started, the sensation stopped. “Please don’t let it stop, please,” I pleaded.

“Now, Tom, I know that you are very used to wanking to your heart’s content; to just jerking off as fast and furious as you might want, but Tom, you are not in control of your precious little wee-wee, and you will never be again. This is a punishment, Tom,” she paused as though to let this sink in, then continued, “We have a good baseline from the arousal meter. The software will detect when you are about to ejaculate and will cease stimulation instantaneously; when the arousal meter indicates that your arousal has subsided sufficiently, it will begin stimulation once again. Simple, huh?”

I didn’t think she really wanted me to answer, so I didn’t say anything. The stimulation started again, and I found myself involuntarily thrusting my hips as though I was fucking. Nurse Pyre found this quite humorous and roared in laughter. “Look at you, Tom, trying to fuck the machine. How pathetic. You know, Tom, Kelli has decided that your penis will never again feel the inside of her pussy. She has no interest in it, Tom.”

Having Nurse Pyre laugh at me and hearing her talk about my wife’s pussy was almost too much and I again thought I was about to squirt, but the device stopped once again. I breathed deeply, impatient for the sensation to resume.

“I am going to place a FaceTime call to Kelli, Tom,” Nurse Pyre says as the stimulation begins again, “She asked that she be allowed to witness any punishments that you received while in our care.”

“No, please, Nurse Pyre, I don’t want her to see me like this,” I begged.

“Of course she must see you, Tom. After all, you agreed to submit to our training. Remember, Tom, it is Kelli who is paying the bill here,” and she hit speed-dial.

“Oh, hi, Kelli. This is Nurse Pyre at the Institute. I just wanted to give you an opportunity to speak to Tom and participate, if you’d like to do so, in his first punishment. We call it sustained arousal.”

“He’s being punished? So soon, on his very first day?” Kelli asked.

“Yes, it will all be in Ms. Panington’s report. He ejaculated without permission right in front of Ms. Panington and Ms. Jensen. Made quite a mess, too. I’m going to let you speak to him,” and she turned the phone towards me and held it up in front of my face. Just then, the machine began to hum and the stimulation was unbelievable.

“Ooooh. Aargh. K-K-K-Kelli. Ooooh. I, I, I, I love you, Kelli.” I managed to say.

“I love you, too, sweetie. You seem to be having a bit of a hard time talking. I am so disappointed to hear that you ejaculated in front of those two women; how embarrassing,” Ümraniye Escort Kelli said teasingly.

I was about to cum again, and the machine stopped again just in time. “Kelli, I am sorry that I disappointed you, I am. I don’t want to lose you. I will do my best to learn everything they have to teach me. I do have one question, though, may I ask?” I said.

“Sure, honey. You can ask,” Kelli responded and just then the sucking sensation started again.

“Ooooh, Kelli, Ooooh.”

“Yes, dear, what is it Tom?” Kelli asked.

“They, um, they told me that my penis will never again be allowed…Ooooh, Aargh, Ooooh…into your pussy again. Is that true?” I managed to get out of my mouth.

“Yes, that is true Tom. You see I have always found your small penis disgusting. I only accommodated you because I thought I had to do so. Then when I realized that you masturbated all of the time anyway, I decided that I was done with your little thing forever. Ms. Panington has assured me that you will be taught new methods that will more than compensate for all the years I’ve gone without. Things will never be the same, Tom, Ms. Panington has assured me that you will become the best pussy sucker a woman could ever hope for, and they will be teaching you how to use toys to enhance the female orgasm. I understand that your little thing will miss my pussy, but you will be getting plenty of pussy, just in other ways. Won’t that be fun, Tom?” Kelli gave me the answer I didn’t want to hear. The device stopped stimulation again just short of my edge. “Nurse Pyre, could you hold the phone so that I can see the device on his little prick? I am done talking to him.”

“Sure. Here it is. I am sending you a link to the computer program so that you can log in and check his arousal monitor at any time,” and the two women talked for a while like old friends about me, the benefits of tease and denial, and my condition.

By the time they are done talking I am in an altered state of consciousness with minutes or sometimes only seconds of stimulation, then a sudden stop for what seemed to be randon intervals. Eventually, I hear Kelli say, “Good-bye Nurse Pyre. Thank you. Good-bye, Tom.”

“I have one more surprise for you, Tom. Kelli overnighted these to us just yesterday,” and she reached into the punishment package that Ms. Jensen had brought down and took out several ziplock bags. “Kelli has been wearing her panties for two days in a row the last couple weeks, and she has sent them to help us with your training. Let’s see, I think we will start with these pretty pink bikinis,” and she opened the bag containing the pink pair. She held them out in front of my face, and then pulled them over my head with the crotch resting just over my nose. Taking some medical tape from a drawer, she placed a couple strips of tape on the leg openings to ensure that the panties stayed in place.

Kelli’s strong scent enveloped me and I felt the device shut down immediately. The exciting aroma of Kelli’s pussy surrounded me, calming me with its familiarity while exciting me with what I was coming to understand I would never again be allowed to fuck—only suck.

Nurse Pyre, got up, patted me gently on the forehead, turned out the light, and closed the door behind her after saying, “Three and a half hours more to go, Tom.” And the continual stimulation device clicked on once again.

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