Being Discrete at a Party

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I get out of the shower and quickly towel myself off. Looking in the mirror, I know I should shave as I have the beginnings of a light beard forming; but per usual, I opt not to.

I open the bathroom door and head down the hall to my bedroom.

“What time is it?” I ask.

“It’s almost 5.” You reply.

“Are you almost ready? We’re running a bit late”

“Yep, I just need to get dressed, so by the time you’re ready, I’ll be good to go.”

As I look at you, I’m just now realizing that in my rush, knowing we were running late, I hadn’t even caught a glimpse of you as I entered the room. You were obviously just finishing blow-drying your hair and, standing right next to the full length mirror, are now applying a bit of face lotion.

While from the neck up, you’re just about ready to go—you almost never wear, or need any makeup–from the neck down you’re entirely naked. With your back to me I see your wonderful ass; just the right shape, and with the perfect amount of meat to grab onto!

Looking into your reflection I’m mesmerized by your impeccable breasts. While not particularly large, B cups, they are without a doubt my ideal breasts. Flawlessly symmetrical and providing the perfectly full handful, I couldn’t ask for anything more as far as size and shape. And your nipples! Not too big, and not too small. I just love the look and feel of your hard nipples as I touch and kiss them.

My gaze drifting down I find your beautiful freshly shaven pussy. I’m immediately taken back to the night before and spending nearly an hour going down on you before having that incredible “first time in a long time” sex.

Being long distance, that first night we spend together after weeks apart always provides some of the best sex we have. Last night was no exception—neither was this morning —and I just can’t get enough of you.

I’m not sure if I actually emitted a growl of some kind, but I know it happened in my head. Having already thrown my towel on the bed, I come up to you from behind wrapping my arms around you. My hands start at your hips, and move forward to your hip bones as I pull you against me. You can feel my naked erection press up against your ass.

“Mmmmmm. Are we so late that we can’t quickly replicate last night?” I ask. I lean down and kiss your shoulder moving in towards your neck. You turn your head to give me better access and reach your hand up to run your fingers through my hair.

“Yes! We are. You’re the one who always insists that we be on time.”

“I know I know. I’m only half kidding. I just really can’t get enough of you. When I see you like that, I can’t really help myself.” As I say that, I feel you push your ass up against my hard cock just the slightest bit.

“Well, this isn’t one sided mister, but we don’t have to wait too long. You’ve had me twice in the less than 18 hours. We can wait a few hours before we make it a third. We’ll be back from your Aunt and Uncle’s later tonight and I’ll make it worth your wait, I promise.” You say with a bit of a devilish grin as you turn to face me, wrapping your arms around my neck, and kiss me with just the right amount of tongue.

“I know. You always do!”

You go to your suitcase and start pulling out your outfit for the night. I open my closet and opt for a nice pair of dress pants and a tight blue v-neck sweater. As I pull the sweater over my head and turn around, I see what you’ve decided on.

“Seriously, you expect me to be able to not pounce on you with you wearing that? You know what you do to me in skirts!” I exclaim. You’re wearing a relatively flowy skirt with a light, purple sweater.

“Oh shut up. You’ll survive!” You retort.

Already running late, we grab our things and head out the door to make the hour and a half drive to my Aunt and Uncle’s for a holiday party.

Walking into the house we’re greeted by a portion of my large family, as well as some family from my Aunt and Uncle’s other side. In total there are probably 25-30 people in the house.

“Jess! It’s so great to see you!”

“I’m so happy you could make it home!”

“Jess! You look so great!”

I can’t help but laugh to myself and think you don’t need to tell me!

“Come in and sit down. Can I get you two a drink?”

“Thanks, I can’t, I’ve got to drive home but I’m sure Jess will have a glass of wine.” I answer. After getting your glass of wine, we go take a seat at the kitchen table with some others. The long kitchen table is situated in such a way that it is almost like a booth. It is tucked away in the corner so that the length of the table, as well as one end, are against the wall. With only a few seats remaining, we take seats at the end of the table. You take the seat at the head of table against the short wall, while I take the one next to you, the first seat along the length of the table against the other wall.

Now I’m the type of person that needs and wants constant physical contact. I don’t know what it is, perhaps I’m şişli escort just a very affectionate person, but I just can’t simply sit next to you without touching you. I have to be touching you in some form or another. Whether it’s holding your hand, gently rubbing your back, or just placing my hand on your knee, the physical contact is comforting to me.

As a result, I scoot my chair closer to you so that I’m almost right over the corner of the table. I’m just as much on your side, the end of the table, as I am on my side, the length of the table. I’m happy to see that you also scoot towards me just a bit, so our chairs are maybe an inch apart. I place my hand on your knee which is crossed over your leg. I immediately feel you place your hand over top of mine; our regular arrangement.

The night proceeds as I’m sure most family gatherings do, with everyone catching up on each other’s lives and sharing laughs. It’s not long into the night when you find your glass empty. Fortunately, my cousin happens to be coming around with a bottle of wine offering refills. You gladly give him your glass to be refilled, when I’m asked if I would like some.

“No thank you, I’m driving.” I reply.

“You can have ONE glass. We’re going to be here for a few hours.” You tell me.

“Yea, alright, you’re right. I’ll have a glass. Thanks.” You’ve convinced me.

My cousin quickly grabs a wine glass from the cabinet and pours me a glass. You turn to me, placing your free hand on my forearm and give me that smile you have in which you convey to me you’re the best without any words, and kiss me on the cheek.

As we drink our wine and enjoy the conversation, I subconsciously start massaging and tickling your hand and fingers with my own. I gently touch your palm with my fingers and spread them out across your palm and down the length of your fingers and back. After some time, you start doing the same to mine. We alternate; my fingers caressing your hand, and then yours caressing mine. It’s as if our hands are making love.

With our position at the table, being against the wall, and the tablecloth, nobody is able to see anything below our stomachs. So barring any exaggerated movements with my upper arm, no one would be able to see what I was doing with my hands.

Removing my hand from yours, I place my hand back on your knee and start gently rubbing and tickling. I subtly move from your knee to your thigh trailing a line up the outside of your leg, midway up your thigh. I turn to take a look at you and see your gorgeous smile as you smile and talk with my Uncle on the other end of the table. I quickly look down your body, and take in how sexy you look. It’s the skirt! There’s something about you in a skirt that just turns me on. It must be the thought of easy access.

I turn my attention back to the table, well at least my gaze is back to the rest of the table. My attention is really on my hand and your sexy legs. I trail my hand back down your thigh, then up and across your knee, and down the inside of your calf. Again, I can only move so far while maintaining my discreteness.

I repeat this for several minutes; trailing lines up your thigh, across your knee, and down your calf. Frankly, I don’t know why I do this to myself, because all I’m serving to do is get myself worked up when we are in no position to do anything about it.

Having realized the torment I’m putting myself through, I lean towards you, and you lean in turning your head to hear what I have to say.

“I hope what you said earlier is true and this wait is worth it, because I’m struggling over here.” I whisper. I quickly kiss you on the cheek. “I love you”. I add, and turn my attention back to the table.

My hand resumes its trek of exploring your legs under the secrecy of the table. At a certain point, I’m no longer content with just touching your legs, and I decide I’m going to push the boundaries a little bit!

I begin to tickle up your thigh, but this time I’m moving up the inside of your leg which is crossed over your other leg. Additionally, I pull your skirt up ever so slightly, so I can touch your bare leg.

The path of my fingers moves all up and down your leg, now continuing up your skirt ever so slightly, as I tease the inside of your thigh. On my way back down your leg I shove my hand between where your legs are crossed, urging you to uncross them to give me more access.

You oblige without any hesitation, and your knees are now just slightly apart. I immediately begin reaching, tickling, and teasing my way up the inside of each thigh, returning back to your knee, and then proceeding inside on the other leg. I’m now sporting a full fledged hard on as the idea of such intimate contact with you under the secrecy of a table, and a tablecloth is enthralling to me. Apparently, you’re enjoying it as well!

At one point, you place your hand on my forearm and caress me gently, showing your approval. Then, to my delight, you shift down in your chair istanbul escort slightly and spread your legs even more, as you also scoot the chair further under the table. Perfect! This subtle change in position now allows me to reach further up your skirt while maintaining our discreteness.

As my hand find its way up your thigh, I’m happy to find that I’ve reached all the way to your crotch. I can feel the edge of your panties as I reach the very top of your inner thigh. I then start following the line of your thong. I trace it from up towards your hip, all the way down, past your pussy and down to where your butt meets the seat. I then switch to the other side, following the same line up past your pussy, to the top of your other leg. I’m tracing all around your pussy, teasing you incessantly.

At one point when I reach the bottom of your thong just below your pussy, I decide I’m no longer content just following the path of your thong. I apply pressure and rub up along your pussy. I see you give a bit of an involuntary movement with your upper body, and you straighten up just a tiny bit. It was subtle though and seemed natural so nobody noticed anything.

I can feel the heat of your pussy against my fingers, and I’m not sure, but I think I can feel your wetness through your underwear. Up and down your pussy I rub making sure to apply plenty of pressure to your clit, and pushing at the entrance of pussy, as if I was trying to finger you. I move my fingers back to the edge of your panties, but this time, I actually slide my hand beneath them. I hear you give a bit of a gasp as I do so, but you mask it with a throat clear. I guess you weren’t prepared for that!

I reach along your bare skin just above your pussy. My fingers move down along the outside of your pussy lips. With a finger on either side of your pussy, I rub your pussy lips with my entire hand moving in a slight circle. I make sure to never touch your inner folds as I want to leave you wanting more. I move a finger just below your opening and I can feel the wetness coming out of you, and it’s driving me wild knowing how turned on I’m managing to make you.

At a certain point, I decide that I’m not sure how much more I can take and I know that you’re turned on as well.

I get an idea and pull out my phone as if I need to check something. You see me typing something and then put my phone back in my pocket. I turn to you and say:

“Did I just hear your phone vibrate?” And I point to your purse on the floor next to us. You give me a bit of a look that says what are you up to and reach for your phone.

Upon finding it you see that I’ve sent you a text that says: “I’m not sure how much more of this I can handle. I’m so hard just thinking about what I want to do to you later….what I want to do to you right NOW.”

Without looking up at me, for fear of someone catching on to us, you type a reply and place your phone back into your lap rather than your purse. I feel my phone vibrate in my own lap.

I wait a few minutes as I don’t want to seem conspicuous, nor do I want to seem rude by having my phone constantly out amid company. I check my text from you:

“Mmm I know. You’ve got me so worked up too. I wish there WAS something you could do to me now.”

I quickly type a reply, “Well maybe there is. Follow my lead if we get a chance ;-)”.

Several minutes later, after seeing what I’ve responded with, you give me a bit of a frightened yet excited look, and dig your nails into my forearm and squeeze. It almost seems to say I’m not sure if I think this is a good idea, but I’m not sure if I really care. I’m trusting you!

As fate would have it, after maybe 10 or 15 minutes of continued teasing under the table I hear my Aunt make mention of the newly finished basement downstairs. I hope I’m not too desperate as I seem to jump at that statement and ask:

“Oh you had the basement finished? That’s great, how did it turn out?” I’m praying that she responds in the manner I’m hoping, and sure enough she does.

“Yea we’re really happy with it. You can go take a look if you’d like.”

“Oh yea? Actually, I think I will, I’m curious to see what it looks like.” I respond.

“Are you ok just taking a look yourself? I can show you if you’d like.” My Aunt asks.

“No, no, that’s ok. No need to trouble yourself. I’ll just take a look.” I practically beg.

“Ok, yea go right ahead. There’s a pool table and foosball table down there as well.” My Aunt adds.

Perfect I think to myself. “Oh cool! Jess, do you want to come see the basement too?” I ask you.

“Yea, definitely!” You retort.

I stand up and offer you my hand as we step out from behind the table. I can only hope that I did an adequate enough job of hiding my erection as we walk through the kitchen and to the basement door.

We step inside and I shut the door behind us. I hurry down the stairs pulling you after me by the hand. We turn out of the basement entry stairwell mecidiyeköy escort and step into the room, I turn and pull you towards me, pulling you up against me as I kiss you long and hard.

“You are BAD!” You say to me.

“I know but I blame you. You’re the one who looks this sexy. I’m just doing what comes natural. And besides, you can’t act like you aren’t enjoying this.” I manage to get out in between kisses.

“Oh I am, but this is still risky, and we don’t have that much time!”

“That’s what makes this so hot!” I reply.

I pull away from you quickly and reach for the pool balls. I quickly scatter them across the table, and grab two pool cues and place them on top of the table.

“What are you…” you start to ask.

“There’s our time and our excuse.”

I step back towards you, with my hands cupping your face as I kiss you. I push you backwards until your against the side of the pool table. I kiss you deeply and passionately, and you are doing the same in return.

I put my hands under your arms and quickly lift you ever so slightly, and place you sitting on the edge of the pool table as I stand between your legs. I pull away from your lips and move to your neck. I’m ravenous as I kiss, lick and suck on your neck; up and down your collarbone as I gently pull on the collar of your sweater giving me the access I need.

With my other hand I reach up your shirt, behind your back and, thankfully, manage to quickly unhook your bra with one hand. I leave it where it is just dangling, but giving me all the room I need to reach your magnificent breasts.

I can feel your nipples are already hard as I lightly trace circles around them with my finger and continue my assault on your neck with my mouth.

Your hand is grabbing the hair on the back of my head willing me to continue doing what I’m doing to your neck. Your other hand reaches down my pants and into boxers grasping my rock hard cock which is already covered in pre-cum.

I groan in pleasure as I feel your hand wrap around me. I pinch and pull on your nipple in response as I move to the other side of your neck. We are both breathing so heavily and emitting quiet yet desireful moans as we start to give into all of our hunger for each other.

I remove my hand from your shirt, pull away from your neck and hike your skirt up to your hips. I reach for your panties and pull them off in one motion as you lift your ass off of the pool table. I shove them into my pocket, not wanting to have to worry about finding them should someone come in. I drop to my knees and kiss and lick my way from your knee, up your thigh, and all the way to your beautiful pussy; but I stop before getting there. I repeat the process on your other leg.

I pull away from your leg and blow gently on your pussy. I can tell from looking at you that you are so wet with excitement, and it turns me on even more just to know you want this as much as I do. I kiss and suck my way around your pussy, gently sucking on the outside of your pussy lips. I move up above your clit, and back down the other side before gently licking the space between your vagina and your butt.

I move up, blowing on your clit, before I kiss you directly on your clit. You reach forward with both hands and grab my head. I progress from a kiss to light lick as I work around your clit with my tongue. I lick and suck your inner pussy lips. I use long strokes of my tongue to move from your vagina up to, but just stopping at, your clit. I even press my hard tongue into your vagina and tongue fuck you as my nose grazes your clit.

Finally, I direct all of my attention on your clit. I begin by lightly sucking before progressing to licking you directly on your clit. One of my hands is on your hip, while my other hand reaches up your shirt and I gently twist and pinch your hard nipple.

I pick up my pace, and I can tell that you are into it even more than you normally are. As much as I would love to continue eating you out and making you cum with my mouth, I’ve got to keep in mind that we have to be quick. Not to mention that licking your gorgeous pussy, seeing how wet you are, your taste, your smell, and hearing you moan have just about put me over the edge.

With one final lick of your clit I stand up, my hands going to my belt. You instinctively sit up and reach to help me. As I remove my belt your hands are already working my button and my zipper.

Your eagerness to get to me turns it up a few more notches for me if that is even possible. We quickly get my pants and boxers down, but remaining around my ankles, revealing my cock which is hard as steel after having teased and been teased for over an hour.

You literally see the pre-cum dripping from me. You reach and catch it as you move to rub it all over my cock as you grab my dick and pull me to you.

I reach to you placing both hands just behind your hips and grab the top of your ass. I lean in to kiss you and gently bite your lip. At the same time I push my hips towards you and rub my full length along your slit, gliding right over your clit.

Our wetness combines to the point where we are both almost dripping. Back and forth I move, rubbing my hard cock against your clit as I kiss you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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