Belinda – Safe Sex

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Double Penetration

“Belinda was mine from the time that I found her, lov’in Jim, holding him. Then Sue came along, loved me strong, that’s what I thought, holding me, loving him.” That’s how I remember the song because it fits what happened to me.

Solitary man came out the summer that my family moved from PA to GA and I’ll always remember Belinda because she was my first real sexual experience.

Belinda had moved to PA from NY because her mom and dad got a divorce. Her mom obtained a position as the head accountant for a grocery chain and set up house-keeping. Belinda, Jim, her brother and Karen, Belinda’s mom were crammed into a very small furniture filled third floor three bedroom apartment.

The moment that we met each other something just happened. We matched.

Now I’m not a great looking guy. I’m as skinny as a rail, you know tall and lank. I was working at a deli, NY style and sometimes I know I smelled like sliced meat from working behind the deli counter all day.

Belinda on the other hand was a looker. HOT! With two “T’s” and a figure that made all the old men want her. Belinda had a natural charm that made all eyes look at her and she knew they were looking.

She was tall and slender, with long legs, nice butt, and medium sized breasts. Anything that she wore looked fantastic on her.

But the funny thing about Belinda was that she really liked me. She was the one that said we matched – fit together – so to speak.

Don’t ask me why but when other guys looked at her, it didn’t bother me. There was something about her that told me she was mine and don’t worry about guys looking. I was never jealous but just the opposite – proud.

Belinda had actually been in some TV commercials, guest spots on TV shows, and she actually had pictures of her when she was younger in advertisements and TV spots. She had an album of pictures of her accomplishments that she showed me one time. Some of the pictures really made her look even better than she did in person.

Our first date was uneventful. I took her home and we kissed at the door. Our first kiss connected but was interrupted by someone wanting to get past us to go to the next apartment. As Belinda opened the door her mother, yelled out, “Bring him in so we can meet him.”

I was ushered in and met Belinda’s mom, Karen and her mom’s boss George. They were discussing changes that Karen wanted to make at the store. Pleasantries were exchanged and Belinda told her that she and I were going to her room.

“Leave the door open” her mother shouted.

As I entered the room Belinda grabbed me and we kissed. You know the deep soul kiss. We were really getting in to our kissing when we heard movement in the living area. Belinda said, “I really enjoyed the night. When can we get together again?”

“I have to work until 8 tomorrow. Do you want to catch a late movie?”

She took my hand and we walked back into the living area as George was leaving. Once the door was shut Belinda told her mom about my work schedule and asked about going to a late movie. They discussed curfew and her mom finally said we could stay out until 12 but no longer.

As I walked out to the car I was really puzzled. I’m not that good looking, nor was I that lucky.

The next night I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. Belinda’s brother opened the door and let me in.

“Hello, I’m Jim, Belinda’s brother.” He motioned me in. “She’s not ready, as always.” He turned and walked over to the dining area. “Why don’t you sit over here at the kitchen table and we can have a drink while we wait.”

I sat in a chair and hear Belinda shout, “Be there in a minute!”

“I think she’s having trouble finding things. We still haven’t finished unpacking. Some wine?”

I looked at him and said, “I’ve never drank wine. Just a little, if you don’t mind. I don’t know if I’ll like it. Besides I’m only 18.”

“That’s okay, I’m only 25. We’re both still young.”

Belinda’s mom came out of her bedroom saying, “Hello, sorry for the mess, I don’t know where in the hell things are. I can’t Bostancı Escort even find my black pumps.”

As Jim put the glass of wine on the table in front of me his mother said, “Jim, you can’t do that it’s against the law here.”

“In England I was enjoying beer and wine at his age,” he sat down. “And besides, he’s never had wine. He might like it.”

I sipped a little and it was very good. “This is good. I really like it.” I continued to drink some more. It was like drinking fresh water.

“See, I told you so,” said Jim to his mother as Belinda came walking into the room.

“Told what” Belinda asked.

“Bill’s never had wine before.”

“Bill, don’t drink any more of that. It will make you really dizzy if you’re not used to it” Belinda said very concerned. “Come on let’s go.” She grabbed my hand and we left. As we walked I began to feel the wine and when we reached the car she said, “Give me the keys, I’ll drive.”

We drove to the back of the apartment and she parked the car. “I’m so sorry that he did that. He’s so mad at dad that he’s taking it out on anyone that he can and you were available.”

At this point I was semi-drunk. My head was spinning and it seemed like the car was moving around. Belinda leaned against the door of the car and pulled me over. She kissed the back of my head and told me the whole story about her family. Her dad was a well to do business man who had found a young slut. The divorce was a quick one and they were sent packing. Her dad all but abandoned them. As she told the story she hadn’t realized that I had fallen asleep in her arms.

All I remember is a soft voice that said, “It’s time to wake up. It’s almost 12.”

I woke up with the whole interior of the car fogged over and Belinda’s arms were still holding me.

“It’s alright,” she said. “It’s just that I need to be home before 12. Mom is real strict since the divorce.”

I sat up and said, “I so sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

“That’s okay; I’ve never slept with a man before.”

We both laughed. I grabbed some napkins and wiped off the inside windows as she started the car. We drove around to the front and as we walked to the door, she told me that everything is okay.

“I think we match – fit together. You’re not like the other boys that I’ve met. They were always trying to impress me or outdo each other. You’re special, you’re real. They were superficial; you are the real thing and I like that. Things will be just fine; just don’t fall for my brother’s doings.”

On our third date when we got into the car she scooted over and put her arm over my shoulder. I had always done that to the girl. Belinda would kiss me on the cheek or neck while I drove. It was like she was showing ownership of me. I really liked the way she treated me.

The date ended abruptly when we walked up to the apartment. The door was open and her father was having words with her mother and I was asked to leave.

It seemed that everything was against us from that moment on. My boss called me into her office to tell me that the counter manager was stealing money. She fired the lady and needed a replacement. So she promoted me to counter manager and we began the process of finding a replacement for me.

My long hours kept me from dating Belinda but she would come over and have lunch or dinner with me at the deli. I always got a deep kiss and a firm hugs from her when she left. Finally one night when we were having dinner together she told me to come over after work.

“I want to spend some quality time with you. I need some make-out time with you and I think you need some with me?”

“I’ll be dirty.”

“I understand, just come over. I need some time with you.”

When I arrived at her apartment she ushered me in with a kiss at the door.

The living area was lit with a small lamp, otherwise it was dark. “Where’s your mom and brother?”

“Shush, mom’s asleep and my brother went to NY. I’ve got you to myself” she replied as she guided me over to the large brown sofa. She Ümraniye Escort pushed me down on it, took off my meat smelling shoes and pulled my legs up on the couch where I could lay down.

“Wait here, I want to wash the meat off my hands.” She left for a minute and came back with a wash cloth.

“Just relax; I’m going to make you feel better.” And she started to wash my face.

“Hold on a minute, let me take off this shirt,” I said.

“I’ll do it,” was her reply and she began to unbutton my shirt. When my shirt was removed she washed my face, neck and chest. Then she took a towel and dried me off. It was like I was a child and she was my mother.

Then to my surprise she lay down beside me and began to kiss me. They were soft sensual kisses on my forehead, cheeks, neck, and chest. She gently sucked on my nipples as I had thought about sucking hers many times before. As she rolled her tongue around my nipple, I felt my dick grow twice its size and I groaned.

She smiled up at me with a provocative grin and sucked real hard.

I ran my fingers through her hair, down her back and rubbed her butt with a firm squeeze as I felt pleasure in her sucking.

When she began to move over to my other nipple, I pulled her to me and kissed her hard on the lips. As our tongues played with each other, she rubbed my chest and squeezed my nipples.
I moved my hand to caress her bra covered breast but she stopped me and held it in place for a minute as if she was making a decision.

Suddenly she sat up; she unbuttoned her blouse, reached into her bra and pulled something out of each cup.

“What’s going on,” I asked.

“Nothing,” she grinned mischievously.

“What are those,” I asked as she put them behind a pillow.

“Nothing, just unsnap the front of my bra for me,” she asked.

That’s when I learned that she had very, very tiny breasts. But being a red blooded boy myself it didn’t matter. There were two breasts being offered to me.

“Suck on them,” she asked.

As I began to suck on one I pinched the nipple like she had pinched mine. I rolled my tongue around the aureole then sucked on the nipple. She moaned and moved her body on top of mine so that she was lying on top of me. As we kissed, I played with her breasts and she played with mine. She shivered several times and moaned very softly.

After a very guttural moan where she ground her public area into my dick, she suddenly sat up and straddled me. She began to rub her pussy against my hard dick. She would move back and forth over it. She would stop sometimes and grind herself down on my dick and shiver.

I continued to play with her breasts. The nipples became very large and firm as I rolled my fingers around them.

She began to move faster and faster on my dick. I felt like I was going to shoot. She leaned down and kissed me, a deep and long tongue kiss. Then sat back up and rocked on my dick as I shot my load. At that same time she started moving side to side and let out a little “O my god – Yesssss!” and collapsed on my chest breathing hard.

I rubbed her back and butt. Every now and then I would push down on her butt mashing her public area onto my dick because it felt wonderful. After few minutes went by I realized that I was soaked. It was like I had peed my pants. But I continued to rub her back and butt.

She whispered into my ear, “That was wonderful. Did you enjoy it as much as I did?”

“Yes,” was all I could say.

We lay like that for a long time enjoying the warmth of ourselves together.

She lifted herself up on my chest, smiled and kissed me on the lips, then on my chest. She pulled her blouse and bra away so our bodies weren’t encumbered with clothing and rubbed her chest on my chest. She hugged me tight. “I love to feel your skin.”

“I do to.”

She whispered in my ear, “Were you disappointed that I don’t have any titties?”

This question through me for a loop. “What did you say,” I asked.

She lifted herself up and braced herself on my chest with her Anadolu Yakası Escort arms and said, “Was that the wrong name? I thought all boys called them titties.”

“No! No, I call them breasts and I am not disappointed. I especially liked sucking on them and when I pinched them, I caused you to have a lot of pleasure. I liked it very much.”

“Are you sure?”

I took my hands and pushed her up and pulled her up to where I could lift my head and sucked on each one of her breasts. Then I kissed each one, pushed her back and pulled her down for a long – long kiss.

“Yes, I’m very satisfied.”

She lifted herself up on my chest again and said, “Me too! I knew we were a match. We fit together. I just wish we could make love.”

“You do,” I asked. Shocked that she was so bold.

She rolled off me and put her hand lovingly on my dick. As it started to get hard again she said, “I’m going to stay a virgin until I’m married, but I’m still horny sometimes. I hope I’m not shocking you, but it’s true. I mean, well sometimes need to have relief and masturbation isn’t as good as being with you. You’re the first boy that I’ve felt comfortable enough to be myself, to be honest, be free, to just be me. Do you understand?”

“I think so, I mean, I never thought a girl who is as beautiful as you are would want to be with someone like me. I’m not that good looking.” I reached over to brush some hair out of her face and pull her down for a kiss.

She lifted herself up. Then she began to play with the hair on my chest and said, “Most boys try to touch me. They want to see what they can get. They don’t care about me. But since I met you – well, you’re different. I can’t put my finger on it,” she said as she rubbed my nipple. “I guess it was that look you gave me when we met. I felt connected to you. You tried so hard to please me and it seemed like everything was going against us, especially when my brother gave you the wine.”

She leaned down and kissed my breast, then my mouth and said, “I’ve always looked good to everyone. I’m a lot more mature than the average girl my age because of what I’ve done and where I’ve been. But with that maturity I discovered that I can’t let my guard down around men. I have to protect myself.”

She lifted her leg up and rolled on top of me again. “I don’t have the breasts that men think I should have. I guess that’s why I want let anyone see me without clothes on.” She began to rock on the dick that she had managed to get hard again.

She slipped her blouse off and put it on the arm of the couch. As she took off her bra she said, “I want you to see me, to look at me, to touch me, to feel me because I feel so very close to you.” She tossed the bra on the floor and began to rock back and forth.

I began to rub her breasts and run a finger around each areola, softly pinching at her nipples.

She arched her back mashing her pussy hard on my dick, riding herself to pleasure again.

I moved my hands to the buttons on her pants and began to unbutton them. She looked at me with a, “what are you doing,” look but didn’t stop me or ask what I was doing. She kept up her movements on my dick and watched me.

I pulled her panties down to where I could reach her clit and with my thumb I began to massage it. It was so wet and slick that my thumb slid around on it with ease. She let out a long silent scream as she had a powerful orgasm and fell forward, trapping my hand between us burring her head in my shoulder.

She was breathing hard and with my free hand I rubbed her back softly. I gently kissed the side of her face and we said nothing as she reveled in her after glow.

She leaned over a little and said, “My god that was, was so, so, I can’t explain it. I wanted to stop you but you were so confident in what you were doing, I totally trusted you and you, you gave me the greatest orgasm that I’ve ever experienced. Wow!”

She lifted her butt up and said, “There, you’re free.”

As I moved my arm around her she kissed me. It was a soul kiss where we became lost in our oneness, our fit, our match.

After the kiss, I said, “I’m sorry for the wet spot.”

She smiled and said, “I’m just as wet as you are. I think you should go home and I’ll see you later.”

“One last thing before I go?”


“I want to see all of you.”

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