Ben and Julie Ch. 03

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The following days were very active around Julie’s parent’s house. Her dad returned so the action around the house changed more to teasing and flashing, rather than fucking and sucking. But, in reality the wedding had to be planned. All the ins and outs, all the big and little problems, and Ben met more family and friends than he could have even imagined.

When Ben’s family arrived, they were accepted into the family as if he and Julie had been together all of their lives. His mother was so proud to see him happy. She had done a lot of things through the years to keep him, his brother, and his sister on the right track to get their educations and stay on the right side of the line.

The wedding went off without a hitch. Julie was a beautiful bride, and Ben was a wonderful groom completely devoted to his new wife.

After their honeymoon, Ben and Julie decided to visit with his family before moving to Myrtle Beach and beginning their law practice.

When Ben and Julie returned from Australia they felt as though they just wanted to take a month or so and do nothing. They had a wonderful time, but it seemed they were constantly surrounded by people and constantly involved in some sort of party or function.

It was nice to get to that big farm in Iowa where Ben had been raised. Julie realized rather quickly that although Ben acted as though he had nothing, he had been raised in a very healthy environment. He had worked hard, but they had not wanted for anything.

Ben’s father had passed some years back, but the farm hands kept their farming operation moving along and very profitable. Ben’s brother was a veterinarian in Des Moines so he was a couple of hours away. Ben’s mother was the picture of a mid-western mom always cooking and fussing around her children. Ben’s little sister came along a little later in life for Ben’s parents. She was now just graduating from high school. There had never been anything in her life that could even begin to compare to her big brother Ben.

When Trish was in junior high, Ben would always take her to school and pick her up. Ben would always say that his best girl should not have to spend that much time on a school bus. All her life Ben and Trish had been like they were joined at the hip. Everywhere you saw Ben you would see his tall gangly strawberry blond sister.

Before Ben left for college, when he would come home, Trish would take care of him like he belonged to her. She would cook whatever he wanted, do his laundry, keep his room, and even run his bath when he wanted to soak those sore muscles following football practice.

In the last couple of years Trish had really changed from the gangly teenager that puttered around Ben like he was a God. She had developed into quit the gorgeous mid-western farmers daughter. Trish did not really seem so tall anymore. It was like she had finally filled to her frame. Her breasts had blossomed to a 38DD, and her hips were every bit a 36. Trish, with breasts that big and hips to match, really filled out the jeans and t-shirts she normally wore around the farm.

When Ben and Julie arrived at the farm, it was really coming home time for Ben. He had not been back for sometime and many things had changed in that time span. His mom had remodeled the house, new kitchen, new enormous great room, and had painted and re-carpeted the entire house.

Most of the farm hands were the same, but what in the hell has happened to Trish? Julie picked up immediately that Ben could not keep his eyes off of her. Honestly, she was having a little trouble with that in her own right. Julie did realize Trish was definitely a mid-western farm girl. She kept herself busy doing farm duties as well as being well skilled with what went on indoors. Julie was also intrigued by the way Trish went about the business of the day with what seemed like had no consideration about the way she looked at any particular time.

Trish was a different beauty as compared to Julie. She did not seem as tall because she was a more filled out frame. Her breasts were big, but really with her hips and waste, she was really put together nicely. Trish was what is normally termed a natural beauty. Any makeup she applied only enhanced her eyes and her complexion, what a beauty.

Julie had noticed that Trish had the same trouble as Ben with not staring and sizing up his package. Since on the farm, he fell back into those tight starched Wranglers and boy did his package look good. Between Trish looking at Ben the way he did and Ben not missing a move Trish made in those cut-offs, it was only a matter of time until they were going to come together with an enormous commotion.

Ben had gotten involved with work going on around the farm and was really occupied, so when Ben’s mom asked Julie to go into town with her, she jumped at the chance. They had to tend to some business. Then, after all the business was done, they planned to shop until they dropped.

Something like this was nothing short of stupid Çapa Escort to Trish. She would much rather do work around the farm, and since Ben was not here much anymore, she could take advantage of that time and spend it with him.

Mom and Julie loaded into the Suburban early and were on their way to town soon after breakfast. Ben and Trish had been in the field since daylight. Ben was reacquainting himself with the combine, and Trish was driving the haul truck. Load after load they cut wheat until it began to get dark.

Parking the combine and haul truck with the other equipment, they loaded into the pick-up and headed toward the house. It was so nice to be back together. They had both missed being together, because for so many years they were inseparable. From the time Trish could walk she could be found right at Ben’s heels yapping and talking a blue streak.

Things were still good, but were somewhat different now. Ben had become extremely drawn to Trish’s body and personality and likewise Trish now was drawn to Ben in a whole different light.

When they reached the house it was definitely time for a bath, they were both covered with dirt and sweat. Trish started up the stairs to her room and a shower when the phone rang and Ben went to answer.

It was Julie. She stated if it was alright with him, she and his mother had decided to stay in Des Moines overnight and attend a show with Ben’s big brother. Ben had no problem with that, he felt that after a shower he and Trish would most likely eat and crash. They had worked their asses off, and were tired. Julie could only grin. She would love to be a fly on the wall tonight in that house and witness exactly what transpired. They said their good nights and I love you, then Julie was off to the play and Ben was off to the shower. Ben lazed around for a while looking at mail and checking the forecast for tomorrow, then finally started making his way up the stairs to his room and his much needed shower.

Trish had showered off, but now was lounging in her garden tub. The hot water felt so good on her tired muscles. Along with driving the haul truck, she had to scoop grain around at times to get the maximum load on the truck.

Ben could not help thinking about Trish sitting in that huge garden tub, naked and rubbing that soap and sponge all over that gorgeous body. He could not believe she had blossomed so much in the time he had been gone. The last time he had accidentally walked in on her in the shower she was not much more than a broom handle. Now, the way she filled those cut-offs and short t-shirts she was quite a young woman.

Ben could hear Trish’s music playing from her stereo as he passed her room. What is the deal with women not closing the doors to their rooms when they are in the bath? Ben stuck his head in briefly and looked around, but she still was in the bath tub. He went on to his and Julie’s room and took his shower.

Trish was having all sorts of thoughts concerning that gorgeous man who was in the shower just down the hall. She had been in love with him her entire life, and now she could not look at him without her pussy gushing and her nipples getting hard. She could imagine how he looked standing in that huge shower naked with water running all over that muscular body. Thinking of his chest and arms, his ass and legs, and not the least how wonderful that bulge in his pants must look when it is freed from constraint, made her pussy swell.

Ben could hardly contain himself long enough to shower. The thought of this gorgeous young woman nude in the room next to his had his dick beginning to grow and get that flowing feeling. He finished his shower, toweled off, and slipped into a pair of work-out pants and a tank top.

Walking back down the hall, he did not know how he was going to accomplish it, but he wanted to fuck his little sister terribly bad.

When he reached her bedroom door, it was still open. The music was still playing, and after stepping inside he could actually hear her still in the bath. He was standing there waiting for a possible glimpse of her naked body when he saw her step out of the tub. He stepped back just out of her sight and watched her dry that beautiful body, once stopping and raising her head as if she had heard something. She raised one gorgeous leg, and then the other showing Ben she had no hair on that wonderful mound between her legs. When she dried her pussy it seemed to him she took a little longer than necessary to accomplish the task. She really massaged those wonderful breasts and nipples when she dried them, and only fluffed her sun streaked blond hair.

She turned and started from the bathroom, so Ben moved slightly further back in the shadow so she could not see him. Trish walked to the side of the bed and flipped on the side light. She sat down on the side of the bed and allowed the towel to fall aside presenting her gorgeous eighteen year old body to her big brother standing in the shadows. It was like she was trying Çapa Escort Bayan to make a decision about something and she could not decide what to do next. Slowly she reached down and touched both her hard nipples, lightly at first, then more roughly twisting them and rubbing the ends until she felt her loins aching.

Ben’s dick was rising steadily and would soon be at full erection. After rubbing her nipples, she took her right hand and started tracing a line down her belly in a straight line to her aching honey pot. When she reached her pussy she drew her left leg up, holding her foot tightly against her ass with her left hand. She began to trace the entire length of her slit with a very tender middle finger on her right hand.

At this point Ben could see the nectar beginning to ooze from her tight swollen snatch. His dick was hard and aching. The sight before him was causing his blood to boil and his breathing to quicken.

Trish slipped in her middle finger then followed with her index finger. She pushed on up on the bed and was now on her back with her legs spread wide and her glorious slick soaked pussy looking Ben right in the eye.

How much of this could he stand? He was only a man. He was a man with an enormous swollen dick in his hand and sweat on his brow.

What was she doing now? She reached over to a box on her side table and removed what appeared to be, yes it was a vibrator! What is she trying to do to me?

Trish flipped the little friend on and traced a line from her right nipple past her belly button right on down to her steaming frothing pussy. She rubbed the length of her slit a few times then began to ease it in ever so slowly. She moved it in and out slow and sure, pausing on her clit at times, causing a shudder each time she touched her swollen clit. While performing this duty with her right hand she came from the bottom with her left hand and wet her middle finger in her pussy and the juices running down her luscious valley of pleasure.

When her finger was ready she started making slow circular movements around her tight sweet button below her pussy. While still moving the small vibrator in and out of her pussy, she slipped her middle finger completely up her ass.

This caused a whimper and almost a defined moan. She continued this for what seemed like an eternity, causing Ben to almost spray cum all over her room. She was quickly approaching climax and Ben was right along with her when apparently she must have heard something coming from another part of the house. She immediately jerked the vibrator from her pussy and her finger from her ass. She popped up straight in the bed, grabbed her towel, and was wrapping it around her as she ran to the bathroom.

Ben was beside himself. He was so far gone he could hardly move. The dick in his hand was aching and throbbing, but he gathered himself and moved across the floor and out the door.

Ben was in a hell of a fix. Part of him wanted to just go back in there throw her on the bed and fuck her until she could not walk. He moved back down the hall to his and Julie’s room. Once inside he decided he would run a tub full of water and turn the Jacuzzi on and soak his desires away.

Trish pulled on a pair of cut-offs and threw on one of Ben’s old football jerseys and moved down the stairs to see if her mom and Julie had returned yet. She looked around, but there was no sign of anyone else in the house. As she walked by the bar she saw a doodled note on the pad in Ben’s handwriting that said Des Moines-Play-and a number for the Hotel there. The color rushed to her face, and the juices slammed to her loins. She and Ben were alone in the house, and would be all night. A small grin came across her face as she started back up the stairs, very slowly.

Ben had eased his riddled body down into the huge tub in his room and had turned the vibration on slow when he heard Trish call his name. She knocked on the door then peeked around the edge very slowly asking him if he was decent.

It did not seem an answer was necessary, she came on around the corner of the door and walked over to the bench and lowered herself very slowly and carefully onto that luscious ass of hers. She never broke eye contact with him the whole way.

Ben commented how good the Jacuzzi felt and how he remembered all the times she had run the water for him after practice. That was a time when they would share their day’s events with each other, while he was soaking the pain from his muscles.

Forget the nostalgia, all Ben was doing was lusting for his little sister sitting there with short streaked blond hair, those ripe full melons with nipples sticking out against his old jersey, and those cut-off short shorts not containing the pussy lips visible on both sides of the center seam. Yes, his dick was hard and almost ready to explode.

Trish told Ben she had seen the note downstairs. Did it mean what she thought, or was she mistaken?

Ben answered her with a sheepish Escort Çapa grin and a raised hand inviting her into the tub.

Trish stood slowly. Staring him straight in the eye she lifted the jersey up past her tan belly, above her wonderful breasts and over her head in one slow fluid motion. After tossing it aside she cupped both breasts and pulled them up and gave each nipple a quick pinch with her teeth, one and then the other. All this time not moving her eyes from his. She then unbuttoned her wrangler cut-offs and slowly lowered the zipper until it was all the way down. She opened the front of the shorts and showed Ben the soft lower belly between her belly button and her swollen mound. When she thought there had been enough time, she hooked her thumbs in both sides of the shorts and lowered them ever so slowly to the floor, bending only at the waste and keeping her full shapely muscular legs straight as an arrow.

By this time Ben was gasping for breath and had his dick in a two handed death grip.

When she got the shorts to the floor, she slowly stepped out of them and stood there for what seemed like an eternity. She had still not broken eye contact for more than a split second through the whole performance. Now a slight grin was on her luscious lips and a wanton gleam was in both of her eyes. She stepped toward the sunken tub, held out her hand to Ben, then stepped down into the tub when Ben lifted his hand to meet hers.

Ben pulled her tenderly down to him placing his right hand on the side of her head and pulling her full lips to his for their first mature kiss. The kiss seemed to last forever. Ben explored every inch of her mouth and then allowed her the time to do what she wanted.

He now had her right breast clamped in his left had in such a manor that he was pinching the nipple between his thumb and index finger.

Trish began to moan slightly. She began her own version of the invasion of his space. She had a tight grip on his swollen member, and began to squirm around toward the upper side of the positioning.

At that moment, Ben released her mouth and engulfed her right breast with his hungry mouth. He zeroed on her nipple, clamping it between his teeth and flipping the end with his tongue.

Trish moaned in ecstasy. She had fanaticized about this for so long she wanted to soak all she could in the time she had. What time? Time was standing still!

Ben began to move in the tub like he was coming up out of the tub. Trish resisted briefly, but realized she was no challenge to his strength. Ben rose completely out of the tub and raised Trish up with him. He grabbed a towel and began to dry her luscious body. He took time to dry each breast, between her legs, and of course bent her over and dried the tender area between her tight ass cheeks. When they stepped out he reached down and scooped her up in his muscular arms and started toward the bed.

Trish was making no complaints.

Ben laid her very tenderly on the bed. He then reached up to the other end of the bed for two pillows. When he pulled the pillows down to her midsection he rolled her over onto the pillows on her stomach in such a manor that her ass was elevated and vulnerable.

Trish was beginning to percolate.

When she was positioned just as Ben wanted her, he slowly eased himself down between her legs from the rear. Ben very carefully parted her cheeks revealing her pouting tight button. Hovering over her briefly he allowed saliva to drop on the tiny hole he desired. Ben then lowered on down and slowly but deliberately inserted his tongue up her ass as far as he could reach.

Trish immediately started to squirm and push against his tongue and mouth. Ben pushed in and pulled out. When out, he circled her hole with his tongue and would dart it in quickly bringing her to a fever pitch. When he got her going, and she reached around to hold her cheeks with her own hands, Ben reached beneath her and inserted the middle finger into her pussy. This caused a quick sharp scream from Trish that she muffled in the pillow at her face. Ben continued to lick her ass and finger her pussy till he thought she was moving into the next dimension.

Trish had already moved to that dimension and was closing on what she considered to be a major orgasm. All of a sudden warmth moved through her thighs, chill ran down her spine and she just released all the pent up frustration she had held for so long. She screamed and forced her ass into his face and creamed all over the fingers he had jammed in her pussy. Orgasm kept coming wave after wave until she finally relaxed and released the clamp on his fingers.

Ben arose and wiped his face on the towel, he could only smile. He had brought his little sister to what he termed a mind bending orgasm, now he was going to fuck her

Ben slid up beside her and was looking in her eyes when she opened them. He grinned at her then nudged her over on her back keeping her ass on the pillows.

Trish was still whimpering and could only imagine what his glorious dick would feel like in her tight virgin pussy.

When Ben had her legs pulled back and was poised with the head of his dick parting the tiny outer lips of her pussy, Trish opened her eyes and gazed deeply into his.

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