Ben and Nina

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Big Tits

He had been fascinated by her from the moment that she first walked into the office. He noticed her confident tone, precise dress sense, and those glorious breasts, expertly covered to reveal so much more than if there was less fabric there. His usual, distant attitude towards consultants protected him against revealing too much of his curiosity, but it was definitely more of an effort than he had exerted in the past. He rolled the warm band of metal on his fourth digit as he walked back to his office after the initial project launch meeting, lost in conflicted thoughts between what had been a growing need and desire in him to act out some of his most hidden and cherished fantasies, and the absolute devastation that would be wrought by his wife if here were discovered.

“She is probably not even close to what I want anyways,” he thought to himself as he fired up his laptop and continued to scroll through endless spreadsheets and contracts. Barely comforted, he dived back into his work. A week had passed, and much to his relief, Nina’s project focus was on a completely different segment of his organization than where we was at, so there had been no need for meetings. Just as he was feeling both relief and regret, his office phone rang.

“Hi Ben, it’s Nina from the consulting team, we’ve had a bit of a reshuffle of the team on our end, and it looks like I’ll be taking on Mike’s assessment area for this phase of the work. Would you happen to have time next week to review some of our documents and give some feedback on them before we get rolling?” Whether it was her crisp voice, or matter-of-factness in her tone, Ben’s only thoughts at the moment were around wondering what she would sound like with his cock buried to the hilt in her arse. There was a long pause. “Ben, you still there?” He cleared his throat and due to the haste in his response, sounded more curt than intended, “Sure, of course, just send me the documents. I’ll get back to you on my availability.”

That was four months ago, and while he wished he could have taken the high road and not pursued her, there were too many factors lining up in universe that made it almost impossible for him to stop it if he could. Sexual relations at home had hit an all time low, with his wife putting in extra hours in the office, and insisting on overscheduling their weekends with kids activities to compensate for her absence during the week. He struggled with being supportive; then hearing about the ways he had not met her needs or requests, despite the fact that the one absolute need he felt he had been clear about, engaged sex with her, had been steadily put on the backburner. He loved his wife, and knew that he would never want to leave her, but that something was missing that he yearned to be filled.

And finally, there was the fact that Nina was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Coupled herself, she was a deadly combination of smart, sexy, funny and, quite importantly, sane for someone as reserved as he was. The ice had finally broken between them when he had accidentally discovered some of her erotic writings in an open browser window when he had jumped on her laptop to look up something quickly during a presentation. Knowing what he did about her from that point on made it urgent for him to bed this woman.


Ben looked down at the naked body squatting in front of him. He traced the lines of bare flesh from the nape of her neck, down to her pendulous breasts which were partially covered by her thighs, and then finishing in the round, proud, curves of her arse. The same arse that he had fantasized about for months, but had not yet touched let alone tasted. Just a few moments ago, Nina had silently slipped out of her business suit, revealing that she had spent the day without underwear, and much to Ben’s excitement, it was clear that while she may have resisted touching herself for the entire day, now her womanhood was flushed and softly glistening, eager to be touched, sucked, ready to give up its warm, sticky nectar. But he reminded himself of the plan the two of them had made a few days earlier.

He continued his languid gaze across Nina’s body. Her feet were planted squarely either side of his hips. His glance came full circle, and he saw his own cock, clean-shaven and rigid, just centimeters below her quim. He could feel the radiant heat of her pussy on the thin skin that covered his straining dick.

A single pearl of pre-cum appeared in his urethra as she swooped lower and brushed her soft pussy against the very tip of his cock. From his prone position, lying flat on his back, he grasped her ankles and focused his eyes on hers. As planned, until this point, no words had been uttered since their arrival at the hotel. He barely broke the silence; his eyes did most of the work while he murmured:


and nodded almost imperceptibly. Nina recognized the signal and steadied her naked body by placing her hands lightly on Ben’s hairless chest. As she leaned forward, Ben watched her big tits release themselves from hiding.

He loved watching them move freely as she fell very gently forward, now almost on all fours. The shock of touch almost made both of them jump İstanbul Escort given the tension that had built in the 25 minutes that elapsed since they met. Catching herself, Nina focused back on the task at hand…and released the tension in her abdominal muscles, which, now free of the chore of balance, began to relax. Their eyes were locked.

The warm stream of piss prickled within her cunt as it made it way out. A sensation that wasn’t quite pain, but not quite pleasure either. But you wanted it to continue just to make sure. As the golden juices emerged from her lips and hit first his cock, then his stomach, Ben could only gasp. The heat of the liquid came as a surprise, particularly on the sensitive skin on which it landed. The intensity of his next words were heightened by the fact that they came out so quietly…

“Piss, you filthy slut, piss. Piss all over me and beg me to fuck you”

The stream turned stronger as Nina pushed down gently on her diaphragm; an electric current joining the two bodies laid bare by unbridled desire. The sweet, organic smell of fresh urine reached Ben’s nose, causing him to unconsciously push his hips a fraction higher, to push his now drenched cock further into the stream. He felt the pressure drop as Nina closed her eyes for a second, willing the remainder her reserves to come out of her. Liquid pooled around his hips and her ankles and across the white, under-heated marble floor. He released one hand and pushed it palm down around in the puddle fast forming by his right hip. As the the final drops dripped from her pussy, Ben reached up and slid his drenched hand down between them, the fresh liquid lubricating his path.

Nina gasped as she felt his fingers first around, then firmly inside her pussy. The slight sting of the piss was masked by the new feelings of excitement in her belly. As his fingers reached for more, she felt her herself fall back into his digits, releasing the pressure on his chest. As she did so, Ben pulled himself up from prone and their piss-soaked torsos met for the first time. His fingers still inside her, Ben began to curl them back towards her belly button, setting of shock waves inside her. The touch of nipples caused Ben to refocus on Nina’s amazing chest, now inches from his face. He pulled his hand back from her pussy for just a moment, intending to grasp her tits with both hands. Nina sensed the movement and focused her eyes on his.

“Don’t stop”

Her voice was not pleading. It was demanding. Soft and low with an undisguised urgency that Ben read immediately. He pulled his hand out, and twisting and turning at the same time, pulled himself to standing while Nina, surprised, remained squatting, her pussy now feeling the cool breeze of air as his legs pulled past it. In a second, and before she could respond, Ben’s piss-covered cock was on her lips. His hand pushed the back of her head down. The urine began to drip from his naked balls as Nina began to warm silently to her task, her momentary forcefulness extinguished by Ben’s quick movements and rough face-fucking.

“Suck that back. If you’re good at it, you’ll be filled with cum”

Unable to speak, Nina looked up him, filling him with an intoxicating mix of physical pleasure and psychological superiority. She tasted the salty liquid which covered his cock, and began to explore the hot skin and straining veins around his bare member. She had not recalled that he had ever felt so hard in her mouth. She reached up for his balls with both hands and cupped them before pulling down on them at the same time as taking him down almost-full length.

The only sound in the room was that of Ben’s incomprehensible groaning, and the slurping of Nina’s wet lips on his slippery cock. She pulled back for a gasp of air, strings of spit, pre-cum and piss arching back from her mouth. Her hands pulled down gently again as she slid her lips over his head, shaft and went deeper and longer than before. Ben felt the fire begin to burn in his lower abdomen, radiating out from his balls as the hot, white cum began to mobilize in his sack. As Nina pushed forward, seemingly touching her forehead on his stomach, he felt the tight, warm envelope of the back of her throat engulf the tip of his head. She pushed further, squeezing the engorged cock further into her throat and suppressing the urge to gag. He felt all her muscles spasm gently as they strained to contain him.

Suddenly, she opened wide and pulled back, exposing his cock, covered in bodily juices from all orifices to the open air. The quick change in pressure and temperature caused the fire in his belly to tumble out of control and Ben steadied himself on the counter before unleashing four solid strings of cum through the air. The first caught Nina by surprise, crossing her face from eye to cheek. She gasped with pleasure as Ben’s next surge fell short of the first and lay across her breasts, now flush with arousal. Her senses tingled as the third line caught her arm as she reached up to grasp onto the source of all this liquid pleasure. Ben’s final release, just as Nina’s hand made it to his cock, came out with now less force than the third, and covered Anadolu Yakası Escort the back of her hand.

“There. Now let use it.” Out of breath.

Nina stood up and stood very close to Ben for a second, watching his chest rise and fall, his face flushed with both the effort and excitement of what had just happened. The heat between them now drew little droplets of sweat to their brows, upper lips.


She wiped her face slowly, using her long nails to cleanly scoop up all the goodness left across her visage. It was still hot, still fresh enough to be almost homogeneous in consistency. She slowly licked her fingers and the back of her hands using long and deliberate strokes. She looked up at him, and slowly opened her mouth to show him his produce. As she did so, a stream of the mixed fluids fell out of her mouth on either side, and cascaded down her chin, neck and chest, joining the string of cum that had been left from before. She leaned in to kiss him, mouth still wide open and dripping. Ben received her mouth with his, tasting the hot salty cum and her soft spit. His tongue explored her mouth and his softening cock slowed its retraction.

“Turn round”

Nina had been waiting to hear those words for days now. She knew what it meant, and the excitement of being splattered with hot cum seemed quaint compared to her desire for what was coming next. She obeyed his gruff command and feeling his naked body on her back closed her eyes… Ben reached around and scooped up more of the cooling, viscous fluid on her tits and stomach. As the liquid cooled, her nipples stood erect, tingling at his touch. As her cleaned her torso with his left hand, Ben moved his right between her arse cheeks, pushing them apart gently. When his left dried off her front, he pulled it back round to her arse and slathered her now puckering arsehole with the prize. Just as Ben had done beforehand, now Nina bucked unconsciously, pushing her rose onto his fingers. Her skin was alive with electricity as Ben fell to his knees and began to pull her arse cheeks further apart with both hands and explore her freshly waxed anus with his tongue. The mixture of cum, saliva and sweat mixed her crevices and she heard and felt the gentle slapping his tongue on the outside of her most intimate place.

“Put it in”

Ben slowly worked around the taut muscle, feeling Nina buck and sway with his touch, soft and gentle at first, then firm and probing. Finally, Ben felt her arse relax and he dug deep inside, fucking her little brown hole with his tongue. As she continued to push back harder, so his lips and tongue pushed deeper, tasting the fresh flavour of her arse mixed with the varied lubricants. Ben reached up to Nina’s pussy, which was now dripping with juices of her own. Her moaning now drowned out the continual lap lap lapping of Ben’s moist mouth sucking and caressing then fucking her now gaping arsehole.

Ben pushed three fingers roughly into her pussy and felt the heat increase and the juices flow. He pulled his mouth back to grab a final gasp of air, and while doing so turned his right hand around so that he could push his thumb into her hole up to the knuckle. With the other three fingers in her cunt, Ben began to massage her from the inside, gently rubbing fingers and thumb together inside her. He felt the weight on his wrist increase as Nina’s moans turned into howls and her knees began to buckle. His hands were now dripping with her cum and the gentle sounds,turned into something much more urgent. Her muscles clenched and clenched as her pussy and sphincter came at the same time, causing not a torrent of filthy exaltations as he expected, but nothing but more than a gasp and a torrent of love juice. Exhausted, they moved apart, leaving trails of the fluids they shared behind them.

She panted, unable to control the spasms of post orgasmic pleasure that shivered from her pussy and radiated out across her body. Her skin felt like it was on fire, except for the cool strips of his cum that remained even after her fingers had swept across her body.

Her clit ached…still taut and erect despite her initial release. She felt him ease his body next to hers, his hand trailing across her hips, up against her nipples that remained like hard pebbles. The orgasm he had literally rubbed out from inside of her had only inflamed her need for more, and her entire body yearned, but the most concentrated and potent source of her need remained pulsing between her thighs, nestled between her smooth pussy lips, demanding attention, pushing her to do more.

She turned and reached down across his arm, stroking his skin lightly with the tips of her fingers, finding his hand and drawing it up, across her prominent nipples, and up towards her mouth. The immediate earthy scent of her ass and pussy made her instinctively press against him while drawing his filthy fingers into her mouth slowly, looking into his eyes as she sucked them clean, her leg hooking around his, her hips pressing forward, searching for what she could only hope was his rigid desire reignited after his initial release.

She pressed forward, and felt the smooth pulsing Kartal Escort tip of his cockhead slide effortlessly between her slippery wet pussylips to connect with its target. He couldn’t believe how long and hard her clit had become, and he felt his balls clench in tortured pleasure as the tip of her clit pressed into his urethra, and then passed along across the crown of his head. His fascination with this extraordinary part of her anatomy had taken up much of his thoughts for the past four months, ever since she had teased him with a heavy texting session with a picture. He had refered to it as The Cockclit from then on, such was its’ size. The size of a grape, both in length and girth. And now he could feel it on him. He could feel her clit sliding along the length of his impossibly hard cock, both of them stroking against each other, his shaft dwarfing a clit that was enormous in its own right. She was so riled up, her pussy was gushing a steady stream of girlcum, hot, slippery, almost as if she were pissing slowly between them both. Her cockclit felt like a stiff little member, stroking up against his shaft, begging for more contact, overpowered by his presence. She could feel every single vein in his shaft sliding against the shaft of her clit, which seemed to have grown even larger in its desperate search for release. She was panting, incapable of words, and he could see how close he was to utterly dominating this erotic minx, she was almost in a trance, dazed by the overwhelming sensation of stroking her little cock against his.

He wanted to taste her, but noticed that her labored breathing was heaving her lovely globes against his hairless chest and pressing stone-hard nipples against him. He wanted to feel them in his mouth, to taste her sweat, and the light flavor of her perfume underlying the musky haze that surrounded the both of them. He inhaled deeply and pulled her long thick hair back, pulling her torso away from him, and arching her back which caused both globes to thrust upwards, revealing her dark aureoles, and perched on top of each, darkly flushed nipples, like hard cherry stones, erect, throbbing, yet succulent and soft at the same time. He opened his mouth wide, trying to suck as much of her tit into his mouth, and realizing the impossibility of the task before him. But his tongue continued to slowly swirl around her hard nipple, sucking steadily harder while his other hand cupped as much of her other breast as possible, pinching her free nipple until he could hear her soft gasp of pain against his ear.

“Please…Ben…please…suck on my clit like that…suck my little cockclit…I want to cum all over your face…”, her voice was even lower than usual, almost sounding like a growl as she ran her tongue along the edge of his ear, sucking on his lobe as gently as he was punishing her nipples mercilessly. He pushed her onto her back, enjoying the sight of her grasping her ample tits, pinching her nipples, her eyes pleading with him to not toy with her much longer…to not delay the experience that the both of them had been irresistibly fantasizing about for months, despite their best efforts. He drew his gaze further down her body, across her smooth, hairless mound, and grasped her taut thighs and pushed them further apart to examine the rare exotic prize he had wanted to see in person for so long.

Jutting out even between her puffy pussylips was the tip of her cockclit…throbbing, flushed with blood, shimmering with a coating of girlcum. He was genuinely at a loss for words. It was as good as he could ever get with a girl who wasn’t a trannie…her small little cockclit aching for release….his mind almost went numb with desire, but instead, he said, “Stroke that little cock for me, my cumslut. Show me how you have been wanking off ever since you realized what you wanted from me,” and he watched, mesmerized, as she trailed her left hand down, across her stomach, and placed her manicured index finger and thumb around her hard little shaft, curling her long finger around, cradling it as she began to slowly stroke for him.

Her own eyes were riveted to his own cock, where a long thick stream of precum had trailed down from the tip to connect with her own juices. She scooped up the delicious lubricant, and added it to her own, and started to jerk her clit in earnest while his own hand slid back and forth along the hardest erection he had experienced in recent memory.

Her other hand slid down across her thigh and deep into her steaming pussyhole, scooping up a handful of clear but luscious juice that she brought up to his face to smear slowly across his cheeks. The overpowering scent of her desire, and the taste as she pushed her fingers into his mouth overpowered him…he knew his balls had begun to pump a heavy load of cum up along the length of his shaft, but it seemed like moments before he saw the first creamy white rope leave his engorged head to land up across her swaying tits, another across her stomach that had begun to contract in pleasure as she brought herself off for him, and then one final hot blast right against her little cock, the slippery squishing sounds of her fingers jerking herself off becoming louder as she stroked out the last contractions of orgasm from her spent clit. Her ragged moans broke through her lips as she had been holding her breath, feeling that faint-headed sensation of floating as her whole body shook with the waves of pleasure that were amplified by his presence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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